Kate’s Christmas Costume Party

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Kate’s Christmas Costume PartyKate and I had been invited to a Christmas Party hosted by the chairman of the company Kate works for, he was holding it at his house; the only thing I wasn’t sure about was that it was a costume party. The theme was a masked Angels and Santa’s which I had thought was a bit strange. We talked it over and due to Kate’s insistence we should go and have a good time we accepted the invitation. Now it was just try to find suitable costumes. I soon found a super Santa outfit with great padding and an amazing beard and wig which when I put it on looked almost real, Kate said that she could hardly tell it was me. The costume Kate had found was a pearlescent white, but it seemed to be just a shade too revealing for her to wear at a company function, however Kate liked it. It was in three parts the skirt, which was made of many overlapping layers of chiffon that when worn would rustle and shimmer, it came down no more than two inches below her ass cheeks and accentuated her long, shapely legs. The top was a strapless bustier again in the same chiffon, which held her large 36D breasts up and displayed them as if on a shelf. The third part was a multi-sectioned set of white sparkly wings completed the look. Kate had added a pair of white lace top holdups, a Crystal tiara and a Fairy wand; she looked stunning and sexy as hell. On the day of the party it took me no time at all to get ready so I was sitting in my study waiting for Kate to get herself ready when the Taxi arrived, I went to the bottom of the stairs to call Kate but as I looked up the stairs I saw that Kate walking down. Boy oh Boy, Kate looked sexier than ever she smiled and gave me a twirl was it ever a great view? As she twirled I got a flash of her little thong panties. They were so sheer I swear you could see her Hairy puffy pussy right through them. As the Taxi was waiting we walked straight out to the taxi where as Kate got in I was given another flash of her white sheer thong covering her dark hairy pussy. The Taxi took us to the chairman’s house which was a large country house where the party was being held. On our arrival all I could see were cars parked up and down the road and drive. There were people dressed as Santa and angels everywhere, some of the Santa costumes were really very good. I was pleased that I had one that stood up to the best I could see, as for the angels most of the ladies seemed to have opted for long dresses only a few seemed to have gone for the sexy look. We made our way towards the front door of the house Kate was chatting away in an excited way about us having fun. Judging by the number of cars and people outside and inside I guess that there were in excess of about 150 guests. From what I could see with everyone wearing masks or beards most of them looked older than us, but then I thought to myself, “What the hell, free booze”. We headed to the large bar that had been set up in the large entrance hall where we both got ourselves drinks. Me a beer and Kate a large frosted glass of a Fruit Punch. Kate then began talking to some of the guests in the large hall while we drank our drinks. One of the uniformed staff at the bar approached Kate and said to her “Your time to visit Santa is at 10 O’clock” “What do you mean?” Kate asked him.He turned and pointed out a sign on a door off the hall to her which read “SANTA’S FAIRY GROTTO – FAIRIES ONLY” and said just go through that door at 10 grandbetting yeni giriş O’clock Santa will be waiting.Kate turned and looked at me and shrugged and said to me “Oh I wonder what that’s all about” I noticed that the member of staff was approaching other female guests and speaking with them. I said to Kate “I don’t know but it looks like all the fairies are being told there time slots too.”We had moved from the hall into one of the adjoining rooms where Kate introduced me to her boss Rob, and another of her colleagues Tom. I mentioned the Santa appointment, Kate’s Boss said it was one of the Chairman’s favorite times of the year and that each year he held a party and every year he had a Gift for all of the ladies which Santa gave out. Rob, Tom and I were soon chatting away as if we had known each other for a long time. Kate wandered off to chat to some other people while we were talking about the latest ball games and other boring stuff these type conversations are made of. We must have talked for about an hour when Rob was called away by his wife, I then looked around to see if I could find Kate I suddenly remembered Kate’s appointment with Santa at 10 o’clock. Checking my watch