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Subject: Leo My Big Brother Leo, My Big Brother By John Mathews Please donate to Nifty. It just keeps this wonderful resource and funfilled archive alive. https://donate./donate.html What was there not to love about Leo, my big brother? From when I was born (or so I’m told) Leo looked after me. He was four. He had made it very plain that I was the most precious thing in his life. From when I could crawl I went everywhere with him. I loved my parents, but they seemed somehow redundant. I had Leo and Leo had me. Leo was very popular. He had a heap of friends. To be friends with Leo you had to be friends with me too. I learned all the rules of basketball by age 7 and understood football (soccer) by 8, even the offside rule. I was always on the sidelines cheering Leo on and shouting childish insults at anyone who would dare tackle my big brother. On one occasion Leo had a collision with a Goliath of a fullback. Leo seemed to be out cold. I was next to him crying my eyes out. The fullback, who was actually a gentle and kind soul, was on the receiving end of my full wrath. I am told I actually screeched at him “You are a fucking poo-bum.” This was the full extent and worst of my then 9-year-old epithets. Apparently, Leo, who was actually stunned and semi-conscious, heard this and chuckled. The first-aid guys knew me and didn’t try to force me to back off while they carted Leo off the field. They took him to the clubroom and he tried to sit up but couldn’t. He was apparently quite dizzy. They called an ambulance to take him to hospital. I wasn’t going to let him go by himself and didn’t. The parental units couldn’t be reached and the first-aiders convinced the ambos to let me go with my brother. Apparently, they said something like there would be another casualty here if they didn’t. The ambos weren’t 100% convinced, but when they learned there was no-one else to look after me, they reluctantly let me go with Leo. By the time we arrived at the hospital, Leo was nearly his old self again. I wrapped myself around him and he hugged me back. I was crying because I was scared, but Leo made it okay. He hugged the scare-demons out of me. This was my big brother. From as far back as I can remember, Leo always tucked me in at night and kiss me on the forehead. He would tell me stories and I would nestle into him and usually be asleep within minutes. Sometimes Leo would fall asleep in the big armchair next my bed before I did. I loved those times because I could snuggle up to his face closer and I could kiss him on the lips. This happened one time when I was about 11. He wasn’t quite asleep. He turned towards me and whispered that the kiss was lovely and could he kiss me. I whispered back an enthusiastic yes please. It then became our secret ritual. Leo would put me to bed, tell or read me a story, and sometimes we would just chat, and then we would kiss. Oh, would we kiss. My hand would wander all over his chest and he would rub my back. I just loved the feelings and of course wanted more. I remember one hot sultry night I had a nightmare. I raced crying to Leo’s room and crawled into bed with him. I might have been thirteen but Leo was still my safe spot. He was naked. He didn’t really wake up, but he put his arms around me and frightened all my nightmare devils away. I just loved my big brother. In his sleep he nuzzled my ear and I too fell asleep. When I awoke Leo’s arms were around me and his morning wood was poking me in the balls. This was the first time I had had any contact with Leo below his waist. I had had plenty of cuddles, kisses and back rubs. But this was the first time I had ever felt his cock. I knew I didn’t want it to end, ever. I had grown beyond the `you are a fucking poo-bum’ stage of my life. I had had a smidgeon of sex ed and basically knew some `stuff’. I kissed Leo and he hugged me tightly. “Leo, are you awake?” I whispered. “Yeah.” “I love you Leo,” I breathed at him. “I love you too, Jake,” “Leo?” “Yes Jake.” “Can I…” I started hesitantly, shyly. “Can I be… um… can I be in love with you? Sorta like a boyfriend?” I finished so softly that Leo barely heard me. “Are you asking my permission to be in love with me?” responded Leo. He sounded incredulous. “Yeah, I guess so.” I let out a big sigh. “You don’t need my permission for that, Jakey. It’s like asking permission to give me the best gift in the world. Jake, I want you to be in love with me, to want me as your boyfriend… because that’s what I want more than anything in the world. I love you so much, little bro… I am in love with you so much…” I was crying with happiness at this point and I kissed him with everything I had. His cock wiggled on my nuts. “Leo, do you want to have sex with me?” I murmured at him. “Yes. But only when you’re ready. And we hafta make it special, like a weekend away together, like camping, or a motel or in the outback… I dunno, but something special. Just you and me.” He thought a moment then asked, “Do you want to have sex with me?” “Of course. I want exactly what you want.” “Well, I want all of you,” and he caressed my whole body and kissed me deeply. His hand went in my sleep shorts and his touch included a gentle caress of my dick. I blew my bolt. He caught my meagre offering in his hand and licked it off. My first wet orgasm with my brother and he ate it. I was somehow in him. Tears formed in my eyes just as our father knocked on the door and asked if I was there. I quickly wiped my eyes and called out that I was. Hurriedly Leo made sure we looked okay and told him to come in. Our parents always gave us privacy and never barged in on us. They always waited for `come in’. “Good morning guys… I thought I might find you here Jakey… what happened?” “I had a really bad dream and I came to Leo and he chased the dream demons away.” Leo gave me another hug and pulled me in tight to himself. “Okay then… Are you feeling better now?” I gave him a grin that answered all his questions. “Okay guys, breakfast in 10 minutes, and mum and I want to have a bit of a chat with you.” We trundled downstairs and gorged on my favourite breakfast of all times, pancakes, fried eggs (runny) and bacon (not kosher – we’re Reform) with lashings of Canadian maple syrup poured all over. This was washed down with a chocolate thickshake, like only mum could make. After the feast, for that’s what it was, we carried our stomachs into the family room for a familial conference. The parental units did not look grim, so I knew we weren’t in trouble. However, the paternal entity looked directly at me and said, “Though this concerns us all, it is more trouble for you Jake than anyone else. Aunty Golda and Uncle Michael have separated, and she is going to stay here for a while.” “Oh god,” I groaned. I really did not like the aunt but adored Uncle Mike. My parents knew this. “However, it goes further than that. We’re going to need your room.” Now I was huffy. “And I will sleep where? In the car? In the cat house? Where?” My father raised an eyebrow and looked at me with a sort of an amused and twisted smile on his chops. I have subsequently learned that a cat house is slang for something that is a bit different than I, at 13, thought it was. “I thought that if I got another bed, Leo might allow you to move in with him.” “So Leo has to allow me, while no one asks if I might allow the gold dragon to move into my room, huh? That sucks.” I was going to play this for everything I could get out of it. I could feel Leo quietly and surreptitiously laughing beside me. He covered his face with his hands so that the parental components couldn’t quite see his facial contortions as he tried not to laugh out loud. Dad did look at him strangely. “Geez dad,” Leo started, “If you put another single in my room there’s going to be bugger all space left with the frames and the bedheads.” “Language!” interposed the old girl. “C’mon mate,” dad replied, “We gotta have a bit of give and take here. I know it will be a bit squashed, but what can I do?” I had an idea, but the mater beat me to the punch. “Why don’t we clean out the attic room and the boys can share the double that’s up there. We can store the stuff in Leo’s room.” “Now there’s an idea,” chimed in the pater. “That’s what we will do.” He smirked at us and I had an uncomfortable feeling he knew more than he was saying. “Oh well,” I pulled out my best acting talents, “At least there’s a lot of room up there for both our junk.” “Hey Horace,” (Sometimes Leo called me that for fun,) “Mind your lip… I have collectibles, action figures and schoolwork… No junk, got it!” I ignored him. “There’s room for two desks and two computers so everything is cool. We will need wardrobes though.” “You only have schoolwork and books and clothes in your room, Jake,” said my mother quite unhelpfully, “And your Teddy Bear.” At this point Leo jumped me and started to tickle me. “Ahhh, my ickle, baby bro has to have his teddy, weddy, eddy bear.” “Piss off Leo,” I giggled. “At least I don’t play with dolls.” “They’re action figures… not dolls.” He tried huffy. It didn’t work. We were both laughing. And before the mother could reprimand me for language, dear old dad intervened with, “From what I saw this morning neither of you will need a teddy bear.” Mum looked at dad inquisitively. He explained. “Jake had a nightmare and went in to Leo. Leo had him hugged up and chased the night demons away. It was really cute and I wished I had my camera.” The maternal in her came out and mum leapt up and gave Leo then me a kiss on the head. I went “Blech” and pretended to gag. Dad just looked at me, gave a funny little smile and shook his head. “Okay, everything’s settled. Let’s clean the attic and try and get everything done before the gold dragon arrives.” I tried on a harrumph, but it didn’t get me far. Dad grabbed me and slung me over his shoulder. He wasn’t real big but he was strong enough to heft me around like a sack of potatoes. “I want a word with you, Horace.” I knew he wasn’t mad with me because of the Horace. We beetled out to the back yard and sat on the swings. As we gently rocked back and forth he opened up to me. “Buddy, I know you love Leo to pieces. I know Leo loves you the same. I know he’s your hero. I know that your little bit of play acting in there was rather good and probably fooled your mother. It didn’t fool me. I also know you guys will likely be intimate together. I was young once too. However, if there is anything, and I mean anything, that worries you or that you have questions about, come and talk to me. Please. We will