Feeding My Curiosity Pt. 02

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It was déja vu the following morning as my body welped in discomfort after pushing myself too hard again in last night’s basketball game.

Truthfully, I knew exactly why I decided to stretch my athletic ambition and test my body’s limits – I wanted to further explore the excitement and curiosity I experienced with David.

So many questions swirled in my head; would David even remember me? Would I have the courage to signal I’m interested in more? Would I make the first move? What would he do to me if I signaled acceptance? If David made his move, would I just submit to his sexual advances? Would I be interested in exploring David’s body? What would I want to do? What would a cock taste like? What would cum taste like?

So many questions, so much curiosity, and now, so much excitement and anticipation building.

I called the sports massage studio and requested an appointment for later that afternoon with the assumption David would be available as my therapist.

Just making that call to schedule the appointment woke up my cock knowing what I was really wanting. I stripped down, closed my eyes and visualized our first massage. His strong hands, the smells, my knee stretched up to my chest exposing my ass, David’s hands grazing my balls – every detail flushed through my salivating brain, which quickly had my shooting cum all over my sore body.

A thorough shower, a little lunch and sped to my appointment.

Embarrassment slapped quickly as I walked inside the door and the gorgeous receptionist remembered me with, “back again?”

Of course I immediately assumed David must have mentioned something, so I overtly stuttered, “oh yeah, gez – can you believe I was dumb enough to play basketball again last night? You would have thought I learned my lesson the first time, right?”

She smiled with a flirtatious response of, “well lucky for us – I’m sure another session will help. Morgan, right? Let’s head back to room 5.”

My nervousness just about exploded wondering if she knew I was really there to see David and feel those hands again.

As she led us down a thin, dark hallway – we passed the room where my last session was performed, which quickly had me wondering if David was going to be my therapist. I wasn’t remotely willing to ask if David was going to be assigned to me, so at that point I just waited with anticipation as we situated in the last room down the hallway.

The receptionist dimmed the lights and told me to undress and get under the sheet. We traded smiles and she shut the door.

The room was cold with white noise as I undressed. My mind and body were quietly waiting to find out if David would return.

As I situated under the sheet and adjusted my face into the holder, a light knock at the door had my head jerk up to see who was entering.

To my pleasant surprise, it was David. Confetti exploded in my head with happiness as I nervously face planted back into the holster as David welcomed me with, “well that was quick, Morgan, don’t tell me you hurt yourself? Was I too hard on you the other day?”

“Hello David, I’m an idiot and was back on the basketball court thinking I’m some athlete in shape. Our session was amazingly healing, which is why you were the first call I made when I woke up so sore. Maybe someday here I’ll learn that I’m too old to play hoops any longer.”

My nervousness kept my face planted as I spoke quickly and quietly.

As I heard his steps approach me, his hands lightly surveyed my body with, “Well you’re in damn good shape, so maybe it’ll just take some getting your body into basketball shape. Trust me, if you went out and swam a few miles, you’re body would be even more knotted up – it just takes some adjustment time.”

His hands ventured near my lower back as David asks, Same areas sore?”

“Yes – seriously do whatever you did last time”, which was my subtle, yet bravest attempt to signal how much he turned me on last session.

“Will do, Morgan – please be vocal in what hurts and helps.”

The lights got darker, the music went on and his strong hands were gripping my feet. As David went into the same routine of working on each leg one at a time, it’s as if I held my breathe until he finally started pulling up the sheet to work on my right leg’s hamstring.

I was such a mess inside with anticipation, the moment he crept up towards my buttocks area, my cock was already rock hard, which forced me to shift around a bit. As he further oiled my leg and worked up and down my hamstring, my cock’s istanbul travesti excitement had me unintentionally sending my hips and grinding into the table.

That unintentional humping motion must have delivered David’s needed signal, as his hands began to venture into my inner thigh. David lightly used one hand to push my other leg, which was under the sheet, to expand and open up. Even though it was probably necessary in order to appropriately massage the full bare leg, boy did that send me spiraling as my legs were now somewhat spread apart.

While David paused to grab the oil, my body again unintentionally humped into the table as my hormones were firing with excitement. David’s well oiled hands gripped my leg on the lower portion and began to slide up the leg towards the upper thigh. His grip slid all the way up to my sack and ended up into my lower ass area, which felt amazing. All this intensity had my cock oozing pre cum all over my stomach as my body continued to twist with enjoyment.

The oiled hands continued to slide up and down my legs as he would slow down in detail whenever he approached my sack and ass area. This went on for a few minutes and whenever he was lower on my leg closer to my knee, my hip thrusts would time a hump into the table. While still innocent, this was such an amazingly intense feeling as I still had no clue if David was going to further his slide into my sexual areas.

Sadly, just as I was hoping he would break the seal and take this massage to a sexual level, David slowly brought the sheet down my leg and shifted to the next leg.

