Her First Taste… Ch. 01

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Her First Taste of Another Woman Ch. 01

My wife, Vastie, has been corresponding with a very lovely woman from Great Britain named Amanda or Mandy to her friends. They have become extremely good close friends and what Mandy called electronic lover so to speak. They have actually written back and forth writing a story that involved them in lesbian sex affair. The story told of when they met that they made loved, provide a great deal of oral sex to each other and over the long week they were together, fell in love. Now Mandy was coming to the USA and wanted to meet with my wife for real.

Well that put a different spin on this fantasy of Vastie’s as far as I was concerned. It actually worried me. I sat her down one day and talked to her saying that before I agreed for her to actually meet her electronic lover in person, I insisted that they add me to their story and then when the meeting actually happened it would include me too. The other thing I insisted on was that should they have sex and make love, I was to be included in that also.

The written story was done and read pretty hot. So they both added another chapter and this one involved me catching them and then the three of us wrote and submitted two chapters to read that told what we would do and what we did with each other. It talked about the two female friends having wild and uninhibited sex with each other and then each woman would also have the same type of sex with me. It took some doing and fighting between the three of us as to what it would or would not include.

I wanted this because I still wasn’t 100% sure this woman Amanda wasn’t a full-blown lesbian, I didn’t want my wife to be with her all week alone. There would be times when I would have Mandy and we would have sex just to prove I was wrong about her. She agreed reluctantly.

My wife kept telling me that she knew her very well and that Mandy was actually BI but she did admit to me that Amanda favored woman as lovers more than men at this stage in her life. She didn’t have a problem with men she just preferred to make love to woman.

Finally after Vastie and I talked for a very long time, I again insisted that if we were to actually meet Amanda, I would be the first to have sex with her. This would happen before I would agree for my wife to have her affair with her later that week. The three of us discussed this long and hard and finally Amanda told us she was actually coming to the USA and that she wanted to meet both of us. If we hit it off like she felt we would, she would agree to fuck me first, her words.

She agreed to have sex with both of us. But she also insisted that after she and I had sex, that I would leave her and my wife alone to do the same thing. Just like Vastie could watch us having sex, I could watch but not participate when they had it. I couldn’t even touch them or try to push in unless both women agreed to include me. So again we discussed it long and hard and finally we all agreed on the rules. They went something like I have lain out below, but they were very flexible except for me having Amanda first that was non-negotiable.

I insisted that I would be with Mandy first and that we would spend the first 24 hours doing whatever I wanted. We could also enjoy all three of us if we both felt we wanted that. These threesomes were optional and always available to include all of us but e al had to agreeing to it.

Then when Mandy and I were done or the 24 hours was up, Amanda would get her wish. She and Vastie would finally have the next 24 hours to do their thing together while I watched, if I wanted. If I wanted!! What man wouldn’t want to see two beautiful women having sex? None that I knew! I could always ask to be included but it would be up to both girls to decide.

Then on the third day we would relax and just enjoy the sex as it happened. But we had planned to show Mandy around our town and have dinner. It was a get to know each other day.

The fourth day Vastie would choose what happened. And finally on the fifth day we agreed would be all Mandy’s. She would decide what we would do.

So with that flexible plan in place we waited for the actual day when Mandy was to fly across the ocean to meet with us. She had business here too but had taken a week, 5 days and a weekend as a holiday and planned to spend that time with us.

Today was the day we were to meet her. My wife was a nervous wreck changing three no four times before finally deciding on her outfit. She told me she was almost shaking from her anticipation. It was a really big deal with her since this week would fill a huge fantasy of hers to have sex with another woman lover. It also was her fantasy to have me watch them and participate later on if the other woman agreed. She was a mess by the time the plane touched down and Mandy came out of customs. We recognized her immediately from the pictures she had sent Vastie over the months they had been chatting. I recognized her body while escort Vastie saw her face and knew it was her woman lover.

Now Mandy wasn’t a model type of woman. No, she was a beautiful mature woman over 35 but had the body of a much younger woman. Her face was special, again not one of a model for Sports Illustrated but she sure did turn every man’s head that saw her, and some women too.