work it out together. And I mean together. If we have to include Leo, that will be your decision. And know this for a fact, anything we talk about is ours, and will never, ever go to your mum. I will do everything to cover for you guys, and I will never judge you, but remember your mum is not stupid. But anything she might suspect will be her suspicions and will never come from me. Do you understand?” I nodded, I guess a bit dumbly. I couldn’t constrain myself and I jumped off the swing and gave my dad a big hug. “I love you Daddy.” (I never called him daddy, save when I was truly emotional.) “I know mate and I love you more.” He gave me a kiss on the top of the head. We wandered inside. “And what were you two plotting out there.” The apron wearing entity was inquisitive. “Mind your business and we’ll mind ours,” replied my papa. “Secret men’s business, huh? Okay then… Jake, up to the attic and help your brother. You should have it done by lunchtime.” I looked at the wall clock and it was only a bit past 9. “Jesus Christ,” I muttered, “The fucking slaves in `dem cotton fields back home’ didn’t have it this hard.” My dad laughed out loud before the mater could chastise me and thus short circuited any vintage she wanted to trample out of the wrathful grapes. I toddled up to my big brother in the attic. I couldn’t hold back and I just jumped into his arms and hugged him. “Yay, Leo.” I almost deafened him. I started to give him a kiss but was interrupted by a decorous `ahem’ from the doorway. Dad had followed me up to see how things were going. Leo obviously had worked like a farm truck. The attic was all but cleared out. “I’m reasonably pleased I don’t have x-ray vision because who knows what I might have seen under the blankets this morning.” Leo and I both had the good grace to blush, even though nothing went on. He had had a piss hard (I think) and it was poking me in the balls. Who cares? It’s natural, isn’t it? Maybe the balls bit isn’t 100% natural, but hey, we were close together. Cuddled up, like. Just coz I enjoyed it… Oh, I guess eating my spooge and feeling my dick wasn’t quite natural either. “Hey you guys have done a great job here.” “Nah,” I chimed in, “Leo has.” Dad looked around the nearly empty attic. All that was left was the king-size bed. There were a few boxes of Leo’s stuff. He had to clear it out to get junk from the attic into his room. “I’ll give you a hand to bring the rest of your rubbish up here.” Leo gave me the stink eye. It took an hour and a half. My room was cleared of all my treasures, including (and fuck whatever you may think) my teddy bear. Toodles sat proudly on the bed waiting for, (I guess) my deflowering. The place was spick and span. Mum hung some curtains she found, pansies for chrissakes. When she had finished vacuuming the room, she made the bed, gave us a great admonition about changing the sheets regularly, told us not to leave gunky socks under the bed, keep tissues handy for runny noses during the night (hoh!), put dirty clothes in the laundry basket etc etc ad nauseum. It wasn’t anything we hadn’t heard before. I thought she would never leave. As soon as she did leave so did the pansy curtains. Leo and I ambled downstairs for lunch. On our way down I farted. Leo had to comment. “Jesus Jake, are you about to give birth to a prime minister?” I dashed off to the toilet to download. I suspect it was a quarter pounder and just as nourishing and tasty. I completed the paperwork then vacated the scene with all haste. I really hate McBarfles food and never eat the crap. The golden arches looked like buttocks, which is where I thought they could shove their amusingly called food. “Oh god, here’s my bed-mate, Pepe le Pew.” Leo put me in a headlock and gave me a noogie. “Leggo of me… I’ll squeeze your nuts `til they pop.” I managed to get this out through the gentle strangle hold Leo had on me. I could also rub his inner thigh. Bonus! Mum joined in with “There will be no nut squeezing at my table, thank you.” Leo was so startled at this from our `Leave it to Beaver’ style mother (you know the sort… always with an apron on, always hovering in the kitchen, always immaculately dressed and coifed — good word that, eh?) that he released the strangle hold and his arm fell naturally on my shoulders. I leaned into Leo and he gave me a light squeeze. We laughed together and then chowed down. “God,” exclaimed my mother, “You would think these two were Siamese twins, joined at the hip.” “Ah, leave `em be. Better that than continual fighting or worse, plain indifference.” Good old dad, always with the right word at the right time. We got a strange look from the mater, then she carried on being mother. “Okay boys. I have a little more news.” “Shit, you are going to make me sleep in the car.” I tried for a grim and sulky face. Apparently, I failed because dad laughed. “That little kid has the world’s worst potty-mouth today. Anymore and I am going to wash it out with soap.” Mother had spoken. “Whatever happened to fuckin’ free speech?” I muttered to myself. Fortunately, the old girl didn’t quite hear. “What?” she pointedly asked, and fixing me with a stare that would have had Medusa in shock. “Just musing on our fair country’s political issues and the urgent need for a Bill of Rights.” I was pretty sure I’d get away with that as both of the Agéd Ps were hot for a Bill of Rights. Dad who had heard everything, started to giggle. Seeing a grown man giggle is ludicrous. Within moments all of us were banging our heads on the table trying to pull ourselves back from the brink of hysterics. “I’m pretty damn sure I heard a rude word then,” said attorney Stratton (the mater is a lawyer), “But I can’t say beyond reasonable doubt. However, on the balance of probabilities…” “Oh no you don’t,” chimed in the second attorney Stratton, the pater is one as well, “I strongly object, Your Honour” (he looked meaningfully at Leo, making him the judge). My learned friend has alleged this as a criminal offence and is now trying to lower the bar by introducing a civil law element. That is simply not cricket. This also appears to be on the border of double jeopardy.” Leo and I knew how to play this game. Leo came out with, “Objection sustained. That is not double jeopardy; it’s an allegation in the alternative. But it has not been properly laid, thus I and the court have no jurisdiction, and you, counsel (he looked straight at `she who must be obeyed’) have no cause of action.” Then he added, dangerously, “Learned counsel may need to retire and revise the court’s procedural rules, the rules of evidence and the Criminal Law Consolidation Act and the conditions for ultra vires. (Leo was ahead in our word competition today — ultra vires indeed!) Would you like a short break in proceedings?” Mum was a bit dumbfounded at this. This was the very first time she had been overruled in our family play court. She came out with, “Oh, fuck off, Your Honour.” This of course got an OOOOOH from us and much merriment. Mum was thoroughly enjoying the moment and so were we. This was the first time Leo or I had heard my mother ever use the “f” word. “Anyway, what is this portentous news bulletin you have?” Leo and I both loved words. The more obscure the better. That’s what comes from having lawyers for parents and being encouraged to read from infancy. Just a couple of weeks ago my mother was giving Leo and me a lecture on using words everyone could understand. At the end of her speech and in reply, Leo said, “Yeah, I s’pose Jake and I can get a little prolix.” I totally cracked up and we high fived. Mother Superior looked on us with a face that would curdle milk. I also knew since Leo and I had learned `prolix’ he and I had been busting to use it and we had a little competition going as to who would be the first. We would do this with all sorts of words we would learn. Leo usually won as he was really good at getting conversations around to where he wanted them. “Well,” the mater came back with, “The news is that dad and I are going to get Aunt Golda in the van. If I know my sister, and I do, she will have more stuff to bring than the van will provide space for. Now as we have to go to Prosper City to get her, we’re going to be away for about four maybe five days. There won’t be any room for you to come… well at least come back, so we are going to trust you to look after yourselves. I have stacked the freezer with pre-cooked meals. They just need to be nuked and Bob’s your uncle. There’s a few hundred in the kitty box (she meant $300 in a plastic sealed bag at the bottom of the kitty litter — trust me, there’s no better hiding place) and another $150 in the kitchen kitty jar. Kindly do not burn down the house.” “So, I guess uncle Michael didn’t absquatulate.” Mother gave me one of those looks. Leo gave me a high five. I’d beaten him on `absquatulate’. “It’s the gold dragon… she’s doing a runner. Lucky Uncle Mike,” I said, as the penny dropped. A snigger emanated from the paternal unit. “That boy of ours has brains,” he said. “Oy,” chimed in Leo, “We both have brains.” “Wouldn’t know how to use them if I didn’t have Leo,” I added. The female parental unit started stalking around the table with a goofy expression on her face. We both knew she was going to pinch our cheeks and give us sick making kisses so we did our tactical exit move. We had been doing it for years and still she hadn’t figured it out. For a highly intelligent woman you would think… Ahhh, never mind. Anyway, the parental units gave us our final instructions. Food, money, hygiene, hygiene, hygiene, a final visit to our attic space, and inspection of our holy of holies by the matron, hysterics about the missing curtains, don’t forget to feed Euripides (my cat — I loved him almost as much as Leo), and the list went on. We managed to shepherd said relative out to the van and to her absolute amazement, gave her an impromptu kiss good bye. Then they took off. Not before dad had slipped me 100. (For fun, he’d whispered.) Leo and I had the same idea. We were going to sit in the lounge room for about half an hour just to make sure they were gone. Didn’t mean we couldn’t make out, though. So, we did. There was an unscheduled side effect to our making out. I sprang a most indiscreet wood, and Leo, who was of course bigger than me, sprang a monster that was clawing to get out of his pants. Of course we heard the van pull up, and dad (good ol’ dad) beeped the horn. “I’m in the bog, as of now.” Leo fled. He left me with the mater. She bustled in, all of a doo-dah. “I forgot to give you Aunty Dragon’s phone şişli travesti