I Need Him Ch. 02

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Castro Supreme

I honestly thought I would never see him again.

It was the Fourth of July weekend, and I had walked from my condo to the lakefront, carrying a small cooler and my canvas chair, hoping to stake out a good spot to watch the fireworks from. I found a spot well south of where most people tend to sit and set up my chair, using my cooler as a footstool. The drinks inside were for later.

I listened to the music being pumped out over loudspeakers that were attached to the light posts, and enjoyed the warm July evening. I was wearing a straight black skirt that ended just above my knees, a light pink racer-back tank top that showed off the contours of my back and emphasized the curves of my waist and hips, and my heeled sandals were black and well broken in. My red hair was loose and blowing with the slight breeze. I was comfortable, and content. The only thing that was really on my mind was my husband. He had gone out with the boys, as he did every holiday, and was probably not going to come home until morning. That had gotten to be a more frequent thing with him, ever since…

Did I say my husband was the only thing on my mind? I lied, Jason was on my mind too. In fact, he was on my mind quite a bit these days. It had been more than three weeks since I saw him last, since we… I had tried to get him out of my mind and just couldn’t. It was funny, I didn’t even know the guy. He was just someone I had sex with once, and yet, I felt a connection to him that I hadn’t felt with anyone before, not even my husband. Jason left me his email address, of course, but I hadn’t had the courage to write him. I often wondered if he thought about me too.

So there I was, sitting in my canvas chair, enjoying the evening alone, when a slightly familiar voice said at my shoulder, “Is this seat taken?”

I jumped up and spun around, almost knocking my chair over, and I was once again staring into those eyes that I couldn’t quite describe. Trying desperately to think of something cool to say, I looked around and said, “Do you see anybody else sitting near me?” I groaned inwardly. Score two for awkwardness.

But he smiled anyway and replied, “Is that an invitation?”

I nodded, and sat back down in my chair. He sat next to me on the grass and put the backpack he’d been carrying at his feet. He unzipped the main pouch and dug in like he was searching for the Holy Grail. After a moment, he came back out with a bag of pretzels, a bag of chips and some dip, which we started munching on.

Nodding at my cooler, he said, “I hope there are drinks in there.”

Trying again for cool, I smiled and said, “No, this is just my footstool. Sorry.”

He chuckled and said, “Oh well. We’ll just have to go to your place to quench our thirst after the show, then.” I could hear the double meaning in his words, and I got a little turned on at the thought.

Not long after that the show started, and we watched in awe and silence. The fireworks show over the lake beats anything I’ve ever seen anywhere else, except the 2002 Olympics. About halfway into the show, I felt Jason take my hand, and I tingled with excitement and anticipation.

I stared at the fireworks as he leaned towards me and whispered in my ear, “Beautiful, isn’t it?”

I nodded, and turned towards him. His face was very close to mine. I leaned towards him to kiss him, but he backed away slightly, a playful smile on his lips. I pulled back too, a little hurt, until I saw the sparkle in his eyes matching the smile on his lips. He shook his head slightly, and I got the message. Not until later. My heart began pounding in anticipation. Ardahan Escort

After the fireworks were over, I again invited him to my place. He seemed nervous about the invitation, same as last time, so I asked why.

“Because, like I said last time, you’re married. And I-“

“I know, you’re not single either,” I said quietly. “What exactly is your relationship status, then?”

Jason heaved a sigh, hesitating, the look in his eyes saying that he wasn’t sure he wanted to tell me. He glanced around for a moment, as though being sure nobody was watching, and said, “I’m engaged. She lives in Santa Fe, in our home, while I’m traveling. I’m traveling about nine months out of the year and she can’t stand it, but that’s the nature of my job. Over the last few months, I’ve noticed that she’s started drinking heavily, and I’m afraid she’s becoming an alcoholic. I can’t deal with that, but I don’t know what to do.”

I nodded, silent, not sure if he was finished. After a few moments, I said, “Then why are you still with her?”

He stopped and turned, looking me fully in the eye. “What’s wrong in your marriage?” He clearly didn’t want to talk about his fiancée anymore.

