Fifty Cent Piece Ch. 04

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This is the fourth chapter in the ‘Fifty Cent Piece’ series. Apologies for the delay — I wanted to make the story flow well and I hope you enjoy it. Do let me know your thoughts as constructive feedback is always appreciated. All rights reserved, © Northern_One, 2013.


When I woke up the next morning I felt like I’d been through the sexual equivalent of an Ironman. My hips ached, my tongue was sore, my cock felt raw. I was knackered. I tried to remember exactly what we’d done after Sara left us. There had been a stop for a hand job on the journey home, a rather tricky shag in the deck chair, another one that night in the van, or was it two? I knew I’d fallen asleep at some point, much to Anna’s annoyance but I’d done my best to keep up with her voracious appetite. It occurred to me that perhaps her boyfriend had left because he couldn’t cope with her demands, rather than the story Anna had told me. I was starting to wonder what I’d got myself into. I looked across at Anna, still asleep beside me. She was on her back, naked, the duvet kicked off her during the night, a diagonal shaft of sunlight across her golden skin. One leg was bent up and out, exposing her blonde pussy. A hand lay across her chest, cupping her breast. Even asleep she looked like a model, her bobbed hair somehow still neatly parted. She looked incredible. I figured I could probably last another day or two. I snuck out of the van and went for a much-needed shower.

I’d cooked breakfast, washed up, been for a stroll and read for an hour and Anna hadn’t even stirred. I envied her ability to sleep in and she’d had the cheek to tease me for my napping! She’d no doubt wake up feeling as fresh as a daisy whereas I still felt like I could do with another eight hours. Of course, I wasn’t really complaining. The day before had completely rewritten the book as far as sex was concerned. Anna’s superhuman libido had taken me places I’d never dreamed I’d go and I suppose I was feeling pretty pleased with myself. I was still none the wiser as to who she really was, though, and I was sure she actively avoided any conversations that might reveal anything. Meeting Sara in the forest had been completely bizarre. Could they really have never met before? It seemed so improbable, something straight out of a porn film. It had happened though, there was no doubt about it. I’d had a threesome in the open air with two bisexual hotties. Nothing could change that. Nevertheless, there was still a nagging doubt in my mind about the whole situation. Was I just incredibly lucky and had met the horniest girl in New Zealand, who just happened to meet the second horniest girl whilst we were on our bike ride, or was there something else going on. How come Anna had decided to leave her friends, and all her belongings, and stay with me? Was I really that good a fuck? And was it a blue campervan I’d seen leaving the car park? Even if it was, what the hell did that mean? I was confused to say the least. I had to admit I was slightly bothered by the lack of any protection, too. I assumed Anna, and Sara for that matter, were on the pill but there was a lingering doubt about any nasty diseases. They were too beautiful to have anything wrong weren’t they? I promised myself I’d bring it up with Anna. I just had to wait for the appropriate moment.

A noise from the van told me she was finally stirring. I put the kettle on to boil so that she’d have a coffee waiting for her. I realised Anna had me wrapped around her little finger but the promise of another adventure with her was just too tempting. If I thought about it I was probably even a little bit scared of her, she wasn’t what you’d call predictable.

“Morning sleepy,” I said as she appeared on the step at the door of my van. Apart from what she’d worn yesterday she had nothing with her so she’d put on one of my t shirts; the words ‘Just done it’ were stretched across her ample bosom. As she yawned and stretched her arms it lifted up, revealing her bare pussy. I felt a familiar stirring.

“Hey Sam,” she said groggily. “Mmm, is that coffee?”

I handed her the mug as she stepped down. She took a drink and flopped into my deckchair, shielding her eyes from the sun. I was already excited about what might happen.


It was lunchtime before Anna had eaten breakfast, showered and found something to wear that didn’t make her look like a little girl trying on her big brother’s clothes. She was in my old tracksuit bottoms that I’d had since my football training days and the same t shirt. Knowing she didn’t have any underwear was a slight distraction but I managed to keep my thoughts to myself. I was going to stay quiet in the hope that Anna might reveal something about herself or at least give me a hint of some kind. I was actually quite impressed that Anna hadn’t asked me to wash her clothes from the day before. Her bikini top, shorts and knickers hung from the bike rack, drying in the warm sun.