number. Where’s your brother? What did I just say?” She seemed genuinely perplexed. “Where’s your brother?” “No, before that.” “You forgot to give us Aunty Dragon’s phone number.” “Oh god, did I really say that?” I nodded with a totally smirky grin on my face. “One, I have the old tart’s number in the teledex and in my phone. Two, Leo is in the bog.” “Lavatory,” she automatically corrected. “What’s he doing there?” “He is either masturbating, strangling animals or playing golf.” That line I stole from Monty Python. “Or he might actually be doing a doo-doo. In the alternative, he could be micturating.” Another one up for me today. I would have to tell Leo when he emerged. I knew of course that mum adored animals and detested golf. I wasn’t at all sure what her take on masturbation was, but as she and dad were both liberals and very left of centre, I didn’t think she’d mind. She shot through to the crapper and I could hear her knocking and shouting at Leo to stop making farty noises under his armpit. “Christ,” I thought, “When is she going?” “I have to go,” she all but wailed. “We’ll not get there until midnight with you kids holding us up.” I went to the front door, held it open and said, “Byeee.” I shut it totally and firmly. I think others might call it slamming. However, I choose a more delicate mode of expression. I thought, “Us holding HER up… Sheesh!” I ventured to enter the crapper. Leo was there on the throne with his trousers around his ankles. “Christ! Did a cow shit in here or did something crawl up your arse and die?” I had to ask the hard question. I knew if I didn’t turn on the ventilation the paint would begin to peel. “Fuck off, Jake and let me clean up.” “You, my beloved brother, need to change your cologne.” I had turned on the ventilator and had the good grace to fuck off, as requested. I had no desire whatsoever to watch him wipe his arse. Leo emerged from the bathroom. He didn’t have a shirt on and only his very low slung trackies. I took a flying leap at him and gave him the best hug I could manage. “I want to make sure I’m 100% clean for you, little brother, so I’m going to have a shower before we break in our bed. Wanna join me?” A slight smile played around the corner of his mouth, as he slyly looked at me sideways. He fell backwards onto the couch and I went with him. I was kissing him all the time and rubbing my hand on his smooth chest. This was heaven. Suddenly I was on my back. “I want to see you naked, little bro.” “You sweet talker, you. Let’s have a shower and go to bed.” “Now who’s the sweet talker?” demanded Leo. We bolted towards the bathroom and were both naked in a trice. “Oh man, you are beautiful,” exclaimed Leo. “You are my beautiful Jake, always. Always!” He added for emphasis. My cut cock was standing straight up towards my belly button. Leo’s was too. “Leo, there’s some rubbish we still have to get rid of.” “Wha… what?” I didn’t think Leo was happy with this apparent non sequitur. We showered and I dared to play with Leo’s balls. He giggled. We inspected each other’s arse to make sure they were pristine. They were. We dried off. We went upstairs and I sat on the bed. “Okay, Horace, where’s this rubbish we have to get rid of.” “It’s here.” I pointed to my arse. “I think it’s called `virginity’ isn’t it? You can get rid of it, can’t you?” He said, very gravely, “You are my boyfriend and my baby brother. I seriously don’t want to hurt you. You are still little.” “Not so little I can’t make you horny for me.” I smiled archly and he dived on me. He covered me with kisses and through his towel I felt his hard dick poking at me. He had prepared the room perfectly. In the bed table was lube. He whispered to me, “Are you a thousand per cent sure you want to do this?” “Yes, yes and yes!” I all but yelled at him. “And again, YES!” He pushed me down on my back and lifted my legs to behind my ears. In a flash his tongue was on my little starfish and he was lapping like Euripides (remember Euripides?) at a bowl of cream. The sensations were so unbelievably good I started to tear up. The tears ran down my cheeks. “Jakey, what’s the matter? Are you okay? Is it hurting?” I almost screamed. “No, no, no! It’s wonderful. Please don’t stop.” I totally begged him and he continued to lap. Oh god, it was wonderful. “Please Leo, go in me. Go in me now.” I begged some more. He reached for the lube and greased his finger. He gently stuck it in my hole. I almost died from happiness. The sensations were unbelievable. I so wanted this. “Leo, please put your dick in me and take my virginity and make me yours. Please, please… I beg you brubber.” The `brubber’ bit was mean. He never refused me anything if I looked him in the eyes and called him `brubber’. I looked at him so piercingly it’s a wonder I didn’t poke his eyes out with mine. I just love Leo so much. I felt it. He was moving into me. I felt his cock playing at the entrance and I pushed him onto me. Indeed, into me. He broke through the tight muscular ring and his cry of pleasure took away any hurt I might have felt. He started the pulses in and out and I thought I might scream with joy. My Leo was making love to me. He was making me totally his and that is what I wanted. There were so many sensations going around my body I couldn’t analyse them. I couldn’t separate them one from another. I didn’t want to because of the overreaching sensation was that I was now totally Leo’s. I somehow knew to squeeze his cock with my sphincter muscles and he came. Oh god, did he cum. He pumped about a litre of his precious man juice into me and at that moment I knew we were married. Leo pulled me to him and kissed me deeply. “My little brubber, I love you so much. I am not totally yours yet. You are now totally mine. I just love you to the moon and back — to the sun and back — for always. I will never leave you, I promise.” Leo was quite emotional. But then so was I. We lay together just cuddling, when Leo said to me “I want you to take me now.” I was totally startled by this. I objected. “You are so much bigger than I am. How can I take you?” He smiled and then he pulled me closer to him. He kissed me deeply and felt my cock. He then started to tickle me. He is a lot more ticklish than I am, a recently revealed secret discovered while we were play wrestling. So, I dug into his ribs with my fingers which had him backing off with alacrity. (Man I’m hot today…’absquatulate,’ `micturating’ then `alacrity’. The points are mine on weird words, today.) Through his laughter he managed to get out, “Haven’t you noticed my cute little arse.” Oh, I had noticed it all right, and told him so. His arse was cute and quite small and tight. I giggled. “Well, I’ve noticed your cock, and though it could grow some more, 150 mm should rip it up nicely.” “I’m not ripping anything up,” I muttered a bit sulkily. Then I kissed him. “I just don’t want to hurt you.” “I’ve had bigger than that up there, buddy.” “Huh??” I was a little bit stunned. “You’ve had sex with someone else?” “Ummm, yeah.” I was sure this conversation wasn’t going quite the way he wanted. He fessed up. “I fucked Luka and he fucked me. Trust me, he has a big dick. But we only fucked. We didn’t make love. I guess we made `like’ and “friendship’ to each other. And I do like him you know, and I think you do too.”He was right. I did like Luka very much. I also liked his little brother Janko, pronounced Yahnko. I think Janko adored Luka in much the same way as I was in love with Leo. “Are you okay with that, Horace?” “Of course I’m okay with that. As long as I can have a go at Janko and Luka.” I smiled slyly. “Slut!” Leo of course immediately rough-housed me and I lay panting a little on his chest. My boner was at full mast and Leo wasted no time in lubing me and getting me lined up to penetrate his cute arse. He more or less forced me into himself and the silky ecstasy I felt was equal to or greater than when he penetrated me. The feelings were sensational not least because it was my Leo. In that afternoon it truly felt like we were married. I know I already said that but it was just so true. I fell asleep listening to Leo’s heart, and instead of the usual lub-dub, lub-dub, I heard love-brub, love-brub. His heart was beating for me. I woke up later that evening so totally refreshed and feeling so radically horny. Leo was playing with my dick. I pulled his face to me and kissed his lips. I masturbated his tongue with my lips and then he entered me. He gave me a load and then some. “Leo, I have to piss.” “Buzz off Horace and empty your bladder. There’s something I want to ask you.” I did as asked and jumped back into bed. I cuddled my beautiful big bro and felt his circumcised cock. He was stiff. We made love again. He entered me and his passion was intense. I couldn’t get enough of him and was disappointed when he came. I knew from my own masturbatory exploits that he wouldn’t be able to do it again for a little time. Boy was I wrong. He loved me another two times. My arse was getting a bit sore from the hammering and I mentioned that. Immediately he stopped pounding. I was kinda grateful but I didn’t want to lose him out of me. He stayed plugged in as it were, and just moved gently every now and then. This was an entirely new sensation, and like everything else I couldn’t get enough. Finally, my cock decided it was time and it delivered a weak but intense cum at the same time as Leo’s cock delivered up its somewhat diminished load. Wow. We were both sated. Leo cuddled me to him and said he was never going to let me go. I told him I didn’t want him to. We smiled into each other and knew this was true. We were starting to doze off and I remembered Leo wanted to ask me something. “What did you want to ask me, brubber?” “Did you mind I fucked and was fucked by Luka?” “No. Of course not. I was surprised, that’s all.” “You really didn’t mind?” “No, no, no. Look, I’m 13 and having sex. Imagine if I had to wait until I was 17. It would have been impossible. And I am having sex with the most beautiful man in the world. Though that’s not strictly relevant to this conversation, even if it is true.” I grinned when I said that. “I know I have you as mine, so whomever you have sex with is irrelevant. You only make love with me. It’s simple. You only make `like’ or `friendship’ with other people, you’re getting your rocks off; with me it’s love.” At that point we kissed with such a passion it was a wonder the sheets didn’t catch fire. I was ready to be shagged again. “Leo,” I whispered to him, “I’m ready to make love again.” “Tell me something I don’t know,” he shot