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Cheating Housewife

Dusk was rapidly approaching as Cindy stood on the street corner downtown. She was dressed in 5-inch heels, fishnet stockings, a black thong, a black mini skirt, and a red tank top that stopped short of her midriff and a brown leather jacket. Her short brown hair stopped just above her collar and her brown eyes were heavily made up, as was the rest of her heart shaped face. Her measurements were 36B, 24 36 and at 5′ 8″, her legs seemed impossibly long and beautiful in the heels and at 140 lbs. she looked poured into her skirt and top. She walked slowly up and down the same 6 sidewalk slabs waiting. This was the part of game that she hated but exited her the most, waiting. Peter was late, probably on purpose.

She had been propositioned more than 20 times, and that too excited her. That the men passing both in cars and on foot could be convinced that she was a hooker and wanting to pay her for sex. She felt the wetness in her folds at the thought of being with these strangers, but it was only a passing thought. Peter was the one she needed now.

They had known each other since high school, but oddly enough, never dated. They had been friends and more since they were 15. They had seen each other through broken hearts, broken relationships, family problems and loss. They were closer than most married couples, but each had their own significant other. They had been having sex since college, only the bizarre role playing sex that she was involved with now. Their spouses were there for regular sex, but about every two or three weeks one would call the other and set up something like this. She heard a car pulled to a stop where she stood and she bent down and leaned in the window as she recognized Peter’s car.

“Hi, baby, you looking for a party?” She asked him, playing her role to the hilt.

“Yeah, how much?” Peter asked her smiling at her outfit. He could see right down the scoop neck of her tank top and the firm mounds there excited him as always.

“Depends on what you want.” Cindy said.

“Climb in and let’s talk about it.” Peter invited and he pushed the button to unlock the door. Cindy did not hesitate; she pulled the door open and practically jumped in to get off the street.

“So, what are you looking for?” She asked softly.

“Someone adventurous. Feel up to it?” Peter replied.

“Adventurous will cost you extra. And you have to pay for the hotel room.”

“Done and done. I have a room at the Hilton by the airport.” Peter told her, as he drove out of downtown. He drove out to the airport and true to his word, pulled into the Hilton and parked in the underground lot. They both got out and walked to the elevator. It took them directly to the 11th floor. Peter led her to room 1108 and opened the door for her.

It was a small but acceptable room, a king-size bed, TV, bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub and a separate two-nozzle shower stall. The curtains were open and the lights from airport were the only illumination.

Cindy took off her jacket and tossed it and her large shoulder bag on to the chair for the writing desk. “You still have not told me what you want.” She purred as she turned and started to rub herself against him suggestively.

“First I want to watch you play with yourself.” Peter said, pulling out is wallet. “What is that gonna cost me?”

“25, 30 if you want me to cum.” She said instantly.

Peter dipped into his wallet and pulled out a wad of bills and counted out $40.00. Handing it to her he sat down in the easy chair and waited. Cindy put the money in her bag and sat on the edge of the bed facing Peter. She spread her legs and pulled her mini skirt up. Her stockings stopped just above the hem of her skirt and he could see the creamy white leg between her stockings and thong. The black underwear was taught against her skin and already wet, as she slid a finger slowly down the edge and pulled it to one side. Her pussy hair was dark brown and trimmed close in a single strip down her crotch. Since he paid her in advance, she decided to put on a really big show for him, besides, she needed to come and come now.

She licked her middle finger and then sucked it into her mouth, coating it in her saliva. She pulled it out and slowly ran her hand down her still clad body till it stopped at her dripping pussy. Gently she pulled her lips apart with two fingers and slipped her middle finger in. Cindy sighed at the contact and her finger disappeared to the second knuckle. Working her finger in and out Cindy quickly had a rhythm going and was well on her way to orgasm. Her other hand slid up her body and caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples. As she approached orgasm, she fell back on the bed and spread her legs wider. She now had 2 fingers pistoning in and out of her dripping snatch. With a load groan and a shudder, she came. Her legs twitched and her hand stopped moving, covering her cunt, almost protecting it. As she caught her breath, she sat up and looked at Peter.