When Vastie saw her she ran to meet her and Mandy walked quickly to meet my wife. I smiled as these to very lovely women hugged and kiss and held each other like friends always do. There was no indication that Mandy was a lesbian at this point in the meeting.

While the two women held hands as my returned to and introduced me to her friend. I took Mandy hand and smiled looking into the greenest eyes I have ever seen. Mandy’s voice was deep and she was a flirt from step one. In seconds Mandy made me feel she had come to America for me too, not just Vastie. She was very good at relaxing both of us and when her luggage cleared customs entirely we headed out to the car.

So, after picking up our international friend from the airport, we drove home with both ladies in the back seat. My wife Vastie and her long time Internet friend Amanda talked and talked as they were gently touching each other as I drove. I had a hard time driving since whenever I looked into the mirror I saw my wife and her new friend touching and playing with each other’s bodies as they kissed and swooped tongues. It wasn’t hot and heavy sex in the back seat, just more like gentle touching and stroking of their bodies. But it was fucking hot!

It was about 20 miles from the airport to our home and the trip took a half an hour when there was little traffic like this evening. As I drove I looked in the rear view mirror and saw Mandy as she told us to please call her when we met with her hand moving around my wife’s white shorts. I heard them unsnapped and the zipper being pulled down. As I looked the next chance I got, the shorts were open at the top and Mandy was rubbing my wife’s lower stomach.

As we drove and watched, I saw Mandy slowly slid her hand down into them and then I heard my wife take a deep breath. She let it out as a sigh and I saw her spread her legs wider as she lifted her rear up off the seat to allow Mandy more room for her hand.

I stopped at the red light and watched as I heard, “Mum that’s nice sweetie”, my wife told her in a husky voice.

I could see Mandy’s fingers moving between Vastie’s open legs stroking my wife’s vagina. And, I could also see a dark wet mark forming on the crouch of the white material. I knew my wife was being fingered and she was dripping wet from Mandy’s loving touch.

Vastie was groping Mandy’s large firm breasts as she sat facing her. Mandy had her tight short skirt pulled up high on her thighs so she could put one leg up and rest the knee and lower leg on the seat. I saw my wife’s other hand slowly stroking Mandy’s shapely upper inner thigh. Mandy began to unbutton her blouse for Vastie’s pleasure and as she did she smiled at my wife. Then Mandy lifted one breast completely out from the sheer bra she was wearing and offered it to my wife.

As Mandy continued to stroke my wife’s vagina, Vastie bent her head and started to suck the hard long nipple that protruded out the center of Mandy’s large breast. As Mandy looked up into the mirror and saw me watching, a big smile formed on her face as she licked her tongue sexually at me. Then she let her head fall back and rest on the back seat as my wife’s hand had now disappeared totally up under Mandy’s skirt. I was sure Vastie was now touching Mandy’s pussy around her panty leg. I could actually see her sheer panties hiding under Mandy’s skirt as she lifted up and pulled her skirt even higher.

Then I heard Mandy gasp and I knew Vastie’s fingers had slipped under the panties and were now touching Mandy’s vagina directly! Oh that’s very, very nice darling. Yes, touch me there! Yes, right there! Mumm! Oh your fingers feel heavenly! So nice in my pussy V. Your touch is making me so hot.” Mandy almost moaned the words as I turned on to our street.

As we arrived home I pulled the car into the garage and turned around to watch them pleasing each other with their hands and mouths. Finally after seeing me watching them as I rested my chin on the seat, they both smiled at me and laughed a little then stopped. Vastie said, “Let’s take this in the house shell we?”

Mandy smiled and licked her fingers after bring them out of my wife’s white shorts. I opened the door to the car door for them and watched as they slid over the seat. Mandy’s skirt was out around her ass and her sheer panties were completely visible to me as she opened her long shapely legs and gave me a great shot of her pussy under them. Then they both exited and adjusted their clothing as they walked into the house holding hands with me following behind them.

Mandy’s hips and ass swayed as she walked. She looked back at me and smiled as she cupped Vastie’s rear with her left hand. The girls laughed and carried on until we were in the living room sitting and talking. I offered them something to drink they accepted and when I left the room the last thing I saw was Mandy kissing my wife’s lips and cupping her right breast. I knew she was offering her tongue and Vastie had accepted it! I made the drinks giving them a few minutes together. Then I returned.