back. “Okay, I’ll tell you two things you don’t know; maybe three. But two will do for now. I told mother you were possibly micturating in the bog.” “Whoah… one up on me today.” We always told the truth about our tongue in cheek word usage competition. I had hold of Leo’s somewhat floppy dick. I gave it a quick suck on the head. “Try this,” I said. “Your penis is the epitome of penile pulchritude.” “Okay, little bro. You definitely take the gold today, and rather than make love, I need to make sure” — he giggled and he looked me right in the eyes with his nose resting against mine — “I need to make sure you have the fortitude for a frivolous fuck.” And he put word to deed and gave me a frivolous fuck. It was a real root… no fancy bits. (Root: Australian, the language of love.) He rolled off me when he came, and then he kissed me. “I looked up into his eyes, and with a fake breathless whisper, weakly said “More”. He laughed. He was panting a bit as he had been very robust in plunging in and out, as it were. I cuddled him to me and feebly uttered, “More” again. Leo giggled a little and cuddled me to himself and promptly fell into a doze. “Now who has the fortitude for fucking and fellating his fabulous, fraternal unit?” This was after I had sucked his cock a little. “Stop with the alliteration, Jake, Leo muttered in his semi-comatose position. He was not quite dead to the world, but most importantly, he was still holding me. I just love my brother. After just a short while I felt an urge to get to the bog. I wanted to fart, but I was pretty sure it would be a wet one. Not good. I disengaged with some difficulty from Leo’s death grip on me and toddled off to the lav clutching my cheeks tight together. I sat down and as soon as I did, a litre of Leo’s tadpoles escaped from what I considered to be lawful custody. The escape was accompanied by what could only be described as a cacophony of anal raspberries that registered 9.8 on the Richter scale. It was certainly a corker. I even giggled. The upside was that it didn’t stink; but we all know what they say about foxes and their own odour. The other upside was that Leo laughed and so was awake. I mentally cursed that the crapper was not properly soundproofed from our bedroom. After a moment’s reflection, I thought maybe I should have closed the door. But Leo was awake. I quickly did the paperwork and headed for the shower. I had to be perfectly clean for Leo. I was in the shower less than a minute when my frantic arse scrubbing was taken over by another set of hands which could only have been Leo’s. I fell back into his arms and told him that I loved him. He responded with a kiss under the falling water, which had the effect of simultaneously making us hard and half drowning us. We both started to chuckle in spite of the drowning, and this helped both of us get more water in the breathing tubes. We were out of the shower in two shakes and, without disengaging we tried mouth to mouth resuscitation on each other. It didn’t work and only contributed to two sets of coughing fits. Of course, this added only to more laughter and further coughing. “Jakey, promise me you will never rescue me from drowning. Let some beefy, bronzed bozo in a bum bifurcating bikini and a big bulge (he smirked and nudged me) give me the kiss of life, as opposed to the kiss of death you seem to be handing out this — shit look at the time, we need to eat — this evening.” We put on some semblance of clothing and nuked one of the mater’s pre-prepared meals. It was a bit of all right. I didn’t eat a lot and neither did Leo. Leo cleaned up while I fed Euripides. He ate our scraps… Euripides loves second-hand chicken. We cleaned up the kitchen and retreated to the lounge room. “C’mon, Jake, let’s mess around.” This was Leo. “Yeahhhh,” I huffed. “Not that, you little sex hound. Get on the piano and play me something.” He was smiling, and his eyes sparkled, and I couldn’t refuse him anything. Did I mention I love my brother? Well, I do! Just by way of a sidebar, here. A few things you should know. If our parents love anything as much as us, it’s music. So, I’ve been learning piano since I was about five or six. I really enjoy it. I never have to be forced to practise; I just love it. Second thing is Leo chucked the piano and took up singing. He has what I would call a fabulous voice. The third thing is strangely, we never got it together. I had an idea. On a trip to New Zealand a couple of years ago, Leo fell in love with Maori music. He spent time with an old Maori lady and learned how to pronounce the words properly. I rummaged through our music and came across a book of Maori songs. I am a good sight reader and I banged out some big chords and Leo gave me a funny look. “C’mon big bro, sing for me.” “Nah,” Leo replied, “Let me hear you play.” I got up from my Stuart you will lose.” The banter was not lost on Leo. When we were away from the clubhouse, he asked me about my hard-on. I told him I was already a bit chubbed from Luka and then seeing him in the showers started me off. He laughed and said we needed to check out my bits and pieces again because from what he had seen, things had moved on since yesterday. We were in his car and buckled up. “Are you annoyed with Luka?” I asked. “Are you?” he shot back. “Nah, it kinda felt nice, and I like Luka. Also, he didn’t do anything other than tickle my knob.” “Slut,” Leo muttered and laughed. “But Jakey, if anyone, and I mean anyone, annoys you, you must tell me, and they will never do it again.” I suddenly felt very safe and nestled closer to Leo. His arm went around my shoulder and I could smell his musk. I was suddenly very hard indeed. “I love you so much Leo. I just love you.” I started to tear up. We arrived home and Leo parked his car. No sooner were we inside than Leo put word into action. He grabbed my shoulders, spun me around and kissed me very hard. I melted into him. We raced upstairs and fell on the bed. His wandering hands felt my cock and balls and he muttered “There has definitely been growth overnight, my not so little brother.” We both giggled and were suddenly naked with each other. Our love making was seriously intense. Leo sucked me and when he came off me, he said things had certainly grown some. He said my balls were larger and there was a bit more length and girth to my cock. He told me his tongue never lied. We laughed at that then went into an amazing tongue battle that seemed to last forever. We played and manipulated each other until we came. We were stuck together. We were giving each other little butterfly kisses on the lips and glorying in each other’s warmth. “Leo?” I asked quietly, “How long have you been in love with me?” “Since the day you were born,” he replied. “But you were only four.” “Maybe. But I knew, I just knew, you were the one for me. I think dad knew too, and that’s why he never interfered with us being together. He’s pretty cluey, is dad.” “Yeah, I replied. I then told Leo about dad’s and my chat outside.” Leo replied with, “Dad had a chat with me too. He made me swear I would never hurt you or do anything you didn’t want. I promised. Dad’s pretty cool about somethings. I don’t think he is a holy innocent either. I suspect he’s been there and done that.” “Waddaya mean?” “Haven’t you ever noticed how close dad and uncle Skye are?” “Yeah… Well uncle Skye is his little brother and… Ohhhh, I see.” Leo and I both adored uncle Skye. Like the rest of the Stratton family he wasn’t religious, (I mean, we DO eat bacon — definitely not kosher) but he had given me a tallit for my bar mitzvah, which was earlier that year. What a bash that was. By sheer chance it fell on Saturday (the Sabbath) when Purim fell that year. It is a fun festival, and according to some it is considered a blessing to get drunk. (The women folk don’t mind this and generally are not at all sympathetic the next morning.) Dad and uncle Skye did, and so incidentally did Leo and I. I really was unwell on Sunday, and the mater familias brought me tea and Panadol and laughed at me. I really did NOT get the joke. “Where’s Leo? And where’s dad?” I asked in a wounded voice. I wanted some sympathy, and I wasn’t going to get it from the female of the household ménage. I heard a laugh that revived my spirits a little. “How’s my baby brother?” he asked my heartless mother through his laughter. “Go help him nurse his first hangover — and tell him I think his father is with Uncle Skye at his house. Probably feeling like his younger son if not worse.” My mother went downstairs, and I heard her laughing all the way down. “NOT FUNNY!” I tried shouting at her. I failed miserably because it made my headache worse. “Oooowww ooooh,” I uttered. She seemed to laugh louder. However, my hero arrived and took me in his arms and nursed and kissed my head. I felt a million percent better. My brother can do that to me, and I love him so much. Anyway, back to the present, after I realised about dad and uncle Skye (though the evidence was really only circumstantial) I somehow felt really good. I didn’t think why, but I attacked my big brother with as much lovin’ as I could muster. And I had plenty, and happily, so did Leo. We were like virgins on their honeymoon. We finally got up and nuked another of mum’s precooked meals. It seems there must have been a special on chicken, because that’s what it was. It was good, and Euripides was in catty heaven with the leftovers. Leo and I cleaned up the kitchen and started off to bed. Just as we snuggled in, the doorbell rang. I was elected to answer the door as my boner was less prominent than Leo’s and I could pull the bathrobe around myself and keep it more or less hidden in the folds. It was Janko at the door without his big brother. I think I already mentioned that Luka was a great con artist. It was a hot evening, and Janko was in his skimpiest summer clothes. He looked fabulous. He also looked at me in that way that expected an invite in. I did so and asked what he was doing here. “I’m here to see if you and Leo will perform at the end of year concert,” he stated matter-of-factly. “Well, Leo and I haven’t really discussed it yet.” His boy bits were clearly wiggling in his very loose satin running shorts. I did have some trouble looking above the fascinating pendulum. (Not 24 hours and I was already a sex maniac!) When I did, I could see there was mischief gleaming in his eyes. “Where’s Leo?” he asked. “He’s in bed.” “Okay,” beylikdüzü travesti he replied, “I do want to see him too.” I shepherded him up the two flights of stairs to our attic room. It was hard to take my eyes off