DONNA – My first GOOD MMF without my husband

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DONNA – My first GOOD MMF without my husbandAfter my awful experience a few months ago with those two guys my husband suggested if I got the chance to try it again, not everyone is so selfish. I thought I would if the chance occurred. Two months later I was down at my mum’s house, as she was at work, and I’d just made a coffee and was looking out of the window when there was a knock on the door.Upon opening it there stood two lads, one said “Hi could I have some water for the windows next door please” I thought he looked cute so I said “Sure come in” as they both came into the kitchen my husband’s words came back to my mind, especially as they looked nice. I took the bucket and put it under the tap and turned it on.My mind wasn’t really on the job in hand as I was thinking of something else and as I thought about it I was feeling quite turned on. The water splashed out as the bucket got full, too full and spilled over the side and down the front of one of the lad’s trousers. “Oh my God I’m sorry” as he jumped backwards the front of his pants soaked.“Quick take them off and I’ll put them in the drier for 5 they’ll soon be dry” he just stood there, after a minute he mumbled “Ok”, as he took them off and handed them to me he was wearing white boxer shorts and he had a decent bulge. As I put them in the drier he said “I feel a bit embarrassed”, my heart was in my mouth as my feelings escalated. He stood by the worktops and his mate stood next to him, as sakarya escort we looked at each other the air was electric I knew if I wanted to I needed to do something soon. “What’s your name?” “Andrew” “If your girlfriend could see you now” “We split up a couple of months ago” and with that information and the fact I was feeling incredibly horny I smiled.I walked towards him and reached out my right hand and gently cupped his bulge as my left arm flowed across his shoulders, pulling him closer to me I kissed him. It didn’t take him long to read the situation and his tongue was probing my mouth as his bulge started to grow in my hand. His mate, who I found out later was called Simon moved behind me and felt my tits.Andrew and I were snogging furiously by now and his cock was fully erect as I stroked him, my nipples were also hard as Simon pinched them in a gentle way. A couple of minutes later Simon turned me round and as I faced him we snogged as his hands rubbed my tits. Then Andrew lifted my top up, I put my hands in the air and then he unclipped my bra.He fondled my tits from behind as my hand caressed Simon’s growing bulge. A couple of minutes went by and I unbuttoned Simon’s pants they fell to the ground as I stroked him. Then I felt my skirt being pulled down and soon it was round my ankles, I stepped out of it and moved Simon towards a chair, he sat down as I knelt in front of him on all fours.My hand touching his rod through his undies, adapazarı escort then I felt Andrew’s finger running up my slit through my blue knickers, God I knew I wouldn’t last too long I was simply gagging for it I just hope I wouldn’t be disappointed like last time. As Andrew rubbed me I licked up and down Simon’s shaft, then pulled down his undies, he was a good 5” as I licked his helmet.Then Andrew got his finger in the right place, he smoothly touched my button and I was gone, screaming and groaning as he brought me to orgasm, I rocked my pussy on his finger as I leaked my juice. After it had subsided he pulled my knickers down and teased my flaps with his cock, I engulfed Simon with my mouth as I sucked him, and then Andrew pushed in.As I moved in slowly he started to fuck me slow and deep, a lot different to the other disaster and I was glad, he fucked me slow then sped up and then slowed down again, just like my hubby really. I was groaning as was Simon as I used my mouth instead of my hand to suck him, also I was on all fours and would find it difficult otherwise.After a good five minutes Andrew pulled out and I stood up, straddling Simon sat on the chair and facing away from him I held his cock as I guided it into my wet waiting pussy, then I slid down his pole, God it was good! Bouncing up and down I saw for the first time Andrew’s cock, it must have been a good 7” as he waved it in my face I took him into my mouth, as Simon sakarya escort bayan felt my tits.Then I was moaning again and I knew I was close for the second time, Andrew bent down and touched my clit as I bounced on Simon’s shaft and I exploded again, shaking my head as I shouted as I had another climax, then Simon said “I’m coming” as I got off him, I laid on the floor on my back as Andrew got between my thighs and slotted himself back into me.Simon knelt at my side as Andrew built up speed, starting slow and the moving faster, my hand went straight onto Simon’s cock as I dipped him in my mouth, grasping his balls as I wanked and licked him, a couple of minutes and he grunted once and then again as he emptied his sac in my mouth, and I swallowed it all and it felt like pints.Now Andrew was grunting as his speed had increased “Come inside me don’t pull out” I said, I usually come again when I feel spunk being shot. He banged me a little harder as I felt him as he groaned so did I, then he moaned louder and then I had a little orgasm as his spunk shot deep inside my cunt, he carried on until he was empty then fell out of me.I said “Come round here” as he knelt at the side of me I licked his sperm and my juice off his cock, I then fingered myself and licked his seed off my fingers. He stood up and then helped me up, as I got dressed I went to the drier and took his bone dry trousers out and he put them on. “That was fantastic” he said as Simon nodded.When they had left I was glad I tried it again, that was wonderful, and if you’ve read our stories you’ll know it’s happened a few more times over the years. I love having two at a time there’s more chance of a good climax and I can come very easily.

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