Hitchhikers: Day 01

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Jill giggled suddenly as we crossed the Willamette river. “You remember crazy sex?”

I glanced at my wife in the passenger seat of our little Mazda. We’d not had a vacation in two years because of work pressures, so the prospect of three days at Cannon Beach was a major excitement. The bottle of wine we’d split at dinner was probably contributing to Jill’s giggles, too. Alcohol had always hit my five-foot-nothing wife harder than most.

“Just barely.”

“No pun intended?” Jill giggled again. “You remember the weekend we spent naked?”

I’d almost forgotten. It was the summer of our college senior year and we were living in a cheap apartment near Providence Park. We’d crawled out of bed after late morning sex and I’d been about to pull on a pair of shorts when Jill stopped me. “Let’s not bother with clothes today, it’ll be much more convenient.” I had a sudden recollection of having an almost continual hardon as we moved around the apartment in the nude, fixing breakfast and lunch and pretending to study, while Jill periodically dropped to her knees in front of me for enough of a blowjob to get me stiff again.

Jill reached across to touch my crotch. “How many times did you fuck me that weekend?”

We were almost out of the Portland traffic now. It was just as well, having an erection while driving through the city could be seriously unsafe. Especially when I took both hands off the wheel to waggle all my fingers in the air. “And how many times did you come?”

Another giggle. “Even more than you, Nick. I had that great furry vibrator then.”

We’d been married for five years and were now having sex just once or twice a week. Getting high-pressure jobs in the tech industry after we graduated had dramatically changed our sex lives. We still liked fucking, but it had become more of a release after a ten- or twelve-hour workday than the wild romping we’d enjoyed before.

I glanced at Jill as we turned onto Highway 26. At twenty-seven, she was a great looker, with dark curls, blue eyes and a wide smile, and a cute ass and nice boobs as well. I wasn’t totally unattractive, in shape and close to six feet tall with short brown hair, but definitely not in the same class. “It all seems a long time ago.” I heard the sadness in my voice. We’d lost something very fun in our lives.

“So let’s try to make up for it a bit this weekend,” Jill smirked at me.

“Yeah,” I replied. I wasn’t sure how well we’d succeed, even with the bottles of wine we’d packed. I hoped the weather would stay dry so we could at least get some time on the beach. The forecast was mixed, but it had been a sunny afternoon and some sunbathing next day looked possible.

We were pulling out of a gas station just before the turnoff to Astoria, with maybe forty-five minutes to go to Cannon Beach, when we spotted the young couple by the side of the highway. They were sitting on a couple of backpacks, with the girl holding up a sheet of cardboard: “CANNON BEACH PLEASE!!!!”

I didn’t usually stop and pick up hitchhikers, but Jill put a hand on my arm just as I was about to change out of first gear.

“What?” I asked. “Pick these kids up?”

“I like the ‘PLEASE’ on their sign. That’s kinda sweet.”

The car was still coasting as I passed the boy and girl. They looked all right, I thought, a lot cleaner than some other hitchhikers I’d seen.

“Okay.” I braked and pulled onto the shoulder. “It’ll be our good deed for the day.”

Looking in the rearview mirror, I saw the young couple jump up, grab their backpacks and run towards us.

“Can you take us to Cannon Beach? Please, please?” The girl asked breathlessly as she reached us.

Now she was standing next to the car, I could see she was a cute little thing, maybe twenty years or so old, barely as tall—or short—as Jill, with a mop of red curls and a freckled face with a wide mouth and green eyes. She had a small silver stud through her nose and was wearing torn faded jeans and a dark tee-shirt. Her boyfriend was tall and skinny, with a straggly blond beard and an innocent look, in blue shorts and a ratty-looking tan jacket.

I gave Jill a quick glance. She nodded.

“Sure,” I said. “If you don’t mind being squeezed in the back seats with your packs.”

“Hey, no prob,” the boy said. “We’ve been waiting here for over an hour. A trucker picked us up outside of the city, then was headed to Astoria, so he had to drop us here. It was looking like we’d never get a ride this evening.”

I waited until they had fitted themselves and their backpacks—each with a sleeping bag attached—into the car, then pulled back onto the highway.

“We’re Jill and Nick,” my wife told the young couple.

“Catie and Alex,” the girl replied from the backseat. “We’re really happy to meet you.” She grinned. “Really happy.”

“Where are you going in Cannon Beach?” I asked.

“We’re gonna camp in the big park,” the boy responded. “Right by the beach.”

