From Boredom to Stardom

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My divorce was bitter. Fifteen years of marriage ended with a thud. One year later it still hurt and I was still alone. I didn’t even know where to look for love.

My best friend Rachel helped me through it all. She had moved to Los Angeles a year earlier and we were still best friends and in touch almost daily.

“Come to L.A., Diane,” she implored. “Make a new start. You can stay with me until you find a place. The weather is great and there are men galore.”

So I moved.

Rachel was right; the weather was great and there were lots of men. But I just wasn’t interested. Maybe I was still mourning over my failed marriage. It started out so happy and ended in so much sadness. Never again, I vowed.

Rachel sympathized with me. But Rachel was a free spirit. She couldn’t relate to my feelings because she had no need of attachment. Rachel was a butterfly.

“You have to get out there. Get a makeover. Style your hair differently. Liven up yourself, Diane. You have a nice figure. A tight tummy, curvy hips, pretty face, nice boobs. Flaunt them.” I blushed.

“A year is too long to go without a man,” Rachel continued. “You’re still young. You have needs. They need to be met. Hell, become an adult film actress. You’ll have tons of men.”

“Ha! Picture me as an adult film actress,” I replied. “Who would want to see that?”

“Lots of people would. Men and women alike.”

“I doubt it. I’m too old for that.”

“No you’re not. There’s a big demand for viewing good looking, mature women having sex. Some of the bigger stars are women in their thirties, forties even.”

“How would you know? Do you watch pornography?”

“Better yet. I know a director of adult movies. She works out at my health club. Adult movies are a big industry here in Los Angeles. Let’s meet her for happy hour.”

“Not interested,” I replied. “I have no desire to meet a pornographer.”

Rachel persisted and out of sheer loneliness I agreed to go to happy hour with Rachel and her friend.


Rachel’s director friend Kathy was very nice. If I hadn’t been told that she directed adult movies I would never have guessed. Kathy was down to earth, modest, and personable. Always searching for new talent, she explained some aspects of the business to me.

“We don’t recruit,” Kathy explained while we waited at the carving board. “We budget no money for recruitment. We run a classy studio; nine out of ten applicants are rejected.”

We returned to the privacy of our table and Kathy continued in a hushed tone. “We don’t cater to the kinkier set. No BDSM and no bodily fluids. We don’t like tattoos, but in today’s world we have to tolerate some. Yes, we have girl/girl scenes because our audience demands them. Those scenes are mostly lesbian massages and moms participating with their daughter and their daughter’s boyfriend. Not her real daughter, of course.”

“Interesting,” I replied. “How long have you been in the business?”

“Six years. I’ve directed dozens of films.”

“Have you performed in any?” Rachel asked.

“Not on film,” Kathy replied with a laugh. “I audition the guys off camera,” she added with a wink.

Kathy returned her attention to me. “Come visit the studio. I’ll show you around.”

I hesitated. Rachel didn’t.

“Sure she’ll come.” She turned to me. “Here’s your chance to meet a young hunk.”

Maybe it was the three glasses of wine. Maybe it was being put on the spot. But I agreed to visit the studio early Monday afternoon.


Kathy was hospitable and cordial. We sat in her office and made small talk as we sipped coffee. There were shelves of trophies and the walls were adorned with plaques. She noticed me staring at them.

“Our company has been awarded several honors and I personally won Director of the Year last year.”

“Congratulations. It’s nice to receive recognition.”

“Thank you. It is.” She rose. “Let’s walk around.”

We strode down a wide hallway. There was lighting equipment everywhere. Various technicians were milling about holding cameras and light meters. Some good looking young men and women passed us en route to one of the studios.

“Some of our actors and actresses,” Kathy informed me. She stopped at one of the doors and listened.

“They’re filming in here. Let’s pop in,” she said, twisting the doorknob. “Quietly,” she whispered, holding her finger to her lips. We stood inside the door.

It was one of the massage scenes. A young man had come for a massage and the masseuse was a woman at least ten years his senior. She was pretty and well endowed. The man had only a towel covering his midsection. The woman massaged his scalp, his arms, thighs, and legs before removing the towel. Surprisingly, he wasn’t that hard. The woman soon addressed that by handling his penis, then taking him in her mouth. She mounted him and the director intervened.

“No, sit on his face!” he shouted.

The woman seductively slid up and hovered over his face, teasing him. The gaziantep bayan escort guy lifted his head several times to kiss her vagina, but she kept just out of reach. Finally, she lowered herself, allowing him to lick her. She had an orgasm, faked or not I do not know, and then slid back. She took his shaft in her hand and settled on him. She rode cowgirl for some minutes, then reverse cowgirl, her feet on his thighs, her hands behind her leaning on his pecs. At the last moment he pulled out of her and finished on her mound. She stood and they kissed while she petted his wilting penis.

