Jessica and Jake Ch. 02

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I was almost done unpacking. Moving a good 48+ hour drive away from where I had lived meant another country. I was destroyed from the effort of getting everything in order. A text message.

“Jake. You remember the first story you wrote about me?”

“Duh. Of course. I had been reading your oral fixation stuff. Because this thing you have for going down isn’t normal. Let me be the last guy to complain about it, though. It was so good I had to write something and, before I knew it, I had in my hands a story featuring you. I tagged you in it.”

“Yeah, that was before the anonymous reader told you he or she ‘shipped’ us. That was cute,” Jessica’s written tone on the chat was so familiar, I could see her in my mind’s eye, batting her eyelashes. Her concept of “cute” was interesting at times.

I had stumbled, months ago, upon her erotica blog. Jessica (known on Literotica as badlilkitty), had inspired me to write something involving her. Fiction from me got fiction from her and suddenly we found that we had a readership waiting to read about us, even if it ended up far from feasible.

“It wasn’t any of my story challenges, I think it was the martial arts one?”

“That one was quite short, but yeah,” I wrote back, getting ready to sleep. I sent her the link in case she had forgotten, which contained the following:

Working out with your girlfriend is fun. Even more so when that workout is martial arts. We were in class when I saw the smirk reach the instructor’s eyes. The next combat would be her… and me.

Which meant our bet finally kicked in. We stood before each other, knelt and respectfully saluted each other as we had been taught in Muay Thai.

The combat began. A couple of my jabs she redirected effortlessly. You know that stereotype of the girl being nimble and evading all blows before delivering lightning fast punches and kicks that will disorient you? Yeah. That’s not my Jessica. If she punches you, it’ll be hard and you’ll feel it. She will dodge if she needs to, but if she sees a potential opening, she will block and punch. She’s not afraid of a little pain because the idea of winning drives her…which is a huge turn on for me, obviously.

She tried delivering a descending kick that I barely threw to the side, but she used the momentum of the spinning motion to throw a cross at me. Point for her because it did land. The combat was down to two points, so I needed to do something.

I wasn’t hitting with all my strength, but I wasn’t going easy on her. After all, she was a brown/white prajeat, that is, more skilled than my brown one. My forte is anything involving my legs, so when we came back to the fight, I grabbed her by the neck with both arms to do the typical knee-to-the-midsection. Her head was lower than my chest when I heard her voice barely above the background noise.

“Mmmh, this cock looks so yummy,” her breath hot against my abs, her eyes probably glued to my crotch just a few inches away.

I paused for a second in disbelief. That’s all she needed, though. She pushed me off-balance and pinned me. I could have overpowered her in a few seconds. But she held me long enough to win the second point.

On the way back home she was jumping up and down, “so what was that bet about? Oh, right! Either you got to fuck my face, OR..?”

She held hear hand near her ear as if having issues hearing me.

“Or you sit on my face,” I said, defeated.

“Damn right!” Jessica was all smiles.

It was late when we got home, she took a shower, then so did I. When I got to bed she was snoring. I didn’t wake her up, even if I was certainly hard. I knew she wouldn’t have minded being woken to be fucked, but the girl needs to sleep every now and then.

What I hadn’t expected was waking up to a, “breakfast is served!”

She can’t cook to save her life so what the fu– when I opened my eyes, her crotch was hovering above my face. My sense of smell woke at that time. Sure, I acted all dejected when I lost the bet, but because I *lost the bet*, not because I didn’t like going down on her. I was about to use my fingers like she loved it, instead, she lowered herself on me and moved her hips.

She was actually riding my face!

I laughed in surprise and began licking her.

“That’s it. Eat it…”

She had probably wanted to say more but her own moan cut her off. My my hand went up to knead her breast and it was as wonderful as I had always found it to be. I licked her folds, yet, I couldn’t do what I normally go for when it came to oral sex.

From bottom to top, then concentrate a little on her clit before licking all the area… whatever I got to do wasn’t within my power to decide. She was grinding against me and was wetter than ever.

I tweaked her nipple gently and she moaned again. I really wanted to grab her, throw her on the bed and violently fuck her until the neighbors complained about the banging sounds of our bed against the wall (…again!), but I am a man of my word. So I let her sit on my face, I made sure to make her cum. And mommys girl porno hard, dammit.