“Tolovana State Park?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Great,” almanbahis adres Jill said. “We’re going to be in a motel close by.”

We continued to chat as I drove west. Jill told the young couple a bit about us, where we lived in Portland, our college programs, and our jobs in tech. Catie told us they’d been out of high school a couple of years but had only hooked up six months earlier. They’d each had a year of college and then dropped out. She was waitressing in one of Portland’s many brewpubs, and Alex was delivering pizzas. They were sharing an old house in Clackamas with several other young people.

“It’s real cheap,” Alex offered, “But way crowded.”

“Yeah,” Catie added. “And thin walls, too. Kinda inhibiting, sometimes, you know—” She stopped suddenly. “Ooh!”

I looked in the rearview mirror. Alex seemed not to be too inhibited. He was running a finger back and forth across one of Catie’s breasts. I winked at Jill, then had to focus on driving as I passed a big semi truck.

Our chatting stopped as I took the turn onto the coast highway. Catie and Alex’s play had halted, but glancing back I noticed the red and green printed words seemingly oozing downwards on her black tee-shirt.

“What’s Puke Boyz?” I asked.

Alex answered: “It’s a heavy metal band from Chicago or someplace. Catie liked them when they played in Portland.”

“They sure were fun,” Catie added.

“Yeah,” Alex smirked. “Especially if you were near the stage at the end of a set.”

Jill turned to look at him. “What do you mean?”

Alex smirked again. “Sometimes things got a bit out of hand.”

Catie laughed. “He means groupies would give blow jobs to the band.”

“Oh,” I said. For a second I was wishing I’d been there.

“Yeah,” Catie continued. “Then, sometimes, you’d get a couple or two in the audience start to fuck.”

Now I was really wishing I’d been there. I risked: “But not you guys?”

“O-o-h, n-o-o,” Catie answered. “We’d never, ever, ever, ever do anything disgusting like that.”

Somehow I didn’t quite believe her. She continued slowly: “Well, maybe… maybe…” A long pause as I passed another semi, then she asked: “You guys ever do anything like that?”

“No,” I said.

“Just one time,” Jill said.

Crap. Wine always loosened her tongue. “No,” I said.

“Ahh, come on,” Catie wheedled. “You can tell us. You’ll never see us again after we get to Cannon Beach.”

I frowned at Jill, then shrugged. It had been fun at the time. “Okay. It was in Paris. Years ago.” It had been on the last night of our honeymoon, but I wasn’t going to go into details, especially as the traffic was getting heavier. The sky was getting darker, too, clouding over fast. “You tell them,” I told my wife.

Jill turned around in her seat. “Okay. We’d never been in Paris before and we weren’t sure we’d ever be there again. We’d done all the usual tourist things, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Impressionist museum, Versailles, all that stuff. I was Googling to find things most tourists didn’t see, then I came across something about a sex club that was real close to our hotel. The thing I read said it wasn’t the usual swingers club, but definitely worthwhile.” She paused. I could see in the rearview mirror that the young couple were focused on her words.

Jill wriggled in her seat before going on. “It was something we were sure we’d never do again, so we went to this place. We’d had to make a reservation because it included dinner and wine. It was in a basement, a couple of blocks away from our hotel. At first, when we went in, it looked just like lots of other little bistros, then we noticed the paintings on the walls of couples having sex. A waitress took our credit card—it was pretty expensive—and brought us a bottle of wine from the bar. Then the first course. We were just finishing whatever it was when the fun started.”

“Shrimp provençale,” I remembered as I overtook a slow-moving Volkswagen.

“Yeah, yeah, Nick. Anyway, the waitress went over to the front of the bar where there was like a little raised area, and the bartender—a big black guy in a tux—came out from behind the bar…” Jill paused for effect. “And we saw he was nude from the waist down… with a huge cock…”

“Ooh hoo,” Catie commented.

“Nick almost swallowed his last shrimp whole,” Jill grinned across at me.

Driving was starting to be tricky. With the spreading clouds it was getting dark, and I was aware of the tent growing in the front of my jeans. That evening in Paris had been a lot of fun.

“Hey. Tell us more.” Alex sounded impatient.

Jill smiled back at him, then continued: “Our waitress—I think she was Vietnamese and quite beautiful—dropped to her knees and started giving the bartender a blow job.” She paused. “Then we saw just how big he was when he was erect. Really impressive.”

“M-m-m,” Catie murmured.