his satin covered arse as I followed him up the stairs. I seemed to be developing into a real perve. I liked it. I idly wondered what the front bit was doing. We entered Leo’s and my space. Leo was lying on top of the bed, as erect as I had ever seen him. “Aha, Janko,” said my big brother. “I thought I heard your voice. What brings you over here, and where’s Luka?” “Lazar is fucking him.” Lazar was the boys’ eldest brother. He was about 19, handsome as fuck and would shag anything, regardless of sex, though he did seem to like the boys best of all. “Luka wants me to check if you will sing the songs you sang last night at the end of year concert, please. You guys sang and played beautiful.” “Beautifully,” Leo and I said simultaneously. Janko was used to that and just smiled. “And how much will we get paid?” queried Leo. I was a little shocked at that. I had never seen Leo as a businessman before. We had a good allowance from the parental varieties. Janko just smiled and said, “I’m the down-payment, and Luka and Lazar will pay you in full after the concert.” I thought, “ooh” and Leo had a lascivious smirk on his face. “Give Jake and me a moment to talk. Just wait on the stairs.” I noticed Leo had gone half mast, a problem I would soon fix. Before he left he added, “Luka said he’s throwing in the twins for free.” I climbed onto the bed and immediately started to suck him back to full mast. I had discarded the bathrobe. He was at the desired full mast almost immediately, and he giggled when I swirled my tongue around his head. He pulled me off his organ and kissed me. “Do you want to fuck Janko?” he whispered. Honesty had always been our hallmark. “Sure I do, but I only want to make love to you.” He hugged me to him and kissed me again. “What about the concert then?” “Okay. I’ll play. But I’ll only be playing for you…” Leo kissed me again. “I love you, little brubber,” he added. “And I will only be singing for you. I love you.” “Right then. Let’s call in our down-payment.” “We’ll do the concert for Luka. Now what exactly is our down-payment?” “Me,” he said a little uncertainly. He quickly undid and took off his shirt. He looked lovely. His bare chest was nicely formed from playing a number of sports and swimming. He had lovely muscle definition for a twelve-year-old. His tummy was flat, and he had an innie bellybutton. If he kept up his sports, he would have a six pack in his teens. His cock was flaccid as it was outlined by his satin running shorts. They sat very low on his hips. Very fetching. Just looking at him from the bed I could feel myself getting horny. “Get up here, Janko.” Leo patted the bed between us. His obedience was instantaneous. He sat between us, and Leo and I looked at each other. Nothing was said, but Leo had just told me with his eyes to do what I wanted. Janko looked a bit nervous. I ran my hand up the leg of his shorts and came in contact with his boy bits. His balls were loose in their sack, and his cock was still flaccid. His foreskin covered the head. Up to this point I had only been with Leo, so I was a bit non-plussed as to what to do with his covered cock. I slipped my hands into his elastic waistband and pulled his shorts down. He lifted his backside to help me. I looked at Leo. He looked at me and again, we knew we were in love. Leo mouthed to me, “He’s cute. But I love you.” I gently took hold of his cock. It was the first cock that was not Leo’s I had held. I liked how it was kind of slippery in my fingers and how the foreskin slid down. Leo started rubbing Janko’s tit. The little morsel stood up. Leo licked it. He then started on the other nipple, and it likewise stood up. I looked up and I could feel my lust take over my body. Suddenly I was on Janko. I had now taken a nub and Leo had the other one. My hand clasped Leo to me and my other hand ran up and down Janko’s body. I played with his cock and balls. “Oh man,” Janko moaned. “You have to fuck me, pleeeeeease.” He drawled out please and I looked at Leo, for permission, I guess. Leo smilingly nodded gently took my dick and arranged it for take-off at Janko’s hole. “Go, little bro. Fuck him. He wants it and it is part payment for our duet.” Leo looked at Janko. “When do you have to get home?” “Lazar says I can stay the night, if you want.” “Okay then, stay the night it is.” Leo gave me dirty grin and I smiled back. “I just hope you’re up for it.” Janko smiled weakly. I leaned over his fit young body and kissed him. I gave him the best I could, but in the back of my mind was Leo. Janko wasn’t my Leo. I entered him without fuss. He was definitely ready. I tried every trick I had learned from Leo. Janko came and I orgasmed as his arse had become a squeezing machine. He drained me, and he too was, well, pretty fucked. During the entire fuck, because that’s what it was, I had never lost some contact with my big brother. I could feel Leo wanting to shag the kid. I gave Leo a kiss while I was still in Janko. I rolled off Janko and he tried to follow. I pushed him back towards Leo and he complied. Kindly, Leo asked him if he could go another. I hoped so, because I wanted to watch Leo fuck someone, and I would take pleasure in his pleasure. Sometimes I think I am as bent as a paperclip. I mentioned this at one time to Leo, and he liked it. He hoped I would never change. Yes, he could go another as many times as we wanted. Leo fucked him. Then he went a second time. This time I asked Leo if I could put him in Janko, and of course he allowed me. Janko was leaking a fair amount of baby batter out his arse and when Leo was inside him, I got my head under Janko’s arse and started to lick the cum and his stretched ring. Of course, I licked Leo’s pistoning prick and then his balls. This gave him a bit of a hair trigger and he arrived at his orgasm far earlier than he was planning on. Janko licked my tit. He was flaccid again. “Right Janko, suck my cock and I want to play with your dick and balls.” He had nice balls that hung in a hairless scrotum. I was also fascinated with his uncut cock. His dick had a sort of a musky taste and it turned me on greatly. His BJ had me revving and I tongued his arse. It still had spunk around it, and I really enjoyed licking that off. This of course had the effect of getting Janko very horny again. He was as stiff as a board. So, I shamelessly plunged in. Oh, it was good. Janko was just under my age, but way beyond me in experience. I withdrew from his arse and told him to fuck me. He did, face to face. It was gentle and totally enjoyable. I pulled him towards me, and we kissed. It was strangely adoring, and somehow filled with… What??? He then whispered to me, “I know you are in love with Leo, and I am with Luka, but I love you too. This was my first time.” In fact, I discovered it was the first time he had ever fucked anyone. He was no arse virgin, but he had never had the opportunity to shag anyone else, including his four brothers. I felt kinda pleased and a bit sluttish that he had lost his cock virginity to me. Janko hugged me like he would never let me go. Leo noticed this and hugged us both to himself. This was just so warm and affectionate that I almost felt tears in my eyes. I drifted off to sleep in the warm embraces of my friend and my lover/boyfriend/brother. I was woken by the insistent ringing of my mobile phone. It was my mother. “Muuuuuum, what are you doing ringing at this hour?” I all but shouted down the phone. “It’s Monday and you should be up and getting ready for school.” “Mother dearest,” the sarcasm in my voice was obvious, along with the words, “It’s school holidays. Please note it is summer and we were off for two weeks before you and dad left on your so-called rescue mission of the Gold Dragon.” “Tell that little mamzer I am Aunt Golda, not the Gold Dragon. Sorry about the `mamzer’ Shoshana.” The Dragon apologised to my mother for calling me the Hebrew word for bastard. I could hear guffaws in the background, it was dad. Mum had a) forgotten it was school holidays and b) forgotten to switch off the speaker phone. Mum responded to me with a fading “Ooooh, I forgot.” And a rather more robust, “Be courteous to my sister, please.” I could hear my father hooting in the background. He had known all along. “Is everything okay down there?” asked the old girl. “Yeah, just peachy. Leo and I are performing at Luka’s end of year concert.” “What are you performing?” “Oh, just Away in a Manger and Silent Night.” I knew this would get a reaction. Irreligious we might be, but Christmas carols from a couple of Jewish sons, was out of the question. I could still hear new roars of laughter from my dad, but they were soon drowned out by the Dragon’s bellows. Mum still hadn’t turned off speaker phone. “Oy vay,” screamed the old harridan, “Tell those… brats they will bring a shame on the whole family.” “Settle down, Golda,” mum was trying to placate the Dragon, “He’s just teasing. He better be,” she added rather darkly. I instinctively knew when to stop. This was the time. And anyway, Leo was sucking my cock. I could still hear dad in the background, and he had hiccups. “Actually, we’re doing a couple of Maori songs, and that’s that. And please mother, next time you ring, turn off the speaker phone.” I added as a parting shot, “I really don’t like the Gold Dragon listening into our private conversations.” I heard a Draconian splutter in the background, “Bye mum, love ya and dad and Uncle Mike.” I disconnected. “Leo, I hafta pee,” I pulled my cock from out his mouth. By now I was properly awake. So, I did all my morning things and came out of the bathroom shiny and very awake. My phone rang again. “Shit,” I thought. “What now?” It was dad. “Jakey, Jakey, Jakey. What in the name of heaven brought all that on? I have to say you almost killed me. What with Silent Night and love to Uncle Mike… And you knew, you knew your mother still had the speaker phone on. You are a proper little shit sometimes, Horace. I’m still laughing.” The Horace clued me in he wasn’t in the least mad with me. “Your aunt is currently having a meltdown, and I’m in the back yard with Mike. Mum is trying to placate her, and I passed on your love to Mike. He says back at ya. The aunt’s present idea is, thanks to you, that’s she’s flying to Israel and won’t come back. Keep your fingers crossed, kiddo. I hope you guys haven’t worn out the bed yet. I hear movement so I’ve gotta go. Love ya.” “Bye dad.” We disconnected. I snuggled up to Leo again to try and catch a few more minutes in the luxury of our bed. I hadn’t forgotten about Janko who was in the middle of Leo and me. Janko was