Jamaican Holiday Ch. 08

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Aria Lee

Jamaican Holiday Ch. 08Monday – 2nd Day as BBC slut wifeSamuel stayed the night and had Jaye suck him for a while in the morning, then fucked her in a variety of positions before he came. I cleaned her and she cleaned him, then I climbed on and pushed my cock into her loosened pussy, cleaning her up while he called room service. Then they showered together with lots of giggling while I waited for breakfast to be delivered.He disappeared after breakfast. Jaye asked me to give her pussy a fresh shave – she didn’t want Samuel put off by stubble. He reappeared before lunch with a bag of clothes and toiletries, and Jaye informed me he was moving in for the remainder of our stay. She also said that if she was going to do this, she wanted to do it to the hilt so she wanted to devote herself completely to Samuel, since all this would end soon. I was reluctant but gave in when she said I wasn’t being cut off, just that she would focus on him and he would have first call on her.At the beach, I oiled their backs. When I was done with both of them, Jaye got up on spread knees, put her hands behind her head and told me to kneel at her side as I did her front. A crowd started to gather. We weren’t doing anything at that point that lots of other couples weren’t, but apparently word of Jaye’s antics had gotten around and folks wanted to see what was going to happen. My hands shook as I ran them over her breasts and pointy nipples. I had been doing this for over a week but always as her husband – now I was doing it as a cuckold.From her breasts I moved down her belly, stopping at her mound. Back up to her breasts, cupping them, pulling the nipples out and stretching her breasts out for the approval of the audience, dragging them down until they jumped free. Back down over her belly to her mound. Down one thigh and back up to her mound, then down her other thigh and back up. I cupped my hand over her pussy, my fingers spreading the oil over her dangling clit and labia. “Do that again, B! And shake it at them!”I clutched her “package” at it’s base and shook it at the crowd, which moved closer to see better. Bringing my other hand around from behind I slid two oily fingers into her pussy. She moaned. I jiggled her clit and hood at the crowd again, then jacked the hood back and forth. The crowd had closed in to less than six feet, wanting to watch the obviously married white woman and her Black escort perform in front of her husband. I noticed Marianne, on all fours, her dangling breasts swaying, in the front row. A Black man was behind her and it looked, from my angle, like he had his fingers in her pussy.Jaye’s thighs were starting to quiver. “Samuel…!” she moaned. He moved in front of her and she fell forward, grabbing his hips and burying her face in his crotch. I kept on sliding my fingers into her and jacking her hood while she held his Black cock, showing the crowd her wedding rings, and licked it, its base, his pubic hair, his ball sack – everything short of actually putting it in her mouth.Her legs quivered more, and she started moaning, then shaking. As her climax hit she finally dropped her head onto his Black cock until her nose was buried in his black, curly crotch hairs, her gagging spurring on her spasms and squirts.I stopped fingering her when her orgasm hit and moved back. As the final convulsions faded, she fell to the beach towel and kissed his feet. The crowd applauded, and, rather than a bow, she rolled bahis siteleri on her back, still panting, and spread her knees so they could see her distended dicklet. Her shame had become her glory.Back in the cabana we showered together, but Jaye and Samuel focused on each other. Then she led him to the bed and melted into his arms.”How do you want me, Samuel?”I lay beside them on the bed, just another part of the décor as they flowed back and forth together. After a while, she waived me over and sucked my cock until her orgasm hit. Samuel came shortly after. I cleaned her while she cleaned him. We took a short break then Jaye had me mount her doggie style while she sucked him back to hardness. After I had cum she had me lay on my back and lowered her pussy over my mouth while she continued to suck him.Catching the dripping wads in my open mouth, I shoved my tongue up as far into her used pussy as I could, trying to get out every trace of me, and lickig her clit at the same time. When I was done, she crawled up his body, licking her way to his nipples, and lowered her pussy onto Samuel’s Black cock. Riding up and down, her hands on his chest, her small breasts flopping, swiveling