I’d forgotten some of the details, but Jill was obviously enjoying remembering them. I glanced in almanbahis adresi the rearview mirror and saw that Catie had slid down her seat and her right arm was moving gently up and down.

“Go on,” Alex demanded again.

“So that lasted a while, but the guy didn’t come or anything, just went back behind the bar, still with a giant hardon, and the waitress stood up, removed our first course plates, and returned with the main course—”

“Beef bourguignon,” I said as I slotted in behind a Porsche.

“Jesus, Nick, I seem to remember you were interested in more than just food that evening,” Jill complained. “Anyway, it tasted good and we were just finishing when the waitress got the guy out from behind the bar again—he was still erect—moved a chair into the raised area, and slipped off her black skirt and underwear. Then she bent over the chair and he started fucking her.”

“Yum,” Catie commented. “What did you guys do?”

“Just watched,” I said. I’d not expected Jill to go into such detail.

“Well, not exactly,” Jill corrected. “Nick had his cock out and was playing with it.” She went on: “And you want to know about me?”

“You bet,” Alex said quickly. He sounded a little hoarse.

Jill giggled. It seemed the alcohol hadn’t worn off yet. “What do you think? I had my hand down in my underpants, working hard. But then the bartender pulled out of the waitress and went back behind his bar.”

The blast of a truck horn behind me brought me back to the moment. I’d slowed as I recalled the details from Paris. It was close to dark now, too, more so than just late evening murk, with the heavy clouds looking increasingly ominous.

“That was it?” Catie asked. She sounded disappointed.

“W-e-l-l, not quite,” Jill answered. “The waitress picked up our main course plates, brought more wine, and then delivered dessert.” She turned to me. “And what was it, Nick?”

I couldn’t remember. Other things had overtaken it.

“Yeah, I don’t remember what it was either,” Jill remarked. “Just what happened after.” She paused.

“Go on, Jill, please,” Catie asked.

“Okay. We finished dessert, whatever it was, and the waitress—still bare below her waist—came and cleared the tables. Then she asked if Nick would like a taste of something special that wasn’t on the menu. We looked at each other, sorta guessing what it might be. Nick said yes so she just came close so he could eat her out for a moment…”

I did remember that part of dessert.

“…then she moved on to the next table—there were less than a dozen—until she’d done all the guys and some of the women, too.” Jill paused.

“You?” Cathie asked.

“M-m-m, maybe.” Another giggle.

“That was it?” Alex asked.

“Well, not quite,” Jill answered. “The waitress went back to the chair with the bartender and they stripped completely and started fucking again…” She paused for a moment. “Well, by then all the men in the place had their cocks out and their women were starting to blow them… And then the quite elegant lady—she was really beautifully dressed—at the next table to ours stood up, pulled up her long silk skirt, and bent over the table and her guy started fucking her…”

“O-o-o,” Catie said. “And you guys?”

Just at that moment a spray of heavy raindrops hit the windshield. As I turned the wipers on to try to deal with what looked like a major rainstorm, I heard Alex say, “Shit!” Catie echoed him: “Yeah. Shit!”


Alex answered: “We decided not to bring a tent. It was so nice in the city we figured we didn’t need to. We had sleeping bags and mats and were going to sleep outside.”

“Maybe it will quit.” Catie didn’t sound like she believed it. “Hopefully, they have some shelters in the park.”

Five minutes later, we were driving through the streets of Cannon Beach. The rain was heavier than ever as Jill pointed to the sign for Tolovana State Park. Our motel would be a few blocks beyond.

“You want to drop us here?” Alex muttered. He didn’t sound happy about the idea.

“You want us to?” Jill asked. She looked at me with raised eyebrows. I shrugged, and she turned back to Catie and Alex. “You know, when I made the reservation at the motel, the only rooms they had were double doubles, two double king beds in the room… so… if you’re interested…”

“You mean, we could share the room tonight?” Catie leaned forward. “But we couldn’t afford to split the cost.”

“It’s okay, it’s already paid for,” Jill told her. “We wouldn’t be out of pocket.”

This was a long way from the night we’d planned, I thought. That was the trouble with good deeds.

“What do you guys think?” Jill asked the young couple.

“It would be fan-tas-tic,” Catie said slowly.

* * *

A half-hour later, the four of us were sitting shoeless and sockless on the two big beds in the motel room, Jill and I on one, Catie and Alex on the other. Outside, we could hear it raining hard. We were passing around one of the bottles of wine Jill almanbahis adres and I had brought, along with some chips. Alex had pulled out a pipe and some weed and we were feeling nicely mellow. Being in a warm motel room on a dark stormy evening felt very cozy and—considering we’d met only an hour or so earlier—we all seemed to be remarkably comfortable with each other.

