Kathy’s First Striptease Show

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Bouncing Ass

Well, two years of college was enough for me so at the sweet age of nineteen, I took my degree and headed home. I landed a dream job right out of college with a big advertising firm. I seemed to have the looks and sex appeal the company wanted. A very petite brunette, 5′ 2″ tall, 94 pounds with measurements of 36C – 20 – 32. My breasts were big, my tummy flat, a hard little ass, and thin shapely legs. Since advertising was my major, I loved the job. Just two weeks into it I got assigned to help out with one of their biggest clients. Not long after meeting the three owners, they kind of took me off to the side. Robert asked, “Kathy, how about being in our booth at the trade show next week? We need a hostess.” Very surprised I said, “Wow! I’d love to. But! I… I don’t think my boss would allow that.” With an Australian accent he said, “No worries! I’ll be back,” and confidently walked away. About thirty minutes later Robert came to my desk. “It’s a go, kiddo. You’re at the trade show all next week,” he said with a big grin. Obviously he was too big a client for my boss to say no. I said inquisitively and sheepishly, “Ah… Question… What does a hostess do?” With a big smile he said, “No worries. Just wear a sexy dress. You know, revealing.” With an even more sheepish grin I asked, “Just how revealing do you want?” “What ever ‘you’ feel comfortable in, gorgeous,” he replied with a smile. Then he winked and said, “Convention center. Monday! 10AM. Look sexy!” He tapped his knuckles on my desk and walked away. He said revealing, so that had to be my white lace outfit. A short top that was open all the way down the front with laces. It showed serious cleavage, not always covering my nipples. Plus my entire waist was fully exposed. The skirt was mid thigh, slightly flared and quite sexily hung off my hips. I finished it off with beige lace top stockings and a pair of white three inch heels. I hadn’t worn a bra or panties since I was sixteen so I saw no reason to wear them now, right? I got to the trade show early and when the three owners saw me, their eyes nearly popped right out of their sockets. “Holy Christ! You look stunning, my dear!” Robert said with a huge smile. Mike and William agreed with him. I told them, “I did bring other outfits if this is too much.” “No worries! That’s perfect. Every buyer will be at our booth,” he said with his eyes running up and down my body from head to toe. I was nervous at first, smiling and handing pamphlets to buyers but that quickly went away. By mid afternoon I decided to give my feet a little break. I slid into a director’s chair, kind of a folding bar stool with arms and a back. My skirt came up and the tops of my stockings were visible. When I crossed my legs the tops of my stockings and bare thighs were very visible and let me tell you, everyone was looking. I just hummed while slightly rocking my crossed leg. While reading a pamphlet, the exhibitionist in me was beginning to take over. ‘Should I flash or not?’ kept bouncing around in my head. This wasn’t the Indy 500… this was a trade show – and my job at least for this week. I had gotten so turned on thinking about flashing I just couldn’t help myself. As I got out of the chair I spread my legs, no doubt wider then I should have. But you should have seen the look on their faces when they saw my bare naked pussy up my skirt! The look on their faces was priceless. Of course I acted like I had no idea anyone had seen. Yes, I know I probably shouldn’t have done it, but I just couldn’t help myself. Oh my God… did it ever turn me on, flashing my cunt like that! After that I was flashing every chance I got. Squatting down with my legs open to get more pamphlets. Bending over showing my lower butt cheeks and cunt. Leaning over giving great down blouse and nipple shots. I couldn’t tell you how many times I got in and out of that tall chair. I was having an absolute ball flashing and I was getting paid a lot of money at the same time. To my surprise, ankara travesti men from all types of different companies were giving me business cards with dates written on the back – of a trade show they wanted me to hostess at. By the end of the week I had enough cards to have me at a different trade show for the rest of the year! Even an agent that books booth girls gave me her card. So it was obviously decision time for me. Should I keep my dream job at the advertising firm or become a professional hostess? Actually it wasn’t that hard of a decision to make, since I was making three times the money being a hostess and I got to flash while working. So I quit my ‘dream job’ and the very next week was in Chicago; the week after that Atlanta, then Miami. The fourth week I was in Atlantic City, again hostessing for those first three guys. This was their home trade show, their business being right outside of Atlantic City. At that first trade show the three guys were pretty reserved, but that all changed. They started out making comments about my body, and most definitely letting me know that they saw my bare pussy. They were constantly trying to get me to spread my legs wide open, which I quickly did a couple times a day. I had the most fun yet at this trade show, mainly because I got to flash a lot more. It was just after lunch on Saturday, the