Druids#9 Sharing the Couch

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Sharing the Couch

Most nights, after the boys are in bed, Jenn and I usually sit on the couch in the family room and watch the TV until the 11:00 O’clock news comes on. Jenn usually goes in for her shower and is back just in time for the weather. I sit through the news and give Jenn the highlights when she returns. On weekday nights, we generally go to bed after the news. We both get up pretty early, for work and to get the boys off to school.

Some nights, after the boys are in bed, Jenn and I start out sitting on the couch in the family room watching TV, as usual, she decides that her neck and shoulders need a little special attention from my hands. I almost always sit at the right-hand end of the couch with my right hip up against the arm rest. Jenn usually snuggles up against me and I put my left arm around her. It amazes me how often this just happens to allow my hand, that’s not otherwise occupied, to wind up directly over her left breast. The occasional rub or nipple flick goes without question. I find that if I run my finger around her nipple, while she is trying to concentrate on the TV, that I usually get her attention; not always kindly as I have occasionally received a summary ball squeeze and a ‘stop that’ in retaliation.

But, on those ‘once in a while’ nights that she feels the need, Jenn will lay herself, tummy down, across my lap with her head on the armrest of the couch. Her hips line up with my left leg and her boobs are hanging down between my legs. This is actually pretty comfortable for her and I like the way her legs go down, just a little, so that I get a great view of her beautiful ass. One time, she was wearing a pair of those Yoga pants when she laid herself across my lap. That night, I absolutely could NOT keep my hands off of her ass. She has since limited her couch lay downs to mostly when she is wearing a house dress or some loose-fitting shorts or slacks.

I usually start with a nice warm rub of her slender neck. She likes when I use my thumbs and press in a little. Those two big chords that go up the neck sometimes feel like they are very tight and a little rubbing seems to loosen them up. Eventually, I have to unbutton a few of the top buttons on her dress (or on her blouse if she is wearing one). Just two or three and I have access to her shoulders and lower neck area. This soon gives way to a general flat palm rubbing of her upper back down about as far as her bra strap. Jenn soon gets the idea and she reaches back and undoes the bra clasp (With one hand!) and I undo a few more buttons. I am continuously impressed with the way that women can button, zip, clip and otherwise deal with closure devices so far up on their backs. I can’t even reach those annoying itches between my shoulder blades but Jenn can do delicate work upside down and backwards.

After a general rub down, and some serious massaging of her lower back, Jenn is becoming very content with the positioning and the attention. I find that a little attention to detail goes a long way and, as you will see, Jenn can be very appreciative. After about a half-hour of work on her back, my hand might just start to occasionally slip under the elastic gather at the waist of her house dress and slide along the waistband of her panties. Hearing no serious objections, the occasional foray below the waistband might result in a Arnavutköy escort bayan finger, then two going just under the edge of her underwear. Eventually, my entire hand is inside the back of her panties and I extend the flat palm massage to her beautiful buns. Jenn has such a great ass and I am truly blessed that she is willing to share it with me. By now, I’m sure that she is becoming aware of my growing erection. By aware, I mean that she can feel it beginning to poke into her right tit which is right about over the little guy. He is making his presence known, but for now, he will just have to wait his turn.

Jenn moves her feet as far apart as she can while keeping them on the couch. I would like to reach a little past her globes but the elastic, in the waistband of her panties, will not stretch far enough. I reach as far as I can and my middle finger can just begin to sense something a little moist, but my reach is limited and I can go no further. At about this time, Jenn usually gets up from the couch and excuses herself to go into the downstairs bathroom. I take the opportunity to rearrange my own skivvies to give the little guy a little more room and reduce the strangulation of my balls. Jenn soon returns and resumes her position across my lap. I pretend for a few moments that I am going to continue to rub her back and then I notice that her bra strap is completely missing. She has taken it off while in the bathroom. When my attention returns to areas below the waistband of her dress, I also notice that those damned old restrictive panties are also missing. The short trip to the bathroom was very busy!

With the access now unrestricted, I start to slide my hand down over those buns again. As I do, Jenn again moves her feet apart and rotates her pelvis a little to the rear, giving me better access to the more interesting girly parts. Sliding my fingers down through her womanly crease, I again encounter the area that I had found to be slightly damp. Only now, it’s a little bit more than slightly damp. Jenn is definitely in the mood for further exploration. The evidence is as plain as the pussy juice that is now coating my fingers. She is so warm and so wet and my little guy is once again reminding me of his presence. But, I again remind him that his time is coming (pun intended) and to try to be patient for a little while longer.

Getting back to Jenn. After picking up a little moisture on the way, I push three fingers down along her crease gently parting her lips and exploring until I locate that little nub. I know instantly when I have found it as Jenn tends to give a little twitch in her lower back. Home Free! Now I start with a little light teasing of her clit. I run ever so smaller circles around it with my middle finger while holding her lips open with the other two. I keep this up for a couple of minutes and then run my finger across the gland once, then twice, then I tend to linger directly on her clit more than off of it. By this time Jenn is purring and she can’t but help be aware of my stiff cock that it pressing up against her right tit.

