Dreams of force

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Dreams of forceSet the scenario, it is a summer night, typical after the hot day, thunder storms are kicking up. Outside it is lightning and thundering. It’s about 2amIt has been a long day, you went to work and since it’s Friday you went out with some friends after work. You had a few drinks, danced, ate some food and had a general good time. You come home about midnight, go inside your house and make sure to lock the door behind you. You like the sound of the thunder, it is comforting and brings back memories of your c***dhood. You drop your purse on the table, throw your keys down with it and take off to your bedroom to go to sleep. You do the normal things before bed, pee, brush your teeth, wash your face and comb your hair. . Back in your room, you take off your pants and shirt, standing in just your bra and panties, you take your bra off and put on a long t shirt. You settle into bed and close your eyes, you are so tired, between the drinking and the heat today, your pillow never felt better. You spend a while looking for the coldest spot of the pillow, finally your eyes close and you are out. You occasionally stir to a loud thunder clap, but settle back asleep. Suddenly you are jolted awake, something isn’t right, it wasnt thunder but you heard something. You try going back to sleep but are unsettled and figure its a good time to go to the bathroom. You get up and make the trip, walking back to your bed, you feel a hand cover your mouth. Your hair is pulled back and mouth is covered in one swift motion and you are forced down on to the bed. You are there face down, head over the bed and this person has his knee in your back. He lets go of your mouth since he has total control over you, you scream but nobody can hear you between the thunder claps. Your visitor keeps saying “shut the fuck up you bitch”, and pushes your head into the blankets. Your screams are muffled and you are trying to wiggle away but its no use. He is just stronger and more powerful than you. He brings his knee up and puts it on your neck, he takes his hand and pulls your shirt up. Ripping your underwear off you are now exposed, he pulls your hair back and lifts your head. Exposing your mouth he shoves your underwear into it to shut you up. You try pushing the panties out with your tounge, but all you succede in doing is tasting how wet your cunt is. He takes a knife out of his boot, cutting up the back of your shirt, now you are totally naked, laying under the knee of a stranger. The only thing you can notice about this stranger is his smell and his hands. He smells of….man. Oozing testosterone, commanding to take what he wants. You notice his hands are rough and strong. türbanlı balıkesir escort He works with his hands, they are calloused, strong and large. He takes your shirt and puts it around your neck, twisting it tight, not pulling but using a twist, so the more you struggle the tighter it gets. He lets you up, having control of you, move stuffed and collared, he takes you into the bathroom. He finds your robe hanging on the back of the door. He takes the belt off your robe and takes you back in your room. He manhandles you, dragging you where he wants you, you want to resist, you think you are trying, but you are strangely compliant. You cant figure out if its because he is going do what he wants anyway, or because he just over powers you. No matter, he takes your collar and throws you on the bed. You are on your back and he jumps on you, straddling your body, he takes the belt and ties your hands together, binding them around the post of your headboard. He still has control of your collar, turning the shirt just 1/2 turn makes it so you can breath. He does this to show you how easy it is to control you. He looks down at you, your eyes are watering, but not from fear. The only thing wetter than your eyes is your throbbing cunt. You can feel your wetness running down your thighs and reaching your asshole.He takes his hand off your collar and then ask you if your going to be a good piece of fuckmeat, you nod, not really having any choice. He then reaches down and pinches both your nipples, pulling and squeezing them hard. Your body arches, you let out a whimper, but this has no effect on your stranger. He lets go, only to slap your tits, and slap your face. Reaching up to twist your collar again, he laughs and then gets off you. He stands up, looks around your room. Your eyes track him as he walks, wanting to ask him to continue, but not being able to. He spys your nightstand, knowing this is where you keep your toys, he opens your drawer. What he finds brings a smile to his face. He reaches down and pulls out a pair of nipple clamps, tossing them on your belly, he continues to search. He finds 2 butt plugs, one small and one large, he takes the large one out and throws that at you. You close your eyes and turn your head, the next thing he finds makes him smile larger. He pulls out your toy…MonsterRod Von Hugenstien. He takes this toy out, but doesnt throw it at you, instead he smacks your tits with it. Looking down he ask you, is this what you like, having all your holes stuffed. You dont respond, he says “no matter, you belong to me now”. He reaches down, taking your panties and pushing them türbanlı balıkesir escort bayan deeper into your mouth, you dont struggle, and this gives him pause. He takes your panties out and starts feeding you Rod. Rod is a 12″ long thick