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Life in The Village, through the eyes of a student at the remote school.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)

Copyright 2013-2022.  Robert Armstrong.  This complete work of literary art is protected by US, Australian and International copyright law. It is the sole property of the author and may not be reproduced in any form whether in whole or in part without the prior express written consent of the author.  
License is granted to Nifty Archive Alliance, Inc. for electronic publication on the Nifty website. All rights reserved.

The resemblance of the characters by action, name, location or description to any real person is purely coincidental.

If it is illegal, or offensive, for you to read stories involving interactions of a sexual nature between adults and youths, then what are you doing here?




From Chapter 76:

We undress slowly, and I enjoy taking in how gorgeous he is. His slim body, with the beginnings of obvious muscles. His narrow hips. His `nice glutes”. His longer-than-mine and his curly hairs. And his Adam”s apple and beautiful smile and his blond hair and blue eyes. He suddenly looks older than fourteen and a half.

We hug, and I rub my lucky hands all over his body, to help me remember what he feels like as well as what he looks, like until I see him again.

He interrupts our feeling of each other with, “You know that our phones can take photos, don”t you? Ones that nobody else should see!”

And, our playful photo session is just the start of a very long night!


Chapter 77 � I”m Not a Little Kid Anymore

Andy”s and my phone alarms go off about a second apart, as they did previously.

Junior is not his normal self this morning.

He”s often awake before I am. LOL. I”ve never known him to `sleep in” before!

Which is probably due to how much action he saw last night: before the shower, in the shower, in bed, in the shower, in bed again. Junior was totally asleep when Andy and I showered for the third time. So was Andy”s.

It was certainly a night that I”ll remember for a long time!

And, Junior is only one part of me that feels a bit tender this morning from lots of use last night. I hope that I don”t walk funny, or somebody might ask why.

After showering together, Andy and I put on our going-to-town clothes that we brought down to the hut with us.

Andy and I have a long hug, and a kiss, and a last feel of each other, in private, before we head back to the homestead. And I let Andy drive.

When we go through the front door, there are so many aromas to test my nose!

Pancakes are the easiest. So is the bacon (and I guess that there”ll be eggs too). There”s another meaty smell. Sausages, I reckon. And, I detect fried onions. But, there is more.

“Gosh, Mrs A…, I mean Helen,” Andy tells her in the kitchen as we see what she has prepared. “Have you invited all of The Village to breakfast?”

I also see mushrooms and tomatoes and hash browns (which I know Helen likes to do with potatoes and sweet potatoes together).

“Not all of them,” Helen replies. “Just two extras, who wanted to say good-bye to you.”

My nose identifies one more thing. Burning toast.

“I think that you need some help!” I say to Helen, giving her a good-morning hug. I point. “Who”s looking after the toast?”

“Jan!” Helen calls out. “Toast!”

“Sorry!” Dad says, rushing back in. “It took me longer to pee than I anticipated!”

Andy and I grin at each other.

“Well, I hope you washed your hands!” Helen tells him.

“Of course!” Dad replies. Then, extracting the blackening toast, he says, “Looks like these ones are a little overdone. But, isn”t charcoal supposed to be good for you?”

“For you, maybe,” Helen replies. “But it”s not to everybody else”s taste!”

“A special treat for the chooks, then,” Dad says, grinning at Andy and me.

“I”ll do extra toast,” Dad says, “if you boys set the table. For nine. You might have to open up the extension so that there is room for all of the food.”

“Well, there”s four of us,” I answer. “And Karl makes five… Where is Karl by the way?”

“He was here earlier,” Dad says. “He”s gone over to the bunkhouse make sure that numbers six and seven are awake.”

“Karl and Jacko!” Andy says.

“So, who are eight and nine?” I ask.

“Surprise,” Helen replies. “You”ll see.”

Dad looks at his watch. “They should be here any time now.”

As Andy and I are setting the table, we see, heading towards us, a bright blue vehicle, trailing red dust behind it.

“That”s Marty”s SUV,” I say to Andy.

Five, six and seven, emerging from the bunkhouse, meet and shake hands with the newly-arrived eight and nine in the yard, and they all come in together.

“Hi, guys!” Marty chirps as he comes over to us to shake our hands.

“Good morning, men!” Ash says, also extending his hand. “Good to see you again.”

Apart from at the wedding, the last time that Andy and I saw the two of them together was at Marty”s place for breakfast. The room was full of `sausages” that morning.