She’d put on some music and I was making a sandwich with the last of what I’d bought the day before. Any passers-by nikki bella says i do izle would probably just have thought we were a couple of backpackers exploring the well-trodden routes like thousands before us. The difference was that we barely knew anything about one another yet had somehow slipped into a pretty cosy little set up. Anna seemed completely at ease in my company and treated my belongings as her own — something made all the more necessary by her current lack of any possessions save for her clothes. She’d even used my toothbrush, something I didn’t even really like Amelia to do. Having spent a few weeks alone I was surprised at my own indifference to her helping herself. Part of my eagerness to escape Britain was a chance for time and space to myself yet here I was, suddenly in a de facto relationship, albeit a temporary one, I presumed.

Anna was deeply involved in a text conversation with, I assumed, her friends but as with everything else about her, what she was communicating about was a mystery. I wondered if she might have been in touch with Sara. A memory from the activities of the day before popped into my mind and I smiled to myself, looking over to Anna, her thumbs firing out salvos of messages.

As if she had read my mind Anna looked up from her phone. “Sara just texted me,” she said with a grin. “She likes you, you know.”

“Does she?” I asked. “I like her too!” I said, perhaps a little too eagerly. “She seemed to like you as well,” I said.

“Yeah, she did, didn’t she?” Anna responded. “She was hot, don’t you think?”

“Very fucking hot,” I said. “That was unbelievable. Have you done that before?”

“With a girl, you mean?” Anna asked, a knowing look on her face.

“Well, yes, I suppose so.”

“I’ve done a few things,” she said. “Try anything once,” she laughed.

“And how about with a stranger? How on earth did that happen?” I asked, still genuinely baffled by the incident.

Anna looked at me then looked away, towards the distant beach. “Just one of those things, I suppose. She was horny, I was horny.” She looked at me again. “You were horny. It was fun wasn’t it?”

I laughed at the thought of what ‘fun’ could be defined as. “Yes, definitely.”

With Anna suddenly talking about Sara I decided to be brave and see what else I could discover. “So you’d really never met Sara before?”

Anna gave me that hard, impenetrable look again. I was suddenly wary about how she would respond.

“You’re so silly Sam,” she said, shrugging as she looked away. “How could I have met her before? Sometimes cool things just happen.” She levered herself out of the deckchair and walked towards me. She bent down to where I was sitting, the sandwich on a plate on my knees. She put her hands on my shoulders and looked deep into my eyes. “You think too much,” she said, “just go with the flow baby.” With that she kissed me, her tongue inveigling its way into my mouth, exploring its way around my teeth and tongue until she slowly released me and stood up. “That’s not enough for lunch,” she said, looking at my sandwich. “Let’s go to town.”


Town was about 20km away, and not the most inspiring place on the planet, certainly not compared to the natural surroundings the area had to offer. I didn’t mind though, a drive through the countryside, a chance to stock up on a few things, a meal cooked by someone else, a few beers perhaps and a chance to show off Anna to anyone who might care to look. Not that I knew anyone, for that matter, but who cared about that? I was in the company of a stunning blonde and that could only be a good thing. She even managed to make the tracksuit bottoms and t shirt look good. If I was feeling really generous I might even buy Anna a toothbrush.

I was happily thinking these thoughts as we trundled along the narrow, winding road that hugged the breath taking coast, blue sea and rocky shore on one side, pine forests interspersed with occasional farmers’ fields on the other. Anna’s hair was blowing in the warm air from the open windows and the van was filled with clean, fresh aromas of shampoo from my passenger and the sea air from the outside world. From time to time one of us would catch the other’s eye and we would both grin at one another, obviously content, our thoughts our own. As we climbed a steep hill a truly stunning vista manifested itself, an apparently infinite scene of clear blue ocean and endless sky. I parked the van and we both stood on the edge of the outcrop, lost to the sublime spectacle of nature. I don’t know how long we stood there but as I looked at Anna beside me I felt it was right that I was able to share the experience with someone. It had been meant to be Amelia that I shared these moments with but instead another girl had appeared in my life. How long for was anybody’s guess but I was happy she was there. Anna’s phone chirruped and she went back to the van to respond to whoever’s text had arrived. I stayed on the cliff top, half an eye looking out for any passing nolly izle whales or dolphins, contemplating life and enjoying the edge-of-the-world feeling that Southern Ocean coasts have.

