Gettin’ Biz-y Ch. 01

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I’ve been a book lover since I first learned to read as a child, so it wasn’t unusual for me to spend hours in Dilts’ Bookstore in my hometown, wandering the aisles, oblivious to everything around me. On this particular occasion, I was roused immediately from my reverie upon reaching the checkout with my purchases when I realized that the cashier was Biz. Her name was actually Elizabeth, but everyone called her Biz and we’d gone to high school together. Although she’d been two years behind me, I knew who she was because our high school wasn’t that big and she also lived down the street from my good friend, Jim. Interestingly, and part of the reason for the sudden awakening from my near-catatonic state, I had learned in just the past couple of months that Biz had a major crush on me in high school. Last I’d heard, though, she’d started dating Stephen after I’d graduated and, as far as I knew, they were still an item despite having just finished their freshman year at different colleges. I didn’t let that stop me from greeting her enthusiastically; in a serious relationship or not, I wanted to make sure that she knew that I was into her without letting on that I finally knew about the crush.

She returned my greeting with equal enthusiasm and a broad smile. Since no one else was in line, I encouraged her to come around the counter and give me a hug. She’d been, let’s say, a “solidly-built” girl in high school, but cute and with an amazing rack. She looked as though she might have put on a little bit of weight, but nowhere near the dreaded “freshman fifteen.” I held her against me long enough to let her know that I was feeling more than just platonic about her, but not long enough to be creepy or to get aroused. As she stepped back, I told her she looked great, making sure I sounded matter-of-fact, not overly enthusiastic. She rolled her eyes, of course, clearly not feeling the same way.

“Do I need to ask how you’re spending your summer?” I asked, going for broke, “Let me guess: working here and hanging out with Stephen.” She made a face which simultaneously brought me both joy and pain. It was obvious that Stephen was a sore subject, which was good news from the perspective of a potential hook-up. However, her reaction made me feel sympathetic and I did not want cause her any pain. She revealed that she and Stephen had, in fact, broken up, going on to say that technically Stephen had done the breaking up. I apologized profusely and verbally kicked myself for rubbing salt in an obviously raw wound. She told me not to worry about it and not to be so hard on myself because there’s no way I could have known, anyway. I asked her if there was a way I could make it up to her, maybe take her out for a drink to help her numb the pain. She replied that she would actually love to take me up on that offer, but reminded me that even though she was in college, she still was under 21.

I thought for a second while she rang up my purchases then told her that I had a better idea. I told her that there was a place that I liked to go when I needed to think or clear my head or just to be reminded that life was still beautiful even if it didn’t feel like it at the moment. I asked her if she’d let me take her there and promised that I’d also make sure that she got a drink if she still felt that she needed it. I also promised her that she couldn’t leave there without feeling better. She looked at me as though trying to gauge my sincerity, then said, “Okay, let’s go tonight.”

She gave me her phone number and told me when she’d be home from work then I headed out the door trying to suppress the spring in my step. I hadn’t thought to ask her what she liked to drink but, since we’d have to be surreptitious about it anyway, I just decided to add some Southern Comfort to a couple bottles of 7-Up. I didn’t make them too strong, since I didn’t want her to think I was trying to get her drunk and I would still have to drive us safely home anyway. With the drinks in a cooler and my car ready to go, I gave Biz a call to let her know I was on my way. She asked where we were going and I told her it was a surprise, but that I knew she was going to love it. I hung up, jumped in my car and headed up to her house to pick her up.

She looked cute as she opened the front door and stepped out. She’d obviously dolled herself up just a bit and had changed into a flowery skirt. The shirt she’d selected didn’t necessarily enhance her big boobs, but certainly showed them off more than the apron she’d been wearing at the bookstore. To put it simply, she was a vision and I couldn’t help but smile. I opened the car door for her and admired her smooth legs as she swung them in, then jumped into the driver’s seat. She asked again, but I still wouldn’t tell her where we were going because escort bayan gaziantep I wanted her to get the full visual impact as we arrived.

Bigham Reservoir was less than ten miles from Biz’s house and was popular for swimming, fishing and other water sports. On the dam side, however, there was an overlook that was very scenic and rarely used; I’d guess that not too many people even knew about it. The route to the overlook was a bit more indirect than the roads to the recreation areas so, while I’m sure she knew about where we were, I doubt she could have figured out our destination. The great thing about the road to the overlook was that when you reached the reservoir, you came around a bend and got an immediate sweeping view. As I expected, Biz was awestruck, much as I still was just about every time I drove up there. Not much further, I pulled into the overlook and maneuvered my car into a space backward so we’d be able to sit on my trunk and enjoy the view.

As Biz walked over to the railing, I grabbed a blanket from the trunk and two 7-Up bottles from the cooler. I spread the blanket on my trunk then walked over to Biz and handed her a bottle, letting her know that it was the cocktail I’d promised if she wanted it. She thanked me and turned immediately back toward the reservoir, no longer speechless. I just let her go as she tried to put into words the unexpected beauty of the vista laid out before us. Eventually, I got her to come and sit on the trunk and we watched the boats cruising back and forth while sipping our “sodas.” We started out talking about school and our summer jobs but gradually, without any prompting from me, Biz talked about what had happened with Stephen.

