First Time for Everything

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At the time I was living in Paris and on sheer whim, I decided to go to Amsterdam for the weekend. I thought to myself, “what better place to act out my fantasies than in Amsterdam?” I packed some of my slutty clothes. I decided on my slutty cowgirl outfit complete with flannel top, jean skirt, white mask, cowgirl hat and my favorite pair of boots, black vintage over the knee high cowgirl boots. I had heard of a few sex clubs in Amsterdam but one I found was perfect. It was basically having a gay nite on Friday. It was open to TV’s TS’, and crosdressers alike. I arrived in Amsterdam early Friday morning and went straight to my hotel from the train station. I spent the entire day prepping myself for the evening. The plan was just to shake my tail at the club, get fucked and go back to the hotel. But I was so nervous.

I left the hotel around 12:30. As I left the hotel I was shaking and panting out of nervousness. As I got to the club I heard catcalls being made in all kinds of languages. I got to the door and the bouncer was a big, hot black guy. He stared at me for a while and I mustered up the courage to smile at him. He then stepped aside and let me in. Once I stepped in the club it was pure hedonism. Naked men dancing with other naked men. Some dancing, some fucking, some sucking. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. As I made my way to the bar lots of guys were staring at me. As I sat at the bar the bartender looked at me and said, “sexy outfit!” I of course replied, “thanks.” Suddenly the bartender says, “I can tell you’ve never been in a place like this before. Just do what you want in here. You came looking for something and you’re bound to find it.” Those words calmed me down.

I got my drink and began wandering around and was being completely felt up and grinded on. I loved every minute of it. That’s when 2 muscular guys approached me. They quickly introduced themselves: “My name is Yann and this is Mark. You’re looking very sexy tonight.” I of coursed was flattered by their approach. I kept thinking this is it. I introduced myself. My name is Julie Boots. They looked a bit confused but still smiled. Yann was a tall, French guy. He was wearing leather pants and boots. Mark was a burly Scottish guy, who was wearing a thong and nothing else. I knew I was in luck. After a bit of dancing Yann and Mark pulled me over to the side where we chatted izmir escort for a while. As they were talking to me I couldn’t help but notice the intensity level in the club increase. Most of the guys were fondling each other, sucking each other off and far across the room, a big group of guys was training some twink in the corner. The sight of that turned me on but I risked chasing these 2 off if I was too forward. It was soon 4 and the club was about to shut down. People started leaving and I thought oh great nothing is going to happen. After an exchange of numbers, I say goodbye. All of a sudden the big bouncer barred my way and said to wait inside. I thought I was in trouble for the female attire, as I was the only one in the club dressed that way.

The bartender motioned over for me to sit at the bar. He offered me some hard liquor and being scared I said yes and in the span of 15 minutes took 6 shots of tequila. I was now drunk but with enough sense about me. All of a sudden the bartender got out from behind the bar and sat next to me. He kept looking at me with a smile. Knowing where his mind was I smiled back. He shoved his tongue down my throat in a fit of passion. He then began rubbing my cock. I began to moan as he fondled me. Feeling slutty and bold I shoved him off, slowly squatted down, unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. It was a gorgeous cock. It must have been 8″ long and 2″ thick. I slowly began licking his shaft, and then the head…. until I finally put the whole thing in my mouth. It tasted amazing and he began to moan as I sucked him off. I started slowly and then I started bobbing my head faster. He saw where I was going with this so then he pulled me with him over to a bench, he sat me down in it and shoved his cock in my mouth. He then proceeded to skull fuck me hard and fast. Since I can deepthroat, it was the best thing ever. As he kept fucking my mouth I noticed we had some company.