“Cut!” the director shouted. Everyone relaxed. “Lunch break.”

Someone threw a towel to the woman and she wiped the semen off herself. She approached us as she was leaving, still totally naked.

“Hi Kathy.”

“Hi Cuddles. Good show.”


“Cuddles, meet my friend Diane,” Kathy said.

“Hi Diane.” She was friendly and her smile was genuine. “Thinking of joining us?”

“I wasn’t, but your performance is making me reconsider. You made it look good.”

“Haha. That’s the secret in this business. You have to make it look good. It’s different than what you do at home,” she said with a laugh. “This is a show,” she reminded me as she slipped into her panties.

“You’re quite a show woman,” I replied, looking her up and down.

“Thanks,” she replied with a wink and a smile. “Nice meeting you, Diane. Bye, Kathy,” she said as she left.

We returned to Kathy’s office.

“Think you could do that?”

“Having sex with young guys? I could force myself if I had to.”

“Could you have sex with young girls?”

I didn’t respond.

“Have you ever been with a girl?”

“Not since my college days. But that was long ago.”

“Listen Diane. You’re a friend of a friend. Rachel thinks highly of you and you come with her strong recommendation. Come back tomorrow. I’ll introduce you to one of our newer applicants. He’s brand new and untried. Still wet behind the ears. I want you to take him for a test drive, so to speak. Bring soap and a towel so you can shower here. We insist on our performers being squeaky clean before they enter the studio; no dirty feet here. Audition this boy. Can you do that for me?”

“I’ll try my best,” I replied. Of course, this was to be my audition as well.


I shaved myself smooth before I set out for the studio. Smooth would give me a younger look, I figured. I didn’t apply my makeup too heavily in keeping with the company’s desire for classy productions. I wore a revealing dress and underneath I sported a push-up bra. My cleavage was conspicuous. I wore red pumps with two inch heels. I had taken Rachel’s suggestion and gotten a new hairstyle and a manicure and pedicure the previous week. For a woman in her late thirties I looked sexy.

Kathy and I entered the studio. In it was a king size bed. There were no cameras or equipment.

The guy was already there, waiting. He looked barely eighteen years of age. He stood about six feet tall and was handsome and thin. I wondered if he even needed to shave his boyish face yet. We eyed each other; he seemed too shy for this.

“Tom, this is Diane,” Kathy said as an introduction. “Diane, meet Tom.” We exchanged hellos.

“Now Tom, I want you to treat Diane carefully, with respect,” Kathy ordered. “Make believe Diane is the woman you’ve waited for all your life and this is your chance to be with her.”

“Sure,” Tom said and approached me.

Tom took me in his arms and starting kissing me. He was a pretty good kisser and had a nice touch. I kissed him back. Tom seemed too intimidated to go further, so I removed his shirt. I fondled his biceps and pecs. He wasn’t all that muscular, but he was toned and taut. He found some courage and unbuttoned my dress. It fell at my feet. I sensually stepped out of it and stood there in my bra, panties, and heels.

Tom kissed me again. I rubbed his crotch and found him at attention. I removed his pants and he sprung out like a coiled spring.

I stood up and looked in his eyes. “Remove my bra,” I ordered this inexperienced youngster.

“Yes, Ms. Diane.”

He reached around me to unclip my bra but was unsuccessful. His face reddened.

“It’s alright. Some of these clips are tough to work with,” I reassured him.

I about faced to ease his effort. He unclipped me and my boobs fell out. I turned back to him.

Tom’s eyes lit up as he stared. I took his hands in mine and placed them on by boobs. We locked eyes.

“Do you like them?” I asked, acting doe eyed and insecure.

“Oh, yes, Ms. Diane. They’re really nice,” he intoned as he lifted and squeezed them.

I sat on the bed and pulled him toward me by his ass. I inspected Tom’s manhood close up. He was fairly well endowed and his eighteen year old balls were plump. I toyed with them and then took him in my mouth, going as deep as I could. Tom’s eyes widened and his face contorted. He seemed near.

“Don’t come yet, Tom,” Kathy barked.

I pulled him out of my mouth and held his quivering rod.

“Let’s take five minutes,” Kathy suggested. We did and Tom regained control.

“Let’s resume,” Kathy directed.

Still in panties and heels, I sat back on the bed and put my feet in the air.

