Golf Club Wives Ch. 04

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Mark could not believe how his life had changed since his wife died. In his teenage years he fantasized and dreamt of a life where he would have many horny women lusting after his body. Reality had been far different to those teenage dreams until his wife died in that lonely car accident.

He smiled at himself in the mirror as he looked for evidence of Sally’s love bites. Even in those teenage dreams and fantasies he had never dreamt of a sex life like the one he had been enjoying in recent weeks.

He ran his hands down over his flat belly to his half hard cock. Giving it a rub he smiled when it was hard within seconds. As he stroked his cock he wondered if he was kidding himself when he believed he was becoming a better lover as the days went by. With a variety of sex sessions at least three times a day he rationalized that both his stamina and technique had improved.

Knowing that there was a ton of available pussy he had became more relaxed spending more time orally setting out to pleasure his lovers. He loved kissing and fingering pussy so much that his every waking moment seemed to be filled with dreams of excited pussies.

H grew to love the favors the women bestowed upon him. To his mind there was no greater favor a woman could do for a man than to surrender her body to a man’s hands tongue and cock. He went to bed each night recalling the sights smells touch and taste of his beautiful companions.

Along with his new found sexual pot of gold Mark’s attitude to his business changed. He realized that he had become a workaholic neglecting everything for his businesses. Looking for a way to spend less time at the office and on the job he asked Sally to bring him the company’s books. He was delighted and a little surprised when she offered to help.

His mates laughed when he told them he could not join them for a drink because he was being briefed by Sally. They lusted after Sally’s fantastic body drooling over her tits and her long legs never realizing or accepting that she had a brain. Their coarse suggestions of what a briefing by Sally might entail rang in his ears that evening as he studied Sally’s magnificent body while she laid out the books for his inspection.

Sally surprised him with her knowledge of the companies operations. She briefed him fully providing detailed answers to his every question. She was so professional so precise that he could have been excused from thinking it was some one else if his eyes weren’t drawn to her perfect tits, her flat white stomach and the curves of her backside displayed in an outfit that obviously did not include a bra or panties.

Despite her dress Sally was all business. Gone was the girl whose cries during a passionate session on his office desk had been heard by the general office staff. Gone was the girl who welcomed him by dropping to her knees and giving him a blow job every morning in the office. In her place was this super efficient businesswoman with a perfect honed and displayed body.

She recommended that he take a few days visiting his stores and study the way the staff went about their work. “You have some great people working for you just give them a chance and they’ll grow the business,” she told him as she kissed him and pushed him out the door.

It did not take him long to realize that Sally’s assessment of the company workforce and management was correct. In fact everything she had told him about the business had been spot on forcing him to look at her in a different light.

Working back at night with Sally going over the accounts and talking of his plans for expansion he slowly realized that she was not the empty headed blonde bimbo his mates lusted after but a smart hard headed intelligent businesswoman.

He found himself thinking more and more about Sally She was a chameleon changing to suit the circumstance. During the day in the office she acted as though their evenings together talking business had never happened. She reverted to the role of a beautiful sexy personal assistant. In the evening she was his lover and business confidant.

He lay in her arms on the office floor late one evening recovering from an enthusiastic and thorough sucking and massaging of his now limp cock and told her he was going to announce next day that he was promoting her to be his assistant manager.

She reacted by bursting into tears. “You can’t,” she cried. “I can never be a boss you know they don’t respect me, they call me a bimbo.” Mark pulled her close wiped a tear from her cheek and kissed her lips lightly. “You are bloody amazing. I think you want people to believe you are a bimbo. Why do you act like the dumb blonde we all joke about when you are so smart.”

Sally eyes were still full of tears when she spoke. “From my first days at school everyone reacted to my beauty. It became natural to respond to their attention by dressing and acting in a way that made me the most popular girl in the school.”

“I had no one to help me after my mother ran off with another that 90s show izle man. My father was a no hoper and a drunk. He used to call my body a honey pot. He told me many times to forget my studies and marry a millionaire. All through college teachers and class mates only wanted to get into my pants. No one showed any interest in what I thought and what I could do. In the end I just accepted that was my role in life.”