The big bouncer, Yann and Mark came into the room. They were all smiling as the Bartender shoved his huge cock in and out of my throat. He finally pulled his cock out of my mouth and began slapping me in the face, “You love this cock huh bitch?” he yelled. He then shoved it back in and all I could do was hum in agreement. He pulled out again and slapped me again. The bartender pulled out again, put mersin escort on a condom, he threw me around the bar and then shoved his huge cock in my ass. It hurt at first but I squealed in delight. All of a sudden the trio began cheering and hollering. The bartender began pounding the hell out of me. All I heard above my own screams were his grunts and balls slamming against my ass. He grabbed me by the arms and began pounding even harder until I couldn’t stop squealing. I swear I would have cum without having touched my own cock if he hadn’t stopped. He pulled out and all of a sudden I felt another cock in ass. It was the bouncer. His cock wasn’t as long as the bartenders but it was a LOT fatter. He grabbed me by the neck and just pounded away, as I screamed in pleasure. After a few minutes he pulled out and he pulled me over to some back room that happened to have carpeting. Yann and Mark were lying down stroking themselves. I knew what they were waiting for.

I began sucking both off and then I threw myself of Yann’s impressively big cock. I began riding him reverse cowgirl. It always looks so good in porn but it feels so much better. I began riding him as hard as I could. He then started pounding away as I rode and it was beyond amazing. He stopped and motioned me over to Mark. Mark had the biggest cock of all 4. I beared down on his fat cock and began riding it. He then fucked my hole raw with that big Scottish cock. After a few minutes he pushed me off and I got back onto the bartender reverse cowgirl style. He fucked me for a bit and then stopped. I saw the bouncer lubing his cock. I knew what was coming. I couldn’t hold my excitement that my ultimate fantasy was about to come true: Double Anal. I then began talking like the filth slut I was,” you better stick that huge cock in my ass fucker,” and to Yann and Mark I yelled, ” I want to suck those cocks off, while these fuckers shove 2 cocks in my hole.” The obliged and I began sucking them off. Then the bouncer walks over, lifts my legs up, licks my boots and then says, “I’m going to fuck you like the whore you are.”

My eyes lit and I smiled an evil smile and said, “Did you call me a fucking whore? God I am a whore. now fuck me.” He then shoved his massive cock into my hole. I screamed loudly, As he and the bartender began to pump away, the pain sakarya escort took a awhile to go away so most of my screams were ones of pain. The bouncer slipped out. Then Yann walked over and shoved his cock in my hole. My asshole must have been plenty loose because it was the best feeling ever. Yann and the bartender started to fuck me hard and fast and all I could do was squeal and moan like a whore. My yells were high pitched so they seemed to encourage these guys as they both began pounding my hole harder and harder as I yelled louder and louder. After a few minutes Yann pulled out and Mark entered. This hurt too but after a while it felt great and he and the bartender began to fuck me hard and fast all over again. During that amazing double anal fuck, Mark slapped me over and over. God it was so hot. I kept thrusting my hips into the fuck and that made it so much more intense. Both of them began moaning so I knew cum was on its way.

I told them both to pull out. I got on my knees and began sucking Mark off, when all of a sudden I felt a hot sensation in my mouth. He came hard in my mouth and I did my best to take it all in but after a while he pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot wads into my mouth. I had cum dripping off my face. Then the bouncer came over to me and I stuck my tongue out happy to receive his cum and he shot a big load on my tongue and I smiled at him as I swallowed his tasty cum. All of a sudden Mark started fucking me again, this time doggystyle. He fucked me hard and I began to jerk myself off and then I let out a loud moan as I began shooting cum out as his cock kept fucking my ass After a minute or so I felt a hot liquid on my hole. He came all over my asshole. Then the bartender motioned over for me and I began licking my lips in anticipation. He grabbed my head and began jerking his cock off in it. All of a sudden he let out a loud moan and began shooting cum on my mouth and tongue. I lapped up as much as I could.

Once he was finished, I began sucking off the remainder that stayed on his cock. I laid on the floor like a used cum whore. All of a sudden they get up to clean themselves up. I sat there with cum still dripping off my face and my hole feeling really hot after having been fucked for the last 40 minutes. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up. I said my goodbyes and went back to the hotel. I took off my clothes and got in bed. As I lay in bed I started smiling. I just lived out my ultimate desire and I couldn’t have felt any better. I was proud of myself. I then remembered my other custom and I thought to myself, “I’m not leaving until Sunday.” With a smile and more gusto, I returned the next nite. I’ll never forget Amsterdam.

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