As I returned and handed the drinks out, I sat down across from them and took a sip of my beverage. That’s when it happened. My wife said, “Well go ahead and do it Mandy. Come on baby! You promised.”

I smiled as Mandy stood up and looked very sexy at me. Then she winked at Vastie and undid her skirt letting it drop to the floor. Her legs were so very long and very shapely. As my eyes ran up those long legs I saw were they met and the very sheer pair of panties Mandy had on. They showed everything from the indentation of her vagina slit to the soft hair around it. My cock was growing fast as I watched this lovely woman and saw my wife watching her too.

Vastie had a spectacular view of Mandy’s back and rear end. Mandy then turned so we could both see the other side of her. Her rear was as nice as the rest of her sexy body. Her hips were full and her ass round and sat up high. She had long I mean long legs that were shaped like someone who worked very hard to stay in shape.

Then as we both watched, she began to remove her blouse, which was already completely unbuttoned from riding in the car. As Mandy let the blouse slip off her shoulders she turned to face my wife and she bent down and kissed her again. My wife cupped her large breasts in her bra and I saw her squeeze them.

As Mandy was bending forward facing my wife, it gave me an even better view of her heart shaped rear end and her vagina under it. The panties exposed her ass and the cute round shape vagina nicely. Vastie had reached up and was cupped Mandy’s much larger breasts as their tongue danced together. After a few minutes of touching and kissing, Vastie lifted one breast out of the bra and rubbed the nipple between her thumb and index fingers.

Mandy stood up again and whispered something in my wife’s ear. Vastie laughed and said, “I don’t know ask him!”

Mandy turned and took the few steps needed to stand right in front of where I was sitting. She knelt down on her knees and opened my legs. Placing her hands on the insides of both of my thighs she smiled directly into my eyes and then turned her head to smile at my wife. Vastie said, “Go on ask him.”

As she looked directly in my eyes and asked, “Would you like to fuck me now Bud? I asked your wife and she didn’t know for sure. So I figured I would ask you directly since Vastie doesn’t seem to mind if we do it today. I mean would you like to fuck me before Vastie and I make love to each other?”

Mandy was very lovely and so well built my cock had been hard and was dancing since I first saw her at the airport. But now she was half undressed and wearing only her lovely laced panties and bra. I was drooling for her. So was my wife who had invited her to our home for this weekend of pleasure. But what I especially liked about this English beauty was her straightforwardness. No that’s not true, I loved her body!

I had been sure she was a true lesbian and a man hater. I was afraid she was here to try and steal my wife away from me or turn her into a lesbian too. But now when she was asking me to fuck her, I felt maybe I had been too critical of her and my wife’s corresponding together. She was BI but I was sure she was leaning towards the woman on woman type of love and sex relationships just like my wife told me. But I was also sure she and I were going to fuck and that in my book made her a BI type person. My lust for this woman started to eliminate my caution!

As I looked into her clear green eyes she was now bending forward towards me with her hands on my thighs and her breasts rubbing my chest. As I sat there I could see those beautiful full breasts hanging down right in front of me. They were being held in the thinnest and most reviling bra I had ever seen. And as I looked further down her magnificent body I saw the same type of small bikini panties still showing the dark patch of hair, which was over her vagina. It was very evident that she shaved around her vagina and left only a triangle of hair above it. Her lovely face was only inches from my lips. I licked my lips and said, “I think we both can’t wait to see and taste you Amanda. Let’s go into the bedroom!”

I looked at my wife and said, “Ladies, let’s go to the bedroom and see what Amanda tastes like without her panties and bra on.”

Vastie smiled and I watched her stand and offer her hand to Amanda. My wife turned to me and said, “Bud, why don’t you let Mandy freshen up and perhaps shower before I let you go mad with her? She has been traveling all day. And I’m sure the lady most likely wants to at least change her panties. In fact I know you would like to remove them with your teeth wouldn’t you? Come on Amanda I’ll show you were everything is and help you freshen up. Bud and I have waited this long we can wait a little longer. Besides I want to help you out of your undies and see all of you.”

