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Inclement WeatherInclement Weather By: Londebaaz Chohan Bruce had wanted to go home and say hello to mom, so badly and why not; it was well over 5 years and maybe close to 6 that he had not been home since the day, he was asked to leave the premises by his dad. It was October, of course the winter was coming in fast but this late night the rain was coming down so hard and so much and so cold that it was worse than the snow storm in the winters.Bruce was on this country road which was all muddy; there were lots of ditches and flooding every couple yards. He was hardly 15—20 miles from his mom’s home but it seemed that he will never make it home. He had just passed a diner about a mile behind him but he did not stop and wait for the rain to slow down a little but now his car was also fluttering as if some water had gone into the silencer. He cursed himself. If it was a little rain and not this cold, he could have opted to even walk but he was aware not to do it in the weather like this. Bruce looked at his watch. Shit! It was passed midnight. Quickly he wrapped himself in the muffler and the warm gloves. Lucky that he had got the tank full of gas about 100 miles back. The weather was not severe then. He just let the heater go full blast and took on the road.Down the 2 lane road, Bruce’s eyes were glued to the road, though he could not see much in front of him due to the heavy rain. He was very sure that if he drove carefully, his mom’s home was not that far away but darn!! It was dark, rainy, and stressing too. As he rounded the curve, the road went to right and his car sk**ded to left. Bruce was thrown off road as his car hit a boulder, jumped and the rear of it got stuck in a ditch while the front of his car sat on the boulder. Now, undoubtedly there was a zero chance that car would move without being towed by a crane.Damn! Now what was his choices. There was no one else on the road to help. Luckily, car engine was still running and he had enough gas in it. The heater was pumping tons of hot air. May be he could stay in the car till any help came by before morning; a squad car, a tow truck or a kind hearted citizen. He sat there for what seemed to be forever, watching the rain get worse and eventually he dozed off.Not much longer, when he heard a big noise outside but nothing was visible. Then soon he saw a big man standing on the driver side and knocking the side window. Bruce looked up with a disoriented face. The man was hefty like at least 6’ tall and heavy almost 190 pounds. Bruce could only catch a glimpse of his deepest blue eyes. The man asked Bruce, if he was alright, when Bruce cracked the driver side window a bit lower that sent the arctic air rushing in the car.“Yeah, I am all right”. Said Bruce, still trying to comprehend, what was going on, while the man reached in and opened the door, helping Bruce to come out and find out that his legs were like not working as they should have. Bruce suddenly noticed that the rain was not coming down as harder as before. Seeing him wobbly, the man said, “Man, I think you were inhaling carbon monoxide. You should know better that sitting inside a car with all the windows closed and engine running is a very dangerous recipe”. He asked Bruce to take some deep breaths and walk with him to his truck. “It is warm and safer in there”, he assured Bruce. Walking not far but in the backwards direction Bruce could see a huge tractor trailer pushed off the road with the rear wheels jammed in the mud. “I guess, I was kind of focused on your car spun off the road; instead of watching the road on the bend and I ran off the road edge into a ditch”. He introduced himself to Bruce as Michael and Bruce also introduced himself to Michael. Reaching close to the truck, Mike helped Bruce to get up into the seat and then climbed himself in and closed the door behind him. Mike told Bruce that he had seen him from the diner window, where he was sitting inside and knew that he could not go too far in such inclement weather.“Make yourself comfortable bud; take off your wet shoes and socks”. Mike suggested as he reached behind him in his sleeping quarters and pulled a blanket, handing it to Bruce to wrap around his feet and on his body. They started talking as the heater on the roof of the truck cabin blew in the warm air. He told Bruce, that he had a son of almost his age. He said that his son was 25 and Bruce smiled as he told Mike that he was going to be 20 in about a month. “Oh baby; what was the hurry, why could you not stop at the diner about half a mile back”. “I had been away from my mom for close to 6 years and now I am hardly half an hour away, if the weather was not this bad”. Bruce gave him the necessary bakırköy escort answer.