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I was sitting at home after having some dinner and drinks with a friend of mine. After starting up the computer I saw an IM from a person I had been chatting with from time to time. There had been regular chats about politics and life and then there had been some pretty hot and heavy chats about fantasies and hard sex that were really hot.

Our conversation started off normally enough, talking about the day and what we had been doing that evening. Knowing how our conversations sometimes ended up I was dropping hints here and there and she responded to them with a few comments and a bit of innuendo. We were just getting into a particular fantasy when she indicated that her friend had showed up and she had to go.

I was bummed but I joked about bringing her friend over to my place for some hot action with the three of us.

She said, she would be back online later so I went about doing some nonsense chores here and there.

About an hour later I got a phone call that surprised me as I didn’t know who it was. I had forgotten about giving her my number once during a chat session because I wanted to hear her get off.

She told me she had joked about my comment with her friend and her friend was interested if the offer still stood. I just assumed it was her teasing me as she liked to do and said, sure come on over and I’ll take care of both of you like no one ever has before.

I was a little surprised when she asked for my address but I gave it to her, showing her that I could play the teasing game too. I wasn’t getting my hopes up or anything else at this point but all the sudden my phone rang again. She said her and her friend were outside.

I quickly put on some pants (no time for underwear) and came up to greet them wondering if this was really going to happen.

Even though I had seen a few pictures of her online I was pleasantly surprised with how hot she looked in person. She was wearing a short black skirt with a lighter silk blouse cut very low. Her friend was also looking pretty hot in her tight jeans and low scoop v-neck sweater. They had some curves all in the right places and had a look in their eyes of nervousness combined with sensuality.

After getting my eyes full and regaining my composure I thought I would play it cool and casually invited them to come in.

They got inside and I took their jackets and put them in the closet and sized up the situation. There was incredible tension as they surely wondered if they were really going to go through with it and if I was for real.

In order to break the ice I said hello to the woman I had been chatting and pulled her to me to kiss her on the mouth with my hand caressing the back of her head pulling her into me. She was tentative at first but when my other hand went around canlı bahis to grab her ass and pull her into my muscled leg she started to kiss me back, sliding her tongue into my mouth and putting her hands on my ass. I recalled some of the fantasies we had discussed thinking of some of the things that really got her hot and decided to kiss her neck and ear telling her that knowing she didn’t have any panties on made me hard.

Her friend just watched as we ran our hands over each others bodies and kissed passionately trading our tongues and lips over each others bodies. I moved my tongue down from her neck towards her wonderful cleavage, licking the insides of her breasts. She was getting turned on and started to move her hips against my hardening dick before moving back and rubbing her hand over the outline of my bulge in my jeans.

I knew she liked to have me take control so I told her I knew she wanted my cock that was in her hand. She only muttered so I told her again this time, “Do you want this cock inside you, huh, I think you do, tell me you want it.” She was still rubbing it through my jeans while her friend watched, shifting her legs back and forth anxiously.

At this point we were still standing in the living room and I told her to bring her friend a little closer.

She waived her finger over at her friend and she came over to us.

I wasn’t sure how far to push this but I felt in control of the situation so I told the girl I knew to take of her blouse and my pants while I told her friend to come over closer to me. When she did without hesitation I knew they were mine for the evening.

I kissed her friend running my lips over hers and her tongue running my hands over her ass and hips as Jenny was over taking her top off. Her friend was already turned on from watching us earlier and started to grind her crotch into my hard cock. I kissed her neck seeing if that worked for her, which it did as she let out a high pitched sigh. I moved my hands under her sweater to run my hands over her sheer bra feeling her nipples begin to harden under my touch.

I decided it was time to mix it up as Jenny was now topless rubbing her own breasts watching me work over her friend. I broke off the kiss so Jenny could get to my pants and take them off. She dropped to her knees and then began unbuttoning my pants one button at a time. I remembered how much she said she loved to give oral and I couldn’t wait to finally feel those wonderful hot lips sliding around my cock. Once she got my pants down and my cock sprang free, grazing her face. She reached sliding her fist up and down it as she aimed it to her lips and began to lick it. It felt so good but I only let her have a few licks before standing her back up.

I started to move towards my bedroom and they both bahis siteleri followed me. I have some huge mirrors in my room and wanted to see everything during the night.

