Forbidden Fruit Ch. 36-45

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Ch. 36

“PARTY!” Vickie grinned and yelled as she and Nathan were greeted at the front door by Carla and Jeff. She wiggled her hips in tight distressed blue jeans.

“WHOOOO!” Carla grinned as she hugged Vickie. Carla also wore the popular distressed jeans, patches of sun browned legs peeping out. Nathan and Jeff looked at each other somewhat nervously. Nathan had a six pack of coolers. They went to the rec room and Carla took the coolers to the well-stocked bar fridge after serving one to each of the partiers. “Let’s do a few shooters!”

“Yeah!” Vickie grinned over.

“Ahhhh, I’m driving so I have to be careful,” Nathan informed nervously.

“Ahhhh, me too,” Jeff added.

“I thought you were staying the night with me!” Carla laughed and went to him to drape her arms over his shoulders.

“I, ahhhh, I mean, I ahhhh,” he gulped and blushed.

“I’m just teasing, Jeff,” she kissed him quickly and rubbed her hand against his cheek as she smiled at him. “But seriously, you both are welcome to stay here the night if you don’t want to drive or whatever. Vickie is staying.” Nate and Jeff looked at each other, as if looking for help. “Don’t stress guys!” Carla laughed, “I mean, my folks wouldn’t want me staying at a guy’s house overnight if they were home. It’s no big deal. You want to get home at the end of the night, that’s cool. But we can still have a few shooters now and then you can sip on a cooler or beer, you don’t have to slam them or anything. Just to loosen you both up a bit.”

“Poor guys,” Vickie grinned as she went to Nate and putting her hands on his shoulders rose up on her toes to start kissing him slowly. Carla laughed as she looked over and then turned back to Jeff and started kissing him in the same fashion. “Shooters!” Vickie called over to Carla as she stepped back from the startled Nate. She laughed as she looked over to see that not only was Carla French kissing Jeff deeply but she had a hand on his backside. “Get a bucket of cold water, Nathan! Jeeze.”

“Oops!” Carla giggled, “Got a bit carried away there. So what kinda shooter do I make?”

Vickie turned to Nate, “How about a slow comfortable screw, Honey?” she asked him innocently.

“Would you like a screaming orgasm with that, Victoria?” Carla asked sweetly.

“Can I!?!?!” The girls exploded into laughter while Nathan blushed furiously.

“Sorry!” Carla composed herself, “You guys must think we are so bad!” She went to the bar and took out four shot glasses and a bottle of Fireball Whiskey. Handing them out, she raised hers, “To new relationships and having fun!”

“New relationships and having fun!” Vickie echoed.

“Whoooo!” Carla laughed as they all made faces having downed the drinks. She took the glasses and refilled them. “This one will be called a Cinnamon Kiss! Down it and kiss your partner!” She passed out the glasses and they downed them and the girls immediately went to the guys and both couples kissed deeply.

“I like that one!” Vickie grinned as she wiped the side of Nathan’s mouth with a perfectly manicured finger, her nails a light red.

They sat down with a cooler each. “How’s Grace, Jeff?” Carla asked him grinning.

“Who’s Grace?” Vickie asked.

“My kid sister,” Jeff answered.

“She’s ten and a bit free-spirited from what I can gather,” Carla laughed.

“That’s a good way to put it!” Jeff replied, “Grace is grounded, unfortunately.”

“Oh no!” Carla gasped while giggling a bit, “Why?”

“Ahhhh, sure you want to know?”

“Sure! How bad could it be? She didn’t burn the house down did she?”

“No. Mom had brought her new jeans for school and she took a scissors to them. To, ahhhh, make jeans like yours, apparently.”

“Oh, no!” Carla gasped while Vickie tried to keep from laughing.

“Yeah. So she got grounded. Sent to her room with no electronic gadgets. Mom gave her a book she had to read. But, ahhhh, well, Grace still had those scissors.”

“What did she do?!”

“She gave herself a haircut.”

“OH NO!” Carla gasped, “She had such beautiful long hair.”

“Not anymore.”

“Oh, no!” Vickie was starting to get enraptured into the story.

“How much did she cut off?” Carla asked worried.

“I think I can guess,” Vickie said, “She tried to do a front bang and short on back didn’t she?”

“OH NO!!” Carla looked at Jeff with her big brown eyes open wide and her mouth open.

“Yup. So Grace got a trip to the hair dressers, ahhhh, apparently she doesn’t have much skill as a hair stylist, and another book to read before she’s allowed out of prison.”

“Awwww,” Vickie was trying not to laugh.

“I feel so bad!” Carla cried, “It’s like it’s my fault!”

“Of course it’s not your fault Carla!” Jeff assured her, “Grace is doing stuff like that all the time. I swear Mom is going to put her on a leash soon!”

