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Doggy Style

Subject: “Empire Builder” (Encounters) Empire Builder The story I am about to tell is true; it really happened, although perhaps I relate some details differently from the way they actually occurred. It was related to me by a reader of my series “Night Shift With Pilot,” which I encourage you to read if you enjoy this one. I like hearing constructive comments from readers. If you have any, you can reach me at ail. Also, please consider contributing to Nifty to keep this wonderful resource going. The spring of 1968 had finally arrived. The crabapples and cherry trees were ablaze in clouds of pink and white. The dirty brown snowdrifts and mud patches had given way to vibrant green lawns, with tulips and daffodils nodding away in the mild breeze. Puffy white clouds drifted lazily through the clear blue Illinois sky. It had been a rough winter for me. It was my first year at Northwestern University, on the shore of Lake Michigan in the northern suburbs of Chicago. It was my first year away from home, though my family lived just across town. The winter had been brutal with the howling winds off the lake, and I was having a hard time with school. I wasn’t particularly excited about my physics major. I had heard that majoring in physics would keep you out of Vietnam. The draft lottery system was still only a rumor, and I wanted to hedge my bets. Physics had been easy for me at St Francis, the Catholic High school I had attended in suburban Chicago, but now I wondered if I was in over my head. I never really clicked with my physics classmates either, and my roommate had been a major asshole. It was a time of loneliness and uncertainty in my life, when I was trying to figure out who I was. Spring break, then, could not have been more welcome. I was headed off to Seattle to visit my favorite cousin Sam, and I was to take the train across the country for the first time. I had always wanted to travel on the Empire Builder, the legendary streamlined Art Deco train that ran daily between Chicago’s Union Station and the Pacific Northwest. So it was that I found myself in Chicago’s Union Station on April 5th. I remember the date precisely because it was the day after Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination. As I walked in, I looked across the crowded waiting room, hoping to find an empty seat. I saw none available, but a tall, dark-haired man with a square jaw and a handsome face caught my eye. He was wearing a tan corduroy jacket with a skinny tie, and just the sight of him made my heart lurch. He had his luggage piled on the place next to him, and just as I was trying to find the balls to walk over and ask if I could use the seat, he looked up and smiled at me. He watched me approach, and when I got closer, he moved his guitar and backpack from the chair. “Pretty crowded in here, Isn’t it?” He said. “Sorry for hogging the seats. My name’s Adam.” “Hi Adam, I’m Tom,” I replied as we shook hands. “You waiting for the Empire Builder too?” “Yep, I am traveling to Seattle to see my family over Spring Break.” Adam and I made small talk as we waited to board the train, and I learned that he was a doctoral student studying Philosophy at the University of Chicago. He was perhaps ten years my senior, but that only made him more attractive to me. He had neatly cut jet black hair, and his white teeth positively gleamed when he smiled at me. He looked a lot like Clark Kent, handsome but just a bit dorky. Adam had a relaxed way about him: he was easy to talk to, so it seemed natural to board the train and find a seat together when the time came to depart. As the train pulled out of the station and made its way through the southwestern suburbs of Chicago, Adam and I were in a somber mood. Through the window, we could see groups of demonstrators protesting and mourning Dr. King’s ankara escort murder. In fact, was the recent Black Lives Matter protests that reminded me of these long-ago events and prompted me to write this story. Soon though, the mood on the train began to lighten as passengers regained their excitement about the journey. It was not long before the noise level in the crowded coach became uncomfortable. “Hey, I’ve got an idea,” Adam said. “I wonder if there are any of those sleeper compartments available. This train is so crowded, and I bet these seats will be pretty uncomfortable in a couple of days.” “That is for sure!” I replied. “I tried to get a single roomette, but they were all full.” “Well, if there are any of the doubles available, I wouldn’t mind sharing with you.” Of course, that sounded like a good idea to me! As it turned out, there was one room still available, so for a small fee, we took it. Rather than being a room for two, this one could have held three passengers. Two wide seats were facing each other, which converted into a double bed. Above that, a narrow top bunk folded up into the wall when not needed. We asked the porter to drop it down for us, figuring that it would make an excellent place to store our duffel bags and Adams’ guitar. The room also had a small bathroom and even a