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Finally we were all finished packing and ready to leave in the morning for our first well deserved holiday. Dating for a year and now engaged, we had yet to vacation together in a meaningful way. We saved like beasts to afford this trip to Mexico and couldn’t have been more excited.

Booked in at the Barcello Resort, south of Cancun, we were eager to be heading to an exotic, warm location far from the cold winter blasts of the harsh Canadian winter.

Wanting to celebrate a little before leaving we agreed to meet our friends Dave and Sherry for drinks at a nearby pub. Living in the basement suite, we yelled to our upstairs roommates to hustle up, we were anxious to go.

Jo, looking fucking hot as always, had thrown on a pair of jeans and shrugged on her grey “Wadena” sweatshirt. Sandy blond hair pulled back in a ponytail she said “Lets do this!” Her piercing blue eyes and beautiful smile were not to be denied!

Not wanting to drink too much before our early morning flight, the four of us committed to having a mellow night and to not let things get out of hand. Taking separate vehicles and arriving before our friends, we grabbed a table for four near the dart boards and ordered a couple of jugs of beer. Not far behind, Dave and Sherry walked in two minutes after us, sat down and poured themselves some beers.

And to be honest, I’m not really sure what we were thinking. Before the night even began, we should have foreseen that our plans of a quiet night were seriously flawed. First off, it seemed that every time we would get together with Dave and Sherry, things would come unglued pretty quick and we end up hammered and doing stupid shit.

Second problem, a BIG problem, was draught beer. The nemesis of liquors for Jo, draught has a bizarre and dramatic effect on her brain and her decision-making process. It’s always a ton of fun but never without next-day regrets.

Ignoring all the warning signs of potential danger, we crashed headlong into a great evening of drinking, fun and giggling. And being a very competitive bunch of people, we soon broke into teams, boys against the girls, and started making bets on the outcomes of the darts we were playing.

Of course, the bets had to do with sex, goofy sex, to which the girls somewhat reluctantly agreed. Beer flowing freely and darts flying ever wilder, within two hours the boys prevailed and were declared the undisputed winners. I could see things were getting kooky and the fun ramping up as Joey was getting louder and she started cussing like a drunken uncle at a Saskatchewan wedding. Having been warned twice by management about her volume and language, we took it as our cue to call it a night.

This was great news for Dave and I as we were super excited to collect on our wagers! During a series of progressively worse loses, the girls had confidently doubled down on each match with bets of “double or nothing”. Well, in the betting world, never picking up win and doubling down every game can only mean real trouble for the losing team. By the time we were leaving the girls were committed to stripping down in the parking lot, driving home naked and giving us road-head on the way. Big score for the boys!

Having come in separate vehicles, the four of us headed to our cars, which were parked side by side in the middle of the lot. Grinning from ear to ear we watched as our girls nervously giggled and scanned the parking lot for people.

Finally with the coast clear, they quickly stripped off their clothes and jumped into the passenger seats of the cars. I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes. Jo is a paradox of attitudes. On the one hand, she can be very cautious and sexually inhibited. On the other, she can show a super wild side that comes out of nowhere, is incredibly unexpected and tremendously erotic.

Standing beside the driver’s side doors of our respective cars, I give Dave, a thumbs up and jump into our Tracker. Dave settles into his Corola and once the door is closed, I can see he must be undoing his pants as fast as he can. Rookie! I’m already unzipped and got my pud out and it’s standing at full attention.

“Come on, come on, lets get out of here!” Jo urges.

Putting the seat back as far is it would go, I put the car in drive and start the short drive home. Looking in my rear-view gaziantep escortları mirror, I see Dave pull out behind me. I also see Sherry’s head drop immediately into Dave’s lap and out of view. Looking from the mirror to Joanna, she smiled and said “Well big boy, guess it’s time to pay up”.

Damn, I was so hard. Not just from the prospect of getting a blowjob but from the overt sexual attitude of my wife. This was very out of character for her and way over the moon exciting.

Without a word, she dropped to her left, grabbed my cock with her right hand and took me straight into her mouth. My left hand on the steering wheel, I rested my right on the back of her head and tried to maintain some semblance of control. This being one of those occasions where I was too excited for words, I had a hard time concentrating on driving and NOT coming. Jo is an amazing mouth magician and she was working me hard with her hand and lips.

Thank god we were close to home as I really couldn’t wait to fuck my girl and could hardly contain myself. Seeing her fully naked in the front seat of our car, blowing me with a vigor I hadn’t seen in a while, was almost too much for me. I truly am the luckiest guy in the whole fucking world!

Dave and Sherry stuck at a red light, we left them far behind and arrive at our house long before them. Slowing and pulling into the ally behind our house, I hit the remote to let us into the garage. I swing into my spot in the garage and pull Jo’s head outta my lap. “Don’t move a muscle!’ I tell her and jump out of the car. Running around the back of the vehicle I pull open her door and kiss her hard on the mouth. Pulling back from me and grinning from ear to ear she say’s “fuck me Big Dawg!”.

