In My Dreams

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He’s back in my thoughts again, more than ever. What has brought it on again? I haven’t seen him in over a year. I can hear him say my name, feel him touch my face. I close my eyes and I can feel his hands on my face as he kisses my lips.

I dream about him every night touching me, my breasts, my thighs, finding what turns me on. Every night its the same. I wake up in a sweat, turned on by a dream. I know I can’t have him, but what I wouldn’t give to spend one more night in his arms, loving him.

I close my eyes and he is here, reaching for me, to touch me, kiss me. It’s been so long but I can’t forget how he feels. His kisses unsettle me. It’s like he is part of me. He knows what I am thinking and feeling. He knows just what to do to me to turn me on.

I can feel myself shaking with just his kisses. I want to tell him to take control of me. Lead me. But I am too ashamed of my weakness for him to say anything. He runs his hands down my neck towards my breasts, lightly stroking, tenderly caressing bursa escort me. I want to look into his eyes as he touches me there. I want to feel his lips on my breasts, his tongue on my nipples.

I am so close to orgasm with just his touch, I can’t imagine what it will be like once he is inside me. He runs his hands down my sides as he kisses my neck, slowly slipping his hands into my panties to find the wetness there. He runs his fingers over my clit and I gasp for air, so close to an orgasm. I want to hold off on coming until he is inside me but I won’t be able to. He lowers his mouth to my breast again and flicks my nipple with his tongue while he slowly runs his thumb over my clit. It’s more than I can take and climax so violently I can’t stop shaking. All I can think of is more, more of him, inside me please.

I am begging him to enter me, quick and hard, don’t make me wait. I help him undress as quick as I can and run my hands up and down the length of his cock. He is such a beautiful sight, perfect in bursa escort bayan his nakedness. I know in a few seconds I will have finally gotten my wish.

He lays me down on the floor and slowly climbs over me, looking into my eyes, he slowly enters me. It’s torture! He is going so slow, I feel like he’ll never be all the way in. He stops after a second and I open my eyes and start to beg him for more. He thrusts the rest of his length into me with all his might, and I moan with pent up frustration. I am tossing my head from side to side, the feelings are too much to bear.

I want to look him in the eyes but am afraid he can see into my soul. I don’t want him to see the love I have for him. I want him to think I can walk away at any time, that is just sex. I kiss him to keep him from asking me to look at him, otherwise he will see the tears. He pumps into me slowly at first. With each withdrawal I beg for more. I don’t want this to end. This feeling that only he gives me. I want to feel him come inside escort bursa me, his cock pulsing with his release.

Our momentum builds until we are both gasping for air, waiting for that peak to overtake us. he takes my hands in his and holds them over my head, our fingers entwined. I feel my orgasm coming as he continues to pump faster into me. I moan his name over and over against his lips, telling him I am coming. I hear his groan and feel the first contraction of his orgasm inside me, setting off my own. I arch my back into him from the power of my climax and scream his name. He kisses my neck and calls my name. I squeeze his hands with each pulse of my orgasm. I can’t believe I’ve made love with him again.

After last time, I didn’t think it could get any better, but I was mistaken. How can I let him walk away from me. I know we belong to other people, but I can’t go through my life without him in it, somehow, somewhere, if only even friends. I have fears of losing him forever.

I wake up in a cold sweat. I sit up in my bed and look around. My body is shaking from an orgasm, but how? No one is next to me. The thoughts roll over in my head as I think about what just happened. I wonder was it real or just a dream?

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