He sat in the easy chair, Ardahan Escort with his pants open and his cock sticking straight up. He hand slowly slid up and down his pole and Cindy licked her lips at the sight of his raging manhood. Still trying to be in character she continued to rub her pussy and said slowly, “What now?”

“How about a blowjob?”

“Fine, but that’s 80 bucks.” Peter fumbled for his money and pulled out the right amount. Cindy stood and took it from him, tucked it into her stocking. She pulled her tank top off to reveal her firm bra less tits. She shimmed out of her mini skirt and thong and fell to her knees between his open legs clad only in stockings and heels. Grasping his pulsing member, she licked the head of his meat slowly. Her tongue danced up and down his dick slowly and delicately. When she reached the base, she sucked his nuts into her mouth and played with them. At the head her tongue drilled into slit in the top. Peter ground his ass into the chair as she slowly tormented him. His knuckles were white where they grasped the arms of the chair. Finally Peter could take no more and he thrust his hips upward and she opened her mouth and took him inside.

Her tongue swabbed at him as he went deep into her throat. Her fingers encircled the base to keep him from going to deep and she rubbed her thumb up the vein on the underside to keep him hard. On the backstroke Cindy brought her teeth into play and dragged them lightly on his skin as he pulled back. Peter put his hands on the back of her head and held her steady as he drove upwards, but Cindy pulled off and said, “Un-uh, I can suck cock without being held.” She then took him back into her mouth and Peter put his hands back onto the chair arms and held on for dear life. It felt like she was going to suck him inside out.

She felt his balls tighten in her hand as he prepared to shoot his load and she sucked her cheeks in an effort to finish him. Her nails found the patch of skin behind his balls and tickled it. That was the final straw. Peter gasped and thrust his hips upward as he pumped his load out the head of his dick into her waiting mouth.

Cindy stroked his cock and balls, milking him of all his come. Swallowing quickly, she was able to keep up with the tremendous load he gave her. Her tongue lapped at him and her hollowed cheeks pulled more and more from him. The combination of the friction from her tongue and suction kept him shooting longer than usual. When she felt him slow down Cindy pulled off the shaft of his dick and started to kiss and suck just the head. Peter hissed as she licked his sensitive head and pushed her off. Cindy sat up and started to move her fist up and down again to keep him hard.

“What now big man?” She cooed as she fisted his prick. “Is that all?”

“No.” He gasped, still fighting to catch his breath. “Now that you have taken the edge off, I am going to eat you and then fuck you silly.”

“You want to eat me, that’s another $50.00, and as for fucking me, it depends where you want to put it. My pussy costs $100.00, but my ass is $150.00.”

“I want it all. I’ll pay for all of it, but we fuck till I have had enough, not just come.” Peter told her.

“Sure baby, anything you want.” Cindy purred, still stroking him.

“But first a shower for both of us.” Peter said pushing her back from his crotch and standing up.

“A shower is an extra $20.00.” Cindy informed him, squatting in front of him and spreading her legs, her pussy spread invitingly.

“Fine,” Peter said, picking up his pants and pulling out his money. “That makes it $320.00.” Peter counted out the rest of her money and handed it to her. Cindy stood and took the money from him, and pulled her rest out of her stocking top. She tossed it all in her bag and started to roll down her stockings when Peter stopped her. “No, leave the stockings on. I like the feel of wet nylon.” Cindy shrugged and rolled her stocking back up, kicked off her heels and headed to the bathroom and turned on the shower. The extra 10 he gave her for playing with herself would cover the cost of her nylons.

Peter shucked off the remainder of his clothes and followed. By the time he got into the bathroom, Cindy was already in the shower and soaking wet. Peter climbed in after her and turned on the second nozzle. Hot water sprayed them from 2 directions and Peter pulled her into his arms and kissed her. Their tongues swirled and darted into each other’s mouths. Their hands roamed over slick shiny wet skin. Her firm tits squashed against his hair chest and his hands slid down her back and parted her butt cheeks. Peter slipped a wet finger into her ass crack and then up her ass.

