First Night Together

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First Night TogetherShe had given him the location of the cove hoping he would come by and he didn’t disappoint. This had been her place for so long and never thought that one day she would share it. After that kiss in the elevator they had shared, she had not hesitated telling him where she would be that evening. Now there he was on the sand, waiting for her. He was sat by her clothes and towel – seemingly casual but she could tell by the set of his eyes how intense he was. She wondered if his heart rate matched her own. She had gone swimming topless, determined that if he showed up he would get a show. Now it was time to get out and he really was there, nerves plagued her. She stalled, deciding how best to approach it. She settled on fiercely. She climbed out of the ocean slowly, as natural as she could act. He looked, of course he did – he stared, completely unashamed. Apart from her buddy online, this was the first time she had been exposed so brazenly since she had fled back home from Pennsylvania.He stood as she drew near and held out her towel. She now realised that eyes shining like diamonds was a real thing, not some romantic fluff she had heard a thousand times before. She had known they were blue but had never been as captivated by them as she was now. She would never recall the exact flow of their conversation that night – all she truly remembered were nerves, roaring deep in the pit of her stomach, excitement from roughly the same place and if she was to be honest with herself, a sliver of doubt that she carried through all things in her life now. How easy it was to brush aside those thoughts when he had her laughing so effortlessly. It had been so long since she had thrown back her head and just let it out. Never a thought about whether her neck looked fat or did she seem foolish, those thoughts didn’t exist here and the reason she felt so comfortable and indeed, happy. It wasn’t long before he was raising her onto the sea wall, standing between her legs. Looking up at her like a puppy. How could he be at once cute and hot? His hair felt like she had thought it would, coarse and thick, they joked how his curls made him look like Superman – he always turned grim at that, straight faced “what if I’ am?” – she had day-dreamed after that, dancing a waltz with him and suddenly finding herself above the clouds. She had been romantic once long ago, not even the Hounds of Hell would drag this out of her mouth now. Still, she wondered what it meant that he had her dreamy again, or if it meant anything at all. She combed her fingers through his hair once more, he leaned in and kissed her lightly high on her thigh. Never in all her experience had such a simple act been so thrilling and full of promise. He was staring again, straight up into her eyes. Fighting the urge to run and hide she flashed her smile instead, telling herself ‘fierce, fierce’. His return smile was slow and electric. He busied himself kissing her more and more ardently and she realised with some alarm that she was moaning softly. His arms were around her hips inching her across the rock. His head now pressed fast between her legs, inhaling deeply. She recoiled in shock and embarrassment, but he held her fast, once more flashing his brilliant eyes up at her. All trace of a smile gone now, he told her he could smell her. She was dimly aware that all that separated him from her sex was a thin scrap of fabric. Her hands fell from his hair where she had been playing all this time, he had never looked sexier. “Let’s get out of here” he said. Lowering her down onto the sand once more, he held her close and kissed her cheek, chaste and playful. They walked hand in hand to his car, her heart beating so hard now she thought it would burst. Her phone was flashing “Where are you?” – her online friend. She couldn’t deal with that now and turned it off. The sliver of doubt was worming it’s way into her conscious and şahinbey escort her nerves intensified. ‘You’re not ready for this’ … She pushed the thought away. He slid into the driver’s seat besides her, all smiles again now. He seemed so effortless but she wondered whether he was or not. Perhaps she would never really know what was in his head. Daunting, after Pennsylvania, alluring too. The hotel crept up suddenly, everything was moving so fast now, hardly time to breathe. She felt her legs shaking and tears welling in her eyes. He seemed to notice, he turned off the engine and turned to face her. “I don’t thi …” “Hey look at me” he interrupted. She met his eyes, his hand was there on her shoulder “We want this” “Yes”. It was all she could say and the simple truth. He exited the car to book the room, she switched her phone back on. What could she tell her buddy? She wanted his comfort but wasn’t ready to face telling him she was with someone else. “Hey handsome, I’m out tonight but thinking of you … I’ll text you when I’m home or tomorrow”“Hope you’re having a good time, sweet” Just like that her nerves were settled. He hoped she was having fun. Maybe not if he found out what fun she was having … though she couldn’t even be sure of that. He returned from reception and saw the smile on her face, phone in her hand. “Who are you giggling with?” He was smiling but she thought cautious as well.