Not believing what I’m hearing, my sainted girlfriend talking like a magnificent tramp, I’m only too happy to oblige. Garage door still wide open, in total view of anyone who might be walking or driving by, I spin her fully towards me. Fuck she is beautiful. Stunning smile, amazing full breasts and slick bald pussy, I can’t wait to spread her knees wide. When I do, even in the dark of the garage I can see she is soaked.

Dropping my pants to my ankles, I pull her knees up, exposing her to the night and take in the amazement of the moment. There is my beautiful soulmate, naked, spread, leaning back now, waiting for me. Rock hard, I pull her ankles up, cock pointed towards her open pussy, I pause to savour the moment. She whispers “please” and I can’t take the suspense any longer.

I lean forward, cock nudging into the edge of her pussy, I love the feeling of her silky, hotness as I sink slowly into her. So tight. So wet. I try to take my time as I press forward. She lets her head roll back slightly and her slow groan lets me know she is enjoying this as much as I am. The whole scene goes into slow motion and we both settle into a great rhythm of me sliding in and her pressing forward towards me. Back and forth, back and forth…..

We both turn our heads with a snap at the sound of Dave’s car as he starts to pull down the ally, looking to get into the garage. Fuck! Busted and at the worst time. Headlights not quite shining directly on us, it’s enough that I know he and Sherry are probably getting an eyeful.

I’m frozen in that instant, but I feel Melissa take action. Grabbing firmly with both of her hands, she pulls my ass towards her, back into her! I look at her and she’s staring right at me, great big grin and says “your not going to leave a girl hanging are you?”.

Jesus Christ, I can’t believe what I am hearing. Is my sainted, conservative little gf actually wanting to put on a bit of show? Is she that horny or just that drunk? Well, fuck it, who am I to reason why? We continue to rock back and forth, caught in the moment, loving every second of it.

I have no idea how long we continue or what was going on in Dave’s car but we come to our senses when we hear another car starting to make it’s way down the ally. Knowing that it will soon be right behind Dave’s car, blocked from further access to the ally, we know we’ve got to move.

Laughing, not really believing what we are doing, I pull out my amazing soon-to-be wife and reach into the back of the car for Jo’s clothes. Pulling up my pants, she gathers her clothes to her body, partially covering her naked bits, I slam the car door, we head to the garage door and make a run for the house.

After a few anxious moments fumbling for my keys, we are in the house and stumble in the darkness heading down the stairs into our basement suite. Oh my god, we are laughing. Once in our apartment we stand together, close, chest to chest, our arms around each other, I’m enveloped by her warmth. Damn I love this girl. Not caring that there is a bed just feet away, we sink to the living room floor, I am on top of her, inside of her and we pause.

I want this moment to last forever. We start to move together again and I rise up on my arms and she pulls her knees up towards her chest. I am sliding in as deep as I’ve ever been and can no longer continue slowly. With each stroke, I pull as far out as I can before driving forward. Each thrust gaining intensity and frequency. Soon we are fucking with abandon, our bodies slamming into each other. As I pound down, she pushes up to meet each thrust. I hook my elbows behind her knees to pull her up, fully exposed.

I can’t stand it any more. “I’m so sorry Jo” is all I can say as I know I am so there, I won’t last another 3 strokes. She says “good, come for me!”. I try to hold off to wait for her but she is now bucking her ass up to meet each stroke and I’m done for. I start to come and can’t keep my rhythm, I’m fucked.

Jo reaches down and grabs my ass with both of her hands and pulls and pushes me back into sync with her, we are coming together. I’m pounding hard now, her meeting every thrust with a huffed “yes”.

The whole night’s events crash in together and pushes me over the edge and with one last shove, I’m there, Mess pulling me into her and holding me in place.

I come with an intensity that I haven’t felt in months. I fall on top of her, out of breath. I wheeze an apology for not being able to wait for her and she laughs. “I came a while ago” she tells me. Both breathing heavily, we lay with each other for a while, our bodies hot and sweaty and sticky in all the right places.

“Shit…..we gotta be up in 3 hours” she says with a giggle. I look up to the red glow of our LED clock and it really is 2 am. This was exactly what we wanted to avoid and I couldn’t be happier that we had fucked it up so badly.

This was going to be a fantastic holiday!!!

Pt 2.

The next morning, we both prayed for Death to come and take us to his hell. Surely the Grim Reaper’s home base wasn’t as bad as the conditions we were trying to deal with. The alarm blasted with a fury and volume of a sea going freighter, jarring us from the deep coma’s we had sunk into a few hours previously.

As bad as my head hurt, I couldn’t help but smile as I recalled the night before and the crazy shit that went down. As if reading my mind, Jo smacked my ass and asked “what are you smiling about?”. Hard to answer as I was trying to brush the foul taste of my share of 6 jugs of beer from my mouth, I just laughed. She knew. She smiled back.

