First of Many

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Melody pulls up at her parent’s house after a night out. Her date did not go very well. Her big brother came home it seems for the weekend from college and brought friends. There are cars everywhere. Melody parks down the street and walks up to her front door and goes in. She was expecting loud music, drinking and who knows what else. The scene that presents itself shocks her into silence.

Her parents are out of town for the weekend. They asked Diesel to come since Melody was in her senior year of high school. She is old enough to take care of herself. She argued with her mom about her brother coming to babysit.

Melody walks through the house. She had heard what orgies were like but has never seen one for real. She is standing in the entrance to the living room. She recognizes her brother right off caught up in a threesome. He is involved with two other girls. Each one of them straddling him.

Melody almost comes out of her skin hearing a whisper in her ear. She spins to be confronted by two very naked black men about her brother’s age. She stutters and keeps her voice low. “I am sorry, what did you say?” The one nearest to her is grinning. “I said, First time to an orgy?” Melody looks over her shoulder at the various groups spread around the house.

“Yes. First time ever. Feeling a bit lost.”

“I understand. I am TJ, this is Randy. We can show you what it is all about. Are you curious?”

Melody blushes and shrugs her shoulders. “I am not sure this is for me. Not sure I can do…that.”

TJ is rubbing her arms. Melody is wearing a spaghetti strap top over her moderate breast. She does not need a bra. Her denim skirt is way shorter then what her Dad likes. “We can make sure you really enjoy. This is give and take. We give and take pleasure.”

Melody is biting her lip uncertain. She watches as one girl is with two guys. She looks like she is having fun. Her own sex life is pretty lame. “Ok. Show me.”

Randy and TJ lead her to the den in the back of the house. They obviously don’t know her older brother is hosting the party or know she is Diesel’s little sister. There are more groups in the den. TJ already naked has a basketball players lean figure. He is at least a foot taller than Melody. Randy is not as tall. He is heavier but not fat. Both dark men have long cocks. Randy’s is not as thick. Randy stands to her left, with TJ right in front of her. She is suddenly overwhelmed as two sets of hands explore her body. Randy gives her braless breast a firm squeeze. “Mmmm…I am going to like playing with these.” TJ tugs the hem of top up and tugs it off. Melody’s breast bounce free.

Randy does not waste a second and starts sucking on her nipple. A moan is drawn from Melody’s lips. TJ continues to undress Melody. Her skirt and panties come down. She steps out of them. TJ buries his face between her thighs, lifting her right leg to rest on his shoulder. Melody’s head falls back as a talented and quick tongue assaults her pussy. TJ does not waste time and goes right after her clit. She lets out a gasp when he hits her urfa escort sweet spot just to the right and down. TJ catches onto her reaction and focuses on that spot.

Randy is vigorously kneading both of Melody’s beast. He has lips around one hard pink nipple. She lets out a gasp as he starts to nibble on it. Melody drops one hand to TJ’s head. She can’t grip his short hair but can pull him between her thighs. Her left knee gets weak. “Ne need to lay down.” She voice is gaspy.

Randy and TJ grin and get Melody to a recently emptied blanket on the floor. Melody is placed on her back. TJ parts her thighs and lays between them. He goes after the sweet spot again. Meldoy arches a bit on the blanket. Randy is kneeling by her head. He puts his long slender cock to her lip. Melody parts them and runs her tongue around the tip. Randy pushes his hips forward sliding his cock into her young wet mouth.

TJ adds to fingers to his assault pushing them into her tight opening. They slide in easily with her being so moist. She moans around the long slender cock being slid in and out of her mouth. Randy is mauling one of her tits roughly. Both her nipples hard as pebbles.

TJ lifts his head and starts to shuffle up between her thighs. He lifts her legs. “Damn I am ready to bang this little white girl.” He lines up. Melody is distracted, focused on the cock in her mouth. TJ slams his cock in filling her pussy completely. Melody’s eyes come up and she gives off a muffled scream around the dick in her mouth.

TJ keeps her legs hanging over his arms. His hips thrusting in a steady rhythm. TJ’s long thick cock filling and stretching Melody in ways she has never been done before. She closes her eyes trying to focus on two cocks at once. Randy has a hand in her hair guiding his cock in and out of her mouth. She uses one hand to knead his heavy ball sac with her delicate fingers.

Melody’s body is starting to tense. She has had orgasms before but this one building up is going to eclipse all the others. She is arched off the floor. Both Randy and TJ grin at each other knowing they have her now. Randy keeps fucking her mouth and TJ pounding her pussy. Melody screams with a mouth full of cock. Her pussy clamps tight around TJ’s black beast. Her pussy becomes even more moist as she seeps juices around TJ’s cock.

TJ and Randy high five and work together to get Melody turned around and on her knees. Randy kneels behind Melody. He does not hesitate and slams in hard. Melody is pushed forward. Her eyes open wide. Randy his some deep spot she has never had hit before. TJ’s cock is looming in front of her. TJ is on his back grinning. Melody does not hesitate and brings the thick cock to her lips. She sucks on the swollen tip. Her tongue swirling around it. TJ takes ahold of her head and guides her up and down his shaft. Melody’s tits are jiggling beneath her.

She is being worked over both guys. Any fears she had before this started have been forgotten. Randy has a grip on her hips. He is grunting with each deep thrust. balıkesir escort “Damn, she is fucking tight, even after you stretched the bitch.”

