First time_(13)

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I was ?? when one of the farm dogs bumped his nose into my crotch and I decided it felt nice. From then on I’d sneak away on the pretence of going exploring; of course your parents always want you to take a dog for protection. Finding myself far, far from the house, I’d sit down in the sand of a dry creek bed. It wouldn’t be long before I was pulling my panties aside and letting this farm dog lick me with his big tongue. I was so young, so innocent, and I knew it was wrong but I’d never felt anything so fantastic and I just couldn’t help myself. This dog was a biggish mixed breed mutt, with a brindle coat; he was in his adolescent years dog-wise, so he was very interested in what was between my legs! Eventually he would always want to mount me during these sessions (as most male’s do I’ve since found out) so I’d get on all fours and let him hump me a little. I always kept my panties on, so he couldn’t put “it” in there, even then I knew that was a bit too far! I used to do this pretty frequently for a while; I can’t remember why I eventually stopped….. probably guilty feelings.

Now days I think back and have a fantasy about that time.
This time I take all my clothes off to see what it would feel like to have his sleek fur rub against my bare skin. I lower myself to sit in the sand and part my thighs, he clambers over eagerly and drops down to nose my crotch, I tilt my hips upward to afford him better access and he licks and nibbles on my pinkness with rapt attention. I let him lick me and eat me until I squirm, his furry back end starts thrusting Ulus Escort involuntarily and I see his doggy cock peek out of its furry sheath. He pulls away from my centre then and paws at my leg, he’s telling me he wants to mount. I turn over, naked on all fours for him and he quickly climbs aboard. He begins thrusting slowly, bumping his shiny pink prick against the backs of my thighs and ass, seeking entrance to my spit drenched hole. I feel him jerk as he finds his prize, his pink lipstick meets no barrier this time and before I know what’s happened he’s poked deeply inside my virgin hole. I’ve never had so much as a finger inside me before this, so I cry out. But it’s too late to go back now, his front paws have a death grip around my waist anchoring me to him, he’s pumping into me so fast. I can feel his fuzzy ball sac slapping on my thighs, I try and get away but he’s already started spraying his hot spunky into my tight hole. There’s so much of it, scalding hot and watery, it flows out of me even as his cock still thrusts hard up inside. His shaft suddenly thickens and I feel like I’m splitting in two, I scream and sob but there’s no one to hear me. He wedges his knot tight up inside and finally stops pumping. Panting heavily, he slides his furry body off my back. I collapse on my side in agony thinking my ordeal is over but his rear end follows mine down to the ground. I try to pull away but I cannot!! I’m stuck fast, stuffed full to bursting with dog cock. It’s so huge; any movement feels like I might be ripped apart. He looks back at me and Escort Ulus whines, trying to turn and lick the connection between us. We are so tightly bound that he pulls me up off the sand with his movement. I cry out loudly and reaching back, pull him quickly to the ground again. I stroke him and talk to him softly, anything to keep him still. I manoeuvre him behind and beside me slightly, our ends pressed snugly together. He likes this attention and lies quiet, panting softly, his pink tongue lolling out.
I’m realising my predicament now and trying so hard not to panic! How long could this last? I think back; from memory when two dogs are mated together they can be stuck like that for a long time! I pray no one will look for me; I don’t want to be found this way. A dirty girl lying in the sand violated by her dog and stuck fast with his jis sliding down her legs. I wiggle a tiny bit to test the bond, but it only brings more pain……. it’s no use. I reach carefully down between my legs, gingerly touching our joined flesh, examining my tortured pussy. My fingers bump my clit a little in the process and it feels so good, slippery and wet with dog juice. I’ve only every touched it through my clothes before now, never like this. I begin to stoke my button gently hoping the painful stretching of my insides will subside.
My activity arouses new interest from my resting companion, who tries again to move, I soothe him still once more, rubbing his shiny fur and cooing nonsense sounds. I never take my other hand from its slippery location on my sensitive Ulus Escort Bayan nub. I stroke and stroke, trying not to move as the pleasure courses through me. Pleasure with pain as my aching flesh quivers around its swollen invader. I lay there in the sand for the longest time, pleasuring myself, knotted tight to my willing dog. It’s so intense, so wrong; I want to explode in release but the strange feeling of fullness inside refuses to let me peak. On and on stroking myself, stroking the dog, mumbling and moaning, begging for relief from the torture of it all. My peak finally builds, I feel like “the little engine that could” I think I can, I think I can! And suddenly I’m cumming, it rips through my body violently, a feeling like nothing I’ve ever known, I scream out my release as I hold tight to my furry lover. He baulks and jerks at the ungodly noise I’m making, and as I ride the last waves of my pleasure to completion, I feel him loosen inside me finally. With a wet sucking noise, almost a pop, his still thick cock rips free in a torrent of dog cum mingled with my virgin blood. It runs down over my ass and thighs, coating me with wetness. I roll onto my back, legs thrown apart, gasping and whimpering laying naked wet and violated in the sand. I come back to myself when a warm tongue snakes over my swollen slit, utterly spent, too helpless to move, I lie open and vulnerable. My canine friend cleans me thoroughly, licking up the mess on my ass and thighs, sliding his large pink tongue inside my stretched hole and along my slit, lapping up all the juices he can reach. It’s gentle and soothing and I drift off, when I come around again, my furry friend is a warm spot curled up at my side. I reach down and stoke his coat……….so beautiful.

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