I tried to make my tongue go inside her by she moved yet again. So I concentrated my efforts on her clit. I licked, then sucked, then grazed my teeth ever so slightly. I heard her breathe in, then exhale in a strange, irregular way. Her orgasm was near. I supposed that sitting on the face of the guy that’s usually rough and domineering, the power exchange itself, held a lot of meaning and represented a turn on.

My other hand found her but and the angle on my elbow was going to be most uncomfortable, but still, I slapped her butt as I ate her. She squealed and rode my face faster. She was so fucking wet and moving her hips so fast, I was slightly afraid of choking to death. Then again, having a beautiful girl (with a pussy with a flavor that begged to be eaten) riding your face is probably one of the best ways to go.

I just dove in, losing myself in the delicate texture of her labia against my tongue, of her scent filling me, of her voice asking for more…

…of her trembling legs as she came, of her hand grabbing my hair as she screamed her release.

She collapsed backwards and I sat up, holding her legs in place as I ate her more than she had asked for. She came again almost immediately. And again. I kept on licking with urgency until she was begging me to stop. She had to do so a few times before I actually did.

Jessica was panting when I finally let her go. With some difficulty, she propped her head on her hand as she was lying on her side. Her eyes trailed down my body and saw that I was, most obviously, hard.

“Damn it!” Jessica seemed angry with herself.

And we both knew why.

I only needed to be hard. If she saw that hardness, she knew it was for her…

I had but to wait a little before I had those beautiful lips wrapped around my cock. She couldn’t resist it.

I smirked as she got up on all fours. In no time, I was grabbing her reddish hair in a messy bun so it wouldn’t interfere with what she was about to do.

* * *

I shifted in my sleep. Soft parfum against my nostrils. A texture of… hair? Or something like that against my nose and cheeks. A hushed giggle. What? Wasn’t she supposed to be out on her conference from early morning until late in the afternoon? I groggily opened an eye and I saw her smirking, two centimetres away from my face. Not the “her” I was expecting. I jumped up. While I wanted to believe it, the probabilities were close to null; maybe I was still asleep.

“Jessica?” I said, trying not to sound too eager. Then I saw her hand, “what the fuck?”

She was stealthily holding a pair of handcuffs, she looked at me with a vague air of mischief modified by an “I just got caught” expression, which transformed into a mocking chastising one. “Some nerve you have! Snoring! You wrote that I snored!”

Unlike on the fiction we wrote, we didn’t live together. We had actually made a point of meeting in real life, had met weeks prior and she’d been the best hostess… I had then realized I hadn’t brought any souvenirs nor gifts for her from the country I had been living in. She had said that as long as was I nice host when she came visit (she basically had purred the word “come”), that’s all she’d want.

As soon as I had a new address and moved into the USA, I had given it to her (the address only, unfortunately) and jokingly added, “I always keep a spare key on the inside of the pot on the right side, in front of the main door. I’ll be expecting you,” since that’s where I always hide my spare. I just hadn’t expected her to actually do it. Even less on the first days after moving into the house.

“When I heard you had a new place to live in, I knew you needed the proper housewarming gift,” she said with a smile, then bent over to whisper in my ear, “and maybe I just needed an excuse to taste your cum again…”

She batted her eyelashes.

I groaned. Coy girls usually elicit one of two responses from me: either, “….riiight. Not interested in silly games”, or, rarely, if you play your cards just right, “if you aren’t careful I just might fuck you too hard.”

Three guesses to get which category Jessica falls in.

I remembered she was still hiding the handcuffs.

“Don’t you fucking dare,” I said with my charming just-woken-up mood. “I thought I had been clear. No denying orgasms to me, no teasing like the posts that so often come up in your blog…”

She giggled, “I know you said I shouldn’t tease you, but it’s just… so tempting…”

“Jessica. I fucking swear, if you handcuff me,” I inhaled a little before warning her, “weeks ago? Me fucking you while choking you? That will seem like scented-candled, soft lovemaking compared to what I’ll do to you if you fucking handcuff and tease me.”

She actually bit her lower lip, suddenly way more turned on than before, “are you trying to stop me or tempt me?”

I swear she did look like she was considering it and just in case, I turned to look momsbangteens porno at my discarded pair of jeans with the belt still on them. Jessica followed my gaze and I turned back to watch her lift an eyebrow, apparently leaning more towards restraining me when she saw the belt.