“Oh, just my sister. So … are we good?” “Yes, let’s go.”Halfway to the room is where the nerves returned. She had hold of his hand and visibly slowed her paced. Heart pounding, sweat forming, breath coming short and ragged. He gave her hand a squeeze and a reassuring smile. Once inside the room he wasted no time, he lowered her to the bed, climbing on top, kissing her fully now. Slow, deep kisses, flush on her lips. Bringing his knee up between her thighs, it was his turn to play with her hair. She lay there stunned and happy, kissing him back shyly. It was not so scary now she was here. She took hold of his hands and placed them on her breasts. He was heavy-handed but not clumsy. “Let me up” she said. He eased his weight off her and stood beside her, his curls messy and sexy. Standing herself she removed her t-shirt. Conscious of her stomach but confident of her tits. They had been driving men to distraction half of her life and he was no exception. He was there immediately, squeezing, weighing, teasing her big nipples with harsh pinches. Her nipples fully erect now, then lowered his head and took one between his lips, sucking hard. He took her wrist and placed her hand between his legs, she stroked his cock through his jeans. She kicked off her sandals and curled her toes into the rough carpet. He was still soft, though his package was pleasing. His tongue was flicking her nipple, she couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt and she had such a rush of affection for him that she felt light-headed. “I want to suck your cock, Mr.” He stopped and looked up at her. The expression on his face was unreadable but he started on his belt while she popped his button and lowered his fly. She reached into his boxers and took hold of him. Not the biggest she had taken, but most certainly the prettiest. She didn’t even know if dicks were pretty, she suspected anything about this man was beautiful. He was teasing out in her old behaviours, old desires. Unused and largely forgotten. She was taken aback to discover how much fun she was having. She devoured him. Surprised at how bold she felt compared to earlier. He grew inside her, the blood pounding into his cock simply delicious. Her lips clamped hard and she slowly eased him out of her mouth, her tongue trailing the entirety of his length.“You’re a grower …” Something in his eyes, suddenly they were both giggling fit to burst – all the tension gone now. She observed with satisfaction the way he stepped out of his jeans, always sure footed and in control. Gripping him, she jerked his cock in short sharp strokes and flicked his head just had he had flicked her nipples. Another point of satisfaction when she noticed his sleek stomach muscles tense and heard his groan. Oh but he tasted as good as he looked, leaking now, his pre-cum dribbling, splashing her lips and cheeks as her tongue toyed his hole.“Okay, my turn before you make a fool of me” He lowered her onto the bed again, inching up her butt to pull off her leggings in one smooth motion “You’ve done this before” he merely smiled in response and spread her knees. She was acutely aware of herself, how she had thoroughly soaked through her panties. He looked long and hard, admiring what he had done before peeling them off. He examined them and she began to feel a hint of embarrassment and doubt. “These are gonna take a good clean”He looked at her again and that look was back in his eyes, they laughed again and he shocked her by pressing his entire body down on top of her and kissed her passionately. Easily the best kiss of her life. The weight of him pressing her down, his cock hot and hard pushing flat along her entire slit, his taste, but mostly his need for her coming through in waves. His finger slid inside her, long and straight, easily with how slick she was inside. He didn’t stop until his knuckles kissed her. He plunged his tongue into her mouth and she had a moment to marvel that he was inside of her twice before he was gone again. He broke the kiss entirely and stood, his finger still buried in her cunt. She realised her stomach was in chubby little rolls and made to cover herself with the blanket. “I love your body” He said it so simply that she believed him. “I don’t …” But she let go of the blanket regardless.“I want you as you are. All of you” He leaned down and kissed her stomach. She trusted him and tried to relax as much as possible. He added a second finger. Her pussy now stretched deliciously, gripping him tightly. He rammed his fingers into her, she bucked her hips and fought delirium. Her own hands found her clit, massive and swollen, she pawed at it hungrily. Her thighs clenched and her head snapped back, she might have screamed but she did not hear it, lost as she was in her orgasm. She was brought back to reality by the sounds they were making, huge wet sloshing, she was in awe. “My God” He looked up, smug, very pleased with himself “I think you’re ready for me, Mrs.” “Well duh .. “ She said in her best ‘no shit’ voice. He didn’t enter immediately. Instead her lifted her legs up on to his shoulder and licked her pussy. Long, slow laps with his tongue, clearly savouring her wetness. He inserted his tongue, scooped, make the ‘come