I walked back to the van, feeling calmed and humbled by the view. Anna had taken the key from the ignition and had opened the glove compartment that I always kept locked. Aside from my bike and windsurfer the only real thing of value I had with me was a watch that my grandfather had given me on my 21st. I hardly ever wore it, just kept it locked away, terrified I’d lose it but Anna had rummaged her way through the bits and pieces and had found it and was now sporting it on her wrist. I stopped in my tracks, finally a little taken aback by her brazen attitude towards my possessions. Anna waved the watch around, showing it off.

“Look at the bling!” she said, “I never expected you to have something like this, Sam. I thought you were all in touch with the planet and non-materialistic!” her tone was slightly mocking and it irked me.

“It was a present,” I muttered. “Please be careful with it.”

“Wow, nice present,” she said, admiring the chunky watch on her slender wrist. “You don’t mind if I wear it do you? I think it suits me.”

I did mind. Anna’s carefree approach to what was mine had been quite endearing and even flattering before but this was different. I’d locked the watch away for a reason and Anna had deliberately opened a locked compartment and rifled through my things. She wasn’t to know how I felt about the watch but nevertheless, locked boxes are locked for a reason and she’d made a conscious effort to discover what was in the glove compartment. I didn’t want to seem petty however so I did my best to hide my feelings. It was only a watch, after all, what harm could come to it if she had it on her wrist? She was right about me not being particularly materialistic but this had more than just monetary value and her wearing it made me nervous. Having experienced one of Anna’s moods I was particularly wary about getting on the wrong side of her so I did my best to relax. Anna seemed completely oblivious to my reticence anyway and fiddled with the stereo as I backed out onto the road. As we set off again the sun kept glinting off the shiny metal, catching my eye. My mind was filled with scenarios in which Anna and I argued and she disappeared, the watch still on her wrist, or she lost it somewhere, unaware of how much it meant to me. I told myself to stop worrying. She was right though, given a different outfit — an elegant dress maybe – it would really suit her. I tried to fill my mind’s eye with positive images. Anna’s looks made this reasonably straightforward and much more pleasant thoughts began to enter my head as we set off along the road.

“It looks nice but it doesn’t work,” said Anna, frowning as she shook the watch.

“It’s an automatic, it winds itself with the movement of your hand,” I told her. “It’s been in there for ages so it’ll need to get going again.”

The mischievous look that I’d come to know flashed across Anna’s beautiful features.

“So moving my hand will wind the watch?”

I nodded. Anna slid across the seat until she was up against my left side. She kissed the side of my face and slipped her tongue into my ear.

“In that case, I’d better do something to get it going then,” she said, sliding the tracksuit bottoms down past her knees. I was greeted by the sight of her perfect blonde pussy as Anna’s right hand slipped up between her parted thighs, caressing her own skin. “Hey, you, keep your eyes on the road,” she giggled.

I shook my head in disbelief. “You’re unbelievable,” I said.

“Hey cheeky, you weren’t around to take care of me this morning. It’s been hours!” She had a jokey tone in her voice but she obviously meant what she said. Her libido was remarkable. Even as a sixteen year old I hadn’t had the kind of sex drive that Anna possessed. She was utterly shameless, completely comfortable masturbating in front of me as we drove. How the hell had she come to be this way, I wondered.

I swallowed hard and did my best to look through the windscreen but the slow, sensual movement of Anna’s hand between her thighs was very distracting. She felt her way up each thigh and across her pussy before her hand settled on her pubic mound, massaging herself with her palm. She pressed her hand against herself, moving it slowly, then slipped her middle finger between her lips and slid it up and down, lubricating herself. My cock was straining in the fabric of my shorts already but part of me was glad Anna had decided to take care of herself rather than me. Aside from my poor manhood needing a bit of a rest, Anna’s wandering hand during the journey back from the forest the day before had almost caused an accident. There was no way I could drive and be pleasured by such a skilled hand as Anna’s.

I glanced across. Anna’s eyes were closed, her mouth slightly open, her lips wetted by her tongue. Her hand was moving a little quicker now, spreading her normal people izle moisture around her labia, onto her clitoris, making small, circular movements around her centre of pleasure. She was leaning against me, her legs now wide apart, the tracksuit bottoms dangling from her left foot which was up on the dashboard, intent on giving herself the orgasm she felt she’d missed out on that morning.