I can”t help it! My brain immediately imagines Karl, Andy and me, with Marty and Ash, plus Ron and Jacko, all naked. Seven sausages, even before the food is served. I exclude Dad and Helen from my imaginary breakfast with Marty”s dress code!

Now Junior has woken up!

Many hands make light work and the table is soon crowded with bowls and trays and plates covered in aluminium foil, to keep everything hot. The baking dish, which is also covered, is full of toast. Unburnt.

Apart from Dad and Helen who sit at the ends of the table, the rest of us spread ourselves around. Andy, directly opposite me, is between Ron and Jacko. He”s almost as tall as them!
I have Ash on one side of me with Marty on the other side, then there is Karl, closest to Dad.

“So, city boy,” Marty says, grinning at Andy, “How do you like country life? Can”t wait to get back home to `civilization” I suppose?”

I”m glad that Andy is up to Marty”s humour!

“Actually,” he replies directly to Marty, “They say that `home is where the heart is”, and my heart is happy here, amongst all of you. I”d be just as happy to stay.”

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Andy hasn”t singled me out, but has included everyone. They all smile and make positive noises.

“Well said, Champ!” Ron tells him, clapping his hand on Andy”s thigh.

“Besides,” Andy continues. “I like the sausages out here better than the ones at home!” And he slowly bites off a large piece of one from the end of his fork.

Marty, between Karl and me, coughs, and I think that he is about to choke!

He knows exactly what Andy is referring to! The dress code for breakfast at Marty”s place! And the variety of `sausages” that are always on display.

Thankfully, Andy”s reference doesn”t appear to register with Dad and Helen, other than a reference to Helen”s cooking.

Ron and Jacko, on either side of Andy, stare straight at me as if they are seeking confirmation of the double meaning which crosses their minds. I just wink.

Andy, not wanting to leave the uncertainty about `sausages” hanging in the air and allowing time for anyone else (Dad and Helen) to interpret it, adds, “And the bacon, and the eggs, and the mushrooms, and these hash browns, and…”

“Enough!” Helen says. “Your compliments are appreciated. Thank you, love.”

Marty nudges Karl. “So, you”re going to be Jacko”s apprentice today, are you? We can always use another slave boy!”

There is only one person at the table who doesn”t share Marty”s humour.

Jacko comes to my brother”s defence. “You might be surprised, Marty,” he tells him. “Karl”s a great worker. He”s always pulled his weight when he”s with me. I”m happy to have him as my offsider for the day.”

I think that it”s not his weight that Karl pulls when he”s with Jacko!

“Well,” Marty replies immediately, “We can start you both on mucking out the pig pen.”

“Since when was there a pig pen?” Dad asks.

“Damn!” Marty says. “I forgot that we don”t have any pigs!”

“Don”t worry!” Ash tells my brother, bending forward to look past me and Marty, “I”ll give you a proper site induction, for safety, and it will be a great help if the two of you can help with a general clean up around the place, then I”ll have one of the men show you how to use a nail gun and you can help to put up some walls. And, you”ll be paid for the day”s work.”

I”ll bet that Karl”s aura just brightened!

Marty adds, but first glancing at Helen, “Everything has to be done properly before the Council Inspector comes back. We are due for a progress inspection next week.”

I say to Andy, “Helen is the local Council Inspector!”

Helen replies, “Well, maybe only until the whole Village project is finished. “Then I”d prefer to be out here at Whispering Gums and look after farm-stay guests.”

I think, `And a baby”.

I can see why William likes his cousin so much. Marty is a lot of fun.

Karl and I don”t say much, but everyone else at the table tells Andy what a pleasure it has been to have him around. Marty even comments on how different he is since they first met (when Andy had difficulty walking and talking following his `accident” and was even scared of sleeping on the top bunk).

“That”s due almost entirely to the magic of the Jintabudjaree homestead,” Andy replies, then adds, “And with encouragement from all of my friends here.”


“Wonderful breakfast! Thank you, Helen,” Ash compliments her.

“Working men need a hearty breakfast,” she replies.

Dad says, “We have a rule here about who washes up.”

Numbers five, six, seven, eight and nine all look at each other.

Then Dad says, “But, this morning, we”ll ignore it. You workers get yourselves into The Village and get stuck into it.”

As they leave, people hug Andy and wish him a safe journey and look forward to seeing him again.

