He fucked my bf while I slept. Finale(Sasha’

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He fucked my bf while I slept. Finale(Sasha’He fucked my bf while I slept. Finale(Sasha’Sasha reached over to the side table,she pulled the drawer open and pulled out a thick 8inch strapon. “This should do the trick. she thought to herself, I am going to make a mess of her puss.” Smirking to herself she tightened up the straps and stood there by the side table. Tammy could feel Sasha staring at her from the side. She looked over her shoulder to see Sasha standing there in all her glory. She was wearing nothing but a smile and that bigass strapon. She winked at Tammy and moved closer to the bed. Tammy was still recovering from the beating her pussy had just taken a few minutes ago. She was just now catching her breath and here comes her bbf ready to fuck the living daylights out of her.” What do you plan on doing with that Sasha?” Tammy was a little confused. “What the fuck do you think i’m going to do with it? I am going to abuse that sweet lil pussy of yours.”Sasha was starting to get a little bit cocky. She loved watching her husband bang her best friend but that was her own crazy freakiness. She didn’t like the fact that it happened in the first fucking place. Sasha focused on Mike that was laying down getting his second wind. “What the fuck are you being lazy for!You wanted this bitches pussy! So get the fuck up and lick it!” Sasha was the master now. She called the shots and Mike knew if he didn’t do what she wanted that this whole sexual trist was about to end. Mike immediatly jumped up and in between Tammy’s thighs. Tammy laid back enjoying his thick tongue lapping up the juice that was begining to flow out of her hot pussy. Her eyes are shut and she is blocking things out for the moment. onwin giriş She concentrates on Mike massaging her breast and lightly tweeking her nipples. She was in complete amazement on how a man could make her pussy feel on fire and that she really wanted him all to herself. She knew deep down inside that would never happen. She knew that Mike would never leave her Sasha and for now she was satisfied with getting him whenever the time allowed it.”SNAP THE FUCK OUT OF IT BITCH!” Sasha screamed. Tammy’s eyes fluttered open to see Sasha standing in front of her thighs with her rubber cock in hand. “Bitch you ready for this! You think Mike fucked you good,you just fucking wait!” Sasha had gained control of the situation and now it was her turn to get back at her so-called friend. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Fuck that hurts!” Tammy cries out. Sasha didn’t give a fuck.She wanted it to hurt.She didn’t want this part of the session to be a fun experience for Tammy. Mike get the fucking scarves! “Ok babe.” He did exactly what he was told and tied them around Tammy’s wrist and her legs to the bed post. Tammy was scared to death but she didn’t dare disobey Sasha. She loved her,that was her friend and she also knew her temper could get a little crazy. She ordered Mike to suck on Tammy’s clit as she began brutely beating her cunt up with the immitation cock.”TAKE THAT BITCH! THIS IS FOR BETRAYING ME!” Sasha was the ultimate master. Tammy was now her fucking slave and she was going to take full advantage of this opportunity. “BITCH TELL ME YOU LIKE THE WAY I SLAM MY COCK INTO YOUR FUCKING PUSSY! TELL ME NOW TAMMY! YOU WANTED A GOOD FUCKING ,WELL HERE IT IS! IT DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS!” Tammy onwin yeni giriş began to whimper. She was like a lost puppy who didn’t know where it’s home was or who it belonged to. Her cunt was numb from the visious pounding of the rubber dick and Sasha really knew how to work a cock.Her movements were making Tammy soaking wet. She began to meet each stroke as Sasha banged her swollen cunt up.”Damn Sasha you trying to kill the pussy?”Mike asked. “Oh shut the fuck up!This is all your fucking fault.” Mike did’t say another word,he just helped himself to Tammy’s rock hard nipples and began to tease them. Tammy was beginning to enjoy Sasha beating up her pussy. Streams of juice flowed out her pussy. You could feel the heat rising off of her cunt. Sasha was beginning to love the fact that she was still on top of her game. She can make any man cum and now any woman. She started to ease up on Tammy and moved slowly in and out of her twat. “Is this my pussy?” Sasha whispered.”Oh yes! Do what you want baby.”Tammy was disoriented. Sasha focused on Mike and told him to come and get underneath Tammy. Mike pushed her body forward to the edge of the bed. Her legs were still bound so he picked her up and lowered her down on him. Sasha pushed Tammy to the edge of the bed. She could see Mike’s cock sticking out between her legs. She spit on it and began to suck it. She was getting her man’s cock ready to enter Tammy’s tight lil brown eye. She removed him from her wet mouth and spit on Tammy’s asshole. She rubbed the saliva deep inside with her finger and massaged the hole in and out. She grabbed Mike’s hard cock and inserted it inside Tammy’s hole. Slowly she took it in. Mike rocked to get it deeper onwin güvenilirmi with each thrust. Tammy tried to place her legs on top of Mike’s thighs but the scarves prevented it. Sasha took noticed and loosened up the scarves. Tammy sat on Mike’s lap and positioned herself to where her feet were on his thighs.Mike began to thrust harder,he took his hand and reached around to finger her clit. Sasha stood there with a flirty smirk on her face. She was watching Tammy cutting lose and all her juices squirting out of her waiting pussy. Sasha licked her lips and bent down between the two fucking machines. She darted her tongue in and out of Tammy’s cunt. Tammy moans were increasing and Sasha was ready to dp her slut of a friend. She held on to Tammys knees as she plunged deep inside Tammy’s cunt. “Ooooooh yeeeeeeees!That’s what I needed! Another fucking cock inside me!Thank you Sasha!” She began to thrust out of control. Fucking the two cocks as hard as she could. She would blackout at times until Sasha would smack her beautiful face to make her focus again. Tears streamed down her face and her cunt lips were reddening up the olive color.Mike had a hold of her long dark hair pulling her face next to his. forcefully kissing and biting her lips and he and Sasha sent Tammy into a fucking frenzy. “OMG!What did I deserve to have this shit happening! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK IIIIMMM GOOOONNNNNAAAA BLOOOOOOW!” He screams. Sasha pulled out her rubber extension and jerked Mike’s cock out of Tammy’s ass. She sucked on it furiously and his jizz squirted all over her face and hair. She used her mouth as a catch all and covered his cock completely with it.Mike threw Tammy to the side and began they all started panting. Sasha removed her strapon and crawled into the bed between the two. Tammy looked at each of her friends and said”So can I join you both on vacation next week?” They both shook their head yes and all drifted off into a nice long slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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