her hips to grind her clit into his pelvis, my wife was amazing to watch.Samuel grabbed her and rolled over to missionary position, using that wonderful technique and staying power until she was orgasming – and squirting – freely, then he relaxed and came himself.By this time, Jaye was a dish rag, so I cleaned them both. Then we all curled up for a nap until dinner.Z’Club – Monday nightAfter dinner, Jaye emerged from the bathroom wearing one of her new triangle tops – one she bought in the c***dren’s section of the resort’s swim shop. The tiny triangles barely covered her long nipples and showed the side and bottom curves of even her tiny breasts. It barely tied in the back, designed as it was for c***dren and not an adult woman. She finished off the outfit with a short skirt, no panties, hoop ear rings, and the ankle bracelet. Both of us were impressed, and I was shocked and concerned, but Samuel told her to wear one of the adult triangles, which, although small, covered her tiny tits, and panties. He pointed out that, Sheila’s performances aside, overt nudity was frowned upon in the club and main dance floor (out back was different). For all their bumping, grinding, and groping, the local Black girls were fairly modest – sluts did not attract good husbands. That was another reason that the local Black men paid so much attention to the white tourist ladies who could be sexually looser since they would leave in a week or two.We took a table to ourselves and Jaye and Samuel started dancing, grinding against each other’s groins, then he would turn her to look at me while he grabbed and twisted her tits while grinding into her ass. Then he would bend her forward, flip up her skirt, and pull her hips into his crotch. During the slow dances, they would melt into each other. After a set, Jaye grabbed my hand and pulled me on the floor for a couple and it was my turn to grope and grind her.While we were taking a break, several Black Jamaicans came up and asked her to dance. She said no, but Samuel flashed a smile and told them to go ahead and take her onto the dance floor to the darker back section. For the next 2 hours – minus rum breaks – she was passed from one Black man to the next and shamelessly groped and fondled. Jaye was glowing, canlı bahis reveling in the attention, straddling her partner’s legs and rubbing her tits and pussy on them, or being bent forward while they banged their bulges into her crotch. The action was hot, and her top kept slipping off her tits. After the fourth time she just left it ajar, rules or not, her tits exposed for the rest of the number. (I was concerned that she might get herself fucked bare back over there, but Samuel said that about the only law enforced by the club and police was that there be no penetration in the public areas. The locals all knew it and abided by it. Looking at Jaye’s face, I could see “The Look” and wondered if she knew it – or cared.)Finally, she was brought back after a full set as the crème filling of an oreo sandwich – her top pushed to the side and her skirt up around her ribs, displaying her panties pulled so tight into her pussy and ass cracks that they were almost invisible. She tried to adjust her limited covering, but her Black escorts each held a hand firmly as they walked her back across the dance floor and into the light, fully exposed. At that point everyone in the club knew what had been happening. Her eyes were glazed, she was panting, her tiny tits heaving. Both white and Black women were looking daggers at her. An assistant manager intervened about midway and asked her to cover up and leave.We called a cab and between us helped her out front to wait. Jaye had sobered up a bit from the embarrassment of being thrown out, but the combination of booze and sexual stimulation had her still hot. “I need cock! I need your hard cock in me now! Please Samuel, put it in me,now!”She had her arms around his neck and was trying to melt into him. I slid a hand into her crotch from behind and found her panties soaking wet.”Take them off me, B!”I did, then held them to her nose so she could smell her juices. This fired her up even more.I pushed two fingers into her. Her long clit was engorged, pushing completely past her swollen labia. She moaned and ground her hips onto my fingers. Then Samuel pushed two fingers in from the front. Four fingers in her pussy now, sawing back and forth, moaning with the approach of orgasm.The cab showed up before she got off and we got in. Jaye immediately started kissing Samuel again.Freeing his Big Black Cock, she bent down and started sucking it like there was no tomorrow, telling me to keep fingering