I saw that it was 10 minutes past 10. I returned to the entrance hall where I got myself another drink while I waited for Kate to return I was waiting and waiting I saw at least 2 other Fairy’s going through the door and neither of them came beck out, however I saw one of them come back into the hall from another room a short time later. It was by now coming up to 11 o’clock I decided to have a walk around to see if I could find Kate after about 10-15 minutes of looking I found her in the large conservatory there was music playing and a number of couples were dancing.Initially I just looked around and didn’t notice Kate and I was just about to walk out when I spotted her, she was clearly drunk Kate’s arms were d****d around a Santa’s neck, they were locked in a tongue swallowing kiss and their swaying back and forth which was a long way from what could be described as “dancing”. Kate’s breasts were threatening to spill out of her top, due to her stretching her arms up and them being pushed into Santa’s chest. Santa’s had his hands on the top of her chiffon skirt and he was caressing Kate’s ass through the layers of chiffon. The song and Kate and Santa turned and began walking towards where I was standing at the entrance to the conservatory Kate was unsteady on her feet and Santa was holding her by the waist as he helped her off the dance floor. I stepped fully into the conservatory and walked over to meet Kate and the Santa as they walked off the dance floor, I said to Kate “Hello Honey, I’ve been looking for you have you been having fun?” Kate replied, in a slurred voice “Oh hi honey I wondered where you were, yes I am, but I think I need a drink and a break to cool down after that!”Kate sounded drunk and was clearly unsteady on her feet I don’t think she knew that I had seen her dancing and kissing with Santa and so as not to spoil her party I decided to leave it be, after all it was just kissing. Santa turned to Kate and said he would get her that drink she wanted and with a nod to me he left the conservatory.Kate said to me “come on lets dance” she grabbed me by the hand dragging me out into the conservatory dance floor before dr****g her arms around my neck.As we danced I asked grandbetting giriş her about her visit with Santa. Kate said it was a surprise and I would have to wait. I was caressing Kate’s ass through her chiffon skirt and then slid my hands under the layers of chiffon on to her bare ass. I was giving her ass cheeks a gentle caress when I suddenly became aware that her thong appeared to be missing! I was feeling nothing but skin. I kept feeling her ass cheeks before I finally slid my hand down to find nothing but a hot, wet Hairless pussy!! “Ooooh Uhmm You’re a naughty boy, you’ve spoilt Santa’s surprise…….. Do you like it?” she whispered.”Yes but When did that happen, when did you loose the hair?” I asked her.”Well Santa said he thought that you deserved a present as you have been so good” she replied.“And your knickers? I asked“Well the Santa’s were having a hard time with my knickers,” she breathed into my ear. “So I thought I’d make it a little easier for them all!”Somehow, I resisted the urge to ask her what she meant by that.”At that moment the song ended and we walked back towards the entrance of the conservatory where Roger was standing waiting with a drink for Kate, she took the glass of fruit punch and drank it straight down. Kate then turned and asked me “Honey I’m so hot can you please get me another one of these fruit punches with lots of ice?” I agreed and taking her empty glass left her sitting on a chair near to the entrance of the conservatory. Roger came with me having said to Kate that he had to go and find his partner and thanking her for the dance.When I returned to the conservatory Kate was not sitting where I had left her, I looked all around but couldn’t see her in the conservatory, so I began looking into some of the other rooms, I thought that I had looked everywhere when I spotted a door to a room that I hadn’t looked in. On opening it I found the room in darkness and was about to close the door when I heard the sound of two people kissing. I stepped into the room fully and closed the door and allowed my eyes to adjust to the darkness, it appeared to be a study with a number of sofas around it. In the centre of the room on a rug were two people locked in a kiss Kate and another Santa!I saw Kate throw head back and Santa begin kissing her down her neck and then on the tops of her breasts. Santa then pulled her top down around her waist allowing her breasts to spill out, Santa then lowered his head and took her right nipple into his mouth, tugging and licking and