Ash and Marty head off in his SUV. Jacko will be driving the ute, with Karl.

Ron says to me, nudging my shoulder, “You and me, Champ, out to the kitchen!”

“I”ll help,” Dad tells us. “We can share the work. There”s a lot this morning. And, after doing a few necessary things around the sheds, we should hit the road before ten o”clock”


The back seats in the newer Land Rover are way more comfortable than the old ones in the cramped ute. Here, between Ron and Andy, I have plenty of room.

“Does Mr Taylor know that we”re coming today instead of Saturday?” I ask my Dad.

“Probably not,” he replies. “We”ll just drop everything off. I don”t expect that there”ll be an issue with any of the clothes. It”s not as though yours and Karl”s would have lipstick on them, or anything!”

“Very funny!” I shoot back. “What about yours? With all of the ladies in the hall kissing you, it”s more likely that your clothes would have something on them!”

Helen asks, “And just how many ladies did you see kissing him, Kurt? Did you count them?”

I tell her, “I ran out of fingers and toes, so who knows?”

“Did you check the clothes when you got changed, Jan?” Helen asks, turning to my Dad.

“No,” Dad answers. “I had other things on my mind.”

I”m not going there!

“Neither did we,” I tell her. “Karl and I just folded them all up and put them into the bags.”

Helen suggests, “Well, maybe you should wait around in the shop for George to check them, in case you need to pay something extra.”

Without commenting, I send Archie a text message to let him know that we are coming.

He texts back .

I tell him.

Instead of putting my phone away, I rest it on my lap. It was hard enough getting it out of my pocket, let alone trying to negotiate the seatbelt clasp to put it back.

I”m not sure why Archie seems excited. We won”t be in the shop for more than a few minutes! Maybe long enough to say `hello” and shake hands while his uncle George checks everything.

However, I do remember the last time when Andy and I were alone in the large change room with Archie. It became a quick `I”ll show you mine if you show me yours”. Showing then led feeling.

Junior remembers! He responds, and my phone jerks upwards, appearing to jump by itself.

It looks really funny, so I deliberately use my muscles to make it happen again.

I nudge Andy, point at my phone and I do it again.

Andy takes out his phone, lays it on his lap, and after a few seconds, manages to make his jump as well.

It izmit otele gelen escort becomes a bit of a game. I make my phone jump. Then Andy does it. Then I do it again. Then, so does Andy.

Our happy game little game continues, and I am totally engrossed until I feel Ron”s knee nudging my thigh.

His finger doesn”t point. But, his eyes do! At both Andy and me. From one to the other.

He takes out his own phone and lays it on the big lump in his jeans.

When he attempts to make it do what Andy and I have been doing, his phone doesn”t just jerk, it flips right over then falls onto the floor.

Andy and I laugh, more like a giggly cackle, which catches the attention of Dad and Helen.

“What”s so funny?” Dad asks.

Ron answers, “They”re just laughing at my butter fingers. I fished my phone out to see if I had sufficient service to text a few friends but somehow managed to fumble and drop it.”

“I hope that it”s not broken,” Helen says.

“I don”t think so,” Ron says. “It landed on the seat, then hit my boot before the floor.”

He bends to retrieve his phone and, for balance, rests one hand on my thigh which finds its way to wide-awake Junior, giving it a squeeze.

Straightening up again, he grins at me.

Andy pretends to drop something and copies what Ron did, also giving Junior a feel.

Not to be outdone, I run my hands up the inside of Ron”s and Andy”s legs, until I have a hold of their stiffies.

After a quick feel, I raise a single index finger to each of them, indicating `enough”! I don”t want Dad or Helen to notice anything!

For the remainder of the trip into Cunnamulla, our hands are restrained, stiffnesses resume their normal soft lumps and conversation focuses on the passing landscape, wildlife and the odd building.


Having arranged with everyone when and where to meet before lunch, we drop Helen at the doctor”s building, and Ron, phone in hand, heads off to catch up with a friend who, he said, he may not have time to see when he passes through on his way back to Sydney.

Although I didn”t indicate to Archie the time that we would be there, he is the first to greet us when we enter the shop.

He checks his watch, then says, “Good afternoon, Mr Andersen, Kurt, Andy. I hope that you are all well.”

It”s just past midday.