her. About half way back he groaned loudly and came in her greedy mouth, pulling out and shooting his last wad on her face.We were a sight as we walked past the reception desk: Jaye’s top was hanging loose, exposing her little tits that were starting to show bruises from the mauling on the dance floor, her hair was matted with sweat, her mascara running so that she looked like she had two black eyes, lipstick smeared from sucking Samuel and dried cum on her face. She had also cum on the ride home and was in a dreamy state, leaning on him with her arms around his neck. The night clerk sneered at me.Back in the cabana, we put on some reggae and all got naked. The two of them started dancing as I fixed a last set of drinks.She turned to me, held me tight, pushing her tits and groin into me and said she wanted us both. Samuel came up tight behind her, his arms encircling her and his hands on her hips. I could feel from the pressure that he was grinding into her ass.We swayed together, rubbing canlı bahis siteleri against each other. I could feel her hard nipples scr****g across my chest. She shifted her hip action to an up-and-down movement which rubbed her swollen pussy and clit against my hardening cock.I slid a hand between her legs and found that Samuel already had two fingers in her. We both started stroking her very wet pussy to the beat. Shortly he pulled out his hand and cupped her breasts from behind, rolling the nipples between his fingers. Jaye moaned, arched her back, and her head turned up to kiss him. With free access to her pussy, I slid three fingers in, making sure to slide them across her clit. She gasped.She twisted free, pushed us both onto the bed and started sucking us alternately. The one being sucked played with her nipples, the one waiting licked her pussy.Finally, she grabbed Samuel’s Black cock. “Please fuck me! Fuck me hard! I need it so much!”He rolled her over and started to mount her but she put a hand on his chest.”B, put his cock into me! Stab your slutty wife with it!”I had never heard her talk this way and never guessed she had such thoughts! What a change in 10 days!I grabbed his Big Black Cock at the base like a knife and brought it to her pussy lips, rubbing it up and down and bumping her clit with it. I had never held another man’s erect cock before (Last night had just been licking him as he softened). It felt hard but silky.She moaned, “No teasing! Stick it in hard!”I adjusted my grip and pushed this man’s Black cock into my wife. I pulled it out then did it again and again. With my hand at the base there were still 5″ to stab her with and she could feel the mushroom head massaging her as it went in and out.”More! Harder! Please Samuel!”He told me to let go and thrust all 8″ into her, bottoming out, his balls bouncing off her ass.She came immediately with a wail.I moved up to hold her hand but she was clutching him to her, her legs wrapped around his thighs, eyes closed, urging him on.I shifted to the end of the bed for a view of his Big Black Cock sliding in and out of her. Her juices coated his cock and the extra was running down her ass crack and puddling on the bed.He set up a rhythm – hard and fast until she almost came, then slow, then fast again. After 10 minutes she was begging him to let her cum.”Samuel be your man, missy?””Gawd!Yes! Please let me cum!””Ja do what your man say?””Yes! Yes! Yes! Pleeeease let me cum!””Cum now!””Oh Gawd! I’m going to squirt!” She let out a wail and started convulsing, impaled on his Black cock.He gave her a short pause – then pulled out and motioned me on top of her. “Oh yess! Keep fucking me!”I tried to copy his technique while she sucked him and moaned from hypersensitivity. The technique allowed me to last longer than usual. When I came, he hopped on again immediately without waiting for me to clean her. Having already cum, he easily held off his next orgasm. He fucked her continuously for 20 minutes until her burn turned to pleasure and she started cumming on every thrust. I was jerking myself off like a madman. He finally came and told me to hop on again as she sucked him clean. With three loads of cum in her there much friction and I went for a while, feeling her quiver continuously under me, her body limp, her head moving from side to side, and her eyes shut. Finally she cried that she couldn’t take any more. Samuel told me to pull out and jerk off on her face.After a pause, I licked my cum off her, then moved to her now very swollen pussy to clean it. She stirred and said she was too sensitive.We left her in a puddle of cum and pussy juice and drifted off to sleep.

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