biting it until Kate squirmed in pleasure. I then saw Santa’s hands go to Kate’s ass and up under her skirt tugging it upwards above her hips exposing her naked ass and now hairless pussy. Kate was now back kissing Santa with her tits with their big pink nipples crushed against his chest and Santa with a handful of smooth hairless pussy. Except for the all-important mask, stockings, shoes, and the material bunched around her waist, Kate was effectively naked for anyone who looked into the room to see. They broke from kissing and Kate began undoing Santa’s trouser belt and pulling his trousers down, before putting her hands down his underwear. I heard Kate slur breathlessly “Oooh Santa, you seem pleased to see me….”Santa replied “Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh yes Kate”“Oh and its sooo Big too Santa” Kate said “And it’s all nice and hard is this my present from you?” “Oh Yes Kate” replied the Santa.Santa pulled grandbetting güvenilirmi Kate’s skirt down leaving her wearing the stockings, shoes the top around her middle and her fairy wings. Santa took Kate in his arms and began kissing her again before moving back down to her breasts and nipples, tugging and licking and biting first one then the other as Kate squirmed in his arms. He then ran his hand up her right thigh until he reached her pussy. She lowered herself to the carpet and spread her legs, allowing him to insert two fingers into her wet hairless pussy and rub her clit with his thumb. They continued like this for several minutes, Santa was sat next to Kate leaning over her and she in turn was thrusting against the fingers that were inside her pussy. Kate Groaned as she came on Santa’s fingers. Kate pushed Santa onto his back and straddled him. Taking hold of his cock with both hands she guided the bulbous head to the entrance of her slippery pussy. “Oh my God!” She gasped, rocking her hips and slowly sliding her pussy down Santa’s cock. Santa reached up and cupped her breasts which were swaying in his face, squeezing them as Kate ground her hips and rode his cock. Kate let out a gasp as Santa’s hands found her nipples and pinched them. Kate then began humping her ass and Pussy harder and faster up and down on his cock, working more and more of his cock into her pussy, bouncing and pounding him hard. Santa was, kneading Kate’s breasts roughly and jerking his own hips upwards to meet her bucking pussy and ass.”Ooooh Santa” Kate said, She gasped, bouncing on his cock. “Do you like it, Kate?” Said Santa “Do you like having Santa’s big cock, squeezed into your tight wet Pussy?” “Ooooh Yes Santa, I feel so stretched, it feels so good Santa” said Kate”Have you been Naughty or Nice Kate?” Santa Asked as he continued to thrust his cock upwards in to Kate’s pussy. “Oh Santa” Said Kate “I’ve been so very naughty are you going to punish me Santa!”Santa said “Yes” and began smacking Kate’s ass leaving a red marks on each cheek. “Ow, Ow, Ow, Ow” Said Kate as Santa Smacked her ass cheeks “Oooh Santa I have been very naughty” Said Kate continuing to hump her pussy up and down Santa’s Cock.”Do you like Santa’s Present Kate?” Santa growled at her as he pulled her down onto his cock with every thrust.”Oh Santa, fuck me Please!” Kate groaned loudly, “Ohhhhhhh! Um! Yeah! It feels so good Santa!””Yeah Kate, you like my big cock inside your sweet pussy?” Santa said as he repeatedly slammed into her harder, “You know what, I’m gonna fill your sweet pussy” “I’m gonna leave you your present there. Although it may arrive a little late for Christmas.” he chuckled to himself.”Ohhhhh yeah! Muuuummm so good Santa” Kate groaned “I have never felt so full before!” She yelled while bouncing up and down his hard cock.”I’m gonna cum, Kate” He yelled. ”I’m gonna fill your pussy with my cum.””Oh yes, yes! Cum in me! Oh yes! Ohhhhhhh fuck! I’m cumming!” She Groaned.And with a few final hard thrusts he buried his dick to the base all the way into her. Kate collapsed onto Santa’s Chest, her breasts squashed against his chest; I could see his balls contracting again and again as his cock pumped all of his hot cum deep into Kate’s pussy. The two lay there together for a short time, before Kate rolled off onto the rug where she lay. Santa got up pulled his trousers up and began doing up his belt; I decided that now was the time to make an exit so as not to be seen. I slipped out of one of the doors leading out into the garden and made my way back into the house. A short time later I found Kate in the Hall, she was slumped on a chair, I managed to rouse her enough to get her outside and into a waiting Taxi home…..

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