“What kept a fine young man like you, away from her at such young age”. Asked Michael. “Well, I got into a bad fighting argument with my father and he told me that I was not welcome to stay at his house. So I thought it was not safe for me and I had to move on”. Bruce gave an answer without any details. “What the hell did you fight about, that made your father to take such a daring step to throw you out”. Was the obvious question that Bruce had to reply? Bruce did not want to divulge but the man had pulled him out of his car from being a carbon monoxide victim and he did not want to be rude or he was not sure how to avoid the question and after all these years, he also needed to tell someone. Bruce knew, he was taking a big chance and once again; Mike might throw him out from the warm and comfortable truck to freeze to death; but he told Mike that from a very early age, he was curious about his sexuality and once when his dad caught him naked in a very compromising position, under another boy; who ran and saved his skin, his father just lost it and his mother was the one to save his life but she could not do much more and he had to leave the house. Bruce confessed that he was born a gay and turned out to be a gay but he did not miss out on his studies and he not only graduated from High School but now he was a sophomore at college. Bruce told Mike that his father had handcuffed him half naked to the stair case railing and beat him u*********s, trying to change him back being a man and almost killed him until his mom helped him secretly to escape. “I had always been in touch with my mom” said Bruce “and now about a month back when my dad passed on, I wanted to go back to see my mom in a safe environment and here I am”.Bruce was very nervous to put it all out to Mike, not knowing; how shall he respond.“Your father was a fool; to say the least”. Said Mike, with a sigh. He told Bruce that his son was gay too and although, he wished that his son was not gay but he also had to get beyond that. He loved to have the grand k**s but he loved his son more than that and will always love him more than that. “Your father is the only loser in this”; he said. Mike did not think that any help would arrive before morning and asked Bruce to move back in the sleeping area to get some rest. The sleeping area was too small; Mike was little too beefy. As they lay quietly, for a while, Mike asked Bruce about his present life and was glad to learn that the young man was in college and definitely upbeat. Bruce wanted to be a Clinical Psychologist to help the proper way, if he saw somebody in such and even more audacious circumstances. Bruce said that with the financial aid due to the good grades and his odd jobs as a waiter at the bars and the restaurants, he was staying above the expenses he had.Soon as the conversation dawdled and Bruce thought that Mike was asleep, he was startled to hear Mike; “I never thought much about gay people and gay sex until I found out that my son Larry was gay and cannot help wondering, how was it like. Do you remember first time”? Bruce was shocked but Mike was too nice and he also sounded to be genuinely interested in this. “Well I was of the budding age and had a very close friend. He was 18. We mostly talked about girls and sex whenever we met”. Bruce started telling. “One day he was telling me that he fucked a girl of his class and was asking me many questions about sex. Soon we were talking about masturbation and honestly, I was so naïve about sex that I came out to him saying that I was gay because I wanted to rather have sex with him than with a girl. We were aroused and he was experienced and offered to show me what and how. We messed around and he made me suck him and from then on for almost 2 years, we were both experts of finding safe places and good time when nobody was around until one fateful day and you know of the rest”. Bruce told him everything.Michael just lay there looking towards the ceiling of the cabin for a quiet minute or two before telling Bruce that he never messed with boys when he was young but believes that most guys have done it close to their age of adolescence noticing their cock and balls grow bigger day by day and their pubes growing. He believed that they were not at all gay but only horny and aroused being curious to learn and we do not teach them to calm their curiosity. He thought maybe, he missed a lot in his youthful days, maybe he should have done that too.Bruce listened to each word, Michael said and it almost hurt him for no reason. His response to Mike; might be it was due beşiktaş escort to the fact that he was feeling so warm and secure being with Michael while there was a kind of storm brewing outside or any other reason; he uttered, “If you want, I be glad to show you”. Now it was Mike’s turn to be startled, he said, “No man. No, I did not mean that”.Bruce chuckled, “It is okay. You were not even curious and did not even want to learn more than you knew. There is nothing wrong in it”.Then there was a long silent pause in the conversation until Bruce heard Michael, “Do we have to be naked. I surely would not feel comfortable to be naked with another man”.