Don’t Look Back Ch. 34

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November 4th was not only Marshall’s birthday, but it was also the day he and Lee celebrated what they considered to be their anniversary. The date on which they became a couple in every sense of the word. Normally, they stayed at home and enjoyed their privacy. But this year also marked another occasion, one which could not be ignored.

This was the year Marshall turned twenty-one.

“Couldn’t we just stay home and continue what we’re doing?”

Marshall lay stretched out on their bed, on his stomach and naked. Lee, also naked, straddled him, gently but firmly relaxing the muscles along Marshall’s back and shoulders. Lee was certainly no slouch when it came to the art of massage, and Marshall appreciated all his ministrations. The trouble was he wanted more, not to go out. Usually, that wasn’t a problem, but tonight, it seemed to be.

“You know we can’t, and you know why.”

Marshall groaned and pouted. Not that it did him a lot of good, since he was face down, and only the mattress was privy to his scowl. He would have rolled over and shown his displeasure more clearly but that wouldn’t do him any good, and he knew it, and besides, he was too damn comfortable to roll over this moment. Lee had relaxed every damn muscle Marshall possessed. Well, all except one. And right this minute he wanted nothing more than to lie here in sublime bliss, with Lee’s hands on him, as well as the heat of his body where bursa escort bayan they made contact.

Just not quite enough contact to suit Marshall.

“How about we go tomorrow night? Stay here tonight?”

“It’s all set for tonight, and tomorrow doesn’t count.” Lee slid off Marshall and slapped his ass for good measure. “Besides, it’s just for a little while. Have some dinner, a few drinks…”

“And then?”

“And then… providing you behave yourself… we come home and I’ll fuck your brains out.”

Now that sounded more like it.

Marshall rolled over and regarded Lee, who was rubbing his hands on a towel, removing the massage oil. Lee arched an eyebrow.

“You can quit being a brat now,” he commented, “and appreciate that our friends want you to have a great twenty-first birthday.”

“I know, it’s just that—”

“And be grateful I talked them out of kidnapping you and taking you on a road trip to Eagle Pass, over to the Kickapoo casino. Or even Vegas.”

Lee was right. That would have been a much longer journey. This way, they were only an hour away from home. And it was flattering to be the guest of honor at a birthday party. That had never happened before. When he was little, it was just Marshall and his dad. His mother never remembered or seemed to care.

“Yeah, that’s true,” Marshall relented, his voice softening. At the same time, he scooted across the bed, görükle escort his eyes fastened on Lee and his hot body. “And I do appreciate it, trust me. But couldn’t we… you know…”

“Couldn’t we what? Take a shower and get dressed?”

“After, sure. Sounds like a great plan.”

“After what?” Lee slung the towel over one shoulder. Marshall swore he spotted a smirk, but it disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. “You telling me you can’t exercise a little bit of self-control until we get home? Do I need to get the cock ring out, just to remind you what restraint is?”

No, not that. Marshall suppressed a moan. The idea of sitting through dinner with that thing caging his cock was not an inviting one. The last time they’d done that had been pure torture.

“No, that won’t be necessary,” he hastily replied. This time Lee flat out grinned.

“All right then.” He approached the bed, leaned down and kissed Marshall, sliding his hand into his long locks and gripping them firmly. “Don’t worry, once we get home, you’re all mine, and I intend to show you just what that means.”

Lee’s words went straight to Marshall’s cock, eliciting another moan. That idea appealed to him more than he could say. Three years, and he was as much in love with Lee as he was at the beginning. Even more so. Their love only grew stronger every day.

“I’ll behave,” he promised, and was rewarded bursa escort bayan with another long kiss. Lee pressed closer against Marshall’s slick flesh.

“Let’s take that shower now.” He tenderly nipped at Marshall’s earlobe, then straightened up and offered him a hand. Marshall pretended to groan as he gained his feet, and they headed toward the bathroom.

* * *

The birthday celebration began at Partners, where they met up with Slim and Rye and Denver and a few of their other friends. Of course, Roy was with them. He wouldn’t miss Marshall’s birthday for the world. They shoved a few tables together in a corner, and bought Marshall his first legal drink. Of course, they didn’t tell anyone else that Marshall had been drinking there as a minor. He probably wasn’t the only one, though.

Afterwards, they all met at a nearby roadhouse that advertised the best Texas barbecue for miles around. They got a room to themselves, placed their orders, and kicked back with a couple pitchers of draft beer.

“We didn’t get any dancing in,” Denver complained. He sat on one side of Marshall, who had the place of honor at the head of the table, with Lee on the other side. Roy sat on the other side of Lee, next to Slim. “I wanted to dance with the birthday boy. How about we go back after we eat?”

“Not tonight.” Marshall laughed, shooting a quick wink at Lee. “Some other time, son, tonight’s spoken for.”

“Well hell’s bells.” Denver rolled his eyes. “I wanna do what you two did on the Internet!”

“What are you talking about?”

“You know, when you was in that video that got posted on You Tube.”

Marshall and Lee exchanged puzzled glances.

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