The sight was delicious; Anna’s right hand was rubbing her clitoris, her left inside the t shirt she wore, massaging her breast. Every now and then she would stop rubbing and slip her middle two fingers between her lips, easing them inside herself, then go back to that little pink nub from which so much pleasure came.

I was finding it hard to concentrate and my cock was doing its best to fight its way out of my shorts. Along one side of the road were precipitous cliffs, plunging down to the sea below. As her pleasure rose Anna turned and looked at me, her eyes narrowed wantonly, her lips pouting. I had to stop and let her finish before I missed a bend and we hurtled off the side of the world.

A car appeared in my rear-view mirror and I became even more preoccupied. My erection was caught painfully in my boxer shorts and I tried to free it from the material whilst peering ahead, looking for a safe place to stop. I weaved across the road and the driver behind me blared his horn angrily. All Anna could do was laugh, more interested in coming than the potential consequences of her actions.

I rounded a bend to at last find a large layby and pulled off the road, greatly relieved. The car behind accelerated past, a string of obscenities and hand gestures left in its wake. The van skidded to a halt on the gravel in a cloud of dust. Anna grinned and shifted her position, giving me a better view. I stared greedily, her soft thighs splayed, her hand rubbing furiously. My underwear was still cutting into my throbbing erection and I frantically undid the buttons to free it, apparently any soreness from the previous days’ exertions overridden by this latest display from my Scandinavian goddess. I finally freed my aching cock, it bounced free, eager to join in the fun. Anna eyed it and licked her lips.

“So now he wants to play, huh?” she teased. “Sorry, taking care of things myself today. No need for any help here.” She licked her fingers deliberately then swapped hands, lifting the t shirt up above her tits. “Show me what you do to that sexy cock of yours, Sam.” Her voice was a little hoarse.

I’d been expecting Anna to grab me and have me fuck her so her suggestion took me a little by surprise. Amelia had always liked to watch me masturbate though and if Anna wasn’t inviting me over to her side of the van a wank was better than blue balls. Besides, the show on offer made any porn I’d ever seen look pretty pedestrian.

“God, you’re fucking beautiful, Anna,” I panted. Her face lit up, something that looked like pride shot across her exquisite features.

She purred, “Mmm, thank you, Sam. You’re a gentleman, you know that?”

I wasn’t sure this was how gentlemen usually behaved but I took it as a compliment.

I rubbed my cock as I watched Anna, my tip already well lubricated. My eyes flicked from her pink, slick pussy to her perfect tits, to her beautiful face. Her eyes did the same, dancing between my right hand pumping up and down my swollen shaft to my eyes, catching my gaze. She had that intensely private, urgent, concentrated look that a woman has when masturbating and I suppose I must have had the male equivalent as we worked ourselves towards orgasm. Nothing else mattered, only making ourselves come and watching one another do it. The van was filled with the musky, heady aroma of her sex, and the sounds of sticky, wet hands stimulating the most intimate areas.

I was already close, the build-up had been so intense, and a look from Anna told me she was too. Her little noises and whimpers began to add to the normally secret sounds of masturbation and her hips started to jerk and buck. I wanked myself hard, watching her intently to ensure we came together. Anna’s hand was a blur, her other crushing her breast to her chest. Her mouth open, lips and teeth wet and glistening, her eyes opening then closing, meeting my own, then returning to her goal. My cock pulsed inside my hand, on the very edge of coming.

Anna flushed; her eyes opened and she nodded at me and uttered a primal squeal.

“Oh my God, Sam, I’m going to come. Come on me too, please come on me baby,” she gasped.

I wriggled my way over towards her and knelt on the seat, between her legs. I held her ankle, the silver chain under my palm and brought myself to the edge, and over it. My eyes were locked on hers as I allowed myself to come. Her body shook as she rubbed herself still harder and faster, she swore in Norwegian and I heard my name. My own orgasm rushed through my groin and I came, grunting as I ejaculated, my semen jetting out across Anna’s chest and tummy, splashing off her tits and running down her belly toward her groin, the van suddenly filled with primal, animal noises and squeals, the fresh, salty smell of spunk a new addition to the cocktail of sex in the air. Anna’s expression was one of pure lust as she rubbed my come around her breasts, and down, between her thighs, massaging it into her own sweet juices.

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