Elizabeth, myself and her uncle. By Frida

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Elizabeth, myself and her uncle. By Frida’What is a dare’, someone once asked me? I knew the answer according to my own interpretation, as an exhibitionist, a dare was my way of doing something I liked to do, but without compromising my persona of respectability and moral righteousness. That way you have an excuse for being dirty and naughty and not have the attached stigma associated with the dare involved.But having said that, that excuse only works once, do it again then suffer the usual, slag, slut labels. Perhaps it’s the constraints put on you against your free spirited nature. As a c***d I ran naked around the house, just as Eve did before plucking that forbidden apple and suddenly making genitalia naughty and exciting, now humanity was forced to hide them behind leaves. (my modern preference is see through netting) I am and always knew I was different from the other girls, I quite liked to let men see me, and even better, when they thought I did not know they were looking. That made the voyeurs do things I wanted to see, and enjoy the fact that it was because of me, they were doing it.The simple solution would be to meet, say hello, get naked and fuck. But where is the fun in that, it would soon become boring? (Pardon the pun)Teasing gives time a chance. I believe we all harbour sexual desires and dreams, both male and female. Men look at naked females posing in saucy magazines, they then build up their fantasy and relieve their frustrations over the best pose or body part exhibited by the model.Myself, I like posing and watching men masturbate and dare I say when that started, sadly I cannot, because I was too young to mention that age on here, except, I was really young.But as an example, I will enlighten you curiosity and hopefully relieve your sexual frustration with a tale of my first physical sexual encounter involving an older man in his mid to late fifties and his niece, another girlfriend, who like myself, was a piece of jail-bait in the eyes of men who like little girls with an adult outlook when it came to sex and their pussies.Cue stage right and enters my new friend Elizabeth, 6 months older and four years more so when it comes to sex. We attended the same girls college and on this day, we were at swimming classes at the local baths, when I was getting ready when she emerged from the showers canlı bahis and was surprised to see me still there, she had been hanging back in the showers until we had all departed and left for home.She had something to hide and for good reason, she had had both her nipples pierced the previous year at 14, which in Scotland meant whoever done it, had broken the law, and that someone was her uncle, who, back then, owned to only tattooist and body piercing parlour in our fair city.I did not know the legalities of piercings, but I what I did know was that I was captivated by her breasts and nipples, both of which were adorned with the little gold bars, hidden behind a padded brassiere, that made her popular with the boys from the school down the road from our collage.She was beautiful and made me both envious and bi-curious, because a little tingle, you know where, was stimulating my clitoris, especially as she was openly exposing her’s to me.Finally, as if to snap me out of my sexual daydream, she asked me if I was gay?’No’, I spluttered, embarrassed, as if caught out like a closet lesbian, ‘No’, I repeated more calmly, ‘I was just liking your piercings’, I lied, and of course she knew I was lying.She came across and sat down beside me, ‘Touch them if you wish’, she challenged me, and as I hesitated, she took my willing hand and I let it be guided to cup her warm breast, which felt softer and silkier than my own. ‘Rub the nipple’, she again challenged me, this time the silence in where we sat was deafening, as I felt her nipple stiffen and harden, the soft pink turn a darker hue of red to purple, just like my own nipples, we both were being aroused and as if to confirm my fears, she cupped my face, lent in and kissed my mouth.I was breathless, my heart was pounding, her breath smelt and tasted sweet, I felt dizzy and when she rested her hand on my mid thigh, I jumped, breaking all these delirious feelings, ‘You’re gay’, she said out loud, ‘you need to be truthful about yourself’, she added, getting up and walking back to where her clothes were.I honestly did not know what to say, I had just experienced a numbing truism, I enjoyed what just transpired but was confused, as I did enjoy browsing my hidden stash of ‘Playgirl’ magazines, when I masturbated to men’s cocks.We got dressed in silence and she invited my to a coke bahis siteleri in the cafeteria, I accepted, I was