He took my virginity

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He took my virginityIt all started 7 years ago, I can’t believe how fast the time has gone but that day marked the beginning of what I am now, never thought I was going to reach this point but I’m here very close to begin my happily ever after with that same guy that took my virginity.Our story is amazing but I will start from the very first time we had contact, Ok we met through the internet in a website not this one here which is wonderful but other one similar with profiles but yeah of course with people near the area, so while searching for someone interesting we started sending messages to each other, we were like 5 to 6 miles away from each other, but a good time passed before meeting for the first time, I was so excited that almost everyday he was sending me a message and I was answering to his messages. Who is this guy that was driving me crazy with his words , he was writing me things that he would do to me and asking me what would I like, well I had not experience or perhaps just very little experience into this world, so the curiosity in me was growing and growing every day, I wanted to meet him and do things we have talked, things that before this day I just heard never tried, so far to this point jerking off was mostly what I had done, being with a guy on bed, no way! never thought I would do it once but yeah curiosity was so intense kızılay escort that I wanted to do it. I’m so glad that him sounded like a nice person and patient also and indeed it is I can tell now :-)but what made me rode my bicycle those 6 miles to meet him were those words,(actually 12 miles because I had to go back home) he sounded so sexual, so experience, such a good lover, so masculine, and attractive mmmmm mmmmm yeahh, had a little trouble finding his house, so when we finally met, I arrived to his two stories house, left my bike parked under stairs, started walking up when he came out, called me by my name (which was not my real name just the name I use for discretion, he does the same also) he smiled at me and I smiled back, walk into his house and I was so nervous, wondering Ok, what are we going to do, I really didn’t know how or where to start, so he guide me to his room at the end of the hall, we both got naked mmmm mmmmmm he was looking so good and in shape, great body, very tempting, hot!!! I really wasn’t naked in front of anyone before and something that happens to me every time it that I get hard in no time, just like that being naked to me was so excited, then we lay on bed next to each other, he said, we can do anything you want, and I was thinking but I’m not sure what I want or mamak escort where to start, I was so nervous just looking to his hot body. I’m so glad that he made the first move, he slide his body down and grabbed my cock and started to suck it, oh wow!! that was feeling good and I couldn’t believe I was seeing someone sucking on it, that was the first time someone did it, my mind was going crazy, something was running all over my body, I was having a wonderful time so after a little while, I did the same, I grabbed his cock and suck on it, mmmmm the experience was great, I liked how his cock was feeling inside my mouth, I was feeling it grow into my mouth, I was so surprised and so amaze how strong, how hard it was getting and how much I was liking it, I saw he was enjoying it so I thought ok, I’m doing a good job, so after it he wanted to fuck me ohhh my gosh here it comes this part, I was laying on my back with my legs spread and he was in front of me, touching my boypussy putting sole lotion (we used this as lube) and fingered me then he used his cock’s head and rub it on me before sliding it inside, so he slowly slide his cock in me, ohhh man I could felt how my boypussy was opening and how that big, hard, strong cock was sliding in and out of me, I couldn’t believe I have it in me and that it was feeling yenimahalle escort so good, ohhh wow, ohhh it was bareback so yeahh he fucked me so good, he was moving faster and deeper in me and last a good time until he shoot his load inside I was so horny, so excited and what I liked about him is that he wanted me to cum also so I shoot my load too on myself. he went to bathroom and cleaned himself but when he came back I wanted to suck his cock again so I did, I got it hard again and kept sucking it and jacking it off until he shoot another load in my mouth, I can’t remember if I swallowed it or I just saw it exploding but I made him cum twice that day, so time to go back home, got dressed and said bye to him, he said he would write me again and he did and so far this last 7 years he still writes me very often everyday, yessss.while going back to my house I was feeling my boypussy little sore and kind of opened but it was feeling so good, he fucked me in a wonderful way that I wanted more, in actual days I’m addicted to him ohhh yeahh I am mmmmmm mmmmmmmm. So here is where many of our adventures started, I’m going to write you more about them but this story ends here, he took my virginity, he made me lose control, he showed me how much pleasure I can have and that it was just the beginning.Now I have a relationship with this guy, I have learned so many more things, I have learned to enjoy every second and give and get more pleasure, he does that since that very first day he was always making sure I got the pleasure I wanted and making sure I cum every single time we had an encounter. I love you Daddy you are so wonderful!!!!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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