Joyce Dickinson part 3

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Joyce Dickinson part 3It was one in the morning when Joyce thought to check her phone. For weeks she had been obsessed with checking to see if there were any messages from her ex,,saying he wanted her backs, or some other such fantasy. “Mums left her phone at home aunty Joyce. Steves been rained off and is coming home at nine tonight.” It read. She looked at her watch and saw the time, realising that Sylvia was four hours overdue to be home to welcome her husband home. Sylvia read the message and giggled. She put her head next to Joyce and whispered…” know what that””No…what…we”re late…””Well yes we are late, but that doesn’t matter…it means…. no rubber cock tonight…..Sylvs gonna get a proper seeing too heehee”Joyce was getting used to her friend Sylvia’s outlook on sex. It had been in there face all night. After a nice Italian meal, where they had been charmed by two very handsome waiters, they had went to a few classy bars in town where they had been hit on at every moment. Sylvia loved the attention. She loved the fact that she was a beautiful woman and still attracted the gaze of so many hot blooded males. In one bar, which was very packed, they were talking to two guys in there late 20’s who were obviously into body building. The one talking to Sylvia was standing very close to her and Joyce could only see one arm and hand. She had to move to let someone past and then she saw his other hand….it was on her friends bottom. Gently squeezing and trailing his finger tips up and town her scantily clad derrière. She was loving it. Joyce was shocked at her friend, and couldn’t believe she was allowing a boy she had only just met, to openly and purposely touch her. The boy who was talking to her was very smooth. He manipulated information out of Joyce without seemingly having to try. This was all new to Joyce. This “game” of men attempting to get girls knickers off was very sordid to Joyce. But obviously not to Sylvia. She was lapping it up. The boy told Joyce that her ex must have been blind and off his trolley to let a gorgeous girl like Joyce out of his hands. He wouldn’t!! He wouldn’t let her out of his sight blah blah. Joyce enjoyed the compliments, and then saw Sylvia and her suitor engage in a full tongue mashing kiss. He had both hands on her bottom as there touges wrestled with each other. Joyce forgot she was talking to the boy and was mesmerised at the scene in front of her”Your friend likes Dave” she heard in her ear as a hand stroked her bottom. She couldn’t move or speak….staring at the boys hands which were pulling her friend tighter into her body. She was jerked back to reality when she felt the boys fingers trying to get a finger under her thong, feeling the material dragging avcilar escort over her rose bud. Joyce slapped the boys hand away giving him a warning stare that could literally….curdle milk. He just smiled at her and whispered into her ear. “Shame…the four of us could have had a right old party…..your friend there’s up for it…look at her …she’s gagging for daves cock. She’s rubbing her pussy on it now…look…”Joyce was watching and it did appear he was right. She seemed to be grinding her sex against the boys penis as they kissed. She felt the hand return to her own bottom again and for a while left it there. The two of them watched as “Dave” clearly brought a hand up between them and squeezed her right breast. The bar was that crowded no one noticed…except Joyce and her ‘friend’. The hand on her bottom was moving the silky material of her brand new summer frock, sending a shiver righ through her body. She, for some reason, badly needed to rub her pussy and release the pressure that seemed to be building up inside her. They watched as the two of them seemed to be humping each other, as, she felt the fingers get right under her thong and pull up..cupping her moistening pussy Joyce gasped. ….. Sylvia felt the hard cock right on her sex lips. The cock was so hard she could rub the outline of it right over her clit. She could easily have cum, but just let herself get more and more turned on, gaining a plateau she was more than happy to hover on. She glimpsed Joyce looking at her and the youth feeling her friends bottom and inwardly smiled. She knew that what Joyce needed, was a night, of getting fucked to death. Not by these two though. Sylvia had played this game a million times. Allowing this scenario to evolve time and time again. She loved Steve to bits, but she also loved the thrill of the chase. Some bars were pick up joints, and this was one of them. The bar they were in played 80’s music and she had been there many times….often in a similar position to what she was in now. She had never had intercourse with any man since marrying Steve but that didn’t stop her having fun. She had allowed certain situations to develop that she had had to do things that initially weren’t on the agenda. Four times she had given blow jobs, and numerous times a hand job. She just saw it as an ‘occupational’ hazard. She was turned on by this boy but she thought it was too early for Joyce. She whispered in his ear “thankyou big boy, another time I’d be happy to continue this…not tonight …sorry..” He tried to get her phone number, but declined with a smile….grabbing Joyce’s hand and dragging her friend toward the exit door. Sylvia laughed loudly when they were in the street…. Joyce still in a state of shock…open şirinevler escort mouthed, and unable to speak. She explained that it was all just a bit of