No time to shower and booze pouring from every pore of our bodies, we grabbed our bags and jumped into the pre-ordered cab (thank god Jo is so fucking organized). Long story short, six and half hours later we landed in the sweltering heat of a Cancun winter.

Coming from the prairies, this kind of heat in February was unimaginable and completely unexpected. Oh sure, we knew it would be hot but the blast of heat that met us when we left the airconditioned comfort of the airport punched me in the nut-sack like a cannonball.

Both suffering from crippling hangovers, we staggered, hobbled, lurched to the waiting bus Thank Christ it had the AC blasting and a cooler full of beer open. As much as it nearly killed us, we knew the only way outta this cranial mess was “the hair o’ the dog”.

Guts protesting violently, Jo and I prevailed over our stomachs attempts to hurl it’s contents into our laps and we high-fived our not barfing! Victory sometimes comes in small measures and we have to take the win any way we could.

In hindsight, starting to drink that early in the heat of a blazing Mexican day might not have been the best choice for our first time in the country. But what the fuck, given how we performed the night before, we felt like champs and were ready to get the party started.

An hour later, we had arrived at our resort and were all checked in. Total rookies, we were dying from the heat! Having left -30 degree weather in Saskatchewan, we were dressed for the cold. I hadn’t run since grade 8 (I was getting chased by a dog), we bolted for our room and tore into our suitcases for our shorts and t-shirts. Jeans and long-sleeved shirts are not a great choice for travels to Mexico.

Now 4 beer in, we had somehow completely forgotten all about the bat-shit crazy headaches we got as a result of too much drinking the night before and plowed headlong into free booze and chips at the pool bar right outside our door. Whoever invented Mexico deserves a Nobel Prize.

Relaxing for the first time in months, it was easy to sit poolside and have Alejandro bring us drinks, soak up the sun and talk about nothing. Stripped down to our bathing suits 36 seconds after we sank into our lounge chairs, Jo oiled up with Johnsons and Johnsons and I slathered on 60 SPF, kids aquatic suntan lotion. Although we have very different views on sunscreen protection, I very much appreciated her choice of lubricant.

Slick, silky and covered in oil, my sweet Jo was as fucking hot as any woman in the entire resort. From behind my sunglasses, I couldn’t help but steal glances at her amazing body. She could have been asleep, I couldn’t tell because she too was wearing similar glasses.

Every once in a while, she would shift and I would shamelessly watch her every move. Recalling the events of the night before and seeing her basking in the sun, I was feeling the need to fuck her all over again.

Not wanting to push my luck, I decided to play it cool and in an effort to suppress my horny impulses, started to think about dead kittens. Mission accomplished, I was able to push all my impure thoughts aside and do some lifeguard-grade people watching.

The full range of body types from around the globe were unashamedly on glorious display. I loved how every person, young or old, round or slim, guy or gal, seemed utterly oblivious to the stunted, negative body conscious mindset of so many Canadians…me being one of them. There was a freedom here to be and look however you wanted.

I thought “Fuck it” and for the first time in 22 years, I stepped way outside my comfort zone and exhaled. Yup, stopped sucking in my gut and let it all hang out. Although not too much to hang, it was incredibly liberating to just be “me” for a change.

Basting like a salmon on a dock during the hottest day of summer, drink in hand, I felt alive! I shook Jo awake, which I’m sure she was thrilled about, and told her of my revelation. In total Jo fashion, she just smiled and said “this might be a game-changer for us”. Not sure what the fuck she meant by that, I was too busy being wowed by my epiphany to read anything into her remark. Damn, I should really pay closer attention to the shit she says.

Jo slowly sat up and said “I’ll be back”. Grabbing her room key, she headed back to the room and I watched her ass sway as she walked away. Was there an extra wiggle to her walk? Maybe it was just my overactive imagination but it sure looked like it.

Her tight one-piece suit fit like a glove. She hadn’t bought a new swimsuit in years and this one was a beaut. Riding high on her hips, it’s cut showed off her ass in stunning fashion. Yup, luckiest man on the planet.

I ordered two more drinks from Alejandro and relished the moment. I hadn’t been this at peace in years. The sounds of people splashing in the pool, of couples laughing and groups of friends chatting all combined to form the perfect ambiance.

Shaken from my internal reverie by a hand on my shoulder, I looked up to see Jo and she said “c’mon, lets check out the beach”. What I really heard was “blah blah, blahblahblah” as I was shocked to see what she had changed into.

In the years that we had know each other, I had never once seen her in a bikini and damn did she look fucking hot! Black with white stripes, the top cupped her ample breasts and brought them together in a supple sublime way. The bottoms were high waisted and cut to exemplify her hips and brought my eye straight to her muffin.

She turned towards the beach and strode away with that seductive sway to her hips. This new suit was cut in a way that showed more of her ass than I had ever seen in her previous suits. Lovin’ in!

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