If Alex and I Meet In Person

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[This is a story I wrote for my boyfriend Alex for Valentine’s Day. We were long-distance, so this story represented what I *imagined* would happen if we ever met up. Oh, it’s also my first story, so please be harshly critical 😉 I want to improve as a writer.]

I was lying on my bed, typing out a math set, my face slightly flushed; you were leaning on me, your cheek against mine, your back against my chest. You were reading some book on complex analysis. You finished a chapter and looked up at me with imploring eyes. I turned to you, pressed my lips to yours, and smiled. “You’re adorable when you’re trying to figure something out,” I whispered. My tongue brushed against yours; you pressed deeper, turning slightly red. You felt something down there, and I knew it…

A voice echoed from a far corner of my mind…”Get a freakin’ room.” It was my rather prudish roommate, who was raised Catholic and wanted nothing to do with sex or romance…or maybe she was just jealous.

“Fine then.” I climbed down the bed and stood below you — you rolled off the bed and into my outstretched arms. I set you down; your arm slipped around my waist, and we closed the door behind us…

“Don’t worry. I casino oyna know the perfect place.”

I led you down the stone stairs and along a green-carpeted hall. I pushed against the door, letting cold air into the alley. You shivered slightly. You were skinny, and didn’t like the cold…I took off my oversize green sweatshirt and pulled it down your neck. It was slightly big on you, reaching down to your crotch, the hoodie masking your gorgeous dark eyes. It felt like a warm, squishy green hug…

We walked down another flight of stairs, and arrived at a pair of wooden double-doors…I pulled out my key, turned it, and we entered a disorganized, musty-smelling library, plastered from floor to ceiling with science-fiction books. A brown leather couch, half-covered with stacks of paper, occupied the center of the room. There was only space for one person, but you were small enough to fit on my lap…

It was warm here. You pulled off your sweatshirt, and your head snuggled against my bosom…My nipple felt the touch of your ear through my shirt…it grew erect, and my legs tensed up slightly. My hand reached up your shirt, running up and down your belly, as if you were an unusually large cat…We exchanged canlı casino whispered words, sweet nothings…we spoke of how beautiful we were, and how we could lay here forever. I pulled off my shirt, unhooked my bra, and allowed my breasts to press against your cheek…you gently pressed your lips to my left nipple, and sucked on it slowly, your warm breath surrounding it, your tongue caressing it in small circles…

[At this point, I got really wet down there, and had to finish writing this under my bed so I could touch myself without my roommate looking. Writing for you makes me feel really hot.]

By now, your penis had formed an obvious tent inside your pants; you unzipped your fly and pulled off your briefs, exposing yourself…I reciprocated, throwing my well-worn cargo pants to the floor…

I spread my legs…my palms clasped your buttocks, your chest against mine…your penis, erect, brushed quickly against my warm pussy lips as it penetrated deeper…you thrust a few times, faster and faster, panting with the heat of arousal…you pressed your lips to mine, plunged your tongue into my mouth…you grasped my hair and gave a guttural moan as your balls tensed up, and warm white liquid shot into kaçak casino my vagina…

You collapsed, exhausted, on my lap…



“You know I still want to go at it. I’m horny as hell. You haven’t quite gotten me off yet.”

You stared past me, at a spot on the wall somewhere. I think you were, somehow, a little afraid of me…of disappointing me, or not being good enough…I didn’t want to hurt you like that…you felt really small in my arms, almost like a child…

“No Alex, please understand, you’re not disappointing me or anything, you’re a great boyfriend and I love you, you just have to understand…I need you inside me.”

“Don’t worry. I really do want to get you off…I love you…I’ll do whatever it takes.”

You hesitantly slipped two fingers inside my vaginal opening, unsure if you were doing it right…you wiggled them around methodically, occasionally rubbing my clitoris with your thumb…my legs quivered at your touch…

“Faster…please, faster,” I panted.

You obeyed, causing my body to squirm instinctively…as your thumb passed over my clitoris one final time, my vaginal muscles began to contract around your fingers…my eyes closed momentarily as your lips pressed against mine.

You smiled. “You’re adorable when you’re in the throes of pleasure.”

“Likewise, Alex.” I hugged you closer to my chest. “Likewise.”

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