shower. This little room promised to be much more comfortable than the coach accommodations we had been expecting! Adam took off his tan corduroy jacket and loosened his tie. “For goodness’ sake, lose the tie! This will be a long trip, and you might as well be comfortable,” I told him. “You are right,” he replied, removing both the tie and his long-sleeved shirt. As he reached up to stow his jacket and shirt on the bunk above, I had the opportunity to check out his body while he wasn’t looking. He was fairly tall, about the same as my 5′ 11,” but he was built a bit more solidly than me. While I had more of a lanky runner’s build, Adam’s shoulders were broader, and his chest was more developed than mine. I took the opportunity to check out his crotch, and I liked what I saw. He was wearing Levis, and I could see that he wore his dick to the left. The denim had faded slightly where his cockhead rested, and his crotch filled out his jeans nicely. I dragged my eyes away from his crotch before he caught me looking, and he kicked off his shoes and settled into the opposite seat with his long legs resting on the seat beside me. We settled in like this, easily chatting together as if we had been friends for years. Our knees often touched, and neither of us made any move to separate them. I started to hope that he found me as attractive as I found him. So it was that the sexual tension between us built up all day, with neither of us saying or doing anything about it. We talked about many things as the afternoon wore on, from the strictness of my Catholic upbringing, to school, and how I was rethinking my Physics major. We talked about his life as a graduate student and the philosophy classes he taught at the University of Chicago. Eventually, it became time to make our way to the dining car for dinner. While we ate, the cabin steward had converted the sitting room into a bedroom. “There are a couple of ways we could do this,” Adam said. “One of us could take the top bunk, but we would have to put all our bags on the floor. Or we could just double up on the lower bunk. That would be OK with me if it wouldn’t bother you.” As you can imagine, I was more than OK with the idea, and I quickly agreed. I was the first to use to brush my teeth and get ready for bed. I stripped to my boxers and took my place under the covers, and surreptitiously watched Adam as he undressed. My eyes were glued on him as he removed his shirt and revealed his beautiful torso. As I had guessed from çankaya escort seeing him in his tee-shirt earlier, he had well-developed pecs lightly covered with dark hair. He didn’t exactly have a six-pack, but his abs were flat, and he had that triangle of muscle pointing down to his crotch you often see on Greek statues. I was glad I was already under the covers because my dick was filling out as I watched him take off his jeans. I think he was beginning to get a bit hard too; the fly of his white cotton boxers was gaping open as he slid beneath the covers beside be and turned out the light. We lay there just talking about nothing for a while, and soon I had to turn away from him because my hard-on was tenting the sheets. Our legs were touching, and neither of us was moving them apart. Soon I felt Adam’s hand resting on my side. I shuddered slightly as he touched me. I had been craving his touch all day; I gave in and leaned back against his body. “Aah, that’s better,” Adam breathed into my ear, his hand slowly moving along my side. I could feel the hardness of his cock pressing against my ass. He reached around me to run his fingers through the light brown hair on my chest. My chest hair was fuller and thicker than Adam’s, and he seemed to like it. He ran his fingers in light circles around my nipples, making me shiver in pleasure. I had not yet discovered how sensitive the nipples were. It was a new sensation for me, it felt almost like an electric shock. Before long, Adam’s hand strayed away from my nipples, moving down to my flat abs. He moved in little circles, farther and farther down. I wanted more than anything for Adam just to wrap his hand around my dick, but he drove me crazy by moving his hand slowly but relentlessly farther south. By this time, my cock was as hard as it had ever been, and I was leaking drops of precum. Adam finally reached into the gaping fly of my boxers and pulled my penis through. With just his fingertip, he spread my natural lube around my cockhead, and I gave a soft groan as I leaned back, pressing my back harder against his warm body. I had never been with a man before, and although I had seen my classmates naked in the high school locker room, I had never seen anyone else with a hard-on. I couldn’t wait to explore Adam’s, so I reached my hand behind me and grasped him through the thin cotton of his boxers. I could tell that Adam’s dick was pretty similar in length to my own, but perhaps a little thicker. Rather than pulling his cock through the fly, I felt under his waistband and ran my fingers through his thick thatch of pubic hair. Groping a bit farther, I wrapped my fingers around him. He had a cut penis, as did I, which was copiously dripping