Mandy smiled and said, “That sound delightful Vastie and I would love to see ever more of you too. Come Bud meet us upstairs and help us get undress.”

Vastie took Mandy’s hand and the the two women walked up the stairs with me again behind them watching Mandy’s spectacular rear end swaying from side to side in those sheer panties. Her long silky legs opening and closing as she went up each step holding her arm around Vastie. My cock was harder than before.

When they reached the top of the stairs, Mandy pulled Vastie’s top off over her head and helped my wife slid her white shorts down her own lovely legs. My wife wasn’t wearing anything under them and Amanda smiled brightly finally seeing Vastie’s completely shaved vagina in person for the first time. I saw the lustful look on her face as she reached out for my wife. She said, “I loved to touch your naked pussy in the car, but now I can see it and I believe it’s even lovelier than I could imagine it to be.”

Mandy licked her own lips and pulled my wife to her as she said, “Oh my Vastie, you are very lovely. Did you shave your personal area for me? Did you do that just for me or do you always have it shaved?”

Vastie shook her head and smiled as she told Mandy she shaved it just for her just like she told her in her e-mail she would do. Mandy said, “How nice of you! Now would you like me to wash it and you can wash me?”

Then she turned towards me and said, “And, Bud, I’d like you to watch and help too. Why not soap up the cloth for us. Then you can watch us clean each other. Or, maybe you would rather step into the shower with us and we can all have a go at washing each other.”

I smiled as I stripped down quickly taking off all my clothes in record time. We were all nude now except Mandy who still had those sheer panties and bra on. My cock was bobbing up and down as I looked at these two lovely women. Vastie smiled and said, “Oh Buddy, your cock looks so hard! Just look at it Mandy! See it jumping and jerking up and down with his excitement. Would you like to touch it?”

Mandy reached for her instead and held her in her arms as she kissed Vastie lightly on her lips. As her tongue licked up her neck towards her ear she whispered, “I’d rather hold you Vastie. I would much rather touch your sex than Bud’s.”

She placed her hand between Vastie’s legs and when Vastie opened them for her, Mandy cupped her vagina and squeezed it gently! Vastie smiled and did the same to Mandy. Then my wife smiled into her eyes and pulled her hand away from her wet pussy. She then placed Mandy’s hand on my hard cock and held my cock as they began to play me and with each other as they waiting for the water to get warm in the shower. Vastie had Mandy’s pussy in one hand and Mandy held my hard cock in hers. Then Vastie kissed her and said, “Play wit him Mandy. Stroke him, feel how hard he is! Touch him Mandy. Show him you like both of us.”

Mandy smiled at me as she held Vastie’s pussy in one hand and took her other hand and cupped my balls as Mandy continued to stroke my shaft. Then Mandy smiled and kissed my wife again. Vastie let go of my cock and let Mandy have it all to herself. Mandy began to make gentle love to me by jerking me off as she said, “Yes Vastie! It’s very, very nice indeed. It’s thick and hard and throbbing with your need for me isn’t it Bud? Do you want to fuck me Bud? It feels like it! Your cock is just like I like a man’s cock should be Bud. It’s hard, thick and nicely long enough Bud.”

She turned and asked my wife, “Is he any good Vastie? Can he last a long time? Or is he a quick squirter?”

Mandy was holding my cock like she was weighing it now. Vastie said, “Oh yes! He’s exceptional Mandy. He has very good staying power. You’re going to love his cock very much.”

Then Mandy said, “Well I want you to know I want you more than Bud, Vastie. That’s why I’m here. I came to see you and Bud is an extra. We have been talking about this for a long, long time. I think we should be first don’t you darling?”

Then she turned to me and smiled saying, “I know Bud. I know we have to do it first so you’ll know I’m not a nasty dike and that I’m here to take your wife away from you. I could you know. If I wanted to I could take her away from you. Only a woman knows how to really please another woman.”

I was starting to get a little pissed but before I could say anything my wife said, “Oh Mandy! You couldn’t I love Bud and this is something I have wanted to try. But we can only be lovers as long as we include Bud. It’s only fair since I’m married and love him.”

Mandy said, “Well I do want both of you, you know that Bud. I was simply teasing you a little. Sorry love.”

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