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Ellen has always enjoyed attention from men. She flirts regularly then once a guy takes the bait she runs away. Guys have always hit on her. When we first started dating we would go to a club and while I played pool Ellen would dance and flirt around with guys. The more tipsy she got the more she flirted but she always shut it down and came to find me so we could leave. I first discovered my interest in seeing her play around with another guy when I saw one grab her ass while they danced. She immediately walked off and we left but I found it extremely hot.

Ellen has a 21 year old daughter who got married several months ago. She and her husband went to school together so they’ve known each other for over 10 years. In high school there were 5 or 6 in their group that would hang out at our house each weekend. David was one of them. David is a baby faced guy about 5’8″ or so and weighs around 145 lbs. and he’s always had the hots for my wife. Ellen is 5’10”, 150#, gorgeous C cup boobs and perfect legs that are topped off by a great ass. She’s not petite lady nor is she fat but she does have some meat on her, black guys love her butt!

We all decided to go out one night for drinks. There were 7 of us going. Ellen and me, Ann (Ellen’s daughter) and her husband Rob, Don and Angie (more friends of theirs), and David. Ellen and I were by far the oldest of the group but they insisted we go. Since there were so many we took 2 vehicles, I figured we would be ready to leave before them anyway so I drove.

We arrived at the club around 9:30 and it was already fairly crowded. The bar was in the center of the club and there were only a few tables, all of them taken. The dance floor was in front of the bar. Since there weren’t tables people got their drinks and went straight to the floor. We grabbed some drinks and squeezed our way over standing by a rail so we had a place to set our drinks. After a few minutes Ann and Rob worked their way to the center of the dance floor and Don and Angie joined them. David stayed with us eyes practically glued to Ellen.

Ellen was wearing a short red dress that came down about 5″ or so below her crotch. It was cut low in the front and, since she was braless, when she moved her cleavage was on full display. If she bent over enough at least one of her breasts were completely visible, a fact not lost on young David! Ellen seemed to be enjoying teasing him and she flirted heavily. For his part, David was on cloud nine! He stood inches from her with one arm on the topkapı escort rail behind her back and the other holding his drink. Ellen would pat his arm and laugh as they talked.

I went to the bar for more drinks and brought back 2 shots and 3 drinks. I explained the shots were for them since I was driving. The dance floor was packed and you could just barely see Ann, Rob and the others. They were hardly dancing because there just wasn’t room. The crowd had pushed up against us and a young couple were dancing practically right on top of me. David and Ellen were pressed against each other as well.

I squeezed past them to go to the restroom and then hit the bar again. I handed their drinks over the top of a few other people, 2 shots 2 drinks, but then stood back a bit to avoid the crowd. Ellen and David were having a great time and were now dancing slightly in the crowd. David was holding onto Ellen’s hips and soon began sliding his hands up and down her sides and then around to her butt. Ellen either didn’t notice or didn’t care but a few minutes later Ann and Rob squeezed over to them and Ann slapped his hands away.

It was nearly midnight now and I was ready to escape the crowd so I asked Ellen if she was ready to go. David answered before she had a chance and said HE was ready to get out of the crowd. Ellen agreed but the others weren’t ready so the 3 of us left. I drove and David sat in front with Ellen sitting in the center of the back seat. David was turned talking to Ellen. I adjusted the mirror and saw Ellen was sitting forward talking and most of her breasts were visible.

David had no car at the moment and said he had planned on crashing at our place if that was ok. We said it was fine and then asked if he wanted to get in the pool. Of course he did so we went to change and went outside. Our pool has a waterfall on one side and a hot tub on the other. I grabbed a bottle of tequila and some rum and coke and took them to the deck. Ellen and David went outside and I grabbed an ice chest and filled it with ice for drinks then some cups. Ellen and David were already drinking the Patron from the bottle when I walked outside.

Ellen removed her robe and stepped into the pool. She was wearing a silver one piece bathing suit that zipped down nearly to her waist. She had it unzipped down about 1/2 way showing how well endowed she is. David stripped down to his underwear. I hadn’t thought to get him shorts so I asked him if he wanted some but he said no and walked on fatih escort into the pool. I poured us each a stiff drink and went inside to turn on some music and off all the lights except the pool lights.