Cindy squealed into his mouth at the intrusion, but only pressed herself harder against him as she pushed downward on his intruding finger. Her hands slid between them and she grasped his hardening organ and squeezed gently. Peter withdrew his finger and broke the kiss to reach for the soap. Artvin Escort Cindy had brought a large penis shaped soap on a rope and hung it from the hot water tap. Peter took it and started to rub it over her chest. As he lathered her up, she spread the foam over both of them and mimicked his movements with the soap on his own dick. The harder he rubbed her body the harder she stroked him.

Peter finally stepped back and kneeled down before her and started to soap her lower body. The water washed the suds from her upper body as he worked. Gently, he soaped her from foot to hips and back again over the nylons. When he reached her dripping well, Peter paused and started to rub only the outside. Cindy moaned and thrust forward trying to get the phallus shaped soap into her steaming channel. Peter only rubbed harder against her outer lips and tingling clit, keeping her in suspense. Cindy put both hands out to hold herself upright and thrust her hips sharply forward at the exact moment he paused at the entrance to her hole. The soap drove into her and she grunted at the contact. They had worn the head smooth, but the shape was just right to reach her cervix and bump hard.

Peter worked the soap in and out till she was lathered with foam and her own juices, then he pulled the soap out and started to rub with his hand to rinse her clean. The hot water ran down her body and into his cupped hands and trickled into her waiting pussy. The combination of the water rolling into her and his fingers rubbing her clit was too much for her. Cindy started to roll her hips and push towards him. Peter removed his hands and pushed his face into her dripping clam. He tasted the faintest trace of soap and her mixed with the running water. He cupped the globes of her ass and held her to his face as his tongue snaked into her twat and his mouth latched onto the length of her cunt. His nose rubbed her clit and he sucked hard on her ready puss to get every drop of her running fluids. Cindy arched her back and put one leg over his shoulder, the wet nylon sliding sensuously up and down his back as she fought for balance.

Peter continued to eat her after her orgasm passed and spread her cheeks again to tickle her anus. Cindy squealed at the contact and pushed back, his finger going deeply into her ass once again. Peter pulled his face from between her legs and replaced it with his hand. As his fingers slid into her fuck chute, he rubbed the membrane between her ass and her pussy and Cindy screamed and came again in his hand. The smell of urine was obvious in the juice as she lost partial control of her bladder, a sure sign of a major orgasm for her. Her legs buckled and she would have slid down to the floor of the shower but for his hands holding her ass and imbedded in her pussy.

Peter licked her thighs and pussy, tasting the juices she expelled and let her catch her breath. Cindy clinched her asshole and pushed his finger out, pulled her leg off his shoulder, patted him on the head and lifted his chin. “Your turn.” She said and she bent down to pick up the soap.

Peter stood and spread-eagled himself, holding on to the walls as she quickly soaped him up top to waist. She even hugged him to soap his back, her chest sliding deliciously against his slippery skin. Cindy kneeled down in front of him and lathered his legs and feet quickly. She was impatient to get to the main event. She took the now bullet shaped soap and started to run it up and down over his dick and bag. The soft friction caused a groan to escape his throat as she rubbed him to a foamy lather. Reaching between his legs, she pushed the soap between his ass cheeks and slid it up and down. Peter groaned again and pushed back against the movement. Cindy noticed this and tugged at his balls to get his attention. “Turn around and bend over, you will get a thrill.” She said quietly.

Peter hesitated for a second, but obeyed her and soon felt her pull his cheeks apart and soap him up his butt crack. She pulled back and let the water rain down and rinse him clean, and then she put her face in closer and started to lick his asshole. Peter gasped at the contact of her tongue at his anus but remained still and tried to relax. Cindy lathered up her hands and slipped the rope around her wrist as she put her hands up his butt and lathered his asshole again, only this time she slid her own fingers into his tight hole. Peter never felt anything like this but he held still for her, even going so far as reaching around and holding his own ass cheeks open to allow her more room.

She worked hard and soon had two fingers up his ass and her other hand stroked his balls and cock through his legs. The soap kept swinging and gently banging his bag from behind when she decided to use it on him. Pulling her fingers out, she flicked her wrist and the soap flipped up into her waiting grasp. She paused for a second, and then she placed the point of the soap on his anus and pushed slowly. Peter grunted at the intrusion, put Aydın Escort fought to relax. This was much softer than a dildo, but he had to fight to keep from clinching up. Cindy pulled it out a bit then drove it all the way in.

