Erotic extracts from Emmanuelle

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Erotic extracts from Emmanuelle” When his satisfied penis finally disgorged its semen in long, white, odorous spurts, she received it with strange exaltation along her arms, on her bare belly, on her throat, face, and mouth, and in here hair. It seemed that it would never stop. She felt as if it ware flowing down her throat, as if she were drinking it… She was seized with an unknown intoxication, a shameless delight. When she let her arm fall, he took hold of her clitoris with his finger tips and brought her to orgasm.”———————————————————-” She sat up to let her arm do its work properly, and he moved closer to her so that she could be sprayed by the sperm he felt welling up from the depths of his glans. Het succeeded in restraining himself for a long time, while her bent fingers rose and fell, becoming less timid as they prolonged their caresses, no longer limiting themselves to elementary back-and-forth motions, but opening slightly, skillfully, to slide along the big, swollen vein of his arched penis (lightly scratching it with their filed nails), as far down as possible, as close to his testicles as the tightness of his trousers would permit, then rising again with lascivious twists. His member has grown so much that it seemed endless, but she finally reached its tip and covered it with the folds of losse skin in the hollow of her damp palm before beginning another downward journey, sqeezing him tightly again, stretching his foreskin, alternately strangling his tumescent flesh and relaxing her grip on it, barely grazing it or tormenting it, massaging it in broad strokes or irritating it with quick, merciless little movements… “—————————————————” Then the hand forced her thighs to spread further apart. It closed over her warm, swollen sex, caressing it as if to soothe it, without haste, following the furrow of its lips, dipping in lightly between them, passing over her erect clitoris and coming to rest on the tick curls of her pubis. As they moved to and from between her legs, the fingers sank deeper her moist membranes, slowing their advance, and seeming to hesitate as her tension increased. Biting her lips to stifle the sob that was rising from her throat, she panted with desire as the betsobet yeni giriş man brought her closer and closer to orgasm without letting her reach it.”——————————-“She whimpered softly without knowing the exact cause of her distress. Was it the finger that was probing so deeply inside her, or the mouth that was feeding on her, swallowing each breath, each gasp? Was she tormented by desire or ashamed of her lasciviousness? She was haunted by the memory ot the long, arched form that she had held in her hand, magnificent and erect, arrogant, hard, unbearably hot. She moaned so loudly that the man took pity on her. She at last felt his bare penis, as big as she had expected, touch her belly, and she pressed against it with all the softness of her body.”——————————————-” Emmanuelle’s hands pushed her long legs apart, grazed the opening that separated them and gently penetrated it. Bee sighed, let her arms fall along her sides, and closed her eyes. Emmanuelle moved the tip of her tongue toward Bee’s sex, narrow and smooth as a virgin’s. She moistened the edges of her vulva, licked it inside, then sought her clitoris, drew it into her mouth, stimulated it with vibrations, softened it with saliva, made it move back and forth between her lips like a miniature penis. She slipped her bent middle finger into her own vagina. She continued stimulating Bee’s sex with her free hand. Her fingers were wet. She ran them over Bee’s buttocks, which rose to let her penetrate the narrow orifice. Her finger sank in to its full lenght. Only then did Bee cry out, and she continued during the whole time while Emmanuelle was licking her, sucking her, and moving her hand from one opening of her body to another. It was Emmanuelle who first had to admit that she was tired. She lay down on Bee again. Neither of them seemed to have the strength to speak.”—————————————————–“From a distant room came the regular notes of a set of chimes. Her hand slowly descended to her belly. Her fingers touched her clitoris and penetrated her sex, gorged with sperm. She saw Marie-Anne’s thighs open before her closed eyes, and to each caress in her dream she responded with an identical one. When she knew betsobet güvenilirmi that Marie-Anne was about to surrender, she cried out even more loudly than she had done in Jean’s armes. Propped up one elbow, he smiled as he watched her reach her climax, naked and luminous with pleasure, with one held captive by her belly while the other alternately pressed both her breasts. Her legs quivered fitfully long after her forehead, eyelids, and lips had taken on the immobile sofness of sleep.”—————————————————“He lay on her and she immediately wanted to be taken as much as he wanted to take her. She opened her sex herself, with her finger tips. She guided his glans and helped it to plunge into her. Her knees rose, flanking his body, while his hardened organ sank into her belly as it had sunk into her throat a short time earlier. She wished she could feel it in her mouth at the same time. The exuberance of her imagination made up for what was lacking in reality – her lips, licked by her tongue, believed they could taste the salty sweetness of his sperm. She dreamed she was drinking it; the pleasure of her belly filled her throat and she said imploringly: “Come in me!” —————————————————“When the acceleration of her partner’s movements, a certain stiffness of his hands as they gripped her buttocks, and the sudden expansion and pulsation of the organ that was piercing her made her realize that he was about to ejaculate, she let herself go. The spurting sperm whipped her pleasure to a frenzied pitch. During the whole time he was emptying himself in her he stayed deep in her vagina, pressed against her cervix, and even in het midst of her spasm she still had imagination enough to enjoy the mental image of his penis disgorging creamy torrents that were lapped up by the oval opening of her uterus, as greedy and active as a mouth.”———————————————————” Bee sensed the pleasure that Emmanuelle was seeking, she put her hand on her back, pressed gently on her buttocks and grafted her onto her belly. A singular savor penetrated her open mouth, juicy and sweet like an exotic fruit. She felt a spasm rising in the beautiful body she was holding herself. betsobet giriş She helped it with all her power. She heard her lips murmuring words that had the sound of love.”————————————————————-” Emmanuelle’s new acquaintances even lived their idleness intensely, ostentatiously, without improvisation or respite. And apparently, wherever they were, whatever their age, looks or condition, their sole concern, day in and day out, was to seduce or be seduced.One of them, with a tawny mane that tumbled profusely over her shoulders and down to her hips, casually got up, walked to the edge of the pool and stood there, stretching and yawning with her legs wide apart. The crotsch of her white bikini, no wider than a shoelace, revealed a tuft of sun-drenched pubic hair the color of a lion cub’s fur and the curve of her sex, a strong, well-exercised sex whose immodesty was heightened by the purity of her face and the grace of her figure.”———————————————————-“He took her by the waist and lifted her effortlessly. She clasped her fingers over the back of his nech and felt his muscles harden beneath her palms, then, when he lowered her onto his penis, she spread her legs so that it could penetrate her. Tears flowed down her cheeks while he entered her cautiously, tearing her. Pressing her knees against his hips and the wall, she did her best to help the herculean serpent crawl into the depths of her body. She writhed, clawed his neck as she clung to it, sobbed, moaned, and cried out unintelligible words. In her frenzy she was not even aware that he was ejaculating, quicky, with such a savage thrust of his pelvis that he seemed determined to force his way trough her till he reached her hart. When he withdrew, with his face radiant, he kept her standing against him. His wet phallus cooled her smarting skin.“Did you like it?” he asked.————————————————–” Emmanuelle remained outwardly impassive, but actually her mind was in turmoil that she herself had difficulty understanding. She decided to ignore the question. Ariane insisted, however, imperious and coaxing at the same time. “Answer me. Haven’t you ever made love with a woman before?”Emmanuelle stubbornly persisted in her silence, looking like an image of false shame and sullenness. Ariane came still closer, till her lips moved against Emmanuelle’s when she spoke.“Come to my house”, she said thickly. “Will you?”———————————————————Emmanuelle by Emmanuelle Arsan

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