“Thank you, Archie,” Dad replies. “We were coming to town to drop Andy off to catch the coach to Charleville so we decided to bring the suits back today.”

“I hope that everything went well with them at the wedding,” he replies, sounding very professional.

“Perfectly, thank you,” Dad tells him.

“They all looked very handsome,” Andy tells Archie. “The measurements were spot-on!”

At the mention of `measurements”, I think that Archie blushes, remembering how many times he checked Karl”s and my hips and inside leg!

Mr Taylor joins us and the greetings are repeated.

Dad tells him, “We thought that you might like to check the clothes while we are here, just to make sure that they are all in good condition.”

“I”m sure that they are,” he replies. “But, if you insist, let”s have a look.”

Dad and Mr Taylor head towards the long counter and I notice that Archie is having a look and checking out something else. The front of Andy”s and my pants.

His pants have a lump that wasn”t there when we came into the shop. I checked him first! LOL.

“It”s a pity that we don”t have a reason for you to take any more measurements,” I grin at him.

He nods his agreement, and adjusts the bulge in his trousers.

“But, our offer of visiting us at Whispering Gums is still open,” I tell him. “Maybe you can bring your tape measure when you come.”

Junior is beginning to wake up and I do a quick adjustment of my own.

By now Archie has a very obvious erection.

“We”d better leave you,” Andy says. “Before that thing gets any more conspicuous, if that”s possible!”

So, leaving him to deal with it, we shake his hand, head back past the counter and say goodbye to Mr Taylor.

“Andy and I will wait for you outside,” I say to my Dad.

“It”s OK. We”re done here,” Dad replies. “Thank you, George. We hope to see you and the family one Saturday afternoon or a Sunday with Archie and his parents, as we discussed.”

Dad waves to Archie, who is standing halfway down the shop, behind a rack of suit coats, appearing to rearrange them.


My phone buzzes. It”s from Ron. He bumped into his uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs Cameron, and he”s going to have lunch with them. They will all come and join us at the coach terminal later. I guess they know what time the coach is due to leave. It”s a regular thing. Besides, we had told Ron the details.

“Hamburgers or Chinese?” Dad asks.

“We had the best Chinese last night,” Andy says, paying Helen another compliment.

“And I don”t feel like Macdonald”s,” Helen adds. “What about a nice restaurant?”

“You know the town better than I do,” Dad tells her. “You choose.”


I”ve heard the expression, `Time flies when you are having fun”. For me, I wish that it could have slowed down, so that Andy could be here just a bit longer.

I”ve been looking at him all afternoon, wishing that he could stay. He is so handsome! And, when he smiles at me, my heart feels both amazingly happy, then broken because I won”t see him and be able to hold him for months! I want to laugh and I try not to cry.


We”re having afternoon tea when some sort of alarm goes off in my brain.

Andy”s coach leaves at 4:50 and Dad told Karl and Jacko that we”d have dinner waiting for them.

That”s not going to work because we won”t be home until nearly 7 o”clock from Cunnamulla, and if the workers `knock off” around 4:00, they”ll be home long before us!

I immediately go into organisation mode, and try to think of a solution.

�      We could leave Andy by himself and go home early. Maybe Mr and Mrs Cameron would be happy to stay with him. That”s really not a good look for us, and extremely disappointing for Andy! And for me! I don”t like that option!

�      We could ring Karl and ask him and Jacko to prepare dinner for us when they get home. That wouldn”t be fair after they”ve done a full day”s work.

�      We could buy some food here darıca escort in Cunnamulla and take it home with us and then heat it up. Not ideal, but it would give Karl and Jacko time to shower and play together!

�      Dad could ring Mrs Smith at the pub and organise for them to have dinner there and Dad would pay her later. But, then, they would have to hang around until dinner time anyway. They would probably prefer to spend the time at home, playing in the shower.

Are there no other options?

I”m about to share my concerns with Dad, when something else occurs to me.

I excuse myself to go to the toilet.

It”s a small, single toilet out the back with a lockable door. Perfect!

“Hello, Marty,” I say when he answers his phone. “It”s Kurt. How are the two `slave boys” going?”

he replies.

Nothing like getting straight to the point!

“We have an issue with timing at our end,” I tell him. “Andy”s coach doesn”t leave until nearly five o”clock and Dad told Jacko and Karl that we”d have dinner ready for them when they got home. That can”t possibly happen.”

he asks.