“I wish; I could invent a way to experience sex without being naked but I cannot do what nature could not”. Bruce spilled a very heavy line. “Only trust me, by the time it is over, there shall be no feeling of discomfort or the embarrassment. It is no different than being naked with a woman”. With that, Bruce rolled a bit to his side and his hand extended to Mike’s groin touching his package gently over his jeans. Mike did not show any resistance. “Trust me, you are going to love it”; Bruce whispered in his ear. Mike’s junior was already stirring as Bruce took him in his palm.Michael’s thick lips were so full and inviting Bruce but he did not want to freak Mike. Holding back to push his cock through those thick, luscious adult lips was a bigger challenge for Bruce, than just kissing them. He knew those kind of lips were the best to give pleasure to the partners but he had a bigger picture in his mind and slowly started to unbutton blue shirt of Michael, still holding his cock in one hand.Michael’s cock moved to push against Bruce’s grip while his whole body stiffened a little. Bruce assured him of all fine with a gentle kiss on his cheek, very lightly touching his skin. Slowly, Bruce put his hand inside the Mike’s shirt feeling the heavy bushy chest hair and finally finding his nipple to caress tenderly. Mike moaned silently. Feeling the nipple hard, Bruce started to pinch it and made Michael to moan loudly. Mike’s cock continued to harden and grow. Gently Bruce brought his face down to kiss, lick and suck his nipple and even used his tongue to flick from one nipple to the other and play with them nipples. Now Mike was moaning almost constantly loving the joy. Mike’s cock was so hard by now that his jeans was about to rip and burst under the tremendous pressure from inside and Bruce decided to help him out. With his hands sliding under the unbuttoned waist band of Mike’s jeans to bring it down off his ankles releasing the hard hot adult cock. He amazed to see that Mike was not wearing any underwear. With the loud, “Oh, my God”, Michael wrapped his strong arms around Bruce and pulled him closer into his naked chest. With the magic of naked body skins rubbing, Mike began to kiss Bruce so lovingly and passionately.Mike was leaking huge amount of pre cum like he was pushed in to over drive, making Bruce very happy because it would be easier for Mike to penetrate his ass when allowed by Bruce. Now Bruce slid his underwear, off his body and took a position next to naked Mike. Once again as Bruce searched for Mike’s hard bamboo; Bruce’s hard and long as 7” cock was pressing into Mike’s thigh and Mike’s hand was exploring Bruce’s young very smooth body sending sexy sensations throughout Bruce’s core by his large rough hands. Both were moaning softly overtaken by sexy bliss.Soon Bruce’s mouth, lips and tongue were all busy at the completely shaved pubis, cock and balls of Mike. Mike’s smell was not offensive but extremely strong, addicting and arousing too. Bruce was amazed to see an at least 10” long cock as he started to kiss the shaft on the sides. Cock skin was burning hot but very soft although the core was rigid like solid steel.Mike’s hands explored Bruce’s velvety ass hole with one hand, his other hand was resting on Bruce’s head, encouraging him to pleasure the trucker’s huge cock going crazy with desire. Bruce bobbed his head up and down the cock and around the man hole area of Mike; covering it all with his saliva. He was sure, what he was going to do next with Mike; feeling his heartbeat through the steel hard cock with throbbing veins in his mouth. Mike’s hips were bucking as an indication that his eruption was close; Bruce let his dangerously swollen cock out of his mouth and climbed on top of Mike bringing his taut, young ass hole in line with the hard dick of Mike.Bruce wanted to feel Mike inside him, he wanted to feel Mike’s heartbeat in his most private den. He wanted Mike’s pleasure juice transferred in to him through Mike’s long fat cock and wanted beylikdüzü escort to feel his G spot crushed repeatedly by Mike’s invading cock. Slowly but decidedly Bruce lowered himself on Mike, stabbing his hole on Mike’s cock head making it pop in and feel releasing the pre cum inside him. Keep lowering