I came out and got in the hot tub and sipped my drink. Ellen was talking to David as they walked to the other end by the water fall. She sat on the ledge under the fall letting it run over her hair and down her chest, the weight of the water pushed the zipper down even further. I got in and joined them when they came back down to my side and eased in behind her. As they talked I slid my hands around her waist and grabbed the zipper. David kept talking to her as I eased the zipper down until it stopped at the bottom. After a few minutes of talking I grabbed the straps of the suit and slid them off her shoulders causing her tits to be completely bare.

Ellen put her hands over her breasts but didn’t try to pull the suit back up. David’s eyes were wide open and I could tell he was crazy with excitement. I went back and got the Patron and brought it over. After I took a drink I handed it to David who then handed it to Ellen. She looked at it and then grabbed the bottle forcing her to uncover her tits. After drinking the shot she handed it to me and I gave her another drink. She now quit trying to cover up altogether. We all talked a bit and decided to get in the hot tub. I got in first and then Ellen. When David got out of the pool his boxers were falling off. He stepped out of them and quickly sat down.

The cd I put on had played through so I went inside to put on another. I was feeling no pain by now and when I went back out we passed the tequila around a few more times. The conversation had nearly stopped, at least on my part. I moved to the other side of the tub and began rubbing Ellen’s feet. she had to turn slightly to stretch out causing her to lean back towards David. He reached under her arms and pulled her back until she was lying against his chest. He soon began to kiss her neck and she closed her eyes and leaned to the side. I was sliding my hands up her legs. I grabbed the sides of her suit and pulled them down off her legs. She resisted slightly but after just a moment she open her legs and let me remove the suit all the way and I tossed it by the door.

David was playing with Ellen’s tits and kissing her neck. She had her eyes closed and was moaning slightly. I slid her feet down and then went inside to use the restroom. Our bedroom was dark and there was a window facing eyüp escort the pool. I looked out the window and Ellen was on her knees in the tub pouring herself another drink. Her ass was up in the air as she did. David climbed out and sat beside the ice chest. When she finished pouring hers she made one for him. Her face was only inches from his cock, which was standing straight up. When she handed him his drink she got out and sat beside him sliding the ice chest over so that they were sitting shoulder to shoulder. David reached over and grabbed her breast and then leaned down to kiss it. She let him caress her breasts for a few minutes then got back in the hot tub and David slid in right beside her.

I walked back outside and walked behind them. Ellen had her eyes closed as David kissed her neck and breasts. The jets had shut off long before so I could see clearly what was happening under the water. David had his hand on Ellen’s pussy rubbing and Ellen’s hand was on his cock slowly stroking it, he was still fully erect. I sat down at the patio table a few feet away and watched as David worked his way in front of Ellen. He now had his arms around her and was between her legs. He began kissing her mouth and she was clearly kissing him back. As I watched I couldn’t help remembering hearing him tell Rob previously that he had always found her hot. This was a guy we’d known since he was 12 or so and he had managed to get Ellen to go further than she ever had with anyone but me…at least since we got married.

Even as drunk as I was I knew it was getting late and the bar would be closing soon. I glanced at the clock and saw it was 1:45. I walked over to them and could see he wasn’t in position to actually enter Ellen, but he was playing with her pussy and she was raising her hips and pushing into his hand. I gathered up Ellen’s suit and the booze and took it inside. When everything was cleaned up I went back and whispered to David that Ann and Robert would be home soon. I then went back inside and sat on our bed and watched. David helped her up and they stood for a minute, both completely naked, and kissed. Ellen leaned down and kissed the head of his dick and it looked like she slid it in her mouth for a moment and then they came inside. Ellen got in bet and I joined her. David went to sleep on the couch.

When I got in bed I found she was wet as she could be and horny as I’ve ever seen her. We had incredible sex and then slept until noon. David was already gone when we woke and Ellen didn’t mention the previous night for quite some time, MONTHS actually. This was by far the most she’d ever done but it opened a door to several things later.

As hot as that night was a few weeks later things got even hotter!

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