Holding her in his arms he whispered, “Look sweetheart being beautiful is not a negative. If you dress to show your tits and your butt and do nothing to prove how smart you are, you play into the hands of those who love to put people down.”

“From now on we must show people how smart you are. You are not going to give them any excuse; you are going to force the knockers and doubters to admit they were wrong. When they realize that you are both smart and beautiful they will want to suck up to you because of your power and influence not because of the size of your tits or the curve of your arse.”

Mark kissed her, and very deliberately ran his hands up over her firm hard breasts. He tweaked her nipples, “You are beautiful and you are smart. Don’t worry you will be a great manager it wont be long before they get to know the real you, in the meantime I don’t want to forget the old Sally”

They lay together kissing and stroking one another until he pushed her away letting her fall back on the maroon office carpet. He told her to be quiet as he knelt back on his knees studying her pearly white body. He studied her for a few minutes then groaned, “Oh shit you’re just too much,”

Sally tried to sit up, “what’s up?” she cried. Mark smiled “I had made up my mind to end our relationship tonight. I wanted you to prove yourself without my backing. You will have to forgive me sweetheart but I can’t keep my hands off you.” He kissed her on each cheek and whispered, “You are fantastic. When he stopped kissing her his eyes were full of lust, his voice loud in the quiet of the room. “You are fucking magnificent. I am going to fuck you till you scream for more and then I am going to fuck you again and again we won’t go home tonight.”

Sally groaned as he ran his hands up her legs and worked his fingers until they entered her warm wet hole. She didn’t respond for a minute relaxing quietly enjoying the feel of his fingers on her clit. Then she moved quickly. Taking him by surprise she reached up and pulled him back down beside her. “You’re forgiven,” she giggled as she kissed him, her lips closing over his allowing her teeth to nibble on his tongue. He did not think of objecting when she took his cock and fed it into her receptive pussy.

He did not object but Mark wanted to explain his feelings. He was starting to speak when she slapped him and growled, “Shut up and fuck me.” Their resultant coupling was near violent as they rammed together neither expecting nor wanting to hold back the flow of passion that ignited their bodies.

Sally seemed to loose control she was groaning and pushing her body up off the floor working her clit on his cock when she let out a wild howl and swung her legs up around his butt screaming, “Oh yes please, yes please, fuck me sweetheart, that’s good, oh my god that’s good,” Her words growing louder but harder to understand as she bucked her body wildly. “oh oh oh,” she grunted and yelled in time with the slaps of their bodies.”

Alarmed by the noise she was making Mark fought hard struggling to keep his cock in her violently moving pussy. His mind was so focused on the way Sally was screaming and yelling he was startled when he felt the heel of her stilettos dig in to his skin. The tip of the heel did to Mark what a spur does to a horse. Spurred on by her jabbing heels he sped up driving his cock harder and faster into her bucking pussy.

Sally was semi delirious, she laughed out loud her mouth wide open emitting cries of joy each time his big cock hit the back of her pussy. She loved it when Mark responded to her wild side and rode her roughly. He’s everything I want in a lover she thought as she gripped the cheeks of his strong brown arse and moved her body to accommodate him.

Then she caught her breath and grabbed him as she felt his body start to stiffen. She heard his moans and realized he was about to come. “Keep going; don’t stop,” she cried. “Just a little more, I need more,” she moaned as she pushed her body up so his cock could massage her clit.

Then she felt that wonderful feeling of release that accompanied her orgasms. . “Oh yes that’s it,” she cried as she felt the warm flood and the change that accompanied it flow through her system. “Yes,” she groaned, “oh yes.”

Time seemed to stop still as they lay panting together on the office floor. Both were silenced consumed by the memories of a mating that was more like war than love yet gave them both a lasting memory of those fabulous moments when they came together. Mark was the first to speak. the 1619 project izle He kissed her on the cheek. “You’re fabulous, what you do to me is so wonderful I cannot find the right words to tell you how I feel.”

