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indian woman on trainon my journey to work i have been seeing an indian woman most days she gets on the same train as me and stays on for around 5 stops as i have 8 stops for my journeyshe has a very voluptuous figure great set of huge tits thats what caught my eyes the first time i laid eyes on her she was wearin sunglases a black skirt and a cotton v-neck jumper her cleavage was on show and it was deep cleavage. The sight of her huge tits made her the most attractive woman to me in the world at the time as she made my white dick get harder and harder i couldnt keep my eyes of them, as she was wearing sunglasses i couldnt tell if she caught me looking at them..a few weeks later for some reason the station was very busy and it seemed like everyone wanted to get on the same train it was really pack and not alot of space to move as i looked to my left i realized that indian woman had her back to me as i could see the reflection of her face in the window i looked down and i could see her fat ass it was so round and it looked like it was about to pop out of her skirti thought this is it this is my opportunity to grope her fat ass i was soo eroused i could feel my cock pumping inside my tousers so i reached out and with the the back of my hand i first stroked the fat indian ass an when i noticed she didnt react i knew i could do more so i turned my hand around and cupped her ass check and i could feel the softness of her fat ass then i felt her ass crack with the tip of my fingers i swear i couldve cum in my pants it was so exhilarating, by this time it was her stop and the train carriage was still packed as she got of and stood on the platform i still watched her and to my surprise she turned back and looked me dead in the eye but it wasnt a look of disgust or anger it was eyes of a woman with sexual hunger..all day at work i couldnt stop thinking about my fantastic journey to work and was looking forward to the next morning so i can see her again and maybe this time exchange words or if im lucky exchange phone numbers..i got off work early that day as there was not much work to do as i was coming home and i reached my final stop i got off the train and headed for the ticket barrier when something or rather someone sekabet yeni giriş caught my eye.. it was her she was coming back from work it was a sunny day she was wearing sandals which complimented her pretty feet and her red painted toe nails she had a gold anklet on a skirt which was knee high and a red blouse shirt which looked really tight around her big tits. when i saw her i automatically stopped for what reason i still dont know my heart was racing and my mouth was dry, i waited for her to pas me i had the intention of catching her up and to make a move to speak to plan worked she lead the way to the exit and i walked a few steps behind her admiring that huge indian ass of hers, i then slowly walked beside her as i did her head turned towards me and she gave me a smirk i then said how are you doing pretty lady (very cheesey i know) she said hi back we then exchanged words like names where we both lived etc.. she then said that she couldnt help but notice that i am always looking at her body this caught me by surprise so i thought im going to be blatant so i told her that i love her figure and i love her big boobs she laughed and said yes these things get me into trouble at times with a wink and a smilei then said to her if we can exchange numbers which she did not decline.. we both departed to our own direction by then i was walking with a spring in my steo over the moon that now i have this indian womans number i could sense that i was going to score!that night i messaged her sayin hello she didnt reply until a few hours (which to me felt like days as i was waiting eagerly for a reply)she was very apologetic for the late reply i then asked if i can call her as i couldnt be bothered to text she said thats fine but to give her a while so she can get into bed and speak to me in comfort i didnt mind so i agreedi then called her she sounded tired and kept making an erotic sound each time she yawned i dint know if this was a signal for me to talk dirt or if she wanted to sleep i then said to her have you ever been with a white guy before she laughed and said no not really she has only been with indian guys and by saying guys there were only 2 guys she had ever been with this made me horny sekabet giriş as i could imagine her pussy to be tight..i then asked her what her bra size is as they are soo fucking bigshe giggled and said they are a G cupi was gobsmacked and i said i would love to see them one day she took a pause and this is when i got a little worried thinking have i crossed the line too soon.. she asked me if i could call her back in a few minutes she had to quickly do something i had a feeling this is going to be the last time i speak to her but having no choice i said i waited for a text from her to tell me to call i put my hand in my boxer shorts and started to rub my big white cock thinking about this indian woman and her light brown complection and her big indian tits when all of a sudden i recieved a message i was relieved knowing it was her and that i didnt scare her off when i picked up my phone and opened my inbox my eyes neatly popped out of my head as my heart skipped a beat and my cock throbbing it was a picture message!!!!i opened immediately to see what she had sent and to my glory it was a picture of her big round brown indian tits with her beautiful dark nipples this turned me on big time the text below the pic was ‘your wish is my command’i got out of my bed and i wanked so hard over this picture my cum felt like it wasnt stopping i cummed all over my wooden floor not caring about the mess it felt so damn fucking good!!!once i finished and cleaned my mess i called her to thank her she laughed and said i was cute, then i aks ed if we could meet up soon as i want to fuck her indian brains out!! she was happy to hear what my intentions were and she said yes, so we arranged a date on friday she said she would love to bring me back to hers but then she said its more fun to do it somewhere else so she told me to book a hotel for the friday which was 2 days away so i did it straight away..its now friday evening i got back from work in a hurry changed my clothes and headed for the hotel to check in i called her to ask where she was she said she is only a few minutes away so i told her what room to go toi got to the room it was a nice lucury suit with a 4 poster king-size bed i waited for her to sekabet güvenilirmi knock while i did that i opened a bottle of champagne to make the night more enjoyableas i opened it i heard the knock at the door so i opened it and there she was a voluptuous indian godessshe was wearing open toe heels a skirt which was above the knees and a frilly blouse she looked stunningshe came in and pushed me against the wall grabbed my face with both of her hands and kissed me passionately she then unbuttoned my shirt and kissed me from neck down to my stomach and then she got on her knees un-zipped my trousers and pulled my fully erect white cock out of my boxers place it in her hands and looked at it in amazement firstly this is much bigger and thiker then the other guys i have dated and its much lighter she told me she loved the look of my big white cock and that she has been craving dick for the past 9 months then she kissed the head of my dick and before i could blink she wrapped it around her pretty big lips and took it in deep in her dirty indian mouth my head fell back my eyes rollled back it was soo intense and so surreal that this indian bitch is sucking my big fat white cock!as she was sucking it i grabbed her big tits and made her take her blouse of while still sucking my dicki then got her up and made her folow me to the bed where i lifted her skirt and started licking her fat indian pussy it tasted soo good she was holding on to the post of the bed as she moaned ecstatically enjoying every lick i then got her to bend over on the edge of the bed and slid my big white dick in her brown moist indian pussy i started slowly it felt so damn good and tight i then worked on her pussy drilling my dick in indian bitch inch by inch she pleade for morei then layed her on her back put her legs up and sucked her toes as i penetrating her she couldnt help but scream with enjoyment as i licked her pretty toes and rammed my cock in her pussy i looked down at her as she lay there her big juicy indian tits just bouncing with every thrust i couldnt hold it in any longer i was going to cum inside her pussy but then pulled my dick out and sprayed her as i shouted you want me to cum on your big fucking tits you dirty indian slag! you fucking whore!! she was loving every word that came from my mouth and the pleasure i could see in her eyes made my come non stop i then grabbed her head and shoved my big white dick in her sweet indian mouth and made her lick every drip of cum around my dick…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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