I Might Share You

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* * * * * Hello all, this is an entry into the Summer Lovin’ 2017 competition. So if you enjoy it, please leave your vote. All votes and feedback appreciated. * * * * *

“I want to stay here.”

I ran a hand over my freshly-shaved face as I sat on the edge of the bed, watching Luce get ready to go out.

She brushed past me. “Quit whinging. Will’ll be here soon.”

I pulled her towards me and she let herself be dragged in to straddle me, a glint of mischief in her blue eyes. Her red hair was like a bush fire curling around her shoulders, her black sequinned dress riding up her thighs, slashed with mesh panels that showed the ‘v’ of her cleavage and two strokes of pale skin across her ribs.

I put a hand in her hair, letting her curls flow through my fingers.

“I can’t believe you pimped me out to my best friend.”

She leaned in so her forehead rested against mine. “You loved it.”

I had loved it. But that wasn’t the point.

She kissed my forehead and I put my arms around her and breathed in her scent.

“You smell fucking glorious,” I said.

“So do you.”

I picked her up and spun her around, then dumped her on the bed and pinned her there. She stared up at me, her eyes glittering.

“So, tonight,” I said. “What’s on the menu? If I’m leaving the guild to do Yogg-Saron without me, there’d better be something in it for me.”

“Jesse Clifton, fearless raid leader,” she said, with mock breathlessness. “How will they cope?”

“Sarcastic bint.” I kissed her and she opened her mouth and kissed me back. I slid a hand to her breast and found she was braless under her dress, her body soft under my hand.

She pushed me back. “Jesse! You’re going to make a mess of me before we leave the house!”

“And?” I grinned.

She laughed. “I promise, this party will be worth your while. Seb says he has a surprise for you.” She raised herself up and kissed me.

“So, why is Will coming again?” I said.

She put her hands either side of my face. “Because he’s still your best mate.”

I grunted and got off her. My best mate. The last time I’d seen Will, among other things, he’d told me I dressed like a slut. That was just before he’d fucked me in the arse.

Tonight I had on tight leather pants, sure. Leather boots… a black sleeveless t-shirt, leather jacket, leather cuffs, an eyebrow ring (ironic) and my hair black, styled, and long enough to hit my shoulders. Nothing slutty about any of that. It was all the rage down Camden.

There was a knock on the door downstairs and Luce got to her feet. “That’ll be Will.”

She stalked over to me in her spike heeled boots and turned me towards her.

“You look great Jesse.”

Well, fuck, I knew that.

I put my arms around her, swaying her against me. “What’re the rules tonight?”

She thought for a moment. “No boys for me tonight except you.”

“Fine with me,” I said with a grin.

“Right, let’s go see your boyfriend,” she said.

I gave her a look of exasperation and she laughed. “Expect more of that.”

“Then expect to be roundly and publically fucked.”

She smiled at me. “I’d be disappointed with anything less.”

I leaned into her and rested my teeth against her neck long enough to leave wet indentations against her skin, then pulled back and kissed her there.

There was a knock on the bedroom door.

“Christ,” I said, “he’s like the thing from It Follows.”

“You decent?” Will called through the door.

Luce pulled the door open and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “When is he ever decent?”

Will strode into the room and I got a kick of adrenaline as he made straight for me and pulled me against him. He kissed me on the mouth and I struggled away from him.

He laughed. “So, you’re going to be like that, are you, mate?”

I pointed at Luce. “I have a girlfriend, Will. And if I want to put my cock in you, I’ll let you know.”

Luce leaned against the door, watching us with a half smile.

Will pulled me into him again. “And if I want to put my cock in you, you’ll let me, no?”

I pulled away from him again, annoyed. “Once was enough, thanks.”

Will glanced at Luce and she rolled her eyes. “Ignore him. He hasn’t stopped talking about it since you fucked him.”

“Shut up Luce,” I sang at her.

I had loved it, and it was all I could think about, but he didn’t need to know that. If his ego got any bigger, he’d explode in a cloud of smug.

I strode past them both and headed for the stairs. Besides, I knew what I wanted, and unless Will let me have it when I wanted it, he could keep his hands to himself.

We pulled up outside my mate Seb’s house just after ten. Dance music thudded from inside as we walked past a group of smokers and headed up the steps.

“Jesse, Will!” Seb, a round-faced lad in a Man U shirt, threw an arm around my neck then did the same to Will. “Good to see you, lads. Ready to have a good night?”