here’ gesture with his tongue, the same he had once done in the office with his finger. Not for the first time she wondered how self aware he really was. Last time he did that she had gone home with ruined panties and knew she was in trouble. He had to have known. He lowered her down again. She lay there aching and sore and thought he had broken her consummately and with such pleasure. It was the hottest thought she could ever remember and told herself that after this over, she must remember how she felt right now. “I don’t have a condom” She knew it was a lie. A guy like him always had one, just in case. Whatever, if she was to be totally honest with herself she didn’t want one in the way. “We’ll just do it like our parents did” “Oh? We walked in here I thought you’d break down, now you’re making jokes?” “Guess you bring out the best in me” “Ha! Once a …” He trailed off but she knew what came next. It cut to the bone and she froze. He immediately sensed this.“I’m sorry. It was a quip, juvenile I know. I …” She headed him off. “It’s okay. I’ve just … heard that one before, you know?” His hair was sweaty, plastered to his forehead and stuck up in messy curls. She raised her hand and smoothed it out. It was absurd that she was the one to reassure him in this moment, she knew she shouldn’t but … well, she didn’t want to think about that right now. She didn’t know if she was charmed by his concern for the words he’d used or disappointed she had finally seen him a touch insecure. “Why don’t you treat me like it’s my first time and we’ll go from there?” At first that is exactly what he did. He spread her again and knelt down on the bed between her legs. He took his time and positioned her exactly how he wanted her. His cock entered smoothly, he was a lovely snug fit, she thought she had tightened up but would definitely keep that thought to herself. He was gentle and slow and while she savoured the tease she regretted telling him to treat her delicately now. He began his strokes then, long and deep and when he was fully inside her she thought she might split. She moaned softly and again, finding a rhythm. He leaned forward, belly to belly and kissed her neck. She considered that this was perhaps the first time anyone had made to love to her. Eventually his pace began to quicken and her soft moans gave way to gasps. He was up on his arms now, leaning over and looking every bit the Superman they joked about. Her legs resting on the blankets raised and wrapped around his hips, she placed her hands on his arms and felt the corded muscles. He was pounding her now, without a hint of sentiment about it. Forcing them both hard into the mattress. His strokes still long but powerful now, his balls slapping her each time. Her ankles pressing harder on his buttocks. She worked with him, bucking her hips up to meet his thrusts. “Oh fuck” was all she could manage. Her hands roamed to his back and buttocks, hard and grooved in all the right places, he didn’t slow and never paused, he was like a machine. She lost focus on all but his cock beating into her, nothing had ever felt this good. He shifted up onto his knees, took hold of her ankles and held them up in the air. His strokes shorter now, pounding even harder, the root of his cock stretching her hole even wider. Her thighs trembled uncontrollably but he never lost his grip. She was building, couldn’t last much longer like this. Once more she reached between her legs and pinched her clit between her fingers. He was gritting his teeth together, face screwed up in a delicious grimace. He was giving her everything. She couldn’t hold out, her stomach and thighs clenched, her moans became long howls, she flicked her clit mercilessly and came. He pulled out with a spray of her juices. He inched forward on his knees and she took his cock into her mouth again. He tasted of her own pussy, she loved that flavour more than she dare admit. She carried on where he had left off, putting her fingers in her cunt, easily now he had spread her wide. She was dimly aware how sore she was and felt pleased. She blew the head of his cock sucking hard and lapping his tip with her tongue. He grunted, she paused, opened her mouth and he came on her tongue. She swallowed his load with pleasure, savouring him. He rolled onto the bed next to her, exhausted and satisfied. She lay with her fingers still playing between her legs, a little spreading pool extending around her bottom. She wanted to stay like this, in her own mess and half dreaming state for as long as she could. Eventually he turned to her, his eyes all smiles again. “Good?” He knew it was, but she entertained him regardless. She put her fingers in his mouth and he sucked them clean, his eyes never leaving hers. “What do you think, Mr?” He smiled with her fingers still in his mouth. His hand ran from her thigh up to her breast where his thumb toyed her nipple. She must have dozed for a while, he shook her gently awake. “Let’s get you cleaned up” He stood and and offered his hand, she took it and stood on legs that still felt like jelly. They made slow progress across the room to the shower and she could see in his face how pleased he was with himself. It had certainly been a night to remember.

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