Laid and Sprayed in Ottawa

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Chapter 1

I lay in bed, my lovers semen all over my face and neck, the sun pouring into the bedroom where I lay spread out on the duvet cover, his cum drying slowly on me.

I smell like a whore, I thought lazily, the delicious taste of his sperm still fresh in my mouth, where just a few minutes ago he had ejaculated into me. I’m not going to shower today, I thought… I want to savor this all day long… my first day as his whore. A well used and chastened whore, so it happened. My pubic hair stiff and matted with dried semen, my legs trembling from the pure lust I felt when his seed squirted the back of my throat, causing me to ejaculate along with him, all over myself.

He was in the shower now, getting ready for work, leaving me to lay there in his bed, inseminated and bathed in his cum, his newest conquest, and him now whistling cheerfully.

I was good in bed, he had told me last night… and those words had strangely pleased me.

I knew that pleasure was the feeling every man gets when he realizes he’s being hit on for casual sex by a complete stranger. Any stranger. Being judged by how well you might perform in bed… brazenly courted for the depraved pleasures they seek from you.

I’m glad he’s happy, I thought, I’m glad he took the time and effort to seduce me last night in the parking lot after that last drink.

Oh, but he was smooth… making as if I might need some help with the seatbelt, leaning over to fasten it, and then just as casual as could be, kissing me fully on the lips. Softly, though… and very gently. Holding that kiss just long enough for the message to not go unnoticed, or misunderstood.

I have to admit that I was absolutely floored… completely in shock… and had done nothing at all when he finally broke the kiss. My mind raced while I tried to process all of this, my heart pumping wildly inside me.

I had just been kissed by another man… it had excited me beyond all reason, and it took me several seconds to come to terms with what had just happened.

I was totally confused and conflicted, struggling with a flood of emotions that ranged from rage to submissive acquiescence. My heart throbbed and I felt molten lava coursing between my legs. Shame flooded over me as I realized that I had liked it.

I had liked it a lot.

I know now that he read my feelings then, acutely and immediately, and before I had a chance to recover or say anything, to even protest… he slid a hand around the base of my neck, and with a look of pure smoke and fire, he gave me the other kiss.

You know… the kiss that you remember forever.

Chapter 2

This time my mouth opened on its own, and I knew perfectly well what was going to happen next. And I knew I wanted it to happen.

His tongue parted my lips slightly and I immediately melted into him like butter. My tongue lashed against his feverishly, and Beylikdüzü escort I felt my prick stiffen as I realized that I was now french kissing another man.

A man I barely knew a few hours ago.

He placed his tongue entirely into my mouth and I simply accepted it. I bathed his tongue with mine. We made out like teenagers for what seemed a long, long time holding me in his arms lightly, caressing me so softly that I hardly felt him unbutton my shirt and slide his hand inside. He started caressing my breasts with his rough hands, teasing my stiff nipples. Feeling me up like a little girl getting laid for the first time.

I creamed.

No warning, no building up to it. In those few seconds, while kissing like lovers, my heart suddenly raced out of control, I went flush and squirted like a schoolboy. I broke the kiss and pulled back gasping for breath, moaning like an animal in heat.

He kissed my neck, and unzipped me then, snaking that same maddening hand into my slacks, placing his hand inside my cum-soaked underwear and releasing my still-hard penis. He started to masturbate me slowly at first, then jerking my prick with short quick strokes, milking me until I was whimpering with lust.

That’s when he put his mouth against my ear and licked me there, all the while whispering…

“Come baby, come for me again… come for your man”.

And that was all it took.

My body bucked violently and went straight out rigid, like taking an electric shock and I sprayed for him again.

This time the orgasm almost hurt… I came so hard that semen spurted up the length of my body… splattering thick, heavy stripes of cum all over my face and chest… covering me with so much sperm that I didn’t think I could have had so much in me. From the very bottom of my being I emptied everything I had left into his hand, that second orgasm ripping through me with a massive rent… and it was then that I realized I was going home with this man, and that I would spread my legs for him.

This would come to pass later, in his bed… but he was not done with me yet… not out in that abandoned parking lot. I was now sitting upright and completely on display in the bright moonlight… anyone passing by could have seen me… half naked, my cum stained shirt pulled askew and open to the waist… shiny and slick with sperm running down my face and tits… looking dazed and confused at what had just happened.

That was when he made his move, and that was when my life changed forever.

He made me his whore.

Chapter 3

Easing back the seat, he looked over at me, his face now a mask of pure lust.

I looked down at his lap, naively surprised to see he was undoing his pants. I heard the sound of his belt coming undone and the rasp of the zipper. I knew what he wanted.

And I knew beyond doubt that I would do it, and do it willingly.