“Abso-fucking-lutely,” said Will. He slapped my chest. “Catch you beyoğlu escort outside.” He pulled away from Seb and headed for the back door.

Seb hauled me into him with the arm around my neck. “How you been? I haven’t seen you for two weeks.”

“Yeah, that’d be because you haven’t been at lectures, mate,” I said. “You planning on passing, or not?”

He made a face. “I dunno, maybe. I was thinking, at a pinch, I could just live off my old man’s money instead. Anyway, where’s that lovely girl of yours?”

I looked around. Luce had disappeared.

“Go look for her, mate,” he said, “and grab yourself a drink. Beer’s in the kitchen.”

I pulled away to get a beer and he grabbed my arm.

“Hang on a sec, nearly forgot.” He pressed a lime green rectangle in a plastic bag into my hand. “On me. For all your help last semester.”

I grinned. “Thanks, mate.”

“Oh, and I haven’t tried these ones before, so halve it.”

I always did anyway. I headed for the kitchen and grabbed a beer, then went looking for Luce. I found her in the back garden, a fag in her hand. I threw myself down next to her and she handed it to me, then settled herself in my lap while I took a drag.

“Luce was telling us you’re expanding your horizons,” said a fit girl with dark hair and dark eyes. She had the brightest red lipstick I’d ever seen, and a tiny waist. Her name escaped me but I was sure we’d met before.

“Luce, what the fuck does she mean?” I asked, as she took the cigarette back. I suspected I knew exactly what she’d meant.

“I just said you were looking at studying something different for a bit,” she said, mischief in her eyes. She inhaled and then blew a cloud of smoke past me.

“What are you going to do when you finish up?” asked the girl. Gabby? Gabriela? I was sure it was something like that. Or Felicity. One of the two.

“I thought I might travel,” I said. “I fancy heading down to Australia for a bit.”

“Ooh, nice, I’ve always wanted to go.”

Gabriela—I was sure that was her name—leaned forward and took the smoke from Luce’s hand as Will strode into the garden.

“Hoy, hoy, what’s going on here?”

“You want a fag, mate?” one of the other lads asked.

Will grinned. “Always.” He patted his jacket pocket. “Got me own though, mate.”

He pulled one out and lit it, throwing a smug smile my way as he drew on it.

The chatter carried on around me as I remembered the molly Seb had given me. I took it out and got Luce’s attention.

“Want to share?”

She nodded.

I broke it in half and handed a crumbling green square to her. She put it on her tongue and took a swallow of beer.

She made a face. “Tastes like arse.”

I took the other half and swallowed it down. She was right it did taste like arse. But in half an hour we’d be rolling.

Luce leaned back against me and I put my arms around her so that I brushed the underswell of her breasts in all of their velvet softness. It was all I could do to not move my hands up to cup them.

“Let me know when you come up,” I murmured in her ear.

She moved her head to glance back at me. “I can feel you coming up.”

It was true; her arse firmly planted in my lap and the heat of her body against me, was having an effect.

She shifted, grinding her arse into me, and I tightened my arms around her.

We chatted for a bit about staying with my Aunt in Melbourne, where all the best Australian bands were from, while Will’s eyes stayed locked on me, Luce warm and soft in my arms.

The conversation turned to something else and I realised I was feeling flushed.

“Are you coming up?” I asked Luce.

It was probably too soon, but I could feel happiness bubbling up inside me.

“Maybe,” she murmured. She turned in my lap and kissed me. Her lips were soft and warm, the scent of her hair filling my nose, the taste of beer and cigarette smoke filling my mouth.

A song came on; Calvin Harris, Summer.

Luce slid off my lap and pulled me to my feet. “Come dance.”

Fuck, I was coming up. I could feel it as the first notes of the song strobed around us. Someone cranked it, and Luce threw her arms around my neck and we both sang along.

When I met you in the summer…

It was our song, the song that told the birth of what we had now, forged in the balmy reaches of the summer prior. And now summer was floating around us again, the air as warm as the English summer ever got in Bristol. Did I mention it was summer?

And then the bass dropped.


I was rolling, Luce was rolling. We threw ourselves into the music, lost in it.

I felt a wash of love for Luce rise inside me. Not just for Luce, for everyone. For life. For just being alive. As I did every time I took E, I wished everyone was on it all the time. No wars, no sadness, no inequality; just one epic dance party, where everyone was attractive and hugs were compulsory.

Thumping bass and both of us jumping with everyone around us as if we were at a fucking concert, everyone sarıyer escort around us throwing their hands in the air, bouncing to the beat.