Vickie changed the subject then to Western. The guys talked about their programs of study while the girls laughed about their various professors. “Professor Pinocchio hit us with another wicked assignment yesterday!” bağdatcaddesi escort Vickie told Carla.

“That’s awful, Vickie,” Nathan told her as he couldn’t help smiling.

“I take it he has a big nose?” Jeff asked.

“You’re not the only poet here,” Carla laughed as she put her hand on his thigh. He stiffened a bit when she didn’t immediately withdraw it but instead massaged him a bit.

“Big? He turns to write on the white board and everyone ducks!”

“Vickie!” Nate chuckled again as he tried to contain himself.

“You guys are still somewhat uncomfortable with us aren’t you?” Carla asked Nate.

“Well, ahhhh, I’m still pretty amazed that Vickie likes me.”

“You have to get used to it cause it’s not gonna change,” Vickie told him, “We need to work on it.”

“Yeah I know.”

“We’re both in the same situation I think,” Carla looked at Jeff.

“Oh yeah,” he replied.

“Sooo we have a plan,” Carla smiled as she leaned forward to put her cooler on the coffee table, “To get you guys used to us. Vickie and I have had many long talks on this so we think it’s the right thing to do,” she stood up as Jeff looked at her questioningly. “We are in adult relationships right? We know how you guys are thinking. We can’t help the way we look, and we know it is a bit intimidating to you and we don’t want you guys to be intimated by us and nervous around us.” She smiled at him and held out her hand, “So come on, let’s go.”

“Go?” he looked confused.

“Yeah. Up to my bedroom.” She looked over at Vickie who couldn’t hide the smirk, “You guys can use the spare bedroom just down the hall there.” Nathan’s eyes opened wide like saucers.

“Perfect!” Vickie stood and put out her hand to Nathan, “Come on.”

“Come on, Jeff,” Carla gave his hand a tug.

“Carla, I, ahhhh, I …”

“We both have some condoms. We have the house to ourselves. So come on. You’re gonna make love to me and that’s it!” she tugged him behind her as she made to the stairs and he stumbled behind.

“Come on, Nathan. You’re gonna make love to me.”

“Vickie?” He looked stunned and at a loss for words.

She laughed as she moved, grabbing his hand in both hands and pulling him behind her. She led him down the hall and into the bedroom where she shut the door. The two condoms were on the bedside table and the bed was turned down.

“Vickie, I wasn’t expecting this,” he looked at her in almost fright.

“That’s exactly the plan, Nathan,” she said as she unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down. His eyeballs almost left the sockets. “You didn’t have time to stress or over-think things. We’re just gonna do it. So are Carla and Jeff. Now take off your cloths.” She had her jeans off now and pulled her tight little tee shirt over her head, then stood looking at him in her snow white bra and panties. He was still rooted in place. “Ok,” she smiled at him and walked over, “Here,” she took hold of his dress shirt by his sides and pulled it out of his jeans. She unfastened a few buttons and then pulled it over his head. He had what could be referred to as a skinny body but definitely had a physique. She ran her hands over his chest. “Don’t be worried or be scared, Nate. Please? I know you want to be with me.” She whispered as she opened his belt.

“Of course I do, Vickie. I, ahhhh, never been with anyone before.”

“Neither have I, Baby, at least not all the way,” she told him as she pulled down his jeans and they fell to the floor.”

“Really?” he sounded doubtful.

“You’re surprised?” she asked as she went back to rubbing her hands over his chest.

“You’re just so beautiful, so outgoing, popular, a cheerleader for Heaven’s sake.”

“And a virgin. I haven’t met anyone before that I wanted to be the one. Before you, that is. I lost my hyman a long time ago with gymnastics. You know what that means right?”

“Ahhhh, I think so,” he finally took her lightly by the waist with trembling hands.

“No cherry,” she giggled, “It’s common with gymnasts. But I’m a virgin. And I’m going to give myself to you, Nathan.”

“I’m, I’m honoured, Victoria,” he muttered.

“So formal,” she laughed, she looked down to see his erection visible in his shorts. “Now, don’t jump. Just relax.” She reached down and ran her hand over his erection.

“Oh, God,” he gulped and stiffened despite her warning.

“Unclip me?” she asked, turning around, thinking it may not be such a great idea to rub him too much at the moment. She felt his hands fumbling but patiently waited until he managed and her bra came loose.

“Oh, God,” he whispered again, in awe, as she turned around.

“Go ahead,” she smiled, “Touch.” He raised a visibly trembling hand to cup a firm perky breast, gently squeezed it and touched her little hard brown nipple lightly.

“Come on,” she whispered, she took him lightly by the waist band of his shorts and backed back towards the bed.

“No arguments, Jeff,” Carla told him as she pulled him up the stairs by his hand.

