Handcuffs Tattoo Ch. 02

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I went to the kitchen and brought back some water for both of us. Anna lay on the couch catching her breath with her eyes closed for several minutes.

I said, “Drink some water.”

I sat down beside her. She opened her eyes, sat up, and did as she was told.

In a raspy voice she said, “Fuck, I’ve never cum like that before.”

“So you liked it?”

She laughed.

“Hell yes. Are you going to fuck me now,” she asked hopefully.

I was taken by surprise. My niece was a sex fiend.

“Fuck you? I just did with my hand and mouth. What you mean to ask is ‘will you fuck me with your cock now sir?’ Right?”

“Yes, will you fuck me with your cock now, sir, please.”

“Say it again like you mean it.”

She smiled and said, “Sir, would you please fuck me with your cock now, please fuck me.”

“Better, but no, I will not. That is something you will have to earn. I want to see if you deserve my hard cock. I will need to audition your cocksucking skills first,” I stood up in front of her and said,”Get on your knees.”

She quickly did as she was told and was about to grab my waistband when I said forcefully,” I didn’t say you could touch me. Grab your ankles.”

Again she did as she was told, each hand grabbed hold of an ankle. I unzipped my pants reached in and pulled out my semi hard cock. The head was wet from my precum. With my hand on my cock I wave it around in front of her face.

“Here it is, you want my cock?

“Yes sir, I want to suck your cock.”

She opened her mouth expecting dick to fill it.

I slapped her left cheek, then her right with my now rapidly hardening member. She let out a little yelp.

“You think you can make me cum just with your mouth. Do you have Pendik Escort that ability you think?

In her best obedient voice,”Yes sir, I can try.”

She was a quick study.

I said, “There is no try, there is only do,” and thought to myself she’s probably too young to get the reference.

I shoved my cock into her pretty mouth just to get the head wet, then pulled it out, slapping her cheeks again. I did this several times. There was a disappointment noise each time I pulled my cock out. She was hungry for dick. I finally left my cock in her mouth, grabbed a fistfull of hair on either side of her head and pumped my dick into and out of her mouth, first only the head, then with each successive thrust more and more of the shaft. I keep a slow pace at first to gage how much of my dick I could shove down that sweet twenty four year old throat.

My cock was hard as I pumped about half of my shaft down her throat. Then a bit more and I hit her gag point and backed off. We had plenty of time to work past that gag reflex.

I would like to report that I held off shooting my load for a long time but I could not hold out for long. I’m a fifty two year old guy, I haven’t had my cock in the mouth of a beauty this young in decades. How the hell could I hold off, the last hour my balls had been on a slow boil. Really I didn’t want to hold off any longer. I wanted to drop a load.

I paused, pulled out my cock of her mouth and said, “I’m going to pull out and jerk off on your face, close your mouth. Understand, say yes sir if you understand.”

“Yes sir.”

Yes, a very quick study.

I increased the speed of my mouth fucking. When I felt I was close I pulled out of her mouth and jerked off in front Anadolu Yakası Escort of her face. She closed her mouth just as she was told. I felt the orgam work its way up my legs when two strong stream of jizz hit Anna on the mouth, splashing up and down her face. Not a big load like when I was young, but not bad for a guy my age.

I spasmed and gave out a loud groan then fell to my knees in front of Anna. Even before catching my breath I used my hands to wipe the seman off her face and rub it all over her big breasts. Her face was still wet with my spunk when I kissed her lips and shoved my tongue deep in her mouth. I tasted my own cum, a first for me. She kissed me passionately. She later told me that she loved that I kissed her with my cum still on her face. She later told me that it sealed the deal for her, she was all mine.

When I could walk again, I got up and pulled her off her knees and took her upstairs to the bathroom. I placed her in the shower and lathered her up with soap and hand washed every part of her lovely body. I stood outside the tub and got wet while I cleaned her, then I got undressed and got in the shower with her. She soaped me up and got my cock hard again but I stopped her before she could make me cum again.

After we dried off, we went back downstairs, I gathered up her clothes. I held her panties open for her to step into and then her jeans. I pulled down her tube top to cover up her two beauties.

“Anna, you and I can have fun together. Would you like to come over once a week, maybe for 4 or 5 hours, I’ll buy some toys so we can play together. I’ll give you an allowance so you can buy things for yourself. Think about it. You don’t have to give me an answer now.”

“Yes, İstanbul Escort I would like that,” she replied at once.

I smiled, “Good, I’m glad. Some ground rules though. No drugs or smoking allowed. Just knock that shit off. I can’t stand it. When you are with me, we’ll have some beer and wine together but that’s it. Can you do that?”

“Yes, that’s no problem,” she replied without hesitation.

“Good, I know you’re fixed for birth control.”

“Did my aunt tell you that?”

“Yeah of course she did. She told me all about my nieces.”


I continued, “Also I want you to understand that we are playing. If you feel uncomfortable about anything that I ask you to do or something we are doing in the moment, and you want to stop, I want you to tell me. We need a safe word. A word that we wouldn’t use in normal conversation. How about ‘porcupine’? Does that work for you?”

“Yes, but I don’t think that anything you do will make me say the word. I trust you.”

I smiled, “Thank you Anna. I think we are going to have a really good time together. By the way when we play together, call me sir.”

“Yes sir.”

I made dinner and we talked. I would ask questions and she would answer. I asked about her boyfriends, how many guys she had fucked, how they made love to her. I wanted her to tell me everything about her sex life. I gathered that she had lots of sex but most of it mediocre at best. By the end of dinner she seemed very comfortable telling me about anything that I asked.

I sent her home and told her to return in three days, a Friday night.

“And always wear a skirt when you come over, never pants, I want to see leg. Understand?”

“I understand sir,” she replied like a good submissive.

As we kissed goodnight I roughly squeezed her breast with my hand. She later told me she went home and mastrubated for hours thinking about what had happened that afternoon.

I got on my laptop and went shopping. I had lots of toys and gear to buy for my new submissive.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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