Luce laughed against me and I kissed her while disco lights flickered across us, the ever-rotating mirrorball hung from the ceiling drowning us in a whirlpool of silver confetti.

“Fuck yeah!” I shouted, and Luce laughed, her eyes bright and alive, her pupils huge and black as mine must have been.

The song rolled into ‘Feel So Close’, also by Calvin Harris, and we sang it together with everyone else, swaying to the slow start, those long piano notes.

Oh. My. God.

Electronic notes dropped in, the music rising, the tempo building… and then the bass dropped again and we melted into it, out bodies driven into it, every muscle a slave to the beat. We were breathless, we were in love, we were lost.

We danced in a glitter of lights and music, all of us throwing ourselves against each other while the music and the ecstasy took a hold.

Half an hour later, sweaty and grinning, Luce pulled me back outside for a breather.

“Need water. Wait here, I’ll be back soon.”

She kissed my cheek and disappeared.

I dropped into a chair near the group we’d been sitting with before, where Will and Gabriela were having some intense conversation about life, the universe and everything.

They stopped talking as I leaned in.

“What are we talking about?”

Will stared at me and his eyes dropped to my mouth.

I felt an instant kick of excitement as those intense blue eyes of his shamelessly roved over me as if I was selling myself down St Paul’s. He let out a stream of cigarette smoke and handed what was left of his cigarette to Gabriela.

“Come here.”

I leaned in towards him and he put a hand against the back of my head and pushed his tongue into my mouth. Holding me that way, I felt all the excitement I’d felt the first time he’d pushed me down on the bed, only to the power of ten. My body felt like one live nerve with his tongue against mine.

I put my hands on his arms and fingered the sleeve of his jacket as we kissed, the texture of it rough, but fascinating. Texture. Was fascinating. I wasn’t even sure what it was made of, but when I looked at his sleeve, the way shadows fell on it was like rivers and valleys.

“Rivers and valleys,” I mumbled into his mouth.

He pulled back. “Are you kissing me or making out with my clothes?”

I stared down at the cloth of his jacket and ran a fold of it between my fingertips.

“Making out with my jacket, then,” he said.

I glanced back at his face and put my fingers against his lips, then touched his cheek. So smooth. No stubble.

He pulled my hand down and placed it against his chest. “All right Jesse, I don’t need you shoving your fingers in my mouth. Not where you tend to put them.”

I grinned at him in wonder. “Your skin feels amazing.”

He nodded and sighed. “Yeah. Looking forward to another three hours of this.”

He let my hand go and I stroked his shirt buttons, starting at the top, working my way down. And down. I rested my hand against his crotch and stroked, while he shook his head slowly.

“So… are you bi, Jesse?” It was Gabriela. “Or just loved up?”

I swung my head around to face her. “Yeah.”

She grinned. “Fair enough. Giz a kiss then.”

I turned towards her, Will momentarily forgotten, and leaned in.

And then pulled back as Luce stepped between us. She handed me a glass of water and sat back on my lap.


I took a sip of water and grinned up at her, Gabriela forgotten too. Christ Luce was gorgeous.

As bright and clear as the world was, I was aware of Will, the cigarette back in his mouth, smoking while he watched us—as I was aware of Gabriela watching us with her intense dark eyes.

I set my glass down and ran my hands over Luce’s soft curves while she sipped her water, the feel of her body under her dress my new favourite thing. All those sequins were like dragon scales sliding over the top of each other.

She held the glass to my lips. “More?”

I sipped from the glass as she held it, running my fingers across the sequins that moulded to her body as I drank. We finished the glass of water between us and she set it down, then threw her arms around my neck and kissed me.

It was a slow kiss, teasing, loving. The taste of her lips, cooled by water, and the feel of her warm under my hands, became my world.

“You should come with me,” I said to her. “You’d like Australia. I hear the wildlife’s very friendly.”

“That is not what I’ve heard.” She kissed me softly.

“I’m with her,” said Gabriela. “Have you seen the size of their spiders?”

“I want to see the big red rock,” I said. “And the place they shot that movie where everything was… red.”

“Could you be more specific?” Luce said, teasing me.

We grinned at each other, Luce and I, our eyes black as the sky above us. I’d always found her beautiful, whether it was first thing maslak escort in the morning after a rough night, or dressed to kill. But now, in this moment, with a waterfall of red hair falling over her shoulders, her eyes huge, her freckles softened by my eyes’ inability to focus and a glow of pure joy on her face, she was ethereal.

