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Female Ejaculation

It had been a rough few weeks. I had been traveling non-stop and arrived at the airport for a convention and business meetings filling the whole week. My flight arrived on Saturday afternoon ahead of a Sunday evening dinner and convention starting Monday. It was a new town for me and, I thought, I might do some sightseeing Saturday afternoon and Sunday Morning.

Unfortunately, my suitcase had not arrived. The airline seemed at a complete loss as to where it might be. So, I took my briefcase with my laptop, with only the jeans and polo shirt I was wearing and headed for the hotel, with a promise they would call me when they found my bag.

I checked in and headed to the hotel. It was 2:20PM and the bar was open. I did not want to leave the hotel until I had my bags in hand in case I needed to buy clothes and sundries, so I decided happy hour it is.

The young lady behind the bar was African American dressed in a black blazer and white blouse with low cut top. Her blazer was form fitting and stopped at the waist, revealing black skin-tight pants, almost yoga pants but slightly more substantial material. As I waited to order my first bourbon, I could not stop staring at her perfect round ass. She was not fat, but very fit with thick but shapely thighs and some great legs.

“Good afternoon, I’m Latrice, how may I serve you today?” she asked in a pleasant voice with a great smile. She could not have been older than 25. (half my age).

I thought, wow I could think of a few ways she could serve me. Then I thought snap out of it old white guy! Not a chance.

“Double Bourbon neat please,” I said smiling.

“Coming right up,” she said meeting my gaze and smiling. she had well-kept dreadlocks that went half way down her back pointing to that gorgeous ass.

Her skin was a flawless ebony shade, with full dark lips. I imagined how they would feel pressed against mine kissing and caressing her full firm ass. As she turned to make my drink, I locked onto her ass with my eyes. I saw the gap of light between her thighs just below her perfect bulging ass. My cock was stiff as I pictured caressing that ass and sliding my finders in that gap, feeling the heat from her sweet pussy…

“Gawk much?” said a voice from my right side. It was an older waitress bringing in a drink order.

She smiled but it did not hide the look of disgust in her eyes. She looked at my ring finger and not seeing a wedding ring she seemed to ease up slightly.

The bartender sat my drink in front of me and flashed that smile, “Here you go, would you like to run a tab or charge it to your room?”

I handed her my credit card. “I’ll run a tab, it’s been a long week,” I said smiling, lost in her bright brown eyes.

She looked at the card, “Ok, thank you Mr… Franklin. Hopefully it will get better from here.”

As she turned toward the waitress, I saw the profile of her ass, “It already is, I assure you.”

The waitress gave me a glance as I downed the bourbon. Latrice brought her the order and she walked off.

There were not many at the bar, so Latrice was able to give me extra attention. Without asking she brought me another.

“Same thing, or was I too presumptuous?” She asked starring into my eyes smiling sexily.

My boner continued. “That’s perfect, you can read a customer well”, I said tipping my class like a toast.

“It’s a gift,” she said leaning onto the bar.

My eyes locked on the silky skin peeking through the blouse, curving around her firm young 36’s.

“Tell me about your day,” she said looking into my eyes drawing me in to the depth of those sparkling brown eyes.

I told her about my airline debacle, and the rough few weeks, making sure to add that I am divorced in the hopes that there was a real attraction on her part as well.

I was 49 and in good shape. I run and lift weights at least 3 times every week. I’m 5′ 9″ and 175lbs. She looked to be 5’6″ and 135-145Lbs in very good shape.

“I envy you getting to travel and see so many places,” she said moving close enough I could feel her breath and notices a touch of mint.

“It’s not all it’s cracked up to be,” I said smiling and looking at my phone. 4:30 and no text from the Airline. “Damned airline, still nothing.”

“Well you’re lucky there’s a Mall across the street in case you need to buy some clothes. If you walk, make sure you go left to the mall, if you go right it’s adult central, and probably not a good place to walk around, particularly after dark,” she said raising her eyebrows in a sexy sort of way.

Everything she did seemed sexy to me. A beautiful young vibrant woman flirting with me…my mind and heart rate, raced.

Other than the cranky waitress I had her all to myself and totally lost track of the number of drinks I had. A young black man sat next to me and ordered a beer.

As she turned around I stared at her ass and said softly shaking my head, “Damn.”

“Cute ain’t she?” he asked smiling.