fun and no harm was done to anyone. Joyce listened and refrained from saying what she so badly wanted to….perhaps her wet pussy being a guide that she too was not totally innocent. They had a few more drinks and talked and laughed, then….she checked her phone….The taxi sped towards Sylvia’s home and the two friends sat in the back chatting. Joyce admitted she had a really fun time and would love to do it again soon. Sylvia told her that she had done really well, and that she would find happiness again, but she needed to let herself go a little bit…she was to tense. “Have fun… people…dance…drink…laugh….then……if you fancy it…fuck some of there brains out. ” sound advise from the cock slut Sylvia. When the taxi pulled up, the house was in darkness. Sylvia linked arms with Joyce, and the two drunk women staggered up the driveway. Sylvia was whispering how she was going to wake Steve up with her mouth on his cock and then would ride him cowgirl till she screamed and he gave her his cream. Joyce giggled with her friend, suddenly feeling how much she would like to ‘make love’ tonight. Twenty minutes later after she’d had a cup of sobering intended coffee, she went upstairs to her room. She could here from the main bedroom the sound of whispering and giggling. Then a slap and then yet another giggle. She went into her bedroom closing the door behind her. . The room was as she had left it….Bags and clothes and labels lay on the bed, make up on the table and wet towel on the floor. Joyce was shocked at the room as she was normally such a tidy person. Not tonight…she smiled She put everything in its rightful place and went into the ensuite to get ready for bed. She was cleaning her teeth when she heard a nose like someone crying, coming from beyond the slightly open door into Robbies room. There was a dim light coming from under the door as she gently pushed it open. Robbie had heard the taxi pull up outside and checked the time on his watch 120 am. They would probably be pissed he thought. He tried to envision how his dream of the next hour would go….his mother wake Steve and do him like she does every night. Aunty Joyce comes into his room and seduces him like every good milf is supposed too. The first part of his dream was a certainty….his cock mad mother was a safe bet for sex. Aunty Joyce might take some persuading. He quickly formed a plan. To the sound of his mother getting fucked, he threw the bedclothes back and started playing with his cock. He put the bedside light on and continued manipulating his rapidly taksim escort growing penis until it stood at its proud 7″ length. Hearing the bedroom door close In Joyce’s room he jumped up and opened the connecting ensuite door just slightly. Back in bed he stroked his cock until he heard the sound of teeth being cleaned and a tap running. He let out a gargle sounding sigh and waited. Through the slit of one eye he saw the door to his room slowly open. Joyce, not realising that she hadn’t put her dressing gown on and was just in her underwear took a step into Robbie’s room to make sure he was all right. The room was lit by a bedside light as she was presented with a naked young man, lieing on his back,,sporting the biggest penis she had ever seen. The only two others in her memory were, her fathers which she saw when she was a young girl and saw when he got out of the bath one evening. It was flaccid. And the other, obviously, was owned by Gary her ex. His cock erect, stood at no more than 5″ and she thought that was huge. Robbies was massive. She stood there for a good 5minutes. Looking in awe as Robbies cock swayed and twitched in his dreams. His hand went to his cock and stroked it…still apparently in a deep sleep. Joyce felt the need to slip a hand into her already damp thong and play with the bud she knew gave her a thrill. Her pussy was soaking. Oh how she longed to be filled with hard cock. She thought back to the bar where the young man had suggested the four of them should party…leaving her in no illusion that all he wanted from her was to ger naked and use her for his pleaser. Right now she wished she’d gone. She stroked her pussy a little more, then, frightened of being caught she closed the door and returned to her room and got into bed. She left her thong on but removed bra, noticing her nipples were so hard they were actually sore to touch. Robbie was glad he didn’t here any doors close and was quickly out of bed and watching Joyce from the dark bathroom where her door was slightly ajar. He was still hard. Joyce lay on top of the bed and her right hand found its was into her pants. Reliving the last few minutes of seeing her best friends son lieing on the bed with a huge cock in his hand, she finger fucked her soaking wet sex. First two then three dissapeared into her hungry hole,envisioning riding that b**st and wondered what it would feel like to have something that buried deep in her passage. She came with a shudder and a gasp, realising, that a sudden sound outside the room, of a woman screaming, probably meant that her friend had just cum too. Robbie watched the material of Aunty Joyce’s knickers stretch as she fisted her cunt. He could smell the dirty bitches scent, as her pussy juice produced its unmistakeable smell. He watche her cum and then slipped back into the bathroom and shot his load into the toilet….then returned to his room quickly. The whole house went quiet. Robbie turned the light, out a satisfied grin on his face. Phase one completed….all going to plan.

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