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Kelly’s Birthday

Kelly and I had been carrying on for almost a year when her twentieth birthday rolled around. It also coincided with a visit from two of my cousins from Sicily. It didn’t take much to connect the two events.

Kelly’s parents were out of town so we decided to have a little dinner party at her house. If everything went right, then dessert would be an orgy for the ages! I knew my cousins were very adventurous, a fact I discovered firsthand while I visited their home while I was in high school. Though they appeared to be dutiful children and good Catholics, the family trait of sexual adverureism ran strong in their blood.

Mario and his sister Adrianna couldn’t fool anyone about their origins. Both were very dark of skin and hair, summers in Sicily being quite severe. They had grown up on the family ranch outside Palermo. Their mother, a far-seeing woman, had renovated the entire establishment and made into not only a very productive agricultural concern, but also a world-class resort. My cousins were in America to attend college to help out with this new business. Mario was studying advanced agricultural techniques, while Adrianna was enrolled at one of the best schools for hospitality in the world.

We all arrived at Kelly’s about seven. Kelly was quite a good cook and the meal she put on was incredible. After we had cleared everything away, we took our drinks into the living room.

While Kelly got to know my cousins, I gave them the once over. Mario was tall for a Sicilian, over six feet. He had the seriousness of his race, and the solid, muscular body that working on a farm will give you. And, having experienced him first hand, I knew that Kelly was in for quite a treat in his pants.

Adrianna looked like something out of mythology, beautiful in a way best captured in statues rather than paintings. She was slender but curvaceous where she should be, every inch the woman. Her dark eyes and commanding voice made you take notice immediately.

I could tell before long that everyone was hitting it off, so I asked Kelly if she was ready for her present. She giggled and said yes.

I pointed to Mario, and he rose from the couch. He reached for his shirt and pulled it over his head, revealing a chiseled chest and abdomen, dark and covered with black hair. Next he reached down and took off his shoes, then socks. By the time he got to his zipper, I had Kelly in my arms and she was squealing with delight and licking her lips.

Once he had his trousers off, his jockey shorts Beylikdüzü escort barely contained his manhood. Mario’s erect member was making more than a tent out of his underwear. For the final step, Adrianna reached for the waistband and uncovered her brother for us.

Kelly’s jaw dropped. Though she loved and appreciated my nine-inch cock, Mario’s put mine to shame. A shade over twelve inches, uncircumcised, and thick as Kelly’s wrist. It sprang from a wild forest of dark black curls and, halfway down its length, curved to the left at an obscene angle.

“You like?” he asked/

“Oh yes!” Kelly reached back and kissed me, I returned it hungrily. My own erection was starting to pain me. Adrianna noticed and came over to me while Kelly went to service my cousin.

My cousin undid my pants and withdrew my cock, immediately plopping it into her mouth. I looked over at Kelly and she was trying her best to stuff Mario’s monster into her mouth, barely getting the oversized head in. She worked his balls (surprisingly small give the size of his penis) and shaft with her hands. She obviously enjoyed the novelty of a foreskin, sliding it back and forth.

Mario and I put our arms around each other as the girls sucked us. Seeing them again brought me back to that summer in Sicily, and how they had introduced me to sex under the hot Mediterranean sun. It had happened in an olive grove and all summer we had enjoyed each other. I brought a wealth of experience back to school that fall in exchange for my virginity.

Adrianna brought me off quickly and then shucked her own clothes. She wore a very sexy half-bra and matching panties, which were on the floor in a flash. We changed places and I went to eat out what had been my first pussy. Her bush was just as thick and black as her brother’s, but I had no problem finding her inner folds with my tongue. Her scent was powerful and sweet, like an orchard at dusk. Before long she was clamping her thighs around my face and bucking her hips up to meet my lapping.

Mario wasted no time in getting into Kelly’s pussy. It was almost funny watching him try to cram his log into her tiny pussy. He had her on her stomach and was entering her from behind. He only had about two inches in her when she started screaming. His hands gripped her ass tightly, his hips grinding into her. The animal lust in his eyes told me that he was going to get it all in her if it killed her in the process.

I had no such problems with Adrianna. She had been fucking her brother for Beylikdüzü escort years and her pussy took my nine inches easily. She sat on my cock and bounced up and down, her hands on my shoulders. Her pussy was hot and wet around my cock, and I just sat back and let her do the work.