“Hot!” I whispered. “I would blow my wad in second!”

“That’s gaziantep escort my fuckin’ sister, asshole!”, he whispered angrily. Trying not to let her hear.

“Shit man I am sorry,” I whispered, red-faced. “Been a bad day and I have had a few…I meant no disrespect…”

“You might want to move on,” he said glaring.

“Check please Latrice,” I said hastily. “I guess I’m going shopping.”

She brought me the bill, and I had 6 double bourbons in 2 hours! The bill was over $100.

Making a hasty retreat, I walked outside into the summer heat. The mall was huge off to the left. I glanced back to the right to see an adult video store. (Of course, every city near the airport, bookstores and strip clubs).

Still dealing with my hard-on issue, I decided to peek in the video arcade, to see about relieving a little testicular pressure. I walked in and saw the video arcade in the back. As I started to enter the door the young man on duty, pointed out I needed to buy $10 minimum tokens. It had been years since I did one of these. I was surprised they were still on the old token system.

I got the tokens and went in. It was pretty clean. There were 4 rows of booths and the first 2 were scattered with the usual pervs looking for a dick to suck. So, I wandered to the last row and it was empty. I quietly walked down to the last booth looking for some privacy to do my deed.

I was disappointed to find there were no doors on the booths, just a 180-degree maze before reaching the screen. Not wanting to waste 10 bucks, stumbling drunk and horny, I decided to put in some tokens and hopefully spank the monkey before any trollers got brave enough to peek in. I pulled out my cell phone to mute it and a couple business cards dropped out of the holder on the back of my phone. They hit the floor and I was not picking them up off that sticky mess.

I sat my tokens in a stack on a small ledge in front of the screen and dropped in a couple. After a slight delay the screen kicked on and the movie blared at full volume as a drill sergeant was drilling a private in the ass…

“…like that in your ass, don’t you, private faggot!” He yelled at the top of his lungs.

“Yes Sargent!” screamed the private, as I pushed the down volume button to no avail. “Fuck my a…”.

I changed the channel quickly, and a dude in a suit was tongue fucking a biker dude’s ass as he bent over his Harley.

“Tongue that ass pretty boy…” flipping channels again with volume even louder.

A jock sucking another in a locker room, “Oh yeah that feels so good.”

I flipped four more times and finally got to some lesbians, “…my pussy! Oh yeah, lick my clit you little slut!”

Too embarrassed to think about relieving myself now and the volume stuck on high, I let the time expire on the lesbians. I left $9 in tokens and got the hell out.

As I walked down the isle there was now a young tattooed freak in a tee shirt and shorts with a bulge in his pant leg. He was touching himself gently and leaning against the wall with his knee bent and foot on the wall.

His knee blocked me, so I put my back to the row of booths and squeezed by him trying not to touch him or encourage him in any way.

“Excuse me,” I said trying not to look at his tent as I went by. It was scary for a skinny guy of average height to see the amount of fabric that was pushing out in the leg of his shorts.

As I squeezed by him, I bumped into a heavy guy breathing like Darth Vader and Sweating like a boxer in the 12th. I rolled around him and B-lined for the exit.

I walked quickly toward the mall looking back to make sure I was not followed.

Fuck! my cell phone, I reached into my left front pocket. Thank God it was there. Made it out safe. I continued toward the mall checking to verify no new texts.

I dropped into the hotel to make sure I did not have any messages at the desk. There were none. I scanned the bar and did not see Latrice’s brother, so I walked in and sat at the bar. Only one other guy was there, so I sat at the opposite end of the Bar.

“Hello Mr. Franklin, welcome back. Another Double neat?” she asked smiling.

Lack of judgment prevailed, and I said, “Sure! I wanted to apologize if I was inappropriate earlier…”

“What do you mean?” She asked genuinely confused.

“Well, I obviously had a few and you are a beautiful young lady and I just hope I did not gawk too much or offend you in any way,” I said pathetically.

“Thanks for the compliment but you did nothing wrong. What made you think so?” she asked looking into my eyes.

“Well, I think I might have ticked off your brother earlier..”

“I don’t have a brother, only 2 sisters, you mean the black guy that was here earlier?” she asked confused.

“Yeah, he said he was your brother and did not like the way I was looking at you.” I said shaking my head.