The look in her eyes made my thoughts collect together like feathers drifting against each other on a velvet bed of contentment.

E makes everyone a poet.

“Come here.” I pulled her close, drinking in her scent, the feel of her in my arms incredibly satisfying.

“I love you, Luce.”

“I love you too, emo boy.”

I raised an eyebrow, but I didn’t have to say it.

“It’s okay Jesse, we know you were born wearing eyeliner.”

She was laughing at me. She kissed me again and I lost myself in her mouth. Her fingers slid across my chest, waking a trail of pleasure wherever her fingertips touched.

I glanced sideways and saw Will leaning forward in his chair, watching us. As our eyes met, he deliberately put his cigarette to his lips and drew on it. Without realising I was doing it, and with my mouth still locked to Luce’s, I held my breath as he breathed in. He held the smoke a moment, then let it out in a long cloud.

I started breathing again and coughed into Luce’s mouth.

“Jesse!” Luce pulled back and slapped a hand against my chest.

I groaned at how good that hand felt connecting with me, and ground my erection up into her thigh.

“I want to do you,” I said. “Can I do you?”

“You’re such a charmer.” She licked the end of my nose. “What did you have in mind?”

“You, here, now, here, now.”

Gabriela got up and put a hand on Luce’s shoulder. She looked down into our faces. “Guys, do you think you could maybe not fuck in the courtyard?”

“You can join in if you like,” I said.

Her eyes widened. “You are so off your tits.”

Luce slung an arm around Gabriela’s shoulder. “So you’re not up for a bit of light fisting?”

“What, no!” Gabriela pulled away from Luce, laughing in mock horror, but Luce caught her fingers.

The two girls’ eyes met and I saw from the looks on both their faces that Gabriela wouldn’t take much convincing.

Still Will sat in his chair, dragging on his cigarette. Watching me, his eyes flickering briefly over the girls, then sliding back to me. To my face. Fuck knew what he was thinking, but it was unnerving.

“Come here.” I held my arm out to Gabriela and she moved in close. I put my arm around her waist and rested my head against her side, looking up at her with what I knew were, right now, huge, dark eyes.

“Do you want to do me?”

She flushed red, her expression that of a woman feeling small and caught, lusting after someone forbidden. Her own pupils were wide, and it wasn’t from anything she’d taken.

“Lucy’s right, Jesse,” she said. “You’re a total charmer.”

I grinned up at her and nuzzled against her hip. “But you do want to do me, yeah?”

Beyond her, I could have sworn I saw Will roll his eyes.

“Maybe,” said Gabriela. She glanced up at Lucy, her lower lip caught in her teeth. “If you don’t mind.”

Luce’s eyes were swimming with excitement. She didn’t mind. Fuck no. If I hadn’t asked, she’d have kicked my arse about it tomorrow.

Luce’s eyes drifted over Gabriela in her fitting black satin blouse that showed a generous dip of pale cleavage, and a button straining to be popped open. Over the tiny waist that separated that gorgeous rack from the curve of her hips, her tight, round bum, and her slender legs running down into boots. She wore a lower heel than Luce—I was guessing she didn’t need the extra height.

I could have picked the two of them up and gone for a walk, they were both so slight. But if I was going to do them both, I needed somewhere to play. I looked around the garden and caught Will’s eyes. He nodded past us towards the house and I glanced around. There was one of those round daybeds made of wicker, lined with pale, uncomfortable-looking cushions.

I grabbed Luce’s and Gabriela’s hands and got to my feet. “Come on.”

Gabriela let out a nervous laugh as I led them to the daybed. I sat down, a girl’s hand caught in each of mine.

Gabriela’s small fingers curled around mine, while Luce’s hand was hot, like the fire of her hair, the fever in her blood.

Gabriela pulled her lip between her teeth, her eyes shifting from my face to the ground and back again.

Luce’s eyes were fixed to mine, her lips parted. It was my move.

I pulled Luce down beside me and put a hand on her chest, pushing her down on the cushions beside me. I kissed her, my lips lingering against hers, and whispered, “Stay.”

I turned my attention back to Gabriela and Luce propped herself up on her elbows and watched as I pulled Gabriela between my legs and put my hands on her narrow waist, feeling the heat of her soak through the satin fabric that slid against her skin. Her hands went unconsciously to the edges of her blouse at her throat, as if she were about to start unbuttoning it. She toyed with the fabric as I pulled her in close and rested my chin against her stomach, looking up at her. I swore I could hear her heart racing.

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