Caressing her lightly he continued. “There is no one in this town that comes anywhere near close to you. There is no one in this town with a body that could match yours.” He laughed, “No one in this town can make me come as many times in one evening.” His words broke the spell they struggled to regain it but it had been lost.

Sitting up he told her to dress. “When I tell people that you are to be my Assistant Manager they are going to believe you got the job through your pussy. I am sending you home early, tonight is an end, and tomorrow is a beginning.” He smiled and shook his head when she went to kiss him.”

“Sweetheart this is the day when we draw a line in the sand, no more blonde jokes no more bimbo stories. You are being promoted because of your brain not your pussy. Tomorrow I want you to turn up to my announcement in a business suit. Not too conservative but stylish showing a lot of class not a lot of arse.”

“In future you won’t have to dress to excite men. If you want to make a man so excited he can’t do without you, you won’t have to look any further than me. What you need now is to rub the noses of those smart arses that have put you down in the dirt. If I am right you will prove by your results that you have the brains and the balls to be a top boss. If I am wrong we will both become laughing stock.”

As they dressed he went on, “We will have to be careful, no more screwing in the office. No more blow jobs for lunch. We will be very discreet. No one must be allowed to point to your personal sexual connection with me again until we show them what you can do.”

As expected Sally’s promotion caused a stir. The jokes went on for days they were nasty and hurt Mark when he realized they were really putting shit on both Sally and him. Many of his friends privately and publicly questioned his judgment. Others just nodded their heads in agreement with the sly barbs about Sally fucking her way to the top.

Gradually Sally started to make changes as she recognized and promoted the talent in their workforce. She gained a reputation for listening to the local managers and giving staff more freedom to act independently. The bottom line improved, staff morale improved, her management style was working.

As things improved Mark heard less criticism of her appointment. Staff at his supermarkets and discount stores started telling everyone what a difference Sally had made. They were genuinely impressed and told anyone who was willing to listen.

While the attitude to Sally changed Mark was still the butt of sexist jokes at the golf club bar. It was generally accepted that while Sally had succeeded he had been lucky when he let his love of her pussy lead him to appoint her in the first place.

Mark strolled into the club bar one evening in time to hear Jack say quite loudly so all could hear, “he’s too bloody smart to hand his business over to an air head. She must have shown him something other than a hyperactive cunt.”

“I think the pussy stories are just shit. There is a ton of married cunt available in this club and Mark is single and available. I’m told Sally is starting to score a few runs so I would wait and see before you dickheads go too far with your shit. Remember he still is the owner of the largest supermarket and discount chain in our state. He didn’t do that by letting his cock rule his head.”

Jack spied Mark standing at the back “He’s here now if any of you shit heads want to bag him do it to his face or just shut up.” Jacks outburst put an end to the smirking and nudges when Mark entered the club bar.

With Sally taking over more and more of his work each day Marks new found freedom gave him time to spend hours on the golf course. He worked on his game dramatically reducing his handicap as his fitness improved and his old skills returned. His name appeared on the winner’s board so often that he became the one to beat in the social competitions both midweek and on the weekends.

At the urging of the club committee he decided to enter competitions in nearby towns traveling with club members and their wives to compete in every amateur tournament within a couple of hundred miles.

Mark was surprised and disappointed when Madeline brought three young girls along to join them on their regular early morning hit out. She had become so keen on their early morning trysts that they had by constant use flattened a patch of grass hidden from the world amongst the far trees on the thirteenth fairway.

Each morning when they reached the woods on the thirteenth they hid their bags and slipped quietly through the trees. No words were exchanged before Madeline stripped her clothes away and sank back on the grass. “Kiss me sweetheart,” she would cry as the 7 lives of lea izle she spread her legs and licked her lips in anticipation.

Mark would take his time knowing that it would only take minutes from the time his tongue started licking her pussy until Madeline screamed and came. He loved the way she pushed her pussy up into his face and screamed his name as her cum pulsed from her pussy. It made him extremely proud to think he was the first to bring her off this way and gave him a buzz for the rest of the morning.