“…I thought we were saving it for special occasions?” I tried a different approach. While I was familiar enough with her body, she had this sense of humor that was quite particular and hard to read for me.

“Not today, then,” the redhead conceded.

She looked at me.

I usually am not into blue eyes, but knowing I could make them close in utter pleasure did have an effect on me. And the tent beneath the sheets covering me was proof enough.

She tossed the handcuffs before saying, “you’re right. And I really, really need to swallow something you can give me. You shouldn’t taste so good…”

She didn’t come up to kiss me. Her head stayed close to my hips.

My breath caught in my throat. After having read about her oral fixation so many times, I had fantasized over and over about her doing it to me. That weekend when we had finally met, I had been distracted from that detail by being balls deep inside of her over and over (definitely not something I’ll ever complain about).

Actually, thinking back on it, I had been so distracted, that while I had cum on her face more than once, and inside her another few. In the end, for whatever reason, I never got a blowjob from her.

I was suddenly aching for one.

She slowly pulled down the sheets, revealing my body to her. She didn’t underestimate the power of build up. Looking at her appreciative expression while watching more of my body getting exposed really got me going. Even if she’d seen me (and touched me and felt me cum inside her), Jessica was making it feel intense, almost like a first time by taking her time: the mood she was setting was sensual rather than the desperate need of a brutal fuck… quite unlike the last few rounds of sex we’d had when we’d met.

I, for one, was glad. If we tried to one-up each sexual encounter, every single time, by the time the year was over, we’d have to organize hardcore BDSM orgies while BASE jumping or something.

Jessica stopped a few inches shy of my cock showing, winked, and kissed my abdomen. She inhaled softly, let out a sigh, then continued kissing, going downwards slowly but surely. I ran my fingers through her hair as her hands danced on my skin. Eventually, she came to rest her lips against the sheets and bit down on them, pulling them off with her teeth. She blew her breath on my cock, that twitched with anticipation.


My voice had become a hoarse whisper. I pulled at her hips, trying to get her near to me.

“Jessie…” I tried again, and she nudged her body only slightly towards me. I felt my cock being uncovered from the sheets, her low moan of anticipation sending hot air against my groin, “I need to… uh… fuck…”

She planted a small kiss on the side of my cock, quick, almost like the kind a shy girl gives to a new boyfriend; not entirely allowing their lips to make full contact… then another. And another. Her hand didn’t jack me completely. Her fingers played against the sides of my cock and rarely flicked against my cock head. I heard a muffled giggle between her kisses.

“I need you,” I finally regained enough IQ to say something.

I didn’t have to explain myself. She already knew I was hooked on to the particular taste only she could produce, and if she was going to suck my cock, I only wanted to return the favor and not entirely out of being a gentleman. She really does taste good. The kind of flavor that gets you hornier and makes you lose your mind a bit? That kind, indeed.

“One second,” Jessica said, and I don’t know if she said it to me or my cock, because immediately after, I felt a tongue against the base of my dick, making its way up… a flickering brushing motion against the crown of my cock head. She forced an almost unintelligible expression of lust out of me.

“Fffffuck…hnnnng,” I believe I said.

Jessica stood up before me, next to the bed, stroke a pose. She was wearing some kind of training clothes. She unzipped the sweatshirt… and revealed bare skin. No bra. I gulped. She smirked.

She lowered her sweatpants… and nothing had been underneath them all that time.

“Like what you see?” Jessica uttered the most unneeded question of the year.

I was almost coiling to jump on her. It was unfair a woman could command such lust to come forth from me.

She removed her sweatshirt and climbed upon the bed, “took you long enough to find a house, I’ve been needing this for a while now…”

With that, she put her legs next to the left side of my face, giving me a glorious view of her pussy and backside. But she wasn’t idle. Her hands began to work some kind of magic as she kissed my cock all over except for the glans. Normally, I would’ve been demanding, but this didn’t feel like monsters of cock porno teasing. She was enjoying it. I kissed the outer part of her leg and pulled her so she’d straddle me.