the meat in our cuddle sandwich. My hand fell naturally on Janko’s tummy, and I twirled a finger in his naval. This elicited a ticklish giggle from the kid. I was now on top of Leo. His boner was tickling my belly. I kissed him lightly. “Fuck me Leo,” I pleaded. So he did. It wasn’t gentle lovemaking. It was a fuck, good and proper. “Janko, suck my cock.” He straddled my chest and got to work. This gave me complete access to his boy bits. I pulled him back a bit towards my face and licked his balls. I loved the roughness of his ball bag. I loved the feel of his nuts on my tongue. I also played with his uncut dick and all the sensations happening at once gave me a cum I wouldn’t soon forget. The time had moved on. Leo told us it was breakfast time. Each of us went to the bathroom and individually did morning things. We converged on the kitchen and had a very decent breakfast. The time had moved on and it was about 9 o’clock. The day was cranking up to be a scorcher. Leo and I were shirtless, but Janko had slipped on his button up, but hadn’t fastened it. As I had finished my breakfast plate, I rubbed Janko’s tit, and the little nub stood up. He looked at me with his sexy eyes and I thought another little romp might have been on the cards. However, Leo had other ideas. “Jakey, put him down,” laughed Leo. “We have to go shopping. I know mum has forgotten to buy Hanukah candles and we had better get them.” I groaned. Tonight was the first night of Hanukah which meant a night inside. For some reason Leo was nutty about this festival and loved the special food and playing the crazy dreidel game. Leo could cook latkes like they were made in heaven. I had an idea. “Why don’t we invite Luka and Janko and the others if you like for latkes and anything else for dinner tonight?” Then I giggled. “We could drink dad’s whiskey and play strip dreidel.” Leo laughed. “Sure, that’s a great idea… and I think my little brother is getting to be a real perve. We have enough kippot for a whole party.” Kippot were skull caps and a whole stack had been bought for my bar mitzvah earlier in the year. Janko was looking at us a bit perplexed. “Never mind Janko, come to dinner this evening and all will be revealed.” Janko just smiled. “Incidentally Janko, where are your folks?” I hadn’t seen or heard of them for a couple of weeks. “They’ve gone on holiday in Serbia until February and Lazar is in charge. It’s great. Lazar is fun.” I knew those five boys were as tight as any family could be. I also knew the 19-year-old Lazar, 17-year-old Luka and the 15-year-old twins, (Ilja and Ivan) totally doted on 12-year-old Janko. They loved, protected and totally spoiled him. Every kid knew that to hurt Janko would invite the wrath of the whole clan. It would not be nice. We got on very well with the whole Spahić family and they really were our good friends. “Okay Mr Down Payment,” Leo grinned at Janko, “Let’s get you home.” Janko looked at Leo with a smile that would break hearts. “A kiss before I go, please Leo.” No sooner said than done. Leo came up grinning. “And you too, please Jake.” His look was pleading. There was no way I was going to refuse that request. I also thought a squeeze of his tool might be appropriate. I had really enjoyed that uncut organ. Oh yes, really enjoyed. I pulled his face towards mine and we joined each other in a kiss that seemed to have flames coming off it. I had slipped my hands down the front of his shorts, and I was not disappointed. He was semi hard and when I pulled his skin back, he was totally hard. This kid was a real sex machine. I felt incredible warmth towards him, and I suspect this was a `back at ya’ moment. I loved it. Leo missed nothing. He softly banged both our heads together and told us to get a move on. He and I had things to do. We took Janko home and Luka was there to greet us. He kissed Janko, then Leo and me, which I had discovered was a custom where he came from. It was just a quick kiss with no other bits. I liked the custom. 24 hours and I am already a slut. Leo grabbed me by the shoulder, turned me around towards the door and basically frog marched me out of the house while telling Luka we would play and sing. “Was the down payment sufficient?” he shouted after us. “Yeah,” responded Leo and “No,” I roared at the same time. Luka chimed in, “Well I guess Jake needs a little more payment when you girls get back from shopping.” I said, “Okay. Please sir, I want some more,” at the same time as “Fuck you, Luka.” This was Leo. Luka responded with, “Not til after the concert.” We all laughed. I really liked that family, and so did Leo. Leo and I went shopping and bought the candles at the Judaica store. They also tried to sell us instant latke mix. They had heard our parents had gone to Prosper City to fetch the Gold Dragon. How this shit gets around this community is a mystery to me. My guess is the draconic aunt had been on the phone to some of her old cronies and as soon as one of those gossipy yentas knows, the whole world knows. I like my community, but in truth gossip is not, with a capital NOT, one of my things. Anyway, we spurned the instant latke mix and Leo bought all the ingredients including schmalz. He also bought a heap of fruit. I wandered around the shop rather listlessly thinking of what we might do this afternoon. I got a hardon. Mrs Cohen looked at my soccer cap with disdain. I am sure she thought I should be wearing a kippa. (Remember kippot, well that’s the plural of kippa.) We wandered out of the shop and at the door I purposely turned my hat backwards and tried to look like a thug. This was a finger at Mrs Cohen and her supercilious look. (Good word that; will have to tell Leo.) Before we left the shop, Leo unceremoniously shoved a huge carry bag at me and told me to bring it. It was quite heavy, and I held it in two hands in front of myself. “Leo, what was that all about with shopping bag?” I demanded. Leo was laughing. “Give me the bag.” I did and he said, “Check your shorts. I could tell you were thinking of a bit of recreation when we got home.” My boner had made more than a significant tent. “Gimme the bag back.” “No,” said Leo, and started to run to his car. “Awww, c’mon Leo.” Running after him made my stiff dick even stiffer. We got to the car and noticed old lady Cohen peering out her window at us. Leo grabbed my cap off and gave me a kiss on the head. “There, that’ll give the old cow something to talk about until next Hanukah.” Leo’s arm was around my shoulders. We looked back and the old dear had a dopey, but kind smile on her face, gave us a wave and a mouthed `Happy Hanukah’ at us and we climbed in the car. My hand was resting on Leo’s leg as we drove home. “I love you Leo,” I said. He said nothing, but his smile said it all. I am so in love with my brother. I have mentioned this before. When we arrived home Janko was sitting on our front steps. “Your little boyfriend is here,” said Leo. “I think he has fallen for you,” said Leo. “Nah,” I replied. “He’s in love with Luka, like I am with you, and only you. I’m sure Luka knows this. But I do have a lot of affection for him. It’s kinda weird. Always have had, but the sex has added an extra dimension to affection. But I only love you Leo, I hope you know this.” Leo pulled me to himself when he parked in our garage. “Yeah, my baby… Now you know what it was like between Luka and me. Affection, not love.” We kissed and oh, how we kissed. “Hi guys.” Janko tumbled us. “Hi, Janko. Whatcha doin’?” “Just came over to see if you needed any help for the party.” “Liar,” responded Leo. “You came over to fuck my little brother.” Janko went deep red. Like Leo and me, prevarication (god I’m hot on words today) was not in his vocab. “Yeah, that would be nice.” “Bugger off, Janko. Jake or I will come and get you a bit before sunset. Make sure you’re horny. We are going to have a ripper tonight.” Janko grinned and left. We took our groceries inside and Leo started his cooking. My phone rang. “Hello mother.” “Jake, hello. I’m just ringing to let you know that tonight is Hanukah, but I forgot to get the candles. Mrs Cohen might have some left and… “Mater, stop already. We know. We have bought the candles and Leo is in the kitchen starting to make latkes.” In the background I heard the Gold Dragon say something along the lines of they at least know something about being Jewish, or words to that effect. “Mother, you haven’t turned off the speaker phone. Please get dad to sort out your technical incompetence.” There was a splutter on the end of the phone, and I heard a guffaw which I knew had to be dad. “Happy Hanukah, mother dearest, and we can talk when your phone is in order. Love to Uncle Mike…” I disconnected. I had a feeling there would be ructions, and I wasn’t wrong. Within a minute my phone rang again. I answered it. “Hi dad.” “Horace, Horace, Horace… What are you doing to your mother and aunt?” He was laughing. “Golda is now stomping around and is saying it was obvious she was never welcome at our house and she is definitely flying out as soon as possible. Your mother is trying to placate her. Mike has stirred the pot by saying at least his nephews knew how to make a festival even if she didn’t. That did not go over well.” Dad chuckled. “We’re going to have visitors tonight, Pop. Next door are coming over to have latkes. It should be a fun night.” “Yeah, it should be. I just hope there will be some whiskey left for when I get home.” “Awwww dad. Do you really think we would drink your grog?” “Yes,” he replied. I took this as tacit permission to raid the liquor cabinet. “Love ya dad.” “Love you too kid, and Leo. Happy Hanukah guys. Talk tomorrow.” We disconnected. I set the table. It looked really nice. I put the Hanukiah which held the candles near a window. And all was ready for our guests. Around sunset our mates arrived. We gave them each a skullcap (a kipah) and we watched the sun depart. As soon as it was dark Leo started to sing. No words, just a quiet tune to bom biddy bom. Then he burst into one of the three blessings for the first night of the festival. He started to sing the blessing Shehecheyanu (which means `who has kept us alive’… kinda up until now), and then the other two blessings. The house was so quiet at that point, you could hear a pin drop. Even Euripides sat at my feet and just istanbul travesti looked up at Leo. Leo lit the first candle. All the kids from next door were virtually frozen on the spot and looked at Leo in quiet wonder. It was just a beautiful few moments. “Okay guys, to the table and let’s eat.” Leo broke the spell. Leo had pre-fried, like