I didn’t press him, and said, “He’s never home, but he doesn’t travel, like you. His boys are more important to him than I am. Partying and drinking… On a weekend like this, he probably won’t come home all night.”

Jason was quiet, and we walked the rest of the way in silence. As we got into the elevator and hit the button for my floor, he slipped behind me and once again put his arms around my waist, pressing his body into my back. His cock was already hard, and I could feel the first tinglings of my own arousal as I felt his warm breath on my shoulder.

“Do you know how sexy you look in that top?” he whispered. I didn’t say anything, and he continued, his voice a breathless whisper, “How many floors does it take you to make a man cum in your mouth?”

I glanced up and saw that we were already at the 7th floor. My condo was on the 23rd floor. I turned and, with my hand sliding down towards his hardness, I said seductively, “I don’t know, shall we find out?”

He moaned slightly in response, as my hand was now moving up and down the length of his swollen shaft. Quickly, I unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down, exposing his thick, throbbing cock. Just the sight of it made my panties wet. I glanced at the counter again, noticing we were now passing the 12th floor, knelt down, and took him in my mouth.

He put his hands on my head and started running his fingers through my hair, moaning in pleasure. I worked his cock with my lips and my tongue, sucking on the head, stroking his now glistening shaft with my lips and my right hand. My left hand found their way to his balls, and I squeezed those gently, making him jump slightly with pleasure. I could taste the precum that was dripping from him, and it tasted salty. I love salty things. I was vaguely aware that we were in an elevator that could stop on any floor between now and the time we got to mine, but I wasn’t sure I cared. I went faster and faster, lightly rubbing his balls and his long cock, and his breath quickened in anticipation of his orgasm.

I heard a small bell ring, and I quickly stood up, wiping saliva from my lips, and he pulled his pants up and buttoned them right as the elevator doors opened. My panties were very wet now, and clinging to me, and his pants did nothing to hide his bulging erection. We glanced in either direction, then dashed down to my condo and hurried inside. I hoped and prayed Artvin Escort my husband wasn’t there yet, knowing that it would be just my luck for this to be the one holiday evening he chose to spend with me. Luckily for us, he wasn’t home.

Jason spun around as soon as he heard me shut the door and pushed me up against it, pinning me, and kissed me hard. I kissed him back, running my hands over the muscles of his chest and stomach. This was a man who kept himself very much in shape; the muscles of his arms, chest and stomach were well defined. I pulled his body against mine and felt the length and firmness of him against me.

Our kiss broke, and as he kissed my neck and jaw in frantic little trails, I tore open his shirt, revealing the muscles that I had been feeling and so needing to lay bare before me. I pushed his shirt off of his shoulders and he threw it to the floor, then pulled me away from the door and whipped my top off over my head, noticing with admiration and pleasure that I wasn’t wearing a bra. My hard nipples were exposed, and he suckled each of my breasts for a moment, and I held his head in my hands while I tilted my head up towards the ceiling and moaned, and then he picked me up and carried me back to the bedroom.

He placed me on my back and kissed me again, more softly this time but with no less passion. Then he lay down beside me and put one leg over mine, while he caressed and kissed my breasts and my stomach. His hand slowly crept under my skirt, as if he were waiting for me to protest, but of course I did not, and his fingers reached my wet pussy.

He slowly worked his way underneath my silk panties, and ran his finger up and down my tingling, throbbing clit. I was so aroused that I came, and I convulsed a little with my orgasm, which took us both by surprised.

“Did I hurt you?” he asked. He seemed genuinely concerned.

I shook my head, swallowed, and said breathlessly, “No…”

His eyes took on a look of knowing and he said, “Something else?”

I nodded in response, unable to speak, because he had not stopped fingering my clit, and what he was doing felt so incredibly delicious.

After another moment or two, he stopped and pulled off my panties, and I took advantage of his position and again unbuttoned his pants. His boxers were wet at the tip of his cock and I knew that his balls must be aching with the unfinished orgasm I’d almost given him in the elevator. I pulled his pants off and he kicked them away, and I pushed him onto his back and knelt on the bed beside him.

“My turn,” I whispered seductively.