My body and mind exhaled for a few seconds, but quickly found myself worked up as the identical build up mirrored itself as he worked the next leg up and down, while spreading my legs apart.

On the second leg, David did seemingly open up the sheet even further to expose more of my ass. His motions continued with intensity, as did my thrusts into the table. Without question there was a thick sexual tension in the air.

David stopped briefly, which brought our rhythm to a halt with him whispering into my ear, “Morgan, I’m going to work on your glutes while I have you on your stomach, are you okay with pulling up your sheet?”

All I could do was shake my head in agreement.

As the sheet was lifted and folded on my top half, my body twisted with hope David was about to take this further.

I knew I wasn’t going to be the one to initiate a move, but my body language was screaming with an invitation for his hands to venture out of bounds.

David’s warmly oiled hands dove right into both cheeks with circular, deep motions. My legs were still fairly spread and at this point he had a clear view of my backside.

After a few minutes of deeply massaging my cheeks, my thrusts were back in motion as I couldn’t help myself with each of his pushes it was pressing my wet, hard cock against the massage table.

David’s motion went from circular cheeks to sliding down my hamstring and then back up where both he’d go inside my thighs and up to my butt cheeks again. It was heavenly – I had never enjoyed a massage to this degree as he was striking both a muscular healing note, but also had me dizzy with sexual curiosity and desire.

After a few minutes of this new routine, my body broke and decided to expand my hip thrust signal to slightly lifting my ass up and off the table, as if to invite him into my ass.

I truly shocked myself with this move, but I was broken down in desperately wanting to feel his hands on my prohibited areas. My signal worked again as David’s hands went further into my ass’s area as he would slide both hands through my crack. He paused for a few seconds to apply more oil, but then firmly returned into my ass crack to officially massage into my ass.

This broke me with a fairly intense exhaled moan. I am not sure I have ever moaned like this before, nor had I ever had someone touch my ass like this before.

David continued his routine, but each time he’d approach my ass his confidence grew and would take things further. My crack became well oiled with this routine and eventually his hand slide converted into a fingering-like massage on my around my hole, which literally sent my body into a jolted convulsion.

It was official, David and I’s sports massage had become sexual. His large oiled fingers were circling around my ass’s hole, as his other hand continued to go up and down my legs and cheeks. After a few minutes of circling, lightly pushed into me. As istanbul travestileri he slowly slid into my body, his other hand decided to remove the sheet from my upper body.

I was spinning with erotic excitement. Both my hands elevated from my sides and swung around to gripping the table near my head. After tossing the sheet to the ground, David’s free hand began to lightly massage my neck and head, all while slowly continuing his finger’s plunge into my little hole.

My asshole felt every slight progression as he pushed further inside. My breathing became louder as I gripped the table tightly.

After minutes of David slowly pushing in and out of my ass, he would continue to add more and more oil to the area, which eventually had his finger sliding inside me with ease.

At this point I’m guessing David broke himself as he pressed his clothed, hard cock into my left hand, which was gripping the table. I felt his hand leave my neck, grab my left hand and place it on his cock.

The second my hand grabbed his cock, my silence broke with, “oh my god, David.” I had never felt anything like it – his cock was massive. My hands are large and I couldn’t fully grip his thick cock.

“Oh my god, oh my god you have a large cock.”

His hand was back on my neck massaging and continuing to finger my ass. My hand stumbled to slowly and awkwardly stroke his cock outside his sweat pants while he humped into my hand.

Within seconds, his hand left my neck again to pull down his sweat pants. He immediately put his cock back into my hand as I continued to slowly stroke him.

The veins, the head and the shaft were all so meaningful and large. I broke and had to lift my head to see this massive girth. Me lifting my head must have signaled to David that I was ready to turn around, so he removed his finger and grabbed my shoulder to flip me around.

As I flipped around, I saw that David still had a shirt on and his pants were around his ankles.

“Oh wow.”

I forgot that once I had flipped, David was provided his first full view of my large cock. We quickly learned our two different versions of “large”, as his was thicker and mine was longer.

As my I flattened on my back, my hands both instinctively decided to latch onto his thick cock. As I was caressing his head with one hand and stroking his pole with the other, David took a different approach with my body.

David folded over and dove right into my rock hard cock. His warm mouth found the head and immediate engulfed my cock into his mouth. His tongue found the groove and quickly started to lick my penis hole, which was really hot. As he ventured further down my cock, his moans vibrated my cock. His mouth released saliva and my cock was drenched as he bobbed up and down.

I quickly snapped back to reality seeing that I had my hands around a large cock for the first time. My curiosity wanted to further explore this new found job requirement of trying to please a man. I shifted back a little, let go of one hand on his cock and tugged at his shirt for David to remove.

David spit out my cock, removed his shirt, in addition to his pants around his ankles – and all of a sudden I was naked for the first time with another man.