minutes before the kids arrived, about a dozen latkes. He went into the kitchen to keep frying. Latkes have to be served immediately if possible so Leo the host had to be in the kitchen about half the time. I showed the gang how to put sour cream on them, and afterwards apple sauce. Leo did manage to get some. I offered to fry some for him, and he refused. I tried puppy dog eyes and finally pulled out my heavy artillery. “Please brubber, let me do some for you.” Leo melted and I did. I took a multitude of photos and quickly sent them off to dad. He texted me back almost immediately. Send me one without the whiskey and wine bottles in it and I will show your mother. I thought he had a good point. The bottles were on the floor and a big group portrait of us all, minus grog, looked really happy and festive. I received a text from my mother. Mazeltov. You and your brother are such good folk. I’m glad you invited the next door boys over. Oh, and put the grog back on the table. I am not completely stupid. You can nurse your own hangovers tomorrow. Ha-ha. Love, Mum. The text ended with a big smiley face. We finished a million latkes each and ended with a fruit salad loaded with cream. I had drunk a few glasses of sweet wine and a whiskey. I was feeling very merry. Everyone else also seemed very merry and considering the level of the whiskey bottle and half a dozen empty wine bottles, I conceded we might all be a little drunk. Luka had brought his accordion. He started to play `If I were a rich man…” and Janko sang. They really are good together and Janko’s voice is so sweet. They then moved into `Sunrise, sunset.’ Man, I tell you, Leo and I were nearly in tears. Luka broke into the song `To life’. Of course, Leo and I knew this song and all the others. Then suddenly as we were enjoying the song Lazar let out with a long note over the top of all of us. I got on my piano and murmured some notes quietly behind him. We suddenly changed beat and started on the Russian song from the Tavern scene in Fiddler. Those kids knew what they were doing they danced the hopak, kicking their legs out and then dragged Leo into a dance with them. Wow we all had fun. I’m not even sure when I stopped playing and started dancing. Leo and I found out the next day that when we went shopping, the kids had gotten together to rehearse these numbers for us, just to add a bit of fun to the night. Wow, did they ever. We sat around after this exercise drinking some more wine and Lazar, the twins and Leo scoffing dad’s whiskey. I had been recording the whole evening, and our impromptu dance party was included. Leo then said that it was time to play dreidl. The dreidl is a top and you play a kind of gambling game with it, generally with chocolate gold coins. This time we played strip dreidl. Oh man, it was fun. Leo had made up the rules and written them down. If you lost on a spin, a piece of clothing came off. If you won, you could put a piece of clothing back on. If you neither won nor lost, you had to kiss everyone. If two players had lost all their clothing, then they had to seriously make out. This game, after about 45 minutes, degenerated into an orgy. Well, nearly an orgy. At one stage I was tangled up with the twins. One fucked me while I blew the other. It was like I was sucking the guy who was up my arse. It was weird. I had a hug with Lazar and a little bit of kissing. I didn’t know him that well, but he was kind and gentle. And what a beautiful voice! Janko was trying desperately to disentangle me from the twins, and he was reasonably successful. He fell asleep with his head on my belly and my dick in his mouth. Lazar said that we should clean-up and perhaps call it a night. “Bugger off, Lazar. Take your brood home. Guests don’t clean up. Now get out of here. And thank you all so much for adding so much nuchas, joy, to our festival. And keep the kippot, the hats, as a souvenir of tonight.” Leo and I hugged everyone and when they had left, we hugged each other. We decided to clean up the next day. We stripped off and fell into each other’s arms. The next thing I knew was the sun coming through the window and I was alone in bed. It was about 11 o’clock. “Shit, shit, shit,” I muttered, “Where’s Leo?” I went to the loo, gulped down a Panadol which was beside the bed with a glass of water. The matriarch had been right again, as usual. I cleaned my teeth, as my mouth tasted like a vulture’s crotch and went in search of my lover, my boyfriend, my Leo. By the time I reached the ground floor, which looked as if nothing had ever happened there, I realised Leo had been up and cleaned everything. The dishwasher was gurgling along, and Leo was sitting comfortably in a lounge chair reading. Euripides was sitting on his lap and gave me a baleful stare. It said, “Why didn’t you feed me. Leo had to. You are in disgrace.” I scratched him behind the ears as I kissed Leo. Euripides looked mollified and Leo looked very happy. “My beautiful Jake.” “Yeah Leo,” I exhaled. “I haven’t had a chance to say good morning yet.” Leo smiled. I knew that smile. I kissed him and asked him to give me a minute and then he should come to our attic and say good morning. He smiled at me again and I almost died of love. He was in our eyrie less than a minute after me. “My Jake, my little brother, my boyfriend, my lover.” I was snuggled under the covers, even if it was summer, and he nakedly joined me there. “Good morning, little Jake.” “Good morning, big Leo, my lion.” I had hold of his cock and I felt his balls. My finger wandered down his taint. The whole time our tongues were together, and I was almost cross-eyed with randiness. We greased each other up and he entered me. We slowly made love, and as always it was almost a spiritual experience. The soft massage of my inner being massaged by his iron hard manhood had me falling in love deeper than I had before, if that were possible. I just loved my Leo, my big bro. I sucked on his nips, and he purred. I played with his hole, and he gently bit me on the shoulder. His tongue laved my ear and I felt as if my eyes were crossed. Oh man, we made love, and what love we made. He gave me his soul, as if he hadn’t before, but he did. He and I became one. We finally got out of bed at around 1. “Wow,” I said. “That was the best Hanukah party I’ve ever been to. All those kids can sing. And Luka on the accordion was unbelievable. And their dancing. What the fuck happened last night? I have to send the video to the Agéd Ps.” “It might need a little editing first,” suggested Leo. I thought of our post-dancing fun. “You might have a good point there, my man,” I responded to Leo. For no reason Leo gave me a hug. I melted into him. “I love you Leo, forever.” “Jakey, my Jakey.” Leo’s hands wandered up my body and I fell in love with him again. I grabbed my phone and started looking at the video. There was just music and our dancing and singing. I had had the foresight to turn it off when things got a little steamy. “Leo, the sex last night?” I couldn’t quite form the question that was in my mind. “That was fun, and we made like and friendship with our mates. That’s all. It was naughty and fun, that’s all. You had a hot few moments with the twins and I did with Lazar. I think the whole thing lasted about 40 minutes… except for Luka and Janko. I think they would still be at it if Lazar hadn’t interrupted them.” “No,” I responded, “Janko fell asleep on my belly.” “Yes, that he did, but Luka was blowing him at the time.” “Oh, I didn’t notice that. I think one of the twins was up my arse, and the other one was in my mouth. I just can’t remember clearly.” “Ahhh,” said Leo and nodded sagely, “The demon drink.” We laughed together. It had been now four days since Leo and I had really connected. I had sent the video to dad. An hour or so later Leo’s and my phones almost went berserk. The calls were mum, dad, Uncle Mike and weirdly on mine, Uncle Skye. The message from Uncle Skye was:- Great party nephews. Your dad sent me the video this morning. I did call around to make sure you guys were coping last night. However, next time close the curtains. Those Slavic boys are just… well I don’t have to tell you. Happy Hanukah, and lots of love and loving, Uncle Skye. “Leo, Uncle Skye called round last night. He mentioned that next time we should close the curtains. I think we’ve been rumbled.” “Shit,” said Leo. “I think a visit to the Unc may be called for.” “Right on, let’s go, and I think now would be good.” Leo was with me on this, and we piled into his car. “Leo, I should be scared, but I am with you, and you always make the scare demons go away. I love you my brubber. I am not scared.” Leo pulled me to him, and I really wasn’t scared. I adored Uncle Skye and so did Leo. When he opened his door to us, we both gave him a big hug. He embraced us too and gave us each an avuncular kiss. “Happy Hanukah my favourite nephews. But from what I saw last night, you are having one.” The Uncle laughed. Trust me when I say that what I saw will never pass my lips, ever, not even to my favourite big brother.” He only had one big brother and that was dad. He continued, “I guess from what I saw last night, that at long last you guys have finally found out you’re in love, not just love, but in love with each other. Not before time. Your dad felt a bit awkward, so he wanted me to talk to you sometime about that. You see, your dad and I have been in love forever. You must also know that your dad is madly in love, and I mean madly, head over heels in love, with your mother. The three of us accept our love and manage very well to live with it. Both of them knew you were in love but couldn’t do anything about it. You had to find out for yourselves. God knows, one or both of you could have been straight, but just crazy nuts about each other and not gay. That was very possible. Look at your daddy. He is head over heels in love with Shoshana as is she with him. But he is still madly in love with me, and I with him. I love Shoshana, but not like that. My guess is you have already worked that out.” We nodded wisely, and kept our mouths shut. “Your mum has your dad, and he has her. I have your dad and he has me. I do have a friend or two, but your dad is my…” He looked at me for a moment. “Your dad is my Leo.” I could feel myself tearing up. I grabbed Uncle Skye and just hugged him. Leo joined in. Uncle Skye then chuckled. “From what I saw of those neighbours of yours, nobody will be going hungry for a long while.” Leo and I both softly punched him on opposite shoulders. He laughed again and told us to stop assaulting him. He’s