Earning the Collar part I

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Earning the Collar part I“Earning the Collar” Part IShe was bouncing for the whole flight, unable to sit still; awaiting the landing to jump off and run to the exit. When she was finally able to de-board she had to calm herself to keep from sprinting to the bathroom to change. Once in the stall, she ripped open her backpack and began to change into her uniform: white button down blouse, blue skirt to the knees, no panties or bra.She walked quickly to the exit and baggage claim area. Looking and peering around for him. Finally she spotted him, leaning against a window pane in his black t-shirt and jeans, holding a sign: “Mine.” She walked up to him, trying to hide her smile. He raises a hand to her cheek, caressing, returning her hidden smile. His hand tracing down her arm, grabbing her hand. He leads her outside to his awaiting car. He opens the door and helps her in to her seat. Taking her bag he throws it into the trunk before making his way to his seat. He looks over at her before he starts the ignition: her back pressed into the seat, her legs spread to the ends of the seat, skirt pulled up to her hips, fingers gripping the side. “Very good. Yes very good.”He pulls onto the highway, back to his place. His hand reaching over to her knee, slowly rubbing her thigh. She feels his hand blaze a trail of warmth along her bare skin. She tries to hold still but he can feel her strain. “Did you follow all my instructions?” he asks of. “Yes sir, always.” “I’ll be the judge of that.” as he pulls his hand up further. His right hand finding her trimmed pussy mound, “Mmmm good girl.” He reaches under and presses his middle finger rus escort ara onto her clit. He hears quick intake of air. He works her clit, rolling it around his finger. Soft moans escaping her lips. He feels her hips starting to rock on his hand. Her right hand gripping the door handle, her left hand gripping his forearm. “Please, please, sir, please?” she begs. “Yes?” he asks mockingly. Before she can respond verbally, her body starts to shake and tremor. She puts her right foot up on the dashboard as he fingers her to orgasm. “Aahhhh yessssssssssssssss.” He snickers as she tries to catch her breath. She grips his wrist and puts it to her mouth, sucking his cum covered fingers. She finishes devouring his hand when he pulls up to the house. They walk the few steps up to the door hand in hand. Once inside, he throws her bag into the corner and presses her back into the door. His lips pressed to hers, massaging them softly. His hands gripping either side of her face as her lips respond to the taste of his. Her hands on his waist, pulling at the fabric of his t-shirt. He pulls back just as she gasps for air. “I have something for you.” He backs away and heads toward the cabinet. He opens the drawer and pulls out a black box. He raises his hand and signals her to come over. She walks too him as he opens the box. Inside is a white collar studded with diamonds, a round silver D-ring hanging down the front and a buckle in the back. He looks at her face; her eyes wide open with excitement. Her hand rises to touch it; he shuts the box and pulls it away. She looks up, bewildered. “You think you’ve rus escort bayan ara earned this already? No no no. You have much to go through before this gets placed around your neck. I just wanted to give you a look-see.” She nods in understanding, face crestfallen. “Do you want it?” She looks up excitedly, and nods ferociously. “You willing to work for it?” Nodding further. “Good, let’s get started.”They head down to the basement. He places her in the center of the room. He goes to the table and grabs the suspension leather wrist cuffs and wraps them around her wrists. He reaches above her and pulls down the chains, hooking them into the wrings on the cuffs. He goes to the wall and slowly cranks on the chains. Her arms begin to rise up into a V position. He grabs something silver from the table and walks back over to his toy. He grabs the blades of the scissors running the handle across her cheek, tapping it slightly. He reaches up and cuts down the length of her right sleeve down to the neck of her collar, letting the back edge of the blade run along her arm and shoulder. He follows the same procedure on the left side. Fabric dangling from her body. He brings the scissors to her top button snipping it off, slowly making his way down her front. As he gets to her last button the fabric limps on her body, he gives it a small tug at the bottom and the fabric falls down to the floor. He takes in the glow of her soft pale skin. He drops the scissors, placing his hands on her stomach, and moving around to the side of her body. She smiles at him as she feels the warmth of his hands escort rus ara rubbing her skin. His fingers working their way up to her round supple breasts. His thumbs rounding her tits, pressing them into her body. He leans in and kisses her neck as his palms surround her breasts, rubbing, massing. Moans dripping out her throat. He brings his head up to hers and passes his lips against hers for a fleeting moment. He backs away from her, watching as she pulls on her wrist chains to get near him. Face pleading for more of his mouth, his lips, his hands. He walks back with metal dangling from his fingers. SMACK he hits her right tit. SMACK hitting her left. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. Her tits pressing out from her body, red and hard. Her face scrunching up as the heat wells up in her breasts. He leans his head down and suckles on her left tit. Biting the nipple and pulling. He cups her breast and attaches the clover clamp to the nipple. He watches her face as he pulls on the clamp chain. One hand holding her stomach to keep her from walking forward as he tugs. Watching the pain drip through her. He smirks as he reaches for her right breast, pulling on her nipple before attaching the clamp. He playfully tugs on the chain. She grunts slightly as he plays with her. He laughs at her noises. Pulling the chain up he grips her cheeks, forcing her mouth to open. “Open wide” he teases and places the chain in her mouth. “Now don’t drop it honey” smacking her cheek.He walks back to his table surveying his instruments, deciding what next to adorn his toy in. He spots the bar and grabs it, rushing back to her in excitement. He lowers himself down to his knees placing her right ankle in the cuff. He pulls her left leg out past the metal bar spreader and places her left ankle in its cuff.He stands up and backs away. Surveying his toy in full dress. “Well now that you’re all pretty for me, let’s have some fun!”

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