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Subject: It started with cousins. This story is based on true events, with some fiction added to liven it up. I’ll I’ll let the reader decide where one ends and the other starts. For me, it started with cousins. My first experience with another male was at an early age. It was nothing overly exciting, but it started my curiosity. which lead to the big kick off in my enjoyment of male playtime. I’ll describe both. I’m not sure of the age, pre school for sure, but a cousin of the same age had a pool. A nice in ground with a large patio. So of course I liked spending time there during warm months. We would change into our swim suits in his room so seeing each other naked was normal. As we got use to it we never hurried changing, and it lead to showing off. This lead to some grabbing during pool play. This new comfort led to finally, one sleep over to the “I’ll let you touch mine if I can touch yours”. So it was now the norm to enjoy watching each other change, grabbing what we could get away with in the pool, and finally the enjoyment of waiting for his mom to tuck us in and turn off the light. As we both slept in his bed. We’d strip off our tighty whites, all we slept in, and spend lots of time exploring each other privates and enjoying each other’s little hardons. We really didn’t know what we were doing, but knew it felt good. Now, to the real story. Several years later, my parents wanted to go to dinner and a show in a town an hour north of us with an aunt and uncle of a different cousin. He was older, 16 years if I remember, and I was 10. I was left with him to babysit. I don’t know if the evening’s events were something he planed or if it just happened. With a drive up and back, dinner and a play of some sort, he had several hours alone with me. As soon as they left he turned the tv on for entertainment. He seemed content, but I soon got bored. He was big into sports and didn’t have much in the way of toys anymore. After a bit he could tell I was frustrated and asked I wanted him to play with me. I said yes of course. He stated he didn’t have any games for a kid my age, but he had an idea. He told me to follow him to his room. He suggested we pretend to be doctors and patients. The let’s play doctor routine. He seemed a little nervous at kocaeli escort bayan the suggestion and waited on my response. Still enjoying naked sleepovers with the cousin of the same age I was excited to play hoping it lead to naked play with him. So I was to be the doctor first and he the patient. Of course his issue was with his penis. So he striped so I could examine him. I had developed more since i started playing naked, but still had a boy cock and balls and no hair. However, my older cousin was very developed. Already having public hair and much bigger balls than me, but I was amazed at his cock. I had seen my dad naked on occasion, but never erect. I don’t know if it was just that he was already hard or if he was just well endowed, but his dick seemed huge to me. I can’t say how big for sure due to my inexperience, but to set the scene, his 16 year old hand completely engulfed my 10 year old cock. On the other hand, both actually, during my examination of his cock, I couldn’t get my fingers to completely close around his hard shaft, and with both hands on his shaft the head and just a bit of shaft were still exposed. After allowing me to handle his hard dick for a bit to see what if I could solve the issue. He decided to take control of the game. He told me that he thought the discomfort my be some sort of a groin cramp and suggested I massage the area. He laid on his bed naked and I started massaging his cock and balls. He also suggested the area just under the balls. I was not cumming yet so I was not expecting for his cock to start oozing precum. He assured me it was natural and to add to the game said that losing the fluid seemed to help relieve the issue. Next it was my turn. I was to state I had the same cramming feeling. He instructed me to get naked. He stayed naked as the doctor. Since he was taller, he had me stand on his bed to allow better access to my dick and balls. I was already fairly hard, but was soon stiff as a nail with his touching and squeezing. He had me lay on the bed and I also got a thorough cock and ball massage. After my treatment he had a new game. We would be wrestlers, not the showboat kind but more Olympic style. He would have me get on the floor in a position and he’d take a position and we’d wrestle. kocaeli sınırsız escort Of course with him older he had control but he allowed me to get the upper had some for sake of the game. It was quickly apparent that the purpose of this game was for us to rub our cocks together a lot. He also held me down and rubbed his hard cock and balls all over my face. I didn’t really enjoy that. However, when he would allow me to, he seemed to enjoy me rubbing my hard dick and balls on his face. At one point we were in 69 position with me on top. I was grinding my cock on his nose, chin and mouth area and my balls around his eyes and forehead. I noticed he started moaning and it felt like he might be kissing the base of my cock. Sorry no real oral happened this time. As he moaned and I felt possible kisses, I noticed his huge cock throbbing and the precum flow pick up even more than when I was massaging him. He forced a position change that had him sitting on my chest and his balls on my neck and his cock on my face. He took his hand and began rubbing his hard dick all over my face. Again at this age I didn’t really enjoy it and didn’t care to have my face smeared with precum. He slid back a bit and finished up by rubbing the head right across my lips and squeezed out a big glob of precum. Figuring I’d lost the match I conceded by kissing the bottom of his cock head and got my first taste of precum. Not to bad. He stood up and changed the game once more. This time being tired from the match, we would be each other’s trainer. He opened an end table drawer and produced lotion, he had me lay on his bed face down and gave me a massage from shoulders to butt cheeks, then back to shoulders. I’m sure the only reason he went back up was to grind his hard cock on my lubed ass cheeks and crack. Then he had me flip. Again shoulders down. When he got to my cock he had me open my legs so he could sit between them. A hand full of extra lotion and the massage became stroking my little cock while massaging my balls and the area just under. This was my first real hand job as I had not discovered it yet. He picked up speed, and soon I had a strange tingling that soon became the most amazing feeling I’d ever had. My first dry izmit anal yapan escort cum. Wow! Now it was his turn. I repeated the massage including the cock to ass grind but I’d lost my erection. Then the flip. There was that huge cock still throbbing and still oozing. I massaged down to his cock and balls and began the same stroking he had done to me, but he suggested due to the size difference, I use a different technique. With some extra lotion in both hands, he instructed me to use both hands on his cock. So with left had on the base and the right on the upper shaft I started a two hand stroke. He instructed me to stroke up until the head was in my right hand and to squeeze it on the up stroke. Then to down stroke until my left bottomed out at the base and to squeeze with my left had at the bottom of the base. This is where I really noticed his size. Again I couldn’t get my fingers to touch around, and on the down stroke with both hands the whole head and maybe an inch of the upper shaft were sticking out. So I gained a rhythm of down stroke left had squeeze of the base, and up stroke with a head squeeze. He began to moan and encouraged me to speed up gradually. Soon he was thrusting his hips up on my down stroke, and grunting. Every few up strokes he’d give out a labored “Yes!” I’m not sure how long this took, it seemed a long time as my arms and hands were getting tired. I never needed more lotion as his precum was oozing out like a leaky faucet. His breathing got very heavy and he kept saying faster. I was doing my best. Then finally it seemed he stopped breathing and yelled out “Oh Fuck!” three times in a row followed by a “don’t stop”. One final thrust that brought his ass off the bed and a throb that felt like his cock would blow up and I got to see my first ejaculation. A huge stream of cum shot out and hit his neck under the chin, followed by four more down his chest and belly. Finally his cock took on a heart beat of its own with a glob of cum down my fingers every beat. He breath out don’t stop and sat up on his elbows so he could watch me stroking him. He made me keep stroking him for I’d guess another 5 minutes as his breathing and cock throbbing subsided, and he finally went simi-soft. Looking me in the eyes he said “wow” and a sincere “thank you”. He got up, and went to his hamper and got two dirty T-shirts one for him and me to clean up with. We got dressed and went back to tv to wait for our parents to return. We didn’t talk much after but I was now hooked on stroking myself and others. I hope you enjoyed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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