precum. Of course, I masturbated all the time, so I was familiar with my own dick. The sensation of feeling the soft, warm skin contrasting with the throbbing hardness of someone else’s cock was utterly new to me, though. I copied Adam’s technique and slowly ran my finger around his flaring head, using his precum as lube, but the angle of my arm made it uncomfortable to keep this up, so I reached down past the root of his shaft and cupped my hand around his plum-sized balls. Adam raised himself, lifted the covers, and lowered his lips to my flaring cockhead. My hips bucked as he ran his tongue around the rim. His fingers were gently cupping my testicles through my boxers, and he teasingly ran his tongue up and down the length of my shaft. The sensation was indescribable, and I grasped the back of his head, trying to get deeper into his mouth. “Relax,” he told me. “Just let me do this. We have two full days; we’re not in a hurry.” This was my first time, though, and I was eager. I also knew that I could orgasm several times in one evening, and I had kızılay escort been horny for his touch all day. I took Adam’s suggestion, though, and I lay back to let him explore my body. As eager as I was to cum, though, I was also anxious to explore Adam. He brought me almost to orgasm a couple of times, teasing me mercilessly before withdrawing his lips from my dick. “Two can play this game,” I thought to myself, gently pushing him down on the bed and moving down for better access to crotch. The outline of his erection was clearly visible beneath the thin cotton of his boxers. I traced around it with my finger before sticking out my tongue to taste the salty wet spot of precum at the tip of his dick. I licked around his cock, slowly moving down to his balls, mentally comparing Adam’s equipment with my own. We were both cut, and roughly the same length, at around six inches or maybe a little more. My cock head was bigger and more flared, but Adam’s shaft was perhaps a little thicker. As I tongued his rod, I ran my hand up past his inner thigh, beneath the hem of his boxers, and cupped his balls gently in my fingers. By this time, I needed to feel the bare skin of his dick in my mouth, so I pulled it through the fly into the open air and descended in it, trying to copy the teasing way Adam had played with me. His hips thrust up, and his hand grasped my head, pulling it forward, and I indulged him for a little bit before pulling off. “Easy there, tiger,” I chided him. “As you said, we have lots of time!” I lifted Adam’s hips off the bed and pulled off his boxers, watching in fascination as his cock sprung from beneath his waistband, bouncing against his abdomen. I was still able to see his body in the dim light of the room. The triangular black patch of thick hair contrasted with the whiteness of his winter-paled skin. I ran my hand across his chest and flat abs, marveling at the muscles in his sexy body. Then I plunged my mouth onto his rod again, taking in as much as I could and using my tongue to increase the friction as I pistoned up and down. Soon I could feel his dick swell, and the muscles of his abs tighten, and I pulled off of him. Groaning, his hand went to his cock to complete the job, but I intercepted it and pulled it back. “No, not that way. If I don’t get to cum yet, you don’t either! Adam pulled me up and gently drew my head down to his, so he could kiss me. I fervently kissed him back, laying on top of his body. Our cocks were side by side, pressed between us, as our tongues danced together, and his hands drew our bodies closer. After a while, though, Adam scooted out from under me and flipped himself around so we were in a sixty-nine position. We rearranged ourselves so we were both comfortable, and feeling his dick throbbing in my mouth while he sucked me off soon brought me to the edge again. “I am cumming!” I groaned, before going back down on him. He only increased his pace a bit, and I exploded in bliss, shot after shot. To my surprise, he didn’t come off my dick but took my orgasm in his mouth. My cock was still hard inside him when I felt his muscles tighten, and soon he was convulsing in my mouth, and I was tasting cum for the first time. His rod spasmed maybe six or seven times, each time shooting another jet of salty, funky cum into my mouth. We stayed together that way for several minutes, our bodies held together, and our softening cocks still in each other’s warm mouths. Finally, he swallowed down the last of my cum and let my cock fall out. “That felt wonderful,” He said. “I needed that so badly.” “Me too,” I replied. “I wanted to do that with you all day; I just wasn’t brave enough to make the first move.” Later, as we spooned together in the bunk, Adam whispered in my ear. “I think this will be a delightful trip.” I just snuggled tighter against him, skin to skin. Adam’s hand reached over me and lazily traced circles on my chest, combing his fingers through my chest hair. His soft cock cock pressed against my ass cheeks, and I felt my dick start to swell again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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