“I can’t believe this is happening.” beykoz escort

“You’re not gonna have time to think about it; you’re just gonna do it. Then we’ll talk about it and then you’re gonna do it again!” she got him to her room. “Ahhhh, it’s a bit girlie,” she giggled, “Sorry!” The room was pink with white furniture and stuffed animals were everywhere. “Now!” She immediately went to his belt and opened it. “Come on, Jeff!” she implored him as she pulled down his pants and then pulled off her shirt.

“Jesus!” he hissed and started with disrobe with all possible haste. Clothes flew everywhere, like they had just been sucked inside a tornado. “Carla!” she gasped when he saw her naked, her firm young body devoid of even an ounce of fat, small brown nipples on firm young breasts and smooth between her legs with just a tight slit visible. “Oh, my God.”

She slammed her naked body against his, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him greedily. “Take me, Jeff!” she gasped around his mouth, “Put me on the bed and make love to me now!”

They fell down into her bed in a tangled pile. “A condom!” she hissed, “There on the bed table!”

Panting he knelt up and got one, tearing it open and fumbling as she lay on her back.

“Hurry, Jeff!” she beseeched him.

“Oh God! Ok!” he finally managed to roll it on. He paused briefly as he looked down at her.

“Jeff! Jesus! Please!”

“I want to remember this forever Carla,” he whispered to her, “I want to write poems about it. You’re the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.”

She reached up and grabbed him, pulling him down on top of her. “Jesus, what have you done to me! I love you so much!” she reached between them and grabbed his cock and pulled it towards her, pushing the tip against her opening. “From, like, the moment I saw you in that fucking bagel shop. Make love to me, Jeff! Now!”

He pushed and she got her hands on his ass to pull him forward as well. She sucked in her breath as his cock was squeezed inside her. “AHHHHH!” she called as he sank in further. He buried his face into her neck and she held onto him firmly around the waist. With a final grunt he was inside her fully and she wrapped her legs around him.

Nathan and Vickie gently eased back into the bed. They kissed tenderly while she pulled off his briefs as far as she could. “Take ’em off, Nate. Your socks, too!” she laughed.

“Oh! Yeah, right!” he quickly did as she told him and then proceeded to get on her again.

“A condom, Nate!” she reminded him.

“Oh! Yeah, right!” he grabbed one from the bedside table and started to read the pack.

“Just put it on!” she exclaimed incredulously.

“I’m reading the instructions, Victoria! I haven’t done this before, ok!”

“Holy shit, Nate!” she exclaimed and jumped up and snatched it from him. She tore it open and pulled it out. He drew his breath in as she grabbed his cock and pushed it over his shiny purple head and rolled it over his iron hard shaft. Then she wrapped her arms around him again and started kissing him, they fell back onto the bed again.

“I love you, Victoria,” he whispered as he pushed forward with his cock.

“Do you, really!” she exclaimed, pushing up his face to look at him.

“Of course, I do. So much I can’t even think about it or it hurts.”

“Oh, Nathan! Me, too!” she cried as tears streamed out and down her cheeks.

“Oh, Vickie! I’m sorry!” he exclaimed as he wiped her cheek. She grabbed him around the neck and started kissing him fiercely.

Nathan’s heart literally pounded in his chest as he lay on Victoria after finally proclaiming his love for her. Her body, her flesh felt so warm and smooth under his. Her tongue was inside his mouth and her fingers dug unto his back. He pushed again and again with his cock but it just seemed to slide against her. He started to panic.

“Nate, I still have my panties on!” she whispered to him, finally.

“Oh, God!” he gulped, “I’m no stupid. I’m not very good at this at all, Vickie.”

“No, Baby! It’s just our first time! Roll over!” They did and she got on top of him, “Now take them off.”

“Oh, God!” he gulped as he gently took them and pulled them down. She got a foot on them and pulled them off all the way. “Oh, wow,” he ran his hand over her bare backside.

“Ok,” she panted as she sat up, “I’m gonna do it now, Nathan!” She took his cock and got up on her haunches, “Oh, my God!” she moaned as she rubbed his cock head between her bald pussy lips as he looked up in wonder. “Tell me again!”

“I love you!” he knew exactly what she meant, “So much!”

With that she pushed down firmly with her bum. His cock was so hard and she was so wet. Very small, tight and virgin but very wet. He penetrated her and gasped out loudly into the room as she slid down on him. “Nathan!” she yelped as she collapsed on top of him with his cock totally embedded inside her.

“Carla! Oh God, Carla!” Jeff grunted as he fucked his dream girl, looking down at her pretty face contorted with effort with the front bang covering caddebostan escort one eye. “Oh, my God, I can’t believe I’m doing this! Oh, my God!”