“These panties are bothering me Tom,” I said in my sexy voice. “Be a good boy and remove them for me.”

“Yes, Ms. Diane,” he enthused.

I lifted my butt as he pulled them off, revealing my smooth, wet vagina. Tom was wide-eyed. Wasting no time, he fell to his knees and raced downtown. His technique needed some work; he went straight to licking instead of kissing. Kathy intervened right away.

“Slow down. That’s too fast.” Tom looked chastened.

“Start again. Stand up, Tom. Diane, you remain on the bed,” Kathy directed.

“Slowly approach Ms. Diane and kneel before her.” Tom ambled over to me and knelt.

“Don’t dive for Ms. Diane’s pussy,” ordered Kathy. “Kiss up her right leg, slowly.” Tom obeyed.

When he approached my vagina Kathy said “Now kiss across Ms. Diane’s mound. Don’t you dare touch her pussy.” Again Tom obeyed.

“Now work down her left leg. Slowly. Ms. Diane is the finest woman in the world, right?”

“She is,” Tom replied between kisses. At my ankle he reversed course and worked his way back up. He arrived at my inner thigh.

“Now gently pull Ms. Diane open.” Tom complied.

“Put your nose between her lips and take a deep breath. Savor her scent. Act!” Tom inhaled and wore a look of total contentment.

“Good,” Kathy directed. “Now kiss Ms. Diane’s pussy. No licking, only kiss her.”

Tom planted the gentlest of kisses between my labia. After a minute or two Kathy had further directions.

“Now gently rest your tongue on Ms. Diane’s opening, hold it for a second, and then slowly drag your tongue up her slit.” Tom did exactly as Kathy directed.

“Very slowly drag your tongue up and down. Plant some kisses in between licks. Adore Ms. Diane’s pussy.” Tom followed direction well and handled me like an expert.

This being my audition too, I wanted to do a little directing myself.

“Stick your tongue out, Tom. As far as you can,” I ordered. He complied.

“Now push it into me.”

“Now in and out,” I directed. Tom gave me a youthful tongue fucking.

“Good boy,” I complimented. I pulled up my hood and revealed my swollen clitoris to him.

“Kiss my clit very gently.”

“Yes, Ms. Diane.” Tom planted loving kisses.

“Now lick me very carefully,” I further instructed. He did and brought me to orgasm. I settled in a minute and sat up.

“Come here, young man,” I said, taking his face in my hand and kissing him. I then took him by his penis and lying back, I pulled him on top of me.

“Enter Ms. Diane slowly, Tom. Remember, with respect,” Kathy directed.

Tom obeyed and pushed his manhood into me millimeter by millimeter. It felt good to accommodate a man again.

“Slowly, Tom. Very respectful,” Kathy reminded.

Tom obeyed all Kathy said. In a few minutes Kathy instructed a change of position.

“Now doggy style.”

I got on my hands and knees and Tom, ever respectful, entered me again. I’ve always enjoyed that position and I had my second orgasm.

Finally, we switched to me on top and I mimicked what I had seen Cuddles do the previous day. While in the reverse cowgirl position Tom gave me the signal. I rose up and just as he vacated me he fired off. I hadn’t seen an ejaculation of that strength and duration in years. His semen squirted from my mound to my boobs; his white stripes adorned my tummy. I dismounted and we kissed. Kathy produced a towel and I cleaned off. Tom was spent.


After washing up I met Kathy in her office. “So what do you think?” she asked.

“I enjoyed it. Tom is a good kid. I could work with him. How did I do?”

“You did great.”


“I like that he addresses you as ‘Ms. Diane’,” Karen explained. “I also like the way you took control and told him how to please you. We’re trying to grow our female audience. They’ll like seeing a strong woman instructing a boy and his deference toward you.” I nodded.

“My idea is to pair you with young guys,” Kathy continued. “They’d be your boy toys. Our female audience as well as our male audience would find that sexy.”

“They would,” I agreed.

“Can you stay a while longer? We have another brand new applicant for you to test drive. She’s also eighteen years old.”

“Sure,” I replied.

Kathy hit an intercom button. “Max, send Ashley in.”

Moments later there was a knock on the door.

“Come in, Ashley.”

In walked a stunningly beautiful young woman. Ashley stood about 5’5″. She wore a tank top and shorts. Her pin-straight red hair fell to the top of her ass. Her piercing blue eyes drew attention to a gorgeous face. I lowered my gaze and took in her alluring body. Two perky C-cups stood out above a flat tummy. Her hips gently curved and formed into nice legs. Sandals adorned her delicate feet. She was as cute as a button.