She had apparently been taken by surprise when, after two semesters of long-distance relationship, Stephen decided when they were finally back together that he didn’t want to be together anymore. Consequently, it had been quite a blow and she was still having a tough time dealing with it. I did a lot of listening and a bit of comforting, but I resisted putting an arm around her or a hand on her knee. After a bit, she let out a long breath, as though it had been a relief to get it all off her impressive chest. She apologized for burdening me and for bringing things down, but I explained that this was what coming here was all about. Now that it was all out, I continued, she should push it all over the edge, down into the deep water, and free herself from it. She made an exaggerated shoving gesture, took a deep breath and told me that she felt better. We toasted with our plastic bottles and tipped back our cocktails. She asked what it was because she really liked it and I told her what I had mixed and why I had done it that way. While we were currently the only ones up there, occasionally a park ranger would come by. I had talked to a few of them and they had all basically said that they swept the overlook just to make sure no one was partying, since it was so secluded. By disguising our alcohol, I was trying to respect them.

The mood was significantly lighter as the sky began to darken and we finished our sodas, respectfully tossing the empties in the trash. When the bugs started to aggravate us, we weren’t quite ready to call it a night yet, so we hopped into the car and I turned it around so that we could still look out through the windshield from the front seat. Biz asked if we were going to have to leave as soon as the sun had set completely, but I told her that the park didn’t officially close until an hour after sunset. We continued talking and enjoying the view as darkness fell completely and, when we couldn’t really see anything anymore, she turned to me and thanked me again. I reminded her that I had told her she was going to love it and now she could come up any time she wanted to. She said that it had been a really sweet thing to do and that she really wanted to return the favor. Knowing what she was getting at and being utterly thrilled, I still threw her a curve ball.

While I’m sure that by returning the favor she meant she wanted to do something to or for me, like a blowjob or letting me play with her tits, I wanted her “returning the favor” to benefit her as well. My goal in doing that was to continue to elevate her spirits and to keep the focus on her for just a little bit longer, especially after what she’d been through with Stephen. I told her there was something she could do for me, if it wasn’t asking too much. She encouraged me to go ahead, so I asked her if she’d let me go down on her. She reacted with surprise then said that if that was what I really wanted it was okay with her. I assured her that it really was what I wanted and had her lean against her door and bring one foot up onto the seat. I popped open the glove compartment to let just little bit more light in on the situation, reminding me of Meat Loaf singing about “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.” I slowly slid the hem of her skirt up to the top of her thighs, exposing her colorful panties. I kissed her smooth inner thighs, detecting the musky scent of her arousal the closer I ventured to her pussy.

I took the thin sides of her bikini panties and began to pull them downward as she raised her ass up off the car seat. Her trim, brown bush came into view as I slid her panties down to her ankles and over her feet. I held them up to my nose and inhaled her aroma before turning and hanging them from my rearview mirror. My cock was throbbing in my jeans as I leaned back down and kissed my way along her smooth inner thighs again. She was whimpering softly as I reached her pussy and ran my tongue up her slit. She was dripping with pungent juices, which I lapped up, slurping her pussy and licking her clit. She grabbed two handfuls of my hair and began to writhe as I licked her pussy and her clit then slipped a finger up into her. She was hot, slippery and snug, her pussy completely engorged.

As I pumped my finger in and out, I licked and sucked her clit, causing her whimpering to become moaning and her writhing to become gyrating. She was humping her hips against my face, holding my head in place, as I devoured her juicy pussy and drove her toward an intense orgasm. She was so tasty I could have eaten her all night long. As it turned out, though, she was also very turned on because it wasn’t long at all before she was on the verge of cumming. I didn’t think her pussy could become any wetter or more engorged, but I was wrong. The longer I ate her, the hotter her pussy felt around my finger. I didn’t think it would be that night, but I was getting a strong feeling that I’d be slipping into her pussy as often as I could manage it that summer.

She started tensing up, holding my head against her pussy while I continued licking, sucking and pumping. Finally, she went rigid and seemed to hold her breath, then let out a long, ragged sigh of relief and I could feel her body trembling as she came. I kept up my stimulations until she went still, then raised my head and straightened up. I watched her as she caught her breath with her eyes closed, her skirt still hiked up and her legs still spread; her nipples were also pressing out against her top. She opened her eyes and before she could say anything, I thanked her for letting me do that. She had apparently been about to thank me and had to rethink what she was going to say. She went ahead and thanked me anyway then told me how incredible it had been. I offered my services any time she was interested and she guaranteed me that she’d be taking me up my offer.

She sat up and asked if I minded if she took her turn and went down on me. When I smiled and suggested that she might need to twist my arm, she purred back at me that she’d rather suck my cock. I replied that I could never deny a lady her desire and began to open my jeans. When I raised my ass up off the seat to work my jeans and my underwear down, she reached over to help, getting them down around my knees. I sat back down and eased the seat back, then reclined it as Biz stroked my cock and massaged my balls. I watched closely in the dim light as her tongue appeared and she ran it around my throbbing head before parting her lips and sliding them down my shaft. I moaned as her hot mouth engulfed my tool while she still pumped the base and massaged my balls.