I Beylikdüzü escort didn’t even think twice about it. I bent down and took his slim, long and incredibly stiff prick into my mouth, and immediately felt the caress of his hands on the back of my neck. Not forcing me at all, he was way better than that… but guiding me… training me how to perform for him, in the manner that he preferred. To service him in his way, later, when I would become his lover.

I sucked on him like a baby; never allowing my teeth to contact his luscious skin… there was no way on earth that I would ruin this for him. I wanted him to come for me now, and I wanted it to be the best sex that he would ever experience in his life… from either man or woman.

I didn’t have to wait long for him to reward my efforts. He started to moan softly and knowing that all men love it, reached down and cupped his swollen balls in my hand.

I worked my other arm behind the seat and pulled his crotch closer to my face. He started to fuck my mouth with long, deliberate strokes.

His car filled with a symphony of wet, lurid sex… the alpha male softly moaning in the background, the hot liquid slurping of the serving whore filling the air with an obscene cadence. The smell of semen and sweat was thick around me, facedown in my lovers lap, and I started getting hard again as I felt the ridged head of his penis sliding in and out of me, tasting his cream for the first time as it oozed slowly from his leaking penis.

I swallowed his gorgeous cock again and again, until finally he arched his back and pumped his strong lean hips once, twice and then… on the third, while calling out to god and all the blessed saints, he gushed his warm, delicious seed into me. I thrilled at the earthy, alkaline taste that suddenly flooded my mouth, and almost came again. He gasped over and over as he pumped his juice into me, and yes, I swallowed it all, every last drop of his precious sperm. I had done it.

I had sucked off my first man, and I loved it.

At that, he pulled up his slacks and straightened himself out. I started to do the same but he stopped me, saying how much he loved seeing me just like that. That he wanted me to stay exactly as I was, covered with jism, looking like a streetwalker, and I did… feeling like a complete whore, yet excited and pleased with what I had done.

I rode the entire way back to his place, sitting right up next to him, totally aware of what I must look like. Completely glazed with cum, we drove the entire length of the city, all through downtown and then along the Queensway until finally, thankfully, we reached the garage of his townhouse in Kanata.

Chapter 4

The night was surreal. It was like a dream sequence straight out of a pornographic movie, and by early morning I had coaxed many loads from him with my hands and mouth, spraying Escort Beylikdüzü his semen all over me until finally… towards dawn, in the early hours of the morning, I surrendered to him completely. I spread my legs for him, offering up my cherry and reveling in whoreish delight as he slowly penetrated my hot, tight anus… allowing him to finally slip that beautiful hard prick into me.

He penetrated me slowly, with the gentleness and the supreme confidence of a man who had taken other men, knowing that he was my first. He was and always will be someone absolutely special in my life. He took me completely. Feeling him deflower me like a bride on her wedding night, his gorgeous penis filling me to the brim, and when I was ready for it… fucking me hard, like a total slut.

He hammered me into the mattress, the tortured springs squeaking loudly, protesting as our bodies welded together in that insane mating dance. His heavy balls slapped obscenely against my ass, and I felt my wicked soul starting the long, slow burn of Hellfire.

I started to cry out uncontrollably… he splayed my hips open with those powerful thighs and ejaculated deep inside of me… he stiffened and roared like an animal, filling my tight split with his seed.

I became his woman at that exact moment.


The above events are actually true, and outline the details of my first homosexual affair which took place in the summer of 2009 right here in Ottawa.

Being the first time I had ever experienced sex with another man, I can say without reservation that I will remember that night for the rest of my life. This good looking, buff and sexually charged man had been hitting on me all night while playing pool at a local bar… and after last call, offered me a ride home.

Since I lived quite close at the time (a lot of you would know the bar, a very popular pool hall in the East End) I naturally accepted, and quite happily so. After all, why walk when you can ride?

How would I know the entire game would change with just a simple kiss?

At any rate, I just wanted to share all of this with you, finally. Put down to paper and out into the ethereal web, for all to see.

I will also state this unequivocally and without prejudice. I am glad that he introduced me to this lifestyle, as I now sleep with and enjoy both men and women equally. I enjoyed dating him for the many months that I was his lover, and am grateful for his gentleness and patience while instructing me in the many erotic pleasures he had me perform on him and with him.

Those sensual, almost sinful acts that I now use to please the men I sleep with.

I still enjoy women on occasion, but find myself attracted to big, strong brutes more often than not. I enjoy being seduced… I love the incredible rush you get being laid out on some messed up bed in a cheap, overheated motel room… feeling like a complete slut as your new lover jacks your legs up over his big powerful shoulders and penetrates you for the first time. Feeling him ejaculate into you, submitting yourself completely to yet another dominant, virile male.

Ottawa, April 2014

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