a lawyer too. We had another big, group, hug. At that moment I knew I loved my Unc so much. We had coffee and cake with Uncle Skye and enjoyed a couple of hours with him. We talked about all sorts of stuff, and he told us he was definitely coming to our concert. I thought that was really nice. I also thought the mater knew more about Leo and me than we thought she knew. After all it was her idea for the double bed in the attic. Also, there were those funny looks she gave us from time to time. And there were those comments about gunky socks under the bed and tissues for runny noses. Hmmm, I thought. When we arrived home the parental units had arrived back from Prosper City minus the Gold Dragon. After kisses and hugs all round Leo asked where the Gold Dragon was. “She flew out of Prosper City to the capital and caught a plane to Singapore. From there she will catch a plane to Israel.” This was the maternal unit. Leo and I looked at each other and said simultaneously and completely unrehearsed, “There is a god.” Dad guffawed and the mater gave him a sour look. She then continued. “Well Jake, since we don’t have my sister here, and that is mostly no thanks to you,” (Leo and I grinned at each other.) “Then you can move back into your room.” “I like where I am, thank you,” I replied somewhat churlishly. “Not movin’.” “Okay, okay… Leo you can take Jake’s room…” “Not happenin’ ma,” he said and put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me in tight to himself. “Not happenin’… My little brother stays with me, now and forever.” I thought that last bit was a tad dangerous. It seemed to give away more than he meant to. I loved it, though. The Pater was grinning like a Cheshire cat on whoopy weed. He then spoke with a voice he rarely used; it was quiet, authoritative and brooked no argument. “Well, that’s settled then. We shall keep our offspring in the attic and only feed them bread and water.” Of course, the bread and water thing was just for theatrics, but Leo and I knew we had won our personal space. Euripides then put in an appearance and did not seem disappointed with our new arrangement. Indeed, when we next went into our bedroom, Euripides was curled up on the pillows, fast asleep. Things settled in the household. Nothing more was said about our sleeping arrangements. It was only two days before Luka’s concert, and we were ready. The day of the concert we were over next door. Dad and she who must be obeyed arrived home early. Luka had pulled me aside and went into conspiracy mode. He told me I could have Janko as often as I wanted if I would do something for him. He whispered what he wanted, and I agreed. We were going to pull a fast one on Leo. Just by way of yet another sidebar, Leo is almost painfully shy about singing. Strange but true. Finally, the evening arrived, and the concert was on. The little ones from the nearby primary school did a Christmas thing. They sang rather nicely for tinies. We all clapped, even if they did sing Silent Night and Away in a Manger. I smiled at the pater, and he almost burst out laughing. Anyway, they weren’t Jewish kids. There were several non-religious acts and skits from the High School kids and the basketball drill was amazing. Five kids and five balls continuously in motion along with acrobatics. Unbelievable! The best entertainment! Luka was MC and kept the evening rolling with a showman’s patter and extolling the virtues of each performance. The last act was Leo and me. I knew the piano. This was the town hall and the Steinway they had there was beautiful. This was where I had taken my music exams. The piano was jealously and meticulously guarded and maintained by the custodian, and I was one of the few kids who were permitted to play it. Luka started his MC spiel. He said, “I am not going to give you a rap about the next performers. Let their performance speak for itself.” We walked onto the stage, and I could feel Leo beginning to freeze up. I tapped him on the shoulder and whispered, “C’mon brubber, I play for you, and you sing for me.” That was all he needed. I sat down and Leo stood next the piano. I rolled out the big chords of the intro and Leo started to sing. There were about three hundred people in the hall, mostly parents I guessed, and you could hear a pin drop. Leo segued into the melodious Pokarekareana. When he had finished there was dead silence, followed by the audience as one standing and giving Leo and, I guess, me an ovation that was unbelievable. Shouts of `more, more’ were heard. I hadn’t risen from my piano seat and was still softly playing. Leo was no fool and he quickly cottoned on to what I was doing. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a kippah for him and one for me. We plonked them on our heads, and he started with “To life, to life, l’chaim,” to cheers from the audience. About halfway through, the strong tenor of Lazar boomed out, and Luka on his accordion took up the strong Russian beat. The Spahić family were all there in a millisecond and were doing the hopak, kicking out like Russian Cossacks. It was spectacular. All were costumed. The dance number ended with everyone singing To Life and May We Live Together in Peace. The applause just seemed to go on and on. Finally, Luka was able to make himself heard. “This time of the year is not just Christmas it is also Hanukah. My brothers and I were privileged to spend the first evening of Hanukah with Leo and Jake, and Leo sang a prayer that we were thankful to be alive and to have reached this season. Shehecheyanu ” He pronounced it correctly. I had been playing the tune and the Spahić boys had been quietly humming. Those kids really were musical. This blessing is not long, but I started to make variations and Leo knew I was going to make him sing them. Leo sang. The kids harmonised quietly behind him. Again, everyone was on their feet. The applause was almost deafening. There were whistles and further calls of `more, more’. Leo grabbed my and Lazar’s hand, took a bow and left the stage. Luka thanked everyone for coming, and ended with, “Tonight, perhaps, a star is born.” More applause. Finally, nearly everyone had left. The Agéd Ps came backstage. Mother had tears in her eyes, and we could see where she had been crying from the tear furrows in her makeup. Surprisingly she grabbed Lazar, hugged him, and said you have a voice- You must get training. She kissed him. Dad too had sparkling eyes. The mater looked at Leo. She didn’t have to say anything. The pride in her eyes said it all. Leo picked her up and swung her around and just hugged her. Dad and ma looked at me in the same way. I deferred with my hand to Leo. “No,” said the makeup caked entity. “You two belong together. There is only one nephesh, spirit, between you. It has always been like that since you were born. And it will be forever. Dad and I are going home, and I guess you are going to party on with your buddies. Go! Lech lecha! Buzz off. Enjoy your success.” “What did she just say?” queried Luka. “Lech Lecha… It means get out, go!” All of us were as high as kites. We crammed into Lazar’s car, and we made it to their house. Jokes floated around and there was much laughter. There were more than a few kisses as well. I was sitting on Leo and his hard on was apparent. I leaned back a little and we kissed. Janko saw this and squirmed his way between the twins to join in. “Oy, you lot,” interjected Luka, “Keep it clean.” We laughingly broke our three-way lip lock, and Janko told him to fuck off. Janko then wriggled over and gave Luka a kiss of such searing intensity I was surprised I hadn’t seen smoke. The twins giggled and I grabbed the closest one to me and felt his crotch. I wasn’t sure which twin it was, but it didn’t matter. I was revved up, so I kissed him as well. I wiggled a little more (which appeared to make Leo harder on my rump) and kissed the other twin. Smooching in a jam-packed car was definitely fun. Luka was shotgun so from the back I grabbed him by the hair, pulled him back and kissed him. It was an awkward position, but he was all for it. “Enough of that,” said Lazar. “I ain’t getting any.” He smirked. “Oh don’t worry Lazar, you’ll get plenty.” This was Leo. I felt under my arse and gently squeezed Leo’s cock. “Jake, my Jakey,” he whispered in my ear. “I love you.” I leaned back on his chest. I kissed just under his jaw and his arms engulfed me in a hug which I knew meant he loved me more than anything in the world. I just so love my brother. The following morning my beautiful Leo and I stumbled back home. The evening was as promised and I fucked Janko, Luka the twins and lastly Lazar. I should mention they did the same to me. Leo also received his full share. The mater smilingly gave Leo and me some cream. “This is just in case you guys are sore from last night. You may have had a fall or something that will cause a bruise.”Dad giggled. Dearest mama gave him a look that would have sent my lucky bamboo into wiltdown. However, applying it to my bottom, which was a little sore, was very soothing. The Spahić family became even closer to our family. Their parents decided to stay in Europe because their dad told them he had better opportunities there he just couldn’t pass up. The house had been paid for and he sent Lazar money frequently. It was kinda weird. All of us were good scholars and we all went to university. It happened that we all studied Law. All the Spahić kids studied Law. Both Leo and I studied Law. Of course, I was 3 years behind Leo. Lazar was one year ahead of Leo. Lazar started working for my parents’ firm. Then came Leo. It was like dominoes. The next lawyers were Ilja and Ivan (the twins), then me, then Janko. The Stratton & Co law firm became the largest and most successful in our town. Save for mum and dad, none of us is married. When they are asked, the boss units (the mater and pater) say we keep our juniors too busy for romance nonsense. On several nights a month, Leo and I have a debrief session with the Spahić family. It usually lasts the whole night. Leo and I are still totally in love. Apart from our `debriefs’, sometimes a Spahić has a sleepover in our attic. Leo and I have also spent the odd evening with Uncle Skye. I once asked Lazar about what keeps his family together. He said Love. I knew he meant it. We all fucked each other, but to this day I have only made love with Leo. I know I have mentioned it, but I so love my brother… my big brubber, my Leo. Please donate to Nifty. It just keeps this wonderful resource and fun filled archive alive. fty/

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