“Well Mr. Franklin…”

“Call me Charlie,” I interrupted (and slurred)

“Charlie, sometimes, black men get protective of black women. It’s a culture thing. I never even met that man before. You’re fine. Sometimes a lady likes to be noticed, and you have been a perfect gentleman from what I’ve seen. No worries,” she smiled and winked, and I was falling in love…

“Thanks for the drink,” I said slamming the glass on the bar a little too hard. “But, I really do need to go shopping now. Still nothing from the airline.”

“I wondered how you made it back so quick, you really missed me, huh,” she said blinking her eyes flirtatiously. “Charge to your room?”

“Sure,” I said staring at her firm ass as she turned.

My text bell chimed. I opened it and read…


That blew my mind. Who the hell…then it occurred to me, I had dropped my business card in the video arcade! I deleted the text and signed my bill.

“Thanks Latrice, I will see you later!” I said thinking about my hands on her naked ass and feeling her lips on mine.

I walked to the mall. I was thankful the convention was business casual, so I did not need a suit and could get by without a sport coat. I went into Macy’s.

There was a gorgeous milf pushing a stroller with some skin tight bright flowered yoga pants. I walked behind her for a few moments feeling the stirring in my cock again. Damn I wanted to touch that ass. Not a wrinkle to be seen!

Even in my intoxicated state, I knew I was looking like one of the pervs at the book store, trolling through the kids clothing section following yoga pants, so I broke toward the men’s clothing section.

I came across another milf and her teen age daughter, both wearing skin tight matching jean shorts. My thoughts wondered to a twisted mother daughter fantasy as their asses tried to burst free from their tight shorts. I stopped and admired, pretending to shop. Milf and her mini me, got my cock at attention again.

I shifted my cock in my pants to hide my boner, only to notice an older lady looking at me suspiciously. I tried to turn away and move on but nearly fell over as the bourbon was working hard on me. (No pun intended).

When I made it to the men’s department, I began looking for some clothes to last me the week. Suddenly a voice from behind asked, “Can I help you find anything?”

I turned to see a beautiful young lady in a purple flowered dress. She had jet black hair that disappeared behind her shoulders and ample breasts that were well exposed by a dress that crossed in the front in a low v. The dress gave a clear view into the crevasse between her breasts. My mind immediately went to pulling the dress open, revealing her full firm boobs, and tonguing her nipples that were protruding in the tight dress.

I began to sway and stagger a bit from the bourbon as I pulled myself together. I noticed her name tag said “Betsy”. I thought, ‘Betsy is not a name that came to mind…Bambi or Ginger, but not Betsy.’

I told her my story and she proceeded to help. As she turned to take me to some dress pants options, the form fitting dress revealed the subtle curve of her back leading to her beautifully smooth pear-shaped ass. I focused on it and followed her, watching it gently sway and flex with each step.

My cock throbbing in my pants combined with the alcohol made my head spin. I was in a trance as I followed that ass. Her shimmering black hair hung straight ending in the middle of her curved lower back.

She arrived at the rack she was looking for and turned around, her deep brown eyes penetrated me as her perfume entranced me further. I could barely stand as she pulled the tape from over her shoulder.

“Mind if I measure you Mr…?” She asked waiting.

I was lost in her eyes and shook my head, “Franklin!” I blurted.

“Mr. Franklin,” she said stepping in and reaching around me to pull the tape around.

I swayed slightly forward in my drunken state, barely making contact chest to chest. “So sorry, you can probably tell I came from happy hour at the Hyatt across the street…”

“Quite alright Mr. Franklin, I know you’ve had a trying day”, she said humoring me.

Her hands gently caressed my back as she brought the tape together just above my throbbing dick.

“34 inch waist, sound right?” she asked looking in my eyes.

“Yes,” I said dreamily.

“Now the inseam” she said kneeling down giving me a great view between her satin breasts.

I swayed nearly falling over as she pressed gently against me inner thigh. I worried my pre-cum would soak through my pants and she looked up at me with a sexy smile. (I thought, “Is that a salami in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”)

“How does 32 length sound?” she smiled.

“I wish!” I said laughing, before I could think.

She blushed and stood back up.

She began to show me a plethora of clothing options, maintaining her professional demeanor, regardless of my drunken horniness. She was a master and had me loaded with $1000+ worth of items to try on, before pointing me to a dressing room and helping me load in all the items.

As I entered, she left to help another gentleman. Maybe he really was a gentleman, not a horny old man, old enough to be her father, like me.