“Yes, Baby! OH!! OH GOD, JEFF!” Carla threw back her head as she orgasmed and Jeff grunted as he exploded, pleasure flaring out from his cock. He collapsed on her, panting and trying to move inside her, still, as she hugged him tightly.

Nathan couldn’t see anything as Victoria’s long hair had splayed out all over his face.

“Nathan!” she whispered as she moved her hips enough that he felt her tight pussy pulling on his cock.

“Vickie!” he gasped, “I … I … I’m sorry! I can’t take it much longer!”

Instead of stopping she increased her pace and with an open mouth gasped wetly against his cheek. “Me, too!” she whimpered.

“Vickie!” he grunted as he wrapped his arms tightly around her and tried to push up from under her.


He gripped her as the warm tingling feeling of orgasm started and spread out from his loins. “I love you!” he grunted and grabbed an ass cheek to pull her down on him more.

“I’m sorry I rushed you,” Carla whispered to Jeff, “I just wanted you so bad.”

“Oh my God, you!” he rose up a bit as he looked down at her, “Don’t be sorry for anything! Oh, my God, it was so amazing!”

“Poetry worthy?” she smiled.

Nathan lay on his side holding Vickie tightly.

“I’m not going anywhere, Nate,” she giggled.

“I’m actually afraid of waking up and discovering it was just a dream. Or, I blink and I’m still sitting in your kitchen that morning you walked in, and I’m just staring at you.”

“You’re so sweet,” she purred and kissed him. “Oh my!” she exclaimed as she felt his hardness grow.

He gently pushed her to her back. “Can we do it again?” he whispered hopefully.

“That was my plan! There’s another condom there.”

“Oh wow,” Carla gasped when Jeff stopped moving, panting into her neck. Their second time was a lot longer than the first and she had climaxed multiple times.

“Oh wow,” he panted as he rolled off her onto his back, grabbing her hand and holding tight.

“They’re finished, too,” Vickie told Nathan as she checked her phone. She kissed him and got up, “Come on!” They quickly got dressed while they grinned at each other and then went out into the rec room while Carla and Jeff were coming back down from upstairs. Carla shrieked out and ran over to hug Vickie who laughed and hugged her back tightly. They stepped back and looked at each other grinning. Carla laughed and then went to hug Nathan who grinned foolishly. Vickie went over to Jeff with her arms wide open and they embraced warmly. Nathan and Jeff looked at each other with wide grins.

“Come on, guys! A high five or something!” Carla pushed Nate playfully. The guys gave each other a high five. “And!” Carla went to the bar fridge and fished out a bottle to hold it up.

“Is that what I think it is?” Vickie laughed.

“Champagne!” Carla sang.

“I don’t know how to open these things,” Jeff laughed as she passed it to him while she went for glasses.

“You’re a smart guy! Figure it out. Just point it the fuck away from me!”

“Ok. Stand by!”

Vickie squealed and went to jump into Nate’s arms and bury her face.

POP! Laughter sounded in the room as the cork flew and the bubbly contents sprayed out a bit. Jeff filled the glasses.

“To lost virginities!” Vickie raised her glass.

“To love!” Carla called.

“Come on, guys!” Vickie encouraged.

“To friendship,” Nathan responded.

“To wonder and amazement,” Jeff finished. They all drank.

The girls kissed their boyfriends at the front door, making them promise to text them as soon as they woke up the following morning. When they left they laughed and hugged again.

“We did it!” Vickie exclaimed.

“A perfect plan! Come on. Let’s finish that champagne and compare notes! Maybe have another shot or two of Fireball.”

“Jammies first.” They both changed into skimpy pyjamas, shorts with tiny tops then they went back to the rec room. They drank the rest of the champagne and did another two shots of whiskey while they laughed and described the sex they had both just enjoyed down to the minute detail.

“I’m getting horny again!” Carla laughed as she hugged Vickie again.

“You trying to get me drunk?” Vickie laughed.

“Maybe. Wanna go to bed now?”

“Sure.” They went upstairs hand in hand and after brushing their teeth they hopped into Carla’s bed and pulled the blankets over them. They talked a long time before drifting off to sleep curled up together.

They woke up the following morning all tangled up together. “Good morning,” Carla yawned and then pulled back Vickie’s long hair.

“Mornin’,” Vickie yawned back, “Say, we didn’t do anything last night, did we?” she smirked. “I’m not used to drinking that much.”

“Jesus, I hope not!” Carla grinned back, “Cause if we did, I missed it too!” They laughed and got up. Carla let Vickie use the main bathroom while she showered in her parents’ ensuite. Vickie whipped up breakfast for them. “We gotta make sure there’s no condom wrappers left and clean up downstairs. Awwww, he’s so sweet!” Carla smiled as she looked at her phone, “He’s working today. Fuck that. Getting off at five.”

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