“I feel really guilty for asking, but is there any chance that you and Ash could possibly invite the pair of them to have dinner with you?” I put to him.

Marty replies,

This is going to be easier than I thought!

“I”m sure that they”d really like to have dinner with the two of you,” I say. “Especially knowing your dress code! Why don”t you ask them again, and get Karl to ring me? Tell him that if Helen knows that the two of them are having dinner with you, she won”t have to rush home to cook a meal. Say that you think they”d be doing her a massive favour.”

Marty says. Then he pauses and adds,

I don”t know exactly what he”s referring to but, knowing Marty, I can guess!


A couple of minutes later, while I”m back with everyone, my phone rings.

“It”s Karl!” I tell them, looking at the screen. “I hope that something hasn”t happened to him or Jacko!”

On the inside I smile to myself, while trying to put on a serious expression.

I listen to what my brother says and I tell him, “Hang on a minute.”

Dad, Helen, Ron and Andy are all looking at me, very concerned.

I tell Dad, “Karl says that Marty has invited him and Jacko to have dinner at his place, with him and Ash. He wants to know if that”s OK with you and Helen?”

“Of course it is!” Helen says, smiling, probably from relief that it wasn”t bad news.

Dad says, “Tell him thank you for asking, and to enjoy the company. But not to put up with any of Marty”s crap!”

Helen gives Dad a ticking-off look.

I tell Karl, “Dad says thanks for asking and that it”s fine with both him and Helen.” I add, “And Dad also says that you should have some fun but don”t take any nonsense from Marty with his weird sense of humour! Why don”t you let me know when you are leaving Marty”s place, so that Dad will know what time to expect you?”

I can tell from Karl”s `Trucking hell yeah!” that he is happy. “OK, bye!” I tell him.

I say to Dad and Helen, “Karl says thank you very much, and he will text me when he and Jacko are about to head home.”

Well, they are the words that he intended to say, I”m sure! (If he had been talking to Dad.)


One of the first people that I see, looking around, at the terminus is Ron. He says something to two people who turn and look in my direction. They wave and head towards us.

“Is this Kurt?” Mrs Cameron asks, capturing me in a hug. “How can you have grown so much in such a short time?”

I think of a polite way of answering, rather than how Karl or William might, like `Trucked if I know!” I tell her, “I really don”t know, Mrs Cameron. It kind of snuck up on me, when my clothes all started to shrink.”

“And what has happened to your voice?” she adds.

“Gosh, Mrs Cameron,” I tell her. “It just happened one day. Dad says that I”m growing up!”

“And what a handsome young man you are!” she tells me, holding me at arm”s length and turning me left and right to look at me. Then, moving closer again, she whispers, “It could be dangerous for you around here! You need to be careful of being chased by the local girls!”

Fortunately, she grabs me in another hug, then she turns her attention to Helen, and Dad, and Andy, before I need to reply!

I hear them apologise to Helen and Dad that they were unable to attend the wedding, but I can”t exactly make out the reasons. I think I hear that they were away somewhere.

Andy and I manage to slip away while they are deep in discussion about Whispering Gums.

We take the opportunity of `hanging out” together one last time in the terminus toilets. And, after an emotional hug, we return to the others.

All too soon, we hear the call for passengers to board the coach. Everyone gives Andy a hug, with some final advice or best wishes. I wait until last, and hope that it”s not too obvious that he hangs on to me for longer than the others. Actually, I don”t care if they do notice!

What I can”t hide is my tears. Thank goodness for Mum”s advice, and my back pocket provides a much-needed handkerchief. I blow my nose then wipe my eyes.

As the coach pulls away, I hope that Andy has a handkerchief in his back pocket!

I feel an encouraging arm around my shoulders and, expecting it to be Ron who has recently come to understand my closeness to Andy (almost), I”m surprised to see that it”s my Dad.

“Don”t worry, son,” he tells me. “You”ll see him again before you know it and, thanks to Tom”s generosity, you and Andy can keep in touch every day!”

I love my Dad.

I look into his very understanding eyes, feel his love for me, and I try really hard no to cry. He and I both acknowledge, without spoken words, that I”m not a little kid anymore!


(to be continued)



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The partly-parallel version to this story, `Schoolie”, told through the eyes of Tom Grant, gives the backstory specifically for Tom, William, Andy and Jintabudjaree.
Find `Schoolie” at https://www.//gay/adult-youth/schoolie


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