last day of the trade show, when Robert came over and sat down next to me. In his oh-so-cool Australian accent he asked, “What are you doing tonight… You know, after the show closes?” “Oh, nothing in particular,” I said while shrugging my shoulders. He said, “Good! How about coming to my nephew’s bachelor party?” “Bachelor party! Now why would I want to go to that?” I very truly asked, having no idea whatsoever why he would possibly be asking me that. Turning both hands up and out he said, “To strip!” like he thought I knew what he meant. “To what!” I asked while giggling, a very astonished look on my face. “To strip. You know! A… A striptease.” Again he said it like I should have known what he was talking about. “Ahh… I… I don’t think so,” I said with a nervous giggle, suddenly realizing he was dead serious. Seeming quite surprised, he asked with a chuckle, “Why not?”  Stammering I said, “Ahh… Ah… I… I don’t know.” Giggled and said, “I… I… Don’t.” He didn’t say another word, but just got up and walked away. I was pretty sure he would be asking me again. But I knew right away why I said no. Hell, I didn’t want to do anything that would mess up my hostessing gig. I was having way too much fun and making way too much money to mess this up. Not to mention that I had never stripped in my life. Hell, I had never even seen a stripper before! Honestly I have to admit that just the thought of stripping in front of a group of young men really turned me on. But as much as it turned me on, I just couldn’t do anything that would mess up my trade show career. Anyway, about an hour later, sure enough, Robert asked me again. After that one of the three brothers asked me about every twenty minutes or so. I just kept smiling and saying ‘no I don’t think so’. Finally I asked, “Robert, why do you want me at this bachelor party?””Are you kidding… everyone wants to see you naked!” Mike said, as though he couldn’t believe I asked that question. Robert quickly added, “Absolutely! What he said.” “Really!” I said, kind of squishing my face in surprise. “Hell yes! You’re the hottest ‘Sheila’ in the booths!” Robert said, like I should have known that. I got a bit serious and said, “Okay. Let me explain something.” After a pause I continued, “I love hostessing and I don’t want to do anything to mess it up. Okay?” “That your worries?” Robert said, like he couldn’t believe it. “Well yeah! I love this job,” I replied like I thought it was an extremely good reason. Robert said, “Hell, a lot of the Sheila’s do the strip.”  “They do?” I replied, actually quite surprised. Robert stepped up on a box and started pointing at ankara travestileri several different girls saying, “She strips. She strips. She does. She does. She does.” I put up both hands to stop him and said, “Okay! Okay! I believe you. I believe you.” I followed with a little laugh. While stepping down he said, “See. No worries!” He paused. “So you’ll do it?” “No! No! No!” I quickly replied with my eyes wide open. “I didn’t say that.” Mike asked, “What’s the problem now?” I was obviously quite nervous and said in a low voice, “Well, to start out with. I… I have never stripped before.” I took in a breath. “Hell, I’ve never even seen a stripper.” “Really!” all three of them said, pulling their heads back as though totally shocked. After a few seconds of silence Robert blurted out, “You’re kidding right?” “No… No… I’m not kidding,” I said with a nervous yet serious smile.”Ah. No Worries! We will be there,” Robert said, pointing at the three of them. “We will tell you everything you need to do.” I giggled, shook my head and said, “Now why doesn’t that sound like such a good idea.” “No worries!” Robert said, turning his palms up. “We’ve been to a bunch of parties. We know exactly what strippers do, right?” All his brothers agreed. “Yeah. Hell Yeah! We can do that!” Mike guaranteed me. While slowly shaking and lowering my head and giggling, I said, “I don’t know… I just don’t know.” “Come on, Kat. You do owe us,” Robert blurted out. Lifting my head and looking right up at Robert I asked, “I do?” “Sure! Think about it! It wasn’t for us, you wouldn’t be doing trade shows, right?” he said, insinuating it was payback time. Taking in a deep breath I said, “I was wondering if you were going to say that.” “And now I’ve said it.” Robert paused. “You do owe us,” he said with a glimmer on his face, knowing he had just won. Cautiously I asked, “The three of you will be there, right?” Robert said, “Of course. No worries.” Mike quickly blurted out, “Yes! Absolutely!” He gave a little laugh. “Hell, we wouldn’t miss this.” Even the seldom talking William spoke up saying, “Hell yes we’ll be there.” “You are right. I do owe you.” I sat silent for several seconds, took in a deep breath, and said as though giving in, “Alright… I’ll do it.” “Fan! Damn! Tastic!” all three of them sang out at the same time. They did that a lot about many different things. Mike sang out very excitedly, “First thing. You need to wear what you had on Monday. Let’s see!” He paused while thinking. “Oh Yeah! Wear a bra and panties. More to strip off.” He followed with a little chuckle. Holding up my hand I said, “Ahh… I don’t have a bra or panties. I never wear them.” Roibert said, “We noticed! But no worries. We’ll go to the lingerie shop.” The next thing I knew it was seven o’clock and we were all in Robert’s big