Its just Foreplay

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Its just ForeplayImagine yourself laid out on the bed in sexy see through lingerie that’s defines the curves of your body…red and white rose pedals spread all over the bed…candles lit with the essence of your favorite scent…cloth wrapped around your eyes blinding you from any possible sight being able to use only the other 4 senses…you feel my presence and aura in the room. From across the room I stare and admire your beauty. I come closer to you as you start to smell my masculine scent become stronger the closer I get to you, but not touching you. You feeling my presence surrounding you in anticipation of what I do next…slowly I lower my head closer to yours until my lips comes inches from yours our lips like magnets, unable to control the force that brings them together, as out lips connect the passion starts up like a fire in the forest first its small and timid, but in seconds, flames are at a blaze as the moment heats up. With such passion your heart beat rises like the temperature during a hot summer day, chills run through your body like a blizzard in the winter.My tongue find it’s way inside your warm mouth, yours welcoming mine as the two massages each other…me sucking on your bottom lip as we both feel the heat and passion arise. My hands slowly exploring your body giving you goosebumps the little hairs türbanlı muğla escort on your skin standing up…my lips leave your lips, to explore a little more finding its way to your neck gently kissing you on it finding your spot that makes your body tingle as you moan in my ear…your breathing becomes deeper and stronger. Your heart rate has gone up…my hands caressing your soft breasts, rubbing on your nipples as they become erect and hard. All this making me hot as my dick starts to become alive growing hard and strong. Your pussy is throbbing and getting soaked before I even get down there. I slowly work my way down to your chest running my wet tongue on your hard nipples making them wet and keeping them hard as I wrap my juicy lips around your erected nipples, sucking on them firmly while using the tip of my tongue to flick your erect nipple back and forth. Sucking on one while I caress the other. My hands can’t stay still moving around its direction seems to be going south finding a canal that seems to be flowing with fluid. It feels so damn moist and hot. My hand begins rubbing on your clit in small circles. I can tell that it turns you on as your body reacts to my soft touch your moans begin to get louder. Slipping a finger inside you feeling how wet your pussy is. türbanlı muğla escort bayan It’s getting juicy and fat so I gotta put another finger in you. I know you feel that cause you begin to work your hips while its in you. Goddamn your wetness, and your hips gyrating just turns me on more. My mouth waters to the thought of tasting your sweet nectar, so I take my two fingers that were in you and lick them, then put it in your mouth slowly, so you can taste how good you are, but I know that you already know you taste so good. Tasting you, I couldn’t help but start my way down. Kissing you on your stomach then your naval going lower and lower until I reach that juicy sweet peach of yours. Spreading your legs wide, just staring at your pretty, wet pussy, admiring it just thinking to myself, ‘Damn!’ My mouth salivating, my tongue wet as hell before I even put it on your pussy. I dive my head first, tongue extending attaching itself to your clit licking slowly up and down on it taking my sweet time, letting you feel it. There’s no rush baby, just enjoy every moment with me. Lay back and enjoy the ride.My fingers sliding up slowly inside your wet and hot pussy. It slips in so easily but it fits inside you like a glove. Your body jerking as I’m nibbling on your clit, licking türbanlı escort muğla your clit, and stroking that pussy all at the same time. Your moans get even louder. My fingers curled up in your pussy rubbing the roof of it, getting to that g-spot. My licks become faster, flicking it like a vibrator on your clit you grab my head from all the excitement, and tension that has been build up inside you. You start grinding, and moving that pussy on my face while I suck on your clit for all its worth, that I feel pulsating in my mouth you suffocating me drowning me in your sweet juices. Your legs tightening up, and start to wrap around my neck putting me in vice grip, not wanting to let go no matter what. Your moans just increased pitch went up an octave or two as you start screaming with your body trembling and shaking. I can taste your juices flowing out as you come hard, screaming, shaking, crying out my name, as your back arches. It’s a lovely sight to seeAs your legs give out, I slowly ease of from between your thighs. You’re breathing is heavy as you try to catch it. Your legs shaking, your pussy dripping all over the bed and my lips. I softly touch your skin but, you tell me not to cause your too sensitive and, the feeling of the orgasm has your beautiful body in such sheer ecstasy You’re uncontrollably shaking, even your speech is broken from the way you feel. Your pussy quivering, your clit is throbbing, your nipples are pulsating, even your toes are curled. Your nerves are all over the place, you can’t think straight, I try to touch you again, but you beg and plead to me wait and I watch you giving yourself time to catch your composure.And that’s just the beginning…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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