Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 68

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Jodie was laying back with her eyes closed, her moans steadily increasing in pitch, volume, and frequency as she approached a climax, when she felt Crystal’s mouth move away from her pussy. Opening her eyes to see what was happening, Jodie saw that Miss White had taken up a position behind Crystal, holding onto her hips and aiming the tip of a strap-on at her crotch.

Miss White had held off for as long as she could, but could wait no longer to get involved. It was just not in her to be passive that way.

Crystal’s eyes went wide as Miss White penetrated her, but after taking a moment to adjust her position she quickly resumed pleasuring Jodie. She had sensed that Jodie was nearing orgasm, and she was a professional after all. It didn’t take her long to send Jodie over the edge, even as she was being pounded from behind.

For a minute Crystal rested her head on Jodie’s thigh, enjoying the sensation of fullness she got from the enormous dildo. But then she started licking again, and she coaxed a second and then a third climax out of Jodie before Miss White reached around and brushed her clit with one finger. That was all it took to send Crystal off on a shuddering, extremely vocal orgasm of her own.

Miss White was fully back in charge now; the time for playing games was over. A minute later Jodie was laying on her back being fucked while Crystal sat on her face. Miss White gave it to her long, slow, and hard as she feasted on Crystal’s delicious pussy. After a few minutes Crystal bent down and helped out by lapping at Jodie’s clit.

Using technique and teamwork, Miss White and Crystal made Jodie come over and over until her moans subsided and she lay still, apparently unconscious. At that point Miss White pulled out of her, unharnessing the strap-on and letting it fall to the floor.

Miss White flopped down on a chair with legs akimbo, pulling the Champagne bottle from the Ankara escort now-melted ice in the bucket and taking a big swig. Her eyes met Crystal’s, and Crystal knew immediately what her duty was at that moment. She stood up from the bed, walked over to where Miss White was, and dropped to her knees.

Leaning down, Miss White kissed Crystal hard on the mouth, then guided her head down where they both knew it belonged. Under the circumstances it took almost no time for Crystal to bring Miss White to a violent, shivering orgasm. She was prepared to continue but Miss White pushed her away; the first one had been so perfect that she didn’t need another.

Going into the bathroom, Miss White put on a robe, poured herself a glass of water, and took a minute to compose herself. She hadn’t come that hard in a while. Meanwhile Crystal started to get dressed, sensing that her job here was done.

Paying off Crystal took all the cash Miss White had on hand. But it was worth it, she thought, looking over at Jodie, who was laying on one side with her eyes closed and a dreamy smile on her face.

As Miss White was walking her out, Crystal asked, “So how long are you in town for?”

Miss White shrugged. “TBD,” she said.

“Well, if you have another special occasion…” Crystal purred. “You know how to reach me. And I have some fun friends, too.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” said Miss White. But though it had been an enjoyable and satisfying evening, she found that she did not feel in a hurry to repeat the experience.

Returning to the bedroom, Miss White pulled a sheet and blanket over Jodie, who sighed and murmured something unintelligible. For a minute Miss White just stood gazing down at the younger woman, feeling suddenly disoriented. All through her many years of having incredible sex with gorgeous young women she had carefully avoided any deeper entanglements. How had she now Ankara escort bayan gotten involved in this undefined but growing connection?

Jodie was very pretty and had a great body, but she was not by any stretch of the imagination the most beautiful girl at ABD. She just had some special quality that made her the perfect companion for Miss White — she was smart but yielding, submissive but with a core of inner strength that made her someone you could rely on.

After brushing her teeth Miss White climbed into bed beside Jodie, wrapped an arm around her, and was asleep in no time.

* * *

For breakfast they had Bloody Marys that came with hamburgers on sticks. They weren’t much hung over to begin with, but felt a lot better by the time they were finished.

After that the day was dedicated to luxury and indulgence: They got mani/pedis and massages, had their nails and hair done, and went shopping. Miss White bought Jodie some new lingerie, a black cocktail dress, and a new pair of glasses with designer frames. With her hair in a chic new style, Jodie looked like an entirely different person from the one who had been scrubbing floors at Alpha Beta Delta a few days before.

As Jodie modeled the new frames, which were much thinner and prettier than her clunky old ones, just for a moment Miss White had a twinge of doubt. “What am I doing to this poor girl?” she asked herself. “She looks like a high-priced hooker.”

A few seconds later she answered herself, “And what’s wrong with that? She looks hot as hell, and she’s with me.” In that moment Miss White decided that she would stop second-guessing herself and ride this thing out to wherever it was going.

As they were leaving Jodie put her old glasses back on, as it would take a couple of hours for lenses to be fitted for her new frames. Seeing this, Miss White impulsively ripped them off and deposited them in Escort Ankara the nearest trash can. “These are done,” said Miss White.

This meant that Jodie was blind as a bat, so Miss White had to lead her around by the arm. Miss White didn’t mind — she sort of liked having Jodie helpless, and made her even more so by stopping into a shoe store and buying a pair of tall stilettos. Jodie wasn’t accustomed to heels and teetered as she walked, often leaning against Miss White support.

Catching sight of their reflection in a mirror as they passed, Miss White stopped and studied the image for a minute. She herself was dressed very casually, in jeans and a t-shirt. But Jodie looked exquisite in a tight halter top, tiny red plaid skirt, and heels that made her slightly taller than Miss White. Somehow the fact that she was clumsy on the heels made her even sexier; Miss White imagined hobbling her even further with a chain between her ankles, and might have done it had such an item been readily available.

When they got to their room Miss White wasted no time heaving Jodie up onto the bed. Hastily tearing off her own jeans and underwear, Miss White climbed atop Jodie, pushing her pussy into the younger woman’s face. As Jodie’s tongue snaked up inside her Miss White lifted Jodie’s skirt, pulled the crotch of her panties aside, and dove in. The two of them feasted on each other for more than an hour, having orgasm after orgasm, slowing down and speeding up again, completely abandoned to a frenzy of lesbian lust.

Finally Miss White rolled off and flopped onto her back beside Jodie, sighing loudly and trying to catch her breath, feeling her heart pound in her chest. Even in her long and extraordinarily active sex life, this stood out as something special. She wondered what had come over them.

Best not to think too much about it. Miss White closed her eyes and let the waves of post-coital pleasure flow through her body as Jodie rolled over onto her side, resting her head on Miss White’s shoulder. In this position they passed the rest of the afternoon, drifting back and forth between sleep and a blissful twilight consciousness.

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