Janet’s Perfect Pair Ch. 04

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Janet gave her car keys to Susan and started to clean up. She was still covered with my cum and toppings as I watched her titties bounce ever so nicely.

“Let me know when you want to take a shower and I’ll get in with you.”

“Go get the water warm and I’ll be ready to go in a minute.”

I got up and went into the bathroom, stripped down, got the water just the right temperature and got in waiting for Janet which wasn’t long. When she got into the shower I let her get in front of the shower and I grabbed a bar of soap, put my arms around her and began to wash her titties carefully soaping them up making sure not miss a spot. I put the soap back and continued to knead her tits pulling on her nipples to make them erect. The flesh was so addicting and when she groaned I knew that I was beginning to turn her on again.

I couldn’t believe that there were stirrings in me in such a short period of time. Since I was behind her I slid my cock into her and began slowly pumping her back and forth. The feeling for her was electric and she began to sway back and forth while I fucked her from behind. At the same time I was continuing to play with her grapefruit size titties continuing to knead just like making a loaf of bread. I pulled my cock out of her and turned her around and began sucking on her nipples licking at first and then I began to bite. I had pushed them together so that the nipples almost touched so I began to go from one to the other in rapid fashion.

“I want you to fuck my titties again. I want to feel that hot cum all over them and then I want to rub it in like lotion. I want you to do it to me now.”

She got down on her knees the shower still going and there was still soap on her titties. She grabbed my cock and slid it right into the cleavage and then held her titties together swaying from side to side and then very slowly moving them up and down the throbbing cock. The soap acted as a lubricant and the water droplets made them look even more erotic than they already were. She pulled the cock out and proceeded to rub my cock all over her hard nipples. I heard her groaning with pleasure as the nipples became hard as pebbles. While she was playing with me I pushed her breasts together so that there was very little room between and she got the idea and began to rub them even more. Rize Escort

I was in heaven. Not satisfied with just making her nipples erect she began to move my throbbing cock underneath one of her breasts pushing on it so while it wasn’t a conventional fucking between her cleavage the feeling was electric to me and my cock began to grow even more. She switched breasts and put it underneath the other one and again pressed down hard to make sure it was completely covered with breast flesh. The water had now washed the soap off and her titties were shiny with water droplets covering them. I got excited looking at them as the blue veins seemed to be accentuated even more especially on the top of them.

Not being able to resist anymore I got down on my knees and pushed her up so I could get my mouth on these grapefruit beauties. They were the most gorgeous pair I had ever seen in my life and who would have thought from such a plain looking women. Her hard nipples became even harder if that was possible as I licked with my tongue and bit with my front teeth. The pink nipples became even harder and she groaned like she was going to come from all of the attention I was paying to them and that gurgling sound she was doing made me work on them even more. I wanted to cover every square inch of her tittie flesh and make the already pink breast flesh even pinker with further attention.

They were the perfect pair and I intended to worship them to the fullest, which I continued to do. I was yet again beginning to feel the urge to cum but I wanted to wait until the last possible second before I delivered another explosion all over her beautiful titties. I continued my licking, kneading, sucking, and biting the nipples even harder until I could taste some sort of fluid from her breasts. Not milk but a clear fluid that had her taste almost like her pussy juice which seemed to be flowing also as she played with herself while all of this was going on. This was a real turn on for me.

Unable to resist any further I slid my swollen cock in between her magnificent breasts and very slowly began to move the shaft up and down. In the up position the head of my cock would poke its head out and in the down position it would completely disappear.

She moaned, “Fuck em, fuck em. I want you to cum Sakarya Escort all over my titties and then I want to rub all of the cum in with your cock. Spray them; fuck them, cum all over me. I love your hard cock between my titties. Nothing turns me on more.”

The dirty talk turned me on even more and while I was ready to cum she would have none of that as she cupped her hands together pushing down on my wood making it impossible for me to get my cock out even if I wanted to which of course I didn’t.

“Are these the best titties you’ve ever fucked? I want to be the best so you’ll never sample another pair ever again.”

“These are the best Janet which is why I call them the perfect pair.”

My fucking of her titties continued as Janet was now rubbing them on my cock while it continued to slide up and down in ecstasy. Finally I could no longer stand it any longer and I pulled my cock out and proceeded to lovingly spray each one covering the nipples with cum which slowly dripped off as I painted the tops with the final cum I had left. I was to say the least exhausted.

True to her word Janet took my shaft and began rubbing the cum into her breast flesh.

“This is the best lotion a woman could have on her titties Don. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of you doing this to me. I wouldn’t mind if you did it every day. Would you like that?”

“I would baby. I would.”

“I promise that they’re only for you. No one else can touch them, ever. There your babies to do with what you want. I hope we can experiment with other positions to make fucking them even better. Would you like that?”

“Not only would I, but I can’t wait until I can come again to experiment even more. But enough for tonight I’m tired and my cock is sore and your titties look like they’ve been given the ultimate workout. Let’s dry off and get into bed and get some sleep. I’ll hold you really close.”

We both got out of the shower and had the pleasure of being able to dry each other off. I slipped on a pair of shorts and headed to the kitchen to make myself a drink, a stiff one as I was beginning to feel a little shaky. Ice, chilled glass, and Johnny Walker as I quickly belted one down and poured another one, waiting for the alcohol begin to take effect which it was beginning to do. Samsun Escort In another 5 minutes the room would be spinning around just the effect I was looking for. Thanks to Janet and yet another tittie fucking I would sleep well tonight. Both of us had to work tomorrow, something I was not looking forward to with the hangover I knew I would have. I could always have a belt or two to get me started in the morning but I also knew that wouldn’t last forever and I needed to quit drinking for awhile. I can compare the booze to tittie fucking in the respect that it seemed I couldn’t get enough of either.

I climbed into bed and cuddled up to Janet’s back kneading her titties. If I could have come again you know she would be on her back with my cock between them slowly fucking them again but at this point in the evening there was no way I could.

“You’d fuck them again wouldn’t you Don and I’d let you do it. I’ll never deny that from you ever,” she said.

“I know you would baby but we need to get some sleep. Maybe in the morning we can have a quickie before we have to go to work.”

She replied, “Just saying that makes me want to cum again. You’d think that I’ve had enough but I could do it again.”

“You can get those thoughts out of your head because there is no way that I could possibly come again.”

As we snuggled together, my head swimming feeling the effects of the alcohol she asked “Have you ever tried Viagra?”


“I’ve heard that you can hold an erection for hours before you cum” she answered.

“Something to think about,” I mumbled.

“Just think about being able to fuck my titties for a couple of hours. I don’t know how many times I would cum but it sure would be fun to try.”

The obsessive personality I have immediately got me to thinking as the light bulb came on. This is something that I need to explore and soon.

Three hours later I woke up to hear the gentle snoring of Janet. My forehead and chest were quite sweaty and I could feel the shakes beginning to come on. I slipped quietly out of bed and with great difficulty as my hands were shaking poured another drink of scotch. The bottle was almost empty but I had another one plus one that was hidden in the toilet tank in the bathroom just in case. Shaky I poured another and got back into bed without disturbing Janet. I layed there still shaking but could feel the alcohol beginning to take effect again. This was no fun and I knew in another three hours it was something I was going to have to deal with, something I was not looking forward to at all.

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