She didn’t. Jessica gave my cock a full-on kiss and the world fucking stopped. Her lips and tongue worked a strange pleasure into my being as I heard her sighing with delight, sucking on my cock head for… a second? A minute? I lost track of time. All I could feel was the delicious, warm wetness of her mouth worshiping my cock, her hands deftly stroking me, her sounds of pleasure.

She gave my cock a long, sensuous suck… that ended with a popping sound as it was freed from her lips. I hadn’t realized I had been holding my breath for a while now, but I inhaled sharply.

My fingers had dug into her leg during the episode of pleasure. She looked back at me. Jessica didn’t even had to ask. I looked like a guy brought back to life.

“I need to lick you,” I managed to utter after a while. But she didn’t move.

“I want you to lean back and enjoy this.”

“Enjoy this? You almost killed me, gorgeous. And I’m not complaining. I just need to taste you. It’s been too long…”



We held each other’s gaze until I sighed.

“Woman, how many guys basically beg to go down on you..? Never mind. I’m pretty sure a bunch,” I remembered the tens of thousands of followers she had on her blog. “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but… I don’t care if you sit on my face and ride it, just let me fucking lick you already.”

It didn’t escape my notice, that tiny spark of satisfaction that got mixed with the fluttering of her eyelashes as I pulled one of her legs so she’d straddle my face. I took hold of her shapely ass and pulled it down towards my waiting mouth, her intoxicating aroma filling my nostrils.

I kissed her inner thighs, nibbling on the delicate skin right where her legs ended, just next to her labia. A drop of her arousal dripped down upon my face. So much for pretending she didn’t want me going down on her. I kneaded her butt and decided I didn’t want to tease her, either. I just wanted to lick Jessica until she came. Hard.

I dived upwards, my tongue lapping up her nectar. I heard a guttural moan that maybe sounded like “Jake”. A flash of pleasure. A hot, wet sensation enveloping my cock in response. I groaned into Jessica’s pussy. I licked in a longer brushing motion of my tongue, her salty flavor only making me want more of her.

Jessica’s mouth began top bob up and down on my hardness. I wasn’t sure of what was she doing with her tongue, but I would’ve killed to prevent her from stopping.

Again, I lost track of time. All I knew was that Jessica and I had different approaches to oral sex. She was sucking my cock with patient technique, slowly building an orgasm that would leave me weakened. I, in the other hand, didn’t hold the punches back. I repeated over and over the motions that I heard or felt she responded better to.

The sexy redhead moaned again and again as I kissed, licked and nibbled her tender folds. Her body quivered and I ate her out like my life depended on it. She paused for a second only to exhale in a lustful manner as her flavor flooded my mouth.

Jessica was cumming for me quickly, but I didn’t stop licking her. Surprising me, her orgasm (and the ones following it) didn’t stop her from blowing me.

Regardless of our differences in the approach, from the beginning instants that languorously stretched into an unknown amount of time, my room was filled with the sounds of passionate, intense (although not harsh) oral sex. Given by a man and a woman who enjoyed the taste of a lover in their mouth, not someone who went down only to put a check on a to-do chore list.

We reveled in making each other moan, grunt, sigh… we thrived on the other’s pleasure. I could’ve spent a day having her marvelous mouth working on my dick as I licked her with greed and lust.

I’m usually not a guy that produces a lot of precum, so when I felt it invading her mouth, earning a triumphant sound from her, I was impressed.

I tightened the hold on Jessica’s ass and moved her up and down. Her motions changed, her skilled mouth traveling up and down my hard dick… it was as if she were making love to my cock using her mouth. I licked her almost desperately, as if she were going to run out of her marvelous salty flavor. I felt her moan as a soft vibration all around my dick. I was getting closer and she was cumming for me again… but I needed her to fall in a state of ecstasy. I flicked her clit with my tongue and a sound of feral pleasure escaped her lips.

Then, Jessica did… something. Something with her tongue and the intensity of how she was sucking that made me moan out loud against her soft labia.

“Fuck,” I managed to say between licks and kisses, “you’re gonna… make me cum, Jessica…”

If anything, she went down on me with more fervent need.

I managed to insert a finger in her blazing hot pussy. It was a slightly awkward position for my hand but she rewarded me with a sultry cry of passion that made the effort worth it. Her hips moved slightly, at some points not even letting me breathe. But I could feel it. Jessica’s body was tensing up in preparation for a strong orgasm. I gave her everything I got.

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