Peter howled in pain, then sighed in delight as she bent forward and started to nuzzle his bag from behind as she held the soap in place till he got used to it. She felt him relax and she started to push in and out with the soap as she licked him from behind. Grunting Peter began to get into the rhythm she created and pushed back against her. The soap bubbled out of his ass and ran down her face into her waiting hand as she started to jerk him off through his legs. Peter braced his head against the shower wall and pushed harder as Cindy brought him closer and closer to orgasm.

“Now.” He shouted and his load shot out of his dick as she bit his bag and shoved the soap all the way up his anal canal. Grunting and panting for breath, Peter straightened up and Cindy pushed him back over.

“Hold still, till I get this out and clean you up.” Peter did as he was told and she pulled on the rope gently to get the soap out. With a soft sound the soap slid out of his ass and he sighed in relief. Cindy shifted her head and let the water run down his crack to rinse the last of the soap out then she rubbed the torpedo shaped soap to rinse the last of him off. Peter still stood bent over and she noticed that his asshole did not close right away. Good information for future reference she thought. Already an idea was forming for the next encounter.

“Okay, that’s good. Now let’s get to the main event.” She said, slapping him gently and standing up. Getting out of the shower, they quickly dried off and hurried to the bed. Pulling back the sheet the hoped in like a couple of children and reached for each other. Their hands caressed their still damp skin as their tongues met and twisted about one another. Cindy slid both hands down and grasped his member and squeezed until she felt life flow back into it. Her nails tickled his balls and tugged playfully at his hair. Peter groaned and spread his legs to give her easier access, as he slipped his hand down and thrust three fingers deep into her snatch. Cindy gasped and thrust her hips in time to his rhythm. Cindy got onto her knees and bent over his throbbing organ and gobbled it whole. Peter threw his head back as she swallowed him and pushed his fingers deeper into her well.

Sucking hard, Cindy bobbed her head up and down his engorged dick as Peter swirled his fingers in a circle inside her. His thumb flicked her clit and she pulled her mouth of his cock and screamed aloud as he brought her off again. Her fists were a blur as she pumped him in time to her ass bouncing on his hand. Finally, she could wait no more.

Reaching between her legs, she pulled his fingers from her soaking pussy and climbed over him to straddle his hips. Holding his dick straight up she sighed deeply as she lowered herself down, impaling herself on his spike. Her own spit and cum was enough to ease the way for her to sink down until their pelvises met. Placing a hand on his chest, Cindy shifted until she had both feet flat on the bed, then she started to rise and fall on his cock. Shuddering, she clenched her cunt to keep herself tight for him she rode him like a pony, pausing only to grind her clit against his pelvis.

Peter reached up and grabbed hold of her breasts, rubbing and squeezing her pliant flesh. Then he took the hand that he used to bring her off and pushed it into her open mouth. Cindy licked and sucked her own product off his fingers as she would a cock. Cindy rocked and squealed as another orgasm raced through her system, flooding his pelvis with her juices. Peter held her hips down and thrust upward once with all his strength when he felt her let go. When he felt her relax after the waves of pleasure passed, he slapped her hip gently to get her attention. “Turn around and do that again.” He told her.

Cindy pushed up off him and turned around. She straddled his hips again and lowered herself down on his massive staff facing his feet. She reached down and gripped his thighs, this was a new position for her and the feeling was indescribable. It was like taking it from behind, but she had control. She ground her hips on him and groaned in delight, he was hitting her g spot and making her ready to cum again. Peter grasped her ass cheeks and pushed up sharply as she ground against him. Cindy leaned forward and braced herself against his knees. This almost bent his rod in half, but it cut the blood flow and allowed him to remain hard for longer without shooting.

Cindy reached down and started to play with her clit as he thrust against her. The movement was exquisite. This was going to be the biggest orgasm of her life and she knew it would finish her. As she felt it build, she reached down and dug her nails into Peter’s groin. That was all he needed, he grunted and started to shoot his load into her clasping cunt. Just as the first stream shot out of his head, Peter thrust his thumb up her asshole. Cindy rocked upright and screamed in delight as he brought her off again. She milked his balls as he thrust against her cunt and pushed his thumb deeper into her ass.

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