I took hold of his swollen member and wrapped my lips around the head, sucking the head, making his body tense with pleasure. I thought he was going to cum right then, but he didn’t, and I took as much of him into my mouth as I could. He slid easily into my throat and I began swallowing repeatedly, massaging the head of his dick with the muscles of my throat. His body shuddered, and he rolled his head back and forth a little, as though the pleasure were so much he couldn’t take it. He was making little gasping sounds, and suddenly he went rigid, and grabbed my head, holding me in place, while he convulsed with his orgasm.

As it subsided, I sat up, and he looked deep in my eyes. Sitting up as well, he said, “Oh my god you’re one sexy woman.”

I blushed and looked down, and he continued. “Why didn’t you ever write me?”

Looking up, I saw the disappointment in his eyes. Brushing some hair out of my eyes, I said truthfully, “I didn’t have the guts. I was afraid that if I wrote Aydın Escort you, you wouldn’t write me back, because you would have lost any respect you might have had for me.” That was all there was to it, really. I hadn’t wanted to set myself up for disappointment.

He looked away towards the window and said, “I wish you had.”

I didn’t know how to respond to that. Looking down at the bedspread, now wrinkled from the two of us, I knew I should say something, but couldn’t think of what. After a moment, I felt his hand on my cheek.

“If you felt you couldn’t write, that’s fine. I hardly know you and I missed you, and I’m likely to be here in town for another few months. I think we just wasted some time, is all.”

I looked deep in his eyes and said, “Yeah, we did…” I let the sentence trail.

Sensing that I wasn’t going to say anything else, he kissed me again, slowly, sensually, gently easing his tongue into my mouth. My lips parted and I slid my tongue underneath his, really exploring his mouth for the first time. His arms went around me and he pulled me down on top of him, and the feel of his skin against mine was incredible. I straddled him, positioning myself so that my bare pussy was against his cock, which began to swell again with the sensation. His fingertips traveled lightly up and down my back, giving me goosebumps; then he stopped at my shoulder blades and squeezed as I kissed him deeper.

I was also getting very turned on again, and I started moving my hips slowly, so that the lips of my pussy were stroking his cock. He was sent into overdrive and I felt his cock become very hard again very quickly. My clit was pulsing in time with my movement, and it tingled every time I felt the ridge on the head of his shaft slide over it. I kissed his neck and his collarbone, biting lightly at his shoulders and nibbling his ears. When I touched his ears, he would moan and thrust his dick against me slightly, which turned me on further. Damn, I needed him inside of me.

I sat up and began pulling my skirt off, but he stopped me, saying, “No, leave it on. Skirts are one of the sexiest things on women with legs like yours.”

I pulled it back down to my waist and took his stiff dick in my hand. Holding it upright, I eased myself down onto him, making him throw his head back in pleasure.

“I almost forgot how amazing you feel inside of me,” I moaned softly as I moved my hips back and forth. He thrust in time with my motion, and I tilted my head back towards the ceiling, closing my eyes. I wanted to stay on top of him forever, but he had other plans. Gripping my hips, he sat up, lay me down on my back, and then pressed himself against me, and rubbed my clit with his pelvic bone. He kissed me softly and sweetly while grinding on me, and I kissed him back, my kiss full of passion and lust.

His movements began speeding up, and I knew beyond doubt that he was reaching a second orgasm. I wasn’t that far off from my own, and as he continued to grind against me, I went over my edge and cried out in ecstasy, the orgasm so intense it almost hurt. I felt my pussy get soaked from my own cum, and I had to work not to thrash around and throw him off of me.

The throbbing of my orgasm was too much stimulation for him, and he thrust hard inside me, his muscles taut, his cock exploding inside me with shots of hot cum. His balls were pressed against my ass and I felt them pulsing, pushing out each drop of cum, releasing the trapped pleasure within.

He sat up, sweaty and breathless, and pulled my skirt off of me, finally revealing my entire body to his curious and lustful eyes. His gaze wandered up and down the glistening curves of my figure for a moment, and then he lay down beside me, using my breast as a pillow. I put one hand on his head and wrapped the other arm around his shoulders, running my fingers through his hair.

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