I quick check of Kelly showed that Mario had managed to get half his cock in her. She screamed with climax, his bruiser touching places in her. The odd angle of his member had to be doing great things to her pussy, and she was obviously enjoying my studly cousin.

With a final push, my cousin had his entire penis inside my lover. He held it there, letting her pussy get totally used to it. Then, in a flash, he started moving his hips like a jackhammer, pounding her already-stretched womanhood as it had never been before. The contrast of his darkness and her paleness was a wonder to behold. She was now cumming so hard I thought she would pass out.

Adrianna leaned down and took my head in her hands, kissing me tenderly. She then hopped off of me and lay back on the couch. I took her legs and put them on my shoulders as I reinserted my cock into her. I started pounding her as hard as Mario was pounding Kelly, matching him stroke for stroke. I saw him quickening his thrusts, knowing he was close. I picked up my own pace and we both shot off at the same time, crying out in our respective languages.

As he and I sat down to recover, Adrianna went over to Kelly to give her phase two of her present. My cousin buried her face in my lover’s pussy, licking her own brother’s seed from my lover. Mario and I were quickly hard again and started stroking out cocks. Before long, I felt his hand replace mine, and I got my own hand on his monster cock.

Kelly quickly returned the favor and was eating my sperm out of my cousin. Both girls climaxed again as we boys rubbed each other. When Adrianna pulled away from Kelly I went to my lover and kissed her, that taste of my sperm and Adrianna’s pussy still on her lips.

I leaned over and started sucking on Kelly’s tits as she rubbed my balls. My cousins, ever the animals, were starting in on each other. After years of practice, Adrianna was actually able to get almost all of Mario down her throat. The siblings were soon in a 69, enjoying each other immensely.

Kelly indicated she was ready for another fuck, and I slipped my manhood into her. Her usually tight pussy had still not recovered from Mario. A few clenches of her muscles brought her sugar walls back around my cock. I Escort Beylikdüzü went slow, kissing her, rubbing her, and only thrusting enough to maintain my erection. Mario and Adrianna were screaming Sicilian obscenities as the coupled.

Kelly looked up at me. “I love you, Joe. Thanks for the great present.”

I kissed her. “I love you too, Kelly. I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“Joe, can I ask one more thing?”

“Anything, my sweet.”

“Will you and Mario do each other, and then do me?”

“What about poor Adrianna?”

“She can join in, too.”

“If that’s what you want.”

My cousins heard this and quickly disengaged. The girls started kissing and rubbing each other as Mario and I joined each other. I took his cock in hand and rubbed it, sliding his foreskin up and down. Then I licked at the head and took as much as I could in my mouth. After a bit, we changed positions, and my cousin sucked on my cock.

“Is this what you want, Kelly?”

“Yeah, Joe. But I want to see you fuck each other. Okay?”

I grabbed some lube and greased my cock. Mario turned over, offering me his well-used ass. I eased myself in until I had buried all nine inches in him.

“Fuck me, Joe. Just like you did in Sicily!”

I grabbed his hard ass and thrust in and out of him. His cock and balls swaying underneath. My cock made slurping, popping sounds as I fucked him. Kelly and Adrianna were transfixed by our show, absently rubbing each other as they watched us fuck.

“Both of you save your sperm for me. Mario, you fuck Joe now.”

We switched placed, and he eased his lubed penis into me. I was not as practiced as he was, so he had much more trouble getting his dick into me. He only got about half in before he could go no further. He fisted his cock, and gently moving in and out. He grunted as he fucked me, again with the Sicilian swear words.

“Okay, now. Both of you on me! Joe, you in my ass. Mario, in my pussy!”

Mario lay back and held his cock as Kelly hovered over him. Slowly she lowered herself onto his erection until she had it all in him. Then I came up behind her and guided myself into her back passage. We timed our thrusts so one of us was in when the other was out.

Adrianna seemed to be everywhere, sucking Kelly’s tits, licked our balls, fingering my ass. I unloaded first, the stimulation too much. My semen leaked out of Kelly’s ass and dripped onto Mario. He didn’t notice, too busy fucking Kelly. With a grunt, he came, spilling his seed into her pussy.

Exhausted, we lay back and basked in the glory of it all. Kelly thanked me again for the great birthday. My cousins thanked me for sharing. After they had left Kelly and I went to bed and slept in each other’s arms, the sleep of the exhausted and sated.

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