He dove back down, but this time brought his cock intentionally near my face, where I took his signal and decided to grab his cock with my right hand and pull him to my mouth. I closed my eyes, opened my mouth as wide as possible, and in came his large, wet cock head. The wetness was from all the pre cum that had released and it tasted shockingly sweet, laced with a little salt.

My other observation was, my mouth was not built to suck large cock. I kept my mouth wide as possible as I awkwardly tried to move my mouth further into his thick cock. My head could only go so far since I was flat on the table, so I decided to let go of his cock and reach around to his ass to pull him closer to me.

My arm was guiding his body and cock further into my mouth. David figured this out and began to slowly fuck my head and mouth, which made my cock sucking life much easier and soon to be rewarding.

As David began picking up momentum and intensity, I too began shifting into his mouth with more intensity and found myself on the verge of exploding like never before.

Both of us felt the build and were fucking ourselves into happiness with bass-deep moans and intense thrusting.

My eyes opened wide as David’s pulsating cock blasted his first stream of cum inside my travesti istanbul mouth. My nostrils expanded for the adjusted breathing and my hand gripped David’s ass cheek with as much force as I could deliver.

His first shot filled up my mouth to a point where I could no longer hold the volume of semen inside. Large streams of cum escaped my mouth onto his cock, my cheek, chin, shoulder, massage table and even the floor. I had never cum a fraction of this amount – this was rather a talent or he hadn’t cum in years. I was in absolute shock how much cum exited this man and his large cock.

During my amazement, David continued to vigorously bob up and down on my wet cock. Knowing I was close, David decided to venture into my ass again with one of his hands. Having entered me earlier, his finger slid right into me with ease. He quickly added another finger to push my limits, which I felt.

Shockingly, David spit out my cock and decided to face dive into my oiled ass with his tongue. He lifted my legs, which reminded me of our last massage, and began to eat my ass with intensity. His expert tongue worked its way in and out of my ass as his hands went back to work on my cock.

Within maybe a few minutes of all these first time experiences, my cock shot streams of cum all over my face and body. I officially had two sets of semen on both sides of my face, which had me break out into a laugh as I continued to cum.

His tongue pushed its furthest as I shot my last streams of cum – I felt his tongue gripped by my asshole as I clinched in and out during my orgasm – what an intense feeling!

David pulled out of my ass, let go of my cock and lifted his head up to see my smiling face. He smiled ear to ear with, “a little bit different today huh, Morgan?”

“Did you know this was going to happen? Be honest.”

“I really didn’t – I mean i knew something was up the last time, but you just are so, straight, Morgan. I had no idea if you would be interested.”

“What gave you the signal today that I wanted you?”

“I felt it the second I walked in – seriously – you could feel the sexual tension immediately in the room.”

“Oh god, I was that obvious?”

“No no – you did nothing – I just felt it.”

“Well – your gut was right – I so wanted to try this with you.”

“And? Did you like it? I seriously was holding back – I didn’t want to scare you away.”

“You couldn’t have been a better first time tour guide – that was so amazing, David.”

“I know we both just came, but do you think you’ll want to do it again? Isn’t that the best measuring stick if I was good or not?” He adds with a huge smile.

“I’m not into trying to predict things, but I think you know the answer to that after seeing my face right now plastered with cum all over it.”

He laughed and grabbed my hand with, “I’m honored to be your first and thankful you trusted me with allowing you to explore your curiosity. And wow are you hot, Morgan – my god. I hopeful you’ll allow us to explore more – I think you’ll enjoy going further.”

I smiled back at him to hug him, while I stood up with cum dripping all over. Realizing I was a mess I added, “I won’t hug you so you can avoid looking like a glazed donut, but just know you were the perfect first.”

David came over to my ear and whispered, “I so want to kiss you.”

“You are bold my friend – I have cum everywhere on this face.”

“I’d lick it if you’d let me.”

“Holy shit, David – don’t let me get hard again here as I’m sure you have another appointment here soon.”

“Next time you’re mine, Morgan.”

My stomach dropped with nervousness again knowing what he meant. David grabbed a towel and wiped off my body, including my cock which he gave a quick kiss to.

We clothed and eventually hugged. I admitted kept my face tucked into his neck afraid to pull back knowing he’d make his move to kiss me. I don’t think I was quite ready to take that next step in my journey, but knew there was a possibility for more to happen in the near future.

Within seconds a massive burst of light exploded me back to reality as we were both walking down the hallway towards to the reception.

I couldn’t even look at the gorgeous reception in fear my guilt, cum-laced face and body would give our session away.

I quickly exited, got into my hot car and drove off.

My shower at home had me in disbelief how quickly my curiosity came to reality. As I thought about what had just happened, I found myself tightly gripping my large cock under the water.

My mouth opened and was filled with water, which rinsed out David’s ocean of cum that had just filled me. Within seconds my cock unleashed another intense reminder of this new sexual dimension that had been unlocked.

I was already curious for more.

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