I took the bottle of chardonnay from Jill and glanced across at Catie and Alex on the other bed. Their heads were close together, talking quietly. I couldn’t hear any words other than the last few from Alex, “…so ask them.”

I wondered what we were going to be asked.

Catie caught my eye. “Hey, guys, Alex and I are feeling kinda bad you’re having to share your nice room and we’re not contributing anything…”

“That’s okay,” I said. “It seems to be working out just fine.”

“Thanks.” She gave me a mischievous grin. “So we kinda wondered, after your story about the show in Paris, if you’d be interested in…” She paused for several seconds. “…us sorta putting on a little show for you guys here… no charge, this time though…” Another grin and a lick across her lips. “…and we were wanting to play anyway, later, you know.”

I stared at her. She really was cute, and now we were in the room I could see her boobs pushing at the front of her tee-shirt—she obviously wasn’t wearing a bra. I could feel my cock being tempted straightaway. But this wasn’t what Jill and I had planned.

I asked Jill, “What do you think?”

“M-m-m. It might be fun,” my wife said slowly. “I sure was liking remembering, when we were in the car, watching the bartender slipping his cock into that little waitress.” She smiled at me. “I wasn’t exactly getting wet, but it was close.”

“Yes or no?”

Another smile. “Yeah. And you?”

If she’d glanced at my crotch, she needn’t have asked. I pulled her to me and gave her a long kiss. This was going to be a very interesting evening. I looked across at the other bed. Alex had moved closer to Catie and was nibbling on one ear lobe. Catie winked at me, nudged Alex off her ear, and pulled him around to face her. Her pink tongue emerged between her lips. His tongue met hers.

Jill and I reached out a hand to each other. This was starting to be seriously exciting.

Catie broke away from Alex for a moment. “You could come over here,” she suggested. “There’s lots of room if you guys want to see better.”

Jill and I looked at each other. We didn’t need to debate this. We moved to the bottom of the other big bed, still holding hands.

Alex pulled Catie close again. Their tongues touched and played with each other, slipping into each other’s mouths and out again. I gave Jill another kiss, running my tongue across her soft lips, then turned back to Catie and Alex. They seemed scarcely aware of our presence a few feet away. Every so often Alex would break away from Catie’s mouth to lick around her ears, across the lobes, then around the rims, and into the hollow, causing her to shiver visibly. More tongue play, then he began to caress her boobs through her tee-shirt, very gently, first with just a couple of fingers, then with the palm of his hand. Catie made soft m-m-m sounds, then broke away from her boyfriend, reached down, pulled her tee-shirt over her head, and tossed it onto the floor.

As I’d guessed, she was braless. She was very slim and her skin was almost white except for a couple of tattoos and a wide spray of freckles running from her throat down to her jeans. Her breasts were small, but beautifully perky, with little nipples in pink areolas and pale blue veins running up to her protruding tits.

Alex took the opportunity to remove his own top, then quickly pulled down his shorts and underpants. Next to me, Jill gave a little gasp as his cock appeared. It was fully erect, uncircumcised, with less girth than my own tool but—I estimated—close to eight engorged inches in length. Catie licked a finger and ran it quickly along the length of the thing, winked at us again, and wriggled out of her jeans and bikini panties.

It was my turn to catch my breath. She was definitely a natural redhead, with an almost orange bush set off by her pale skin and the pattern of freckles running down past her belly button to disappear among the tiny forest of vermillion curls. Without her jeans I could appreciate the nice curve of her little ass and the pink between her legs as well.

Jill nudged me, grinned, and ran a hand across my crotch. We were both still fully clothed, but the outline of my stiff cock was very obvious. I thought I could see Jill’s nipples through the fabric of her shirt too.

In front of us, Alex leaned forward to run his tongue across Catie’s breasts, first one then the other. Catie smiled and dropped a hand between her legs.

Jill and I watched as Alex continued to tongue Catie’s boobs, every so often sucking a nipple deep into his mouth, as she began a slow rhythmic up and down with her fingers. It was quiet in the room except for pleased murmurs from Catie and an occasional m-m-m from Jill, now with her jeans unzipped and a hand in her underpants.

Catie pushed Alex off her breasts, laid back, spread her legs, and slipped a hand behind Alex’s head. He took the hint and moved forward to lick her pussy.

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