himself on the Mike’s tool and letting it part and penetrate deep inside Bruce’s tight and warm boy pussy. Mike went deeper, much deeper inside the Bruce’s ass and create the feeling of being one.With Mike’s eyes closed tight and a loud moan leaving his lips; his hips started jumping off the mattress. Bruce’s cock was also looking towards the ceiling, releasing a profuse amount of pre cum from his cock hole and dripping off his balls into Mike’s pubic area. The sense of Mike doing what he had never done before by being inside Bruce’s ass, was arousing Bruce to no limits and reminding him of his first time. Bruce wanted Mike to feel how wonderful it could be at the end and started moving his ass up and down the Mike’s shaft, flexing and loosening his ass musculature on the sensitive shaft of Mike. As Mike’s body thrashed from side to side, it was showing his greater need but Bruce was moving his ass muscles and flexing them on his shaft, such to increase Mike’s sensation but to prolong his ejaculation. Suddenly, Mike started begging to let him cum. He was asking Bruce to take him now, PLEASE.As Mike bucked his hips with much force, his dick exploded inside Bruce and Bruce also dumped his load in between the two bodies saturating Mike’s body hair with his milky white nectar. Mike’s eyes were open now and gazing at Bruce and the excessive mess made by him. Slowly Mike’s cock came out of Bruce’s hole as he heard Mike whispering in his ear of needing more and asked if Bruce could fuck him now. He wanted his joy to be completed and wanted Bruce’s cock to go inside his ass and cum.Bruce had no problem with his 2nd erection in a jiffy and especially for the hairy, virgin man hole of Mike. He wanted the feel, the warmth and the tightness of the trucker’s ass tunnel squeezing his thick long cock. Both were ready but Mike pleaded Bruce to go slow.Bruce gently slid down Mike’s chest, consuming his own cum from the wide chest and groin of Mike and rapidly concentrating on Mike’s pole and reservoirs enjoying a mix of two variant flavors and taste as well. Soon Bruce was served with another large serving of minerals and vitamin loaded cum by the trucker Mike. Now, Bruce rolled him over baring Mike’s round mounts and stretched his globe cheeks, plunging his face inside the crack. Bruce’s long and skilled tongue was lapping in and out, up and down between the large mounds and soft, sodden hole wetting it still more with the spit for sliding both of his thumbs in the tight wet hole making Mike to moan louder. His male aura was filling Bruce’s nostrils, arousing him still more and making him further stretch the trucker’s ass pussy. Mike was whimpering but keenly humping back on Bruce’s hand announcing his readiness.Bruce came on his knees behind Mike, spit on his cock giving it a fresh coat of moisture and also spat right at the fluttering hole. All the needed preparations done, Bruce pressed his wet cock head on the slick adult ass opening, slowly increasing the force, until the muscles of ass lips weakened and young, gay, stiff cock started sliding inside Mike. “Oh my God, you are huge”; was the first cry from Mike. Bruce did not want Mike to suffer and feel hurt and asked him if he was in pain. Mike denied vehemently and asked him to start fucking but slow and gentle. Bruce gradually increased his in and out pumping, making Mike feel in heaven. “Oh damn, I have never felt this good ever before. Give me more and faster, give me all”. Mike had changed his tune. His ass was pushing back on Bruce’s jammed in cock and Bruce was also giving solid hard push, forcing the full length in Mike’s ass who was eager, tight and very warm.Bruce’s need to reach his orgasm was intensifying and he started pumping harder, plunging faster and driller deeper into Bruce’s virgin ass hole. “Oh Bruce, oh my God”. Mike could only say just in time for his body to start tensing and his ass muscles to tighten like a knot over Bruce’s cock inside. Now they both got eager to release. Bruce began spraying his cum in Mike’s tight, wet hole coating his sheathing slick and his cock being squeezed and massaged by the Mike’s ass musculature as a proof that Mike was also relieving hard on the sheets. As Bruce’s cock popped out of Mike, he collapsed half dead on Mike with his face nuzzled into trucker’s neck. They both chuckled quietly as Bruce heard Mike, demanding to be fucked at least once more before the dawn and all sorts of help arriving. What an experience on a treacherous road in extremely bad weather but thank the Lord, sexy horny fun stayed with them both until they parted happy and satisfied.The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan October 27, 2019.

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