TJ is thrusting his hips up to fuck her mouth deep. Melody is struggling to keep up with the thick shaft. She is almost gagging with the speed of his mouth fuck. Her tits jiggling wildly. She is building up pressure again. She is a bit shocked by it coming again so soon. Melody’s body tenses, all over. Randy curses. “Oh fuck. Little bitch is a slut. Fucking cumming again.” Melody does just as predicated. She cums again. Even more juices coming from her pussy. TJ tugs at her.

“Come up. Time for the next step.” Melody is confused. “The next step?” She is panting and thinks she is thoroughly fucked. She crawls up TJ’s body, she straddles his body. “I am not sure I can handle any more.”

“Don’t worry about it baby. You can handle it and more. Now slide down on this cock.” Melody does as she is told. She hisses as his thick shaft fills her again. TJ reaches up to grab her shoulders and pulls her body down over his. Randy is grinning as he is lubing up his cock. He gets behind Melody and waits. TJ has her distracted with his own cock. Randy takes ahold of Melody’s ass parting it. He presses his slender cock to her tight virgin ass. He can see TJ sliding his cock in and out of the very moist wet pussy. Randy gives a nod. TJ almost pulls out just as Randy pulls out. The move is so quick and smooth Melody is not sure at what happened. Her head comes up and her mouth hangs open. “OHhhhhhh…what what is what…oh shit”

Randy and TJ start alternating in their stroking. One is always pushing in as the other is coming out. They set a steady pace. Melody tried to protest at first but the sensations where to overwhelming. TJ looks up hearing another voice “That is a good looking fuck toy. Mind if I add a third cock?” TJ grins up at Diesel and nods. “Go for it man. This is her first swinger party.”

“Well then she needs to be airtight.” Diesel kneels to Melody’s left. He pushes his cock to her lips. She swallows it without looking up. She was not even focused on the conversation or who is watching. She willingly takes her brothers white cock. He is not as long but thick. Slurping and sucking sounds join the sounds of skin slapping at each other. Randy and TJ keep pounding away at the tight stuffed ass and pussy. Melody’s tits bouncing and hanging wildly.

There are a few people taking breaks in their own play time to watch the new girl get the royal treatment. Melody is not even thinking she is going by instinct. The feelings are beyond amazing. She can definitely do this again and again. Randy and TJ have pushed their limits. They are grunting. “Fixin to bust a nut in this ass.”

“Same here man. This pussy is too much.” They both lose their rhythm and just start pounding into her. Melody moans and whines around the cock in her mouth. She has no idea she is sucking her brother. Randy slams deep into her ass and cries out. Melody moans feeling the hot trabzon escort cum filling her ass. Randy’s body jerks a couple times as he floods her ass. TJ takes a hard hold of her tits and growls through his teeth. Melody can feel her pussy flooded with his cum. Both cocks go still and start to soften. The cock in her mouth is still hard. She keeps bobbing her head up and down the thick shaft. Her mouth is stretched wide.

Diesel is helping his little sister take his cock. He is grunting. “Yea…take it deep. And your going to swallow every drop.” Melody shakes her head. She does not care for the taste of cum. Diesel takes a grip of her head on both sides. He forces her head down and he lets loose in her mouth. She has no choice but to swallow what is forced into mouth. Diesel pulls the cock from his little sister and stands up. Melody collapses onto the floor face down. She is worn out and spent. Mixed juices ooze from her pussy and Randy’s load seeps from her ass. Diesel gives both Randy and TJ high fives then goes to fix him a drink in the kitchen. He does not give Melody a second glance.

Diesel’s regular girlfriend who was busy in another group manages to watch the last ten minutes of Melody being broken in. She kneels and helps her up. “Come one hun. You got the royal treatment. It will get easier. They are going to cook in a bit or order pizza. Let’s get you cleaned up.”

Melody groans and struggles to her feet. Her head hangs. She is sore in places she did not know she had. Jill helps Melody to her room unknown that is who she is helping. They get into the room that was off limits to the party goers. Jill drops Melody to the bed. “I know the girl that lives here. She is about your size.” Melody manages to turn over and sit up. She pushes her short dark hair back. She is smiling from ear to ear. Jill stops and drops the couple of pieces of clothes she grabbed. “MELODY!! What in the hell?”

Melody giggles and shrugs her shoulders. “I walked in to this and met up with those two black guys. I have to say…i liked it.”

“Melody!! The last guy you sucked was Diesel. The one that came in your mouth.”

Melody is shocked. She stares at Jill for several moments. “Nooooo!! Your full of it.”

“I am serious. Several people recorded it. You just sucked off your brother.”

“Oh Shit. It was hot though, wasn’t it.”

Jill sits on the edge of the bed. “Yeah it was. Are you going to tell him?”

Melody starts to open her mouth to answer. Diesel burst in the door. His own mouth open. “What the fuck are you doing here?”

“I live here, remember. What are you doing having a sex party here.”

“Mom said they were going out of town. I thought…”

“D!!…They had you come home to watch me. You did a good job.”

“Fuck Melody!! You blew me. It was a damn good one but still your my little sister.”

Melody stands up naked. Diesel can’t help but get a full view. “I am not so little. Now that I have had a taste of wild sex I want more. As a matter of fact.” She sits down and pulls Jill to her. “Jill and I were going to play around a bit.”

Jill is shocked but then starts to caress Melody. Diesel is staring open mouthed. “You. Jill? Oh Fuck that sounds hot.”

Both girls are stunned at first but then giggle. “That does sound hot Melody. I am game.”

Melody grins “Hmmm…I think I am too. Be another first.”

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