Now we start the dance. Jen usually turns her head so that she is face down with her eyes on her hands which are crossed on top of the couch arm. As I continue to rub her clit, her pelvis begins a gentle rocking. Just a slight Escort Avcılar rocking, but I notice it and I start to focus on it. If she stops the rocking, I know that I need to move back, briefly, and pick up a little more lube from her vagina. A quick dip of my finger is more than enough to ensure a generous application. When the re-lube operation is accomplished, I return to the front (literally) and resume my stroking of her now, engorged clit. Over the course of about ten minutes, I ever so slowly, increase both the frequency and the intensity of my most gentle massage. On a few occasions I have even been able to grasp her clit between my pointer and ring finger while I continue to rub it with my middle finger.

My administration of this gentle rub gets to Jenn and the gentle rocking of her pelvis gets more and more amplified. I can also hear her breathing getting a little deeper and that is my signal to apply the last measure. With my free (right) hand I begin a deep massage of the back of her neck. This usually elicits a deep moan followed in ten or twenty seconds by a rapid and extreme rocking of her pelvis and a long hissing sound from her lips as she exhales a really deep breath. She is having an intense orgasm and I can only witness it and help her to ride it out. I move my hand back from her clit and insert my middle finger as far as I can into her vagina. Jen almost always starts to push her mound into the side of my leg while I can feel the pulses on the inside with my finger. I have never been able to count how many there are but they continue for a while, growing a little fainter with time. Eventually they stop and Jenn just lies there, very still for a few moments.

She always turns her head to the side facing me with a really big smile. Her eyes are still closed but the smile is bright, she sometimes actually giggles a little. I try my best to kiss her but she is really at an odd angle for that and I usually end up kissing her cheek or right next to her eye. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts. Ever so slowly, I remove my finger and pull my hand back up to rest on her ass. Did I tell you that she has a killer ass? Anyway, we stay like this until Jenn decides to get herself up. Another kiss with her leaning over to me while standing in front of the couch and she is off to the bathroom again.

Now it’s my turn! Or, as I should say, now it’s my cocks turn to get a massage. I assume ‘the position’ and await her return. I lay down on my back with my feet up on the couch. I undo my pants and pull them down to my knees. I leave my shorts in place, for now, and listen for Jenn to come back. Sometimes, I think, she goes to the boys’ room and listens at the door to make sure that they are asleep. She is one smart woman.

I know that she is back because the already dimmed light in the family room goes completely off. The only light is from the TV and nobody is paying any attention to that at the moment. When Jenn comes over to the couch, I sit up and she sits down where my head had been. I put my head into her lap and then move up a little so that my shoulders are over the space between her legs and the back of my head is partially on the left armrest. Jenn is already prepared. Sometimes she brings the J-Y, sometimes it’s the baby oil, and sometimes it’s some of her hand lotion. Bağcılar escort No matter what she brings, she starts with a slow scratch of my chest and belly with her nails. That really feels good but we both know that it is no match for my extensive and thorough neck and back massage. But I always let that go, knowing what is coming next. Me!

Jenn leans to her right a little and puts her hand under the waistband of my shorts until she has a firm grasp on my cock. A little more scratching with her nails through my pubic hair (again, that really feels good!) and then she goes to work on me. She has brought a small hand towel which she places on my chest. Then she applies whatever lubricant that she has selected for the night onto her hand. Meanwhile I lift up and push my shorts down as far as I can, getting them out of the way of the action. Jenn applies the lube to my cock with her hand and then begins a really slow stroking while she senses my erection increasing.

When she is satisfied that I am as about as big as I am going to get, Jenn increases the frequency of the strokes making sure to go all the way from the ‘point of origin’ out to the head. Every few strokes, she uses the crook of her thumb to give a few localized strokes over the head of my cock. This really feels great.

Back to the long strokes. Jenn continues to increase the speed and intensity of the task at hand. (pun intended again). I guess that I have some tells when I am about to come just like Jenn. Letting go of me, ever so briefly, Jenn moves the hand towel down to my belly and then resumes the stroking with added vigor. Yep, it doesn’t take me very long to succumb to her artful massage. With its usual precursors, I can feel the semen collecting in my balls and as they begin to tighten, I erupt with a gut tightening thrust and spew myself all over the towel and Jenn’s gentle hand. I usually produce a half-gallon or so, at least that’s the way that she makes me feel. It’s over before I know it and Jenn continues to milk the last few drops out of me onto the hand towel. Once things return to normal, Jenn folds the towel over, trapping the contents and gives me a quick wipe up. She also wipes any stray shots off of her hand and rolls the towel up. Leaning over, Jenn always gives me a big long kiss and usually says something like, “Thanks, that makes us even, right?”

I always agree. I again lift myself up and Jenn gets back up and goes in to the bathroom in our room. This time, I hear her running the water and, presumably, getting into the shower. I slowly get up onto legs that are a little wobbly. Pull my pants back up. I turn off the TV and follow her into the bedroom. I disrobe, remembering to put all my clothes into the proper receptacle, and join Jenn in the shower. On most nights we just shower and caress each other. On the rare occasion, rarer and rarer as I get older, we might have another interlude in the comfort of a nice warm shower. Jenn likes it when I turn her around again and rub her back while she puts her palms on the wall. I like it because I can, once again, get a great view of her butt. I did tell you that she has a great ass, right?

And, as I am sure that you expect, I sometimes manage to bend her over far enough to have my way with her again. She doesn’t seem to mind unless she really doesn’t want her hair to get wet. I never know when there is likely to be a bad hair concern, so I am usually very polite with any newly discovered erections. Most of the time, I manage to slip her an internal lubrication of my own making.

Jenn and I enjoy each other and I absolutely adore her. And, as you know by now, she has a great ass!

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