This clearly was not the first blowjob Biz had ever given; she was just too damn good. I was so aroused just in being with her and having eaten her sweet, juicy pussy that I should have shot off my load instantly, her mouth felt so good. However, she was so talented that she was able to just draw out the pleasure I was feeling for so long I could barely stand it. Her hot mouth moved up and down my impossibly rigid shaft while one hand continually pumped the base and the other gently massaged my balls. When she slid my shaft from her mouth and started running her tongue over my balls, she took my shaft in her fist and stroked it. I was running my fingers through her thick, brown hair as she slid her lips back down over my tool and began to suck it again.

I tried to just lie there as her head bobbed up and down, but I couldn’t resist thrusting my hips toward her face as my orgasm approached. My throbbing cock was actually swelling even more and I could feel an intense explosion of pleasure building up. Biz was able to draw out the pleasure I was feeling even longer than I could have imagined, but eventually I reached the breaking point. With a grunt of pleasure, I started spewing, filling her mouth with spurt after spurt of my jism. She milked every drop from me, swallowing it all, before letting my cock fall from her mouth. I told her how incredibly awesome she had been and she replied that any time I wanted another one, I just had to let her know. I told her that I had a feeling we’d be having an outstanding summer.

We got our clothes back in order, except for Biz’s panties, which she let me leave on my mirror, and, after a few more minutes at the overlook, headed back to her house. I pulled up at the curb but neither of us wanted the night to end just yet. I leaned over and, slipping my arm around her shoulder, pressed my lips against hers. Our tongues were soon exploring each other’s mouths and my hand was running up and down her thigh. It wasn’t surprising that my cock was already rising again so I asked a bold question: I asked her if she’d like to sit on my lap for a while before she had to go inside. She asked if I had protection with me and I confirmed that I had a condom in my wallet, so she said she couldn’t think of a better way to end a wonderful night. I got the condom out and handed it to her while I worked my jeans and underwear down again. My cock was almost completely rigid and, by the time she had stroked it a few times, it was ready to go, so she rolled the condom over it.

I eased the seat all the way back again, but didn’t recline it all the way this time. She maneuvered over onto my lap and I guided my cock into her hot pussy under her skirt. She lowered herself down, engulfing my cock in her slippery, snug pussy as we both moaned. My hands were on her upper thighs and hers held onto the headrest as she slowly began to ride up and down on my tool. I was raising my ass up off the seat and pushing deeply into her hot pussy, feeling the incredible pleasure even through the condom. My hands moved around to squeeze her fleshy ass, pulling her down harder on my cock as I pushed up into her. Her tits were right there in front of me as we fucked, two globes that I had admired for a long time, so I figured it was about time I got my hands on them. I slid my hands up from her ass and massaged her tits through her shirt, feeling the hard nipples pressing out.

I worked my hands up under her shirt then and massaged her tits through the thin material of her bra. She was moaning softly, though I didn’t know whether it was due to my stimulation of her tits or my throbbing cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Finally, I reached behind her and unfastened a whole bunch of hooks, causing her bra to go slack. I moved my hands back around to the front and caressed the soft flesh while passing my palms over her hard nipples. It wouldn’t be tonight, but I knew I had to fuck these fleshy beauties.

Her moaning was getting more insistent and I could feel another orgasm of my own beginning to build, so I moved my hands back to her ass to brace her as I fucked her harder. We were both working up a good sweat as the windows steamed over, the back of her thighs smacking against the front of mine. She seemed to go into slow motion as she started cumming, moaning gutturally and making me glad that, despite the sweat and steam, the windows were closed. Her pussy got hotter and wetter as she came causing my own orgasm to come on even quicker. Her climax was long and intense and at about the time she was finishing, I exploded into the condom, letting out a cry of pleasure myself. She rode me just a bit longer before going completely still, breathing heavily.

I continued to massage her ass and told her how much I loved her body. She mumbled something about wishing she could appreciate it the way I did, and moved back over to the passenger seat. I asked if she thought I should just drop the condom on the road in front of her house and her response was only if we never wanted to see each other again. I told her I was kidding, but didn’t tell her that I planned to fling it out as I passed Jim’s house, instead. She said she wished she didn’t have to, but that she figured she’d better get inside before her dad came outside to see what we were up to. I asked her if I could keep her panties until next time I saw her and she smiled before giving me the okay. She refastened her bra and I got my jeans and underwear back up, then opened the windows to let the steam clear as I walked her up to the door.

Standing on her front porch, Biz confessed that the evening had not gone anywhere near the way she’d expected, but that she was so glad that it had turned out the way it had. Looking into her big brown eyes and stroking her hair, I agreed that the night had been a pleasant surprise and hoped that it was just the beginning. She said she was pleased that I felt that way because she was hoping to see a lot of me from this point on. We made out for a little bit longer before she reluctantly went inside. I walked slowly back to my car and gave her panties another sniff before driving off.

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