No fun on the thirteenth today Mark thought as Madeline introduced the girls. “My daughter Rae and her friends Simone and Rebecca want to play for their school in the inter school golf championships. I told her you were the best golfer in our club.” She blushed and stammered, “Rae knows how I have improved since I started playing with you. She asked if they could come along this morning to meet you.”

Madeline’s daughter was the best golfer of the three; she was also an outrageous flirt. She teased him about the mornings he spent with her mother complaining loudly that she had to make her own breakfast now that Mummy took so much time getting ready to rush off and meet Mark each morning.

Rae went out of her way to rub against him at every opportunity asking him to stand close behind her and hold her hands as she practiced putting. When ever he did she rubbed her hard young butt back against his groin grinning when his cock stirred. Before long her two friends started to compete with her for his attention their actions becoming more outrageous at each green until Mark was pleased to reach the final hole.

“I’m sorry,” Madeline whispered when they were far enough away for the girls not to hear. “I can’t believe how bad they have been. Mark squeezed her hand, “don’t bring them again, I will coach them each afternoon after school, lets keep our mornings to ourselves.”

Making sure he spoke loud enough for all to hear he called to Madeline, “that was fun. The girls are a cheeky mob of young buggers. They’ve been flirting and teasing me all morning.” He winked so only Madeline could see, “are they old enough to deliver if someone took up their challenge?”

Before her mother could answer Rae signaled to her mates to be quiet and called, “we are old enough if you’re good enough. Could you handle three young ladies old man?” Madeline called a halt, “that’s enough,” she ordered as she turned to Mark, “they are old enough they have to be eighteen to enter the inter school golf tournaments.”

Mark drove to work disappointed at how the morning had turned out. He had grown used to his session amongst the trees with Madeline more so now that Sally was all business at work. “What a bloody start to the day,’ he groaned as he stepped out of the lift.

“My god that doesn’t sound too good.” Sally said as she heard his groans. “I was just going to say how wonderful it is to see you when I heard you grumbling. Come into my office and let me make you some coffee.”

Mark followed her, quietly admiring her tight black skirt and the movement of her backside remembering the times he had stroked those wonderful thighs and kissed that fabulous arse. Sally turned and smiled when she caught his eyes, “what are you doing in the office. You never come in these days.”

Mark slumped on the lounge while Sally made coffee. He watched her move around the room thinking how stupid he had been to turn her from his sexual plaything into his business manager. “I’ve created my own bloody monster.” he groaned as his cock struggled to stand up in his jocks.

“What did you say?” Sally called making him realize that he had spoken aloud what had meant to be his private thoughts. “I miss you,” he stammered before Sally cut him short. “I heard you, you shit. You called me a monster, you’re the bloody monster. It’s your fault that I’m so bloody horny I could cry. It was your stupid idea for us to stay away from each other. So don’t bloody blame me you shit, it’s your fault.”

She wheeled around to confront him as he stood up. Before she could do anything he moved in close and kissed her. “Shut up you silly bitch, I did it for your own good,” he cried when his kisses silenced her. Sally wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close, “don’t call me a bitch,” she whispered, “be nice.”

Her warm lips and soft body was all Mark needed to make him change his mind about their business relationship. “Stuff the office politics. I don’t care who knows. I want you,” he growled as he carried her over to the lounge. He kissed her long and hard then gently laid her down, “get your clothes off while I fix the door.” he ordered.

Sally was only too pleased to do as she was told she wanted Mark so bad she was not interested in her reputation or her job. She stood up so he could watch her undress. “Is this what you want to see?” she called as she stripped her bra away and her breasts broke free.

Mark did not need an invitation he stroked the hard lump in his pants as he watched her undress. His voice was calm but firm as he spoke on the phone. “Hold all calls and visitors we want to be alone,” he growled as he hung up. “My god you are magnificent he moaned as he watched her skirt hit the floor, “I don’t care who knows it I am going to have you here in the office they can bloody watch if they like.”

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