The mirror was mostly covered by the clothes hanging on the top of the walls that were about 8 ft. tall. I took off my pants and shirt exposing my hard-on covered in my tighty whiteys. I turned toward the corner away from the mirror and door and pulled out my dick.

I began to stroke myself thinking of Betsy and Latrice, when I heard a person clearing their throat, behind me! I spun around in shock trying to pull up my underwear but missed. My heart beating 1000 bpm.

There was a young thug with his finger to his lips. I was pressed with my back against the wall panicked. Thank God for the wall or I would have fallen from the booze.

He whispered, “Well hello Horndog,” as he gripped my cock.

I tried to pull back, but the wall held me in place, I slid to my left but hit the corner.

“Relax,” he whispered stroking my cock with his warm hand.

I trembled in fear and pleasure. My dick had been frustrated all day and a warm touch had me on the verge.

“Don’t make a sound, if we have to run out of here, who are they going to believe, the drunk horny old letch or the young victim of his abuse,” he said smiling and stroking. “Feels like you’re on board anyway…”

It was the tattooed freak from the video arcade. He wore baggy jean shorts and an Abercrombie T with sandals. There were tattoos, over most of his upper body. He was average height and skinny with a larger proportioned upper body. Apparently bench presses were his only weight training. He smelled like sweat and cigarettes.

“I knew you were a horndog the moment I saw you come into the arcade. You just need a little training,” he said wiggling his thumb on my cock tip.

I closed my eyes from pleasure at first but then to try to change my train of thought to prevent cumming in his hand.

“Please,” I whispered. “I did nothing to you. Please leave me alone. I am not a fag and you need to get the hell out of here!”

I did my best to scowl and look angry and be quiet all at the same time. He did not release his grip and just licked his lips trying to look sexy but just being obnoxious. I was frozen in fear of being caught, even though I did nothing wrong. Almost completely naked and with an early 20’s street kid. The police would have a field day…

“Listen Horndog…That’s your name from now on, by the way,” he said smirking. “I know the type…you get worked up, you get horny, you will fuck or suck anything…”

“No fucking way,” I whispered. “I am not doing anything!” (Was I just pumping my hips?)

“How’s it coming Mr. Franklin?” yelled Betsy. “Are things fitting OK?”

“Y,yes…there’s a lot to try on.” I said, voice cracking.

“Ok, I’ll be in shoes for a little while if you need me,” she said, voice trailing off as she walked.

My heart was thumping again, as I my attention turned back to the hand I was now fucking…I gasped and stopped my hip action.

He increased his grip and squeezed my cock from the base milking it as he moved toward the tip and began wiggling his thumb again. I sighed and closed my eyes.

“Please,” I said desperately

“Please what?” he said, scooping the pre-cum off my tip with his left pointer finger.

“Don’t…” I sighed, trying to keep some bit of control.

“OMG!” he whispered excitedly, really starting to jerk me off. “How cliché…you are not going to say, don’t stop, don’t stop are you? (He hesitated and brought his finger to my mouth) …Open,” he said slipping his finger between my lips.

I squealed softly on the verge of cumming in this little punk’s hand, when suddenly he let go of my dick, sliding his finger in my mouth, I was sucking my own cum off his finger. What the fuck was I doing?

My dick convulsed standing at attention, almost ready to blow. I looked at him confused and desperate trying to catch my breath. The alcohol had me staggered and my dick wanted relief. The pre-cum was creamy and sweeter than I would have imagined.

“Do you want me to continue Horndog?” he asked sternly

I wanted to say no, but my cock wanted relief…”Please make me cum…” I whispered in a drunken slur.

“Take off your underwear,” he whispered gripping my shoulders with his hand. (I thought he was helping to hold me up).

I leaned forward into him and shoved my underwear past my knees. I wiggled them off, kicking them against the wall. I caught a glimpse of my throbbing boner waving in the air through a small part of the mirror.

“I think the horndog needs a bone, first don’t you?” he said pushing me to my knees.

I was thankful the dressing room walls, at least went to the floor, so no one could see what was happening. As I hit the floor with my knees, I lost balance leaning face first into his stiff boner, it was huge and hard as concrete, feeling it through his jean shorts. I tried to stand up and he shoved me back down.

He whispered sternly,” If you want to cum, stay down and take off my shorts Horndog.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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