I told Jenny to take off her friend’s sweater as I moved behind her friend reaching around to start undoing her jeans as Jenny took her top off. I was licking the back of her neck as Jenny removed the top and started to undo her bra while I had her pants undone and was lowering them along with her panties, trailing my fingers across her moist pussy on the way down. As she started to remove Jenny’s skirt I started to grind my dick against her ass a little teasing her slit. I had my hands on her tits massaging them listening to her breathing get shallow and rapid.

Jenny was watching all of this and was getting very aroused by the sites and seeing her friend lean forward to start unbuttoning her skirt to remove it.

I decided to push my cock between her friend’s legs as she leaned forward to push the skirt all the way down. I knew how badly Jenny wanted my cock at this point so I wanted her to come and get it but only if she shared her oral talents. I sat on the bed with her friend on my lap and my cock poking out between her legs and told her to lick us both. Jenny leaned forward and found the head of my cock putting it in her mouth. As she did that I started moving my hips up and down making Jenny lick her friend when my cock slipped lower between her friends thighs making her really moan. I asked Jenny to move up and lick her friend’s nipples for me while I watched in the mirror. As she licked her way up her friend to circle her lips and tongue around her nipples I moved my cock up and let her feel just the tip between her legs.

And her knees buckled and got a little more of my cock into her. Now, I was starting to really get into it wanted a little of my own fun. I gave a few more thrusts and then told Jenny I was going to eat her pussy to orgasm. She moved up and straddled my face as I began to gently lick up and down her dripping slit before pushing two fingers inside her to massage her g-spot. She was so turned on at this point she was rocking her hips back and forth setting her own rhythm against my tongue. Her friend was now putting my cock deep in her mouth moving her mouth over it using her tongue and hand at the same time making me moan against Jenny’s pussy.

Jenny started to move quicker and her legs started to quake as I moved my fingers faster and my other hand went to her tits.

Soon she was moaning loudly that she was cumming and I could feel the wetness run down my mouth. She collapsed off of me and I pulled her friend up off of my cock for the same treatment. Her friends pussy tasted different but still good and I soon worked my tongue into her whole moving my fingers bahis şirketleri around seeing what she liked best.

She must have been very close because her clit was very hard and she was already super wet. Her friend liked it a little harder so I decided to move faster against her bucking hips and rapidly turn my face back and forth while she rode me. Now Jenny was back working on my cock sucking it like she had been wanting my cock in her mouth forever. I couldn’t believe it but she was able to work the whole thing down her throat so I reached down with one hand and grabbed her hair to push her up and down on my cock as her friend came on my face with even more juice than Jenny had just left. She also slid off of me and lied down on her side. I reached down and started to pump my cock into her mouth a little faster but I didn’t want to cum just yet so I grabbed some of her hair and pulled her up to kiss her so she could taste all the pussy juice on my face.

I moved her friend’s head down to the end of the bed and position Jenny on top of her into a 69 with her ass towards me. I told Jenny, “Are you ready to get fucked by this huge cock?” (knowing she liked dirty talk and liked it a little rough).

She whimpered to me, yesss fuck me with that big hard cock. “Lick your friend’s pussy while I fuck you and I’ll give it to you good.”

She started to lick and suck on her friend’s pussy so I lived up to my end and pushed my cock into her tight wet pussy from behind. She moaned out long and loud about how good it felt to get fucked while her friend started to moan from the her pussy being licked. I knew this was going to be hard and fast so I started taking long hard slamming strokes into her while slapping her ass once in a while. As I was pushing into her as deep as I could I noticed her friend’s tongue down below starting to tease Jenny’s clit and the bottom of my shaft at the same time. It felt soo good to have my cock buried in Jenny’s pussy and her friend’s tongue on my and I knew I was getting closer to blowing my load.

I remembered one more thing from our fantasies and as if she read my mind she asked me to finger her ass for her. I put my fingers in her friend’s mouth for lubrication and pushed my finger into her ass while I kept fucking her. All I heard was her moans and grunts as I fucked and she licked and got licked.

I heard her start to groan out, “I’m cummmmmming, ohhhh shit, keep fucking me, ahhhh!” I lost it at that point and quickly pulled out as her friend took my cock and put it into her mouth as I shot the first load into her mouth and the rest all over her face and Jenny’s ass, which dripped down back onto her friend’s face.

Once Jenny was able to she turned around and licked my cum off of her friend’s face and cleaned up my cock. We all collapsed on the bed and passed out not sure if it had all been a dream. When I woke up to the sensation of my cock being put into Jenny’s mouth I knew it had really happened and that this was going to be a great night.

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