“Ashley, I’d like you to meet Diane,” Kathy said. “Diane, meet Ashley. Ashley is one of our newer aspiring actresses.”

“Hello Ashley,” I said in my most seductive voice.

“Hello Diane,” Ashley responded. “Pleased to meet you.”

Her eyes were gentle and sincere. It struck me that she was too innocent for this business. She was drop dead sexy but seemed too naive to know it. I surmised she’d cut and run as soon as the cameras rolled.

“I’d like for you and Diane to work together today, Ashley. Can you be ready in half an hour?”

“Yes,” Ashley simply said.

“Good. We’ll meet in studio B.” Ashley left.

“Are you sure she’s eighteen years old?” I asked. “She looks too young. I don’t want to get arrested for sex with a minor.”

“Neither do we. We do a background check on all prospective hirees. Then we double check. We don’t want ex-convicts, fugitives from the law, or underage performers. We require original birth certificates and a photo ID. If there’s any question, we won’t hire.”

“Then you’ll be pleased to know I have no criminal record.”

Kathy smiled. “I know. We’ve already checked on you.”


I cleaned myself thoroughly and Kathy and I walked to Studio B. Ashley was already there.

“Ashley, first Diane will undress you. Then you’ll undress Diane and make love to her. I’m looking for tenderness here. I want you to treat Diane like the lover you’ve always longed for. I want slow, sensuous lovemaking,” Kathy explained.

“Diane, you’re the alpha female,” she concluded.

I still didn’t believe Ashley could go through with this. She looked too young and innocent. I hoped she would, though. I felt an attraction to this young beauty and the thought of undressing her induced butterflies in my stomach. I approached her.

I started kissing Ashley and found she was a passionate kisser. She was lovely to hold. I hugged her and she pressed her boobs into me.

“Let’s get you more comfortable, Ashley,” I purred. I removed her tank top and unclipped her bra, bringing her young tits to daylight. They stood out proudly. Puffy nipples capped their perfect shape. I held them and admired their youthful firmness. Squeezing them together yielded an attractive cleavage. I pinched her puffies a few times and then moved on.

“Turn around.” I held her boobs from behind, enjoying their weight and size. Still standing behind her, I unbuttoned her pants and slid them to her feet. I helped her step out of them and removed her sandals as I did.

“Lay down on the bed, Ashley,” I instructed. She did and I slowly pulled her panties off. Her shaved pussy was a work of art and a national treasure. I rubbed her labia; she was smooth as a baby and her lovely petals were dewy with want. I was tempted to dive in, but Kathy’s instructions had been for Ashley to undress me at this point.

Ashley stood and we embraced. Holding her naked body, we kissed like lovers. She undid my dress and reaching around me, had no difficulty with by bra clip. She didn’t fuss with my tits, only lifted and squeezed once. I sat on the bed and leaned back. Ashley went straight for my panties and locking those beautiful blue eyes with mine, slowly pulled them off.

Ashley then removed my pumps and began kissing my tummy. Taking her time, she kissed my mound a few times, then worked around to my thighs. She spent some time at my inner thighs, teasing me until I thought I’d explode. I was all wet and Ashley would lick up the sides of my vagina, savoring my taste. After an eternity, she locked those baby blues on me again and pushed her tongue into my opening. She then traveled up my slit slowly and seductively. She wore a totally satisfied look.

“Very nice,” Kathy said.

Ashley then pulled me open. She rested her cheek on my vagina and emitted some contented purrs. She French kissed my open vagina, then switched to her other cheek, emitting more satisfied sighs. I teased her gorgeous red hair as she worshiped my womanhood. Moving at her own pace, she pulled back my hood and uncovered my clitoris. Her face lit up.

“She’s beautiful,” she purred, those blue eyes speaking with her.

Ashley rubbed her lips across my swollen nub, barely touching me. She then planted delicate kisses on my clit. Lightly pinching the skin on either side, she picked my clit up off my pelvic bone. Suspended in mid air, she flicked it with her stiffened tongue. This technique was new to me and somewhere out of this world. My body tightened and my hands clenched the sheets.

My orgasm came suddenly and was overpowering. I let out a yelp as the wave washed over me. It continued for some time before abating. But Ashley gave me no respite. Still holding me airborne, she inflicted orgasm after orgasm. After I don’t know how many, she let me down.

While my panting subsided, Ashley pulled me open and planted kiss after loving kiss between my lips, carefully avoiding my hypersensitive clitoris. I finally regained composure and sat up and held her face in my hands. We kissed and I tasted myself on her tongue.

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