Cadillac driving to the bachelor party. I was getting more nervous by the second. This was not flashing at the Indy 500. Hell, at the races I flashed when and where I wanted. This was a bachelor party and they were paying me (a lot of money I might add) to strip and put on a show. The thing is I didn’t have the first clue of how to do it. Hell yes I was nervous! I can’t say the idea of stripping in front of a group of young men didn’t turn me on, because I was turned on like you would not believe. I actually remember being happy that I would be in white because so much juice was coming out of my pussy and you couldn’t see a wet spot on white. We got to this huge old building and a big garage door opened; Robert drove right inside. I don’t need to tell you how scared I was right then. Hey, I was only nineteen years old and I was totally alone with three men in their mid forties. I had no idea what was going on right about then. I was so nervous that my legs were shaking as we walked through the big empty area of the building. As we got closer to a door I could hear what sounded like a big party going on. Mike opened the door and we went inside. travesti ankara There were young, college age men all over the place. Not sure, but I’m guessing there had to be at least sixty or seventy of them. There were large TV’s all around the big room with a different porno movie on each one. There were two strippers on stage, and as soon as I saw them, I actually felt better. Why? Because both of them were a bit chunky! They both had big breasts but they both had thick waists, hefty thighs and pretty darn big butts. They looked nothing like my little hard body. Robert escorted me around to a little dressing room. I put on the bra, panties and the two piece white lace outfit – complete with the beige thigh high stockings and white high heels. I peeked out watching the two girls through a bead curtain right next to the stage. It actually seemed like they kind of hurried the two girls up, and before I knew it, they were gone. Neither one of them ever removed their panties. But right then I realized I was the only female in the building with a bunch of young, half-drunk men. Oh Yeah! My ‘nervous to scared’ factor went back up. I was turned on like you would not believe but I was also shaking more than ever too. This was nothing like flashing at the races. There if I needed to I could just run away. Here I was trapped for the most part in this building. Hell, I wouldn’t even know which way to go to get out of there. This was again another first for me. Robert came over talking fast, “Listen up! He will announce you and when the music starts playing just come out and dance. Okay?” I said, “Yeah. Okay,” like I wasn’t even listening to him. It was like I was in a daze, a dream world or something. “Hey! Are you listening?” Robert asked, almost yelling at me. “Yeah. Yes!” I said while actually paying attention.”Look. Just dance the first song. When the second song starts take off your top.” He paused a second and continued, “On the third song take off your skirt. Okay?” he paused again then yelled, “Okay!” I was staring out at all the young men, watching the way they were whooping it up and making comments about the girls getting fucked in the porno movies. “Yes! Yes. I heard you. First song nothing. Second song top. Third song skirt,” I replied like in a complete daze. “Good! Fourth song, loose the bra. Okay?” he added. “Okay. Got it,” I said, still staring at the young men. My legs were shaking so much I was wondering if I would be able to walk out there and dance. I was so nervous and so turned on all at the same time. William came out on the stage and quieted everyone down by talking on a microphone.”Okay, guys. We got a special treat tonight. We got a gorgeous little gal that is doing her very first strip.” He paused and said, “So give the girl a break, alright!” A young guy yelled out, “Oh yeah. We’ll break her. Right between the legs!” This got all the guys laughing and whistling like crazy. “Alright. Alright. No sense talkin to you fucks. Start the fuckin’ music,” he yelled out. Well, it was the moment of truth for me. Would I have the courage to go out there and strip or will I stay back in the dressing room. The music blurted out loud at first and then my absolute best song to dance to came on… ‘Billie Jean’ by Michael Jackson. I couldn’t have picked a better song to dance to. I really think that song gave me the extra courage to go out on stage. Robert said (seeming more nervous than I was), “Just dance over close to me if you need to know anything. Okay?” “Okay,” I nervously replied while nodding my head. “Hey! Hey! Start in the middle. Move all around the stage. Go up to the edge. Keep moving around. Okay?” Robert blurted out with last second advice. “Yes. Okay,” I said back. I took in a very deep breath and stepped out of the dressing room onto the stage. As soon as the guys saw me in that lace outfit they started hooting, shouting, clapping and whistling like crazy. I have to admit that helped calm my nerves a little. I danced the first song and at the start of the second song I took off my top. The guys roared as they saw my big breasts and parts of my nipples bulging out of the white lace bra. About half way through that second song I took off my skirt.

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