captivated and excited by her and wanted to know more and experience it.Finally as we sat and talked, I felt happy she was glad to have finally met me, as it turned out she had seen me over a year back and wondered who I was, had seen me over the intervening year, but never taken it any further, I had like a secret admirer and hearing it from her made me joyous and happy, as we joined hands under the table, I wanted to kiss her again, I felt like I was falling in love.My fifteenth was due and we were organizing a birthday party for me with my parents consent, after all they were paying for it and the both liked Elizabeth, who could really carry off a posh accent of respectability and girlish innocence, we stayed over at each others and shared our beds, and made love, boys were history to us, as our same sex sex, was getting better each time we got naked and licked each other like a pair crazy cats.One night I had to ask a burning question to her, ‘Have you even been with a man’? As it turned out, she had, but only once, and it was her uncle, the tattooist, her gold bars in her nipples were bought and paid for by him, she got them for giving her sex starved uncle a hand job, ‘Piercing my nipples was thing as far as the law was concerned’, she explained, ‘piercing my pussy at that age, was another’, so uncle did these sort of things and at the price of gold today, she was well rewarded for a simple wank, but then again, ‘having a wank from a girl of 14, was just as priceless’, she laughed.’What about a girl of 15′, I asked her?’You dirty little cow’, she answered in her poshest accent, I could feel my nipples expand in sexual pleasure at the thought of her uncles hands all over my breasts, maybe I still liked men after all I thought, I knew now that Elizabeth still did, so why not share one we both knew she liked?His shop closed at six, that was when we would go, technically I was still incapable of deciding what to do with my body, even though my body like millions of other girls, with similar feelings, knew quite well what we wanted, and I wanted my nipple’s pierced by her uncle.He was a kindly and soft spoken man nearing his sixtieth year on this planet, and as a fifteenth year present and to damn with bahis şirketleri the forty five between us, I was allowing access to my body for his pleasuring, the price as yet to be debated, but it was a good start that I liked him from the offset.Elizabeth and I had decided to test each others resolve, to see how far we were willing to go with her uncle and the fact I was in estrus (in heat, with my periods due) so my limitations were not so limited.I removed my top and my brassiere as he watched me, both articles of clothing discarded with consummate ease, and my nipples echoing my willingness to be seen by his eyes as I mad my way over to him to be touched and fondled as Elizabeth settled in to watch the sparks fly. I sat on what resembled a reclining dental leather chair and immediately felt at ease. I closed my eyes as if to heighten the sense of being touched, and when he finally touched my breasts, I could feel a rush between my thighs, as my pussy responded in kind, he stroked and touched my nipples with an expertise only gained from the hundreds of moans and gasps from women willing him on.I opened my eyes to see him peering into my face, I cast a glance in Elizabeth’s way, she was indicating something with her eyes, looking past my body and when I looked in that direction I saw he was pressing himself hard against the arm of the chair I sat on, he was hard and rubbing against the seat.I chose my moment well, when he turned back to the tray to retrieve something, I put my hand on the same arm and at the same spot he was pressing against. He turned back to me not seeing my hand movement and I could feel his urgency against my fingers, much to Elizabeth’s delight, I could feel his erection against the backs of my fingers, a first for me and an enjoyable feeling it was too.By now the increasing ache I felt in my crotch because of my nipples being caressed by this old man’s freedoms, made me ache for something more, and Elizabeth saw it too, as I purposely pulled my hand from under his cock, so he felt me do so, and then deliberately push it back under, making sure his cock knew it was being felt as my fingers sought each thick inch along it’s length, ‘How about me doing this for you for a free nipple job from you’, I bartered, and as my words sunk into his fevered head, Elizabeth undid my leather belt around my waist, she was going to pull my denims off and my panties, so her uncle would be in no doubts of what he was going to experience, after which Elizabeth herself was going to get equally naked and join in on the fun.

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