dildo. He gets it half way in your mouth with no gag. He pulls it out and then reaches down to spank your cunt. One first contact you react, body shaking and letting out a moan. Your head rolls back and eyes close.He notices how wet your cunt is, he looks down and opens your cunt to see how wet you are. You are soaking wet, you have made a wet spot on the bed. He then looks you in the eye and says “youre actually enjoying this arent you” you still dont respond. Fearing that if you tell him your secret fantasy he will stop because he isnt in control. He takes one of your nipple clamps, puts it on the tightest setting and then pulls the hood of your clit back. You feel a pinch, then full pressure, your breathing increases and also the pleasure. He takes Rod, and puts it back in your mouth, this time he gets more then 1/2 way, about 8 inches, you are gagging but still able to breath if you concentrate. He leaves Rod there, and takes your butt plug and works it up and down your labia. Getting it covered and wet, he teases your asshole with it. Once he starts pushing it into your ass, he isnt gentle, you lose concentration and start gagging again as he inserts the plug in one continuous thrust. He reaches up and shows some mercy, taking Rod out of your mouth, he tells you to breath. This is weird, he is showing compassion. Didnt see this comming, he takes your panties and then wipes them on your wet cunt, making the folds of your cunt dry, but not for long. He then takes your soaked panties and puts them back in your mouth. You have no choice but to taste how sweet your cunt is. You can smell it and you are longing for him to go further and allow you to cum. At this point you notice that he is taking his zipper down, he pulls his pants off and exposes his cock. Your eyes grow wide when you see it, it must be at least 8″ and as thick as your forearm. His balls are hanging low, large and full they swing as he moves. He starts stroking his large cock while pinching your nipples, your eyes are fixated on him stroking. Not even noticing that he is pulling and pinching your nipples. He takes Rod and smacks is along your chest, hitting both of your tits, he smacks it on your stomach. He then takes Rod, and smacks the clamp on your clit. This sends shots of pain and pleasure up your body. Your skin turns to goosebumps, then he puts Rod aside. He takes hold of your collar türbanlı escort balıkesir again, twisting it tighter, he spreads your legs. Oh god, he is going to plug your wet cunt with is large cock. Your cunt is aching to be filled, you are on the edge of cumming and once his cock starts thrusting you wont be able to hide it anymore. He gives your collar another turn, making sure you are under control, then parts your labia with his cock. This is it, he slowly starts pumping, Suddenly your cunt spasms, you let out a moan and start grinding your hips into him. He pulls your collar hard, telling you to fuck his cock. You grind your hips into him, making your pussy do all the work. God his cock has you so full, he is so deep into you. You can feel how large his balls are, they are rubbing your thighs and hitting below your plug. He then starts saying “fuck that cunt you slut, make daddys cock cum, oh baby fuck it deep”, he reaches up to take your panties out of your mouth. He then tells you he is filling your mouth with cum before he leaves. You tell him “yes sir, any where your want”, he twist your collar, and tells you “thanks slut but I dont need your permission” this pushes you over the edge. Between your ass full, clit clamped and cunt stuffed you are going to squirt all over your stranger. You start cumming again, fucking his cock deep into your cunt you grip him tighter and tigher, you put your legs up to pull him in deep and then cum so hard you soak your stranger. At this point he tells you to dont stop, and being a good girl, you do as your told, working through your orgasm to give your daddy his pleasure. He starts thrusting into you, thrusting hard and deep, he pulls out, and climbs over your body. He grabs your collar in one hand and your head in the other. He puts his cock balls deep in your mouth while turning your collar. he starts fucking your mouth, you can feel his balls on slapping your chin. Then he takes your head and holds you close, letting out grunts and groans, you can feel his cum sliding down your throat. No need to swallow, it’s going past your mouth and straight down your throat. He releases his final spurt, then releases your head. He lets the pressure lose on your collar, allowing you to catch your breath as his cock goes soft in your mouth. He finally takes his cock out, but not before you give the head a lick and kiss. He then stands up, looks down at you. He takes your collar off, wipes your face, then his cock then your cunt. He places the collar under your ass, so as to not have you laying in the wet spot. He turns, puts his clothes back on and starts to walk away. He turns around again, releasing your belt and freeing your hands. He is kind enough to take out the plug, remove the clamp from your clit before leaving. As he exits, you lay there, noticing that the thunder is still booming. You look down, and your shirt is still intact, your panties havent been removed and your toys are still in your drawer. You realize that this was all a dream, other then the large wetspot under your ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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