Life Decisions – Life with Karen

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Life Decisions – Life with Karen

This is based on the idea that Karen moves in with Laura. It continues from Life Decisions – Laura 4 Years Later – Fetish –

Friday Night- some several weeks later.

Laura chuckled to herself as she reached behind herself, and with a cheeky grin, grabbed between her fingers pinched her wet dress pulled it out from between her buttocks. The fabric clung to her wet bottom she slowly padded into the kitchen. She dumped her black handbag on the table and after taking one final drag on the cigarette between her fingers extinguished in the ashtray. Squishing it hard amongst the tens of others brown stained butts. She coughed and sniffed hard as she slid a new cigarette from the open pack on the table and with a swift practiced manoeuvre got it between her lips and tilting her head slightly, and with a flick of the lighter soon got it lit with a double pump inhale. Engulfing herself again in smoke. She exhaled through her nose adding to the plume and left the filter dangling between her lips so she could focus on getting four new packs of cigarettes from her bag. Then digging further, a bottle of vodka and a carton of orange juice. As the smoke swirled around her, as she stacked the packs on the table and picked up two wine glasses from the counter and rinsed them in the sink, she opened the fridge, twisted swirling smoke around her as she grabbed the vodka and orange juice from the table and put them in the fridge. Then with smoke drifting out of her nose overly filled the wine glasses from one of the two 5 litre boxes of wine in the practically empty fridge.

The two of them had moved on from drinking from bottles as they had been emptying them a lot quicker.

As she finished pouring and finally flicked her cigarette of the long ash and had taken a gulp from her glass. Karen came down the stairs and had crept up behind Laura and given her a gentle affectionate squeeze on her chunky hips and put her hands around Laura’s soft waist and as she kissed her neck her hands went through her wraparound dress caressed her fat stomach before moving down between Laura’s crotch and kissed the back of her neck she stroked away.

“Oh honey, your so wet again and you’ve been naked under there all day again, what are you like?” She enquired before removing one hand from the crotch area as Laura moaned and Karen removed the dangled cigarette out of Laura’s mouth and had her own inhale before replacing the cigarette.

“I am good!” Laura stated with a grin as smoke drifted out her nose.

“But is the car seat, okay?” Karen chuckled as she massaged her hand around.

“Yes, it should be!” Laura grinned. “I held it until I was on the driveway; remember I can control my bladder when actually sober honey!”

“I do hope so?” Karen kissed Laura’s neck.

“I am, and do, I promise, I just needed a post coffee and work wee, and after your place and Tesco, I could not bother waiting. You know how Adam used to…”

“Okay enough of Adam.” Karen interrupted putting her hand up to stop her. “Please.”


“More importantly, shall we get ourselves a drink?”

“Oooh yes, I think we should no longer be sober, ooooh, that’s nice Kaz!” Laura moaned.

“You should have said earlier, I would have played with you at work!” Karen smiled as she continued to massage her fingers under the dress. “It’s great to be out of the office and alone, just to be with you.” She declared as she exhaled smoke over Laura’s neck as she kissed it.

As Laura’s vagina got wetter and juicer, Karen suddenly removed her left hand from between Laura’s thighs, as she turned to grab her own cigarette from the open pack on table and with one had lit it and changed topic. “I’ve squeezed more of my clothes in your wardrobe, I guess that is, ok?” She asked with her exhale and then continued to massage Laura’s crotch.

On the way home from work they had driven via Karen’s house to pick up some clean clothes and some of her belongings and then on to Tesco’s for weekend supplies.

“Yes of course Kaz!” said Laura as she turned to face Karen handing her the wine the contents sloshing from side to side. “But please, you needn’t have stopped what you were doing a second ago, I was really enjoying that!” She said with a large smile as her own hand now worked her naked crotch. Before stopping with a double pump inhale on her cigarette, exhaling the large blue cloud up the kitchen light and taking a large swig of wine from her glass.

Karen wiped her wet hand on her blouse. “I had noticed, I will carry on further, later!” She smiled before, also inhaling deeply on her cigarette.

“I very much look forward to it.” Laura said with her exhale, “Any way I am sure we can rearrange my wardrobe, as lots of my clothes can go to the charity shop”.

“Oh, you don’t need to get rid of your clothes” said Karen exhaling “to make room for mine” she said taking a sip of her Akdere Escort Bayan wine.

“Kaz, to be brutally honest,” Laura inhaled deeply on her cigarette, “I can’t fit in half of them anymore…” she frowned as she moped with her exhale followed by a large slug of wine.

“I am sure you will get into them again sweetie.” said Karen absent-mindedly rubbing her recently extended pot belly through her work blouse. “Any way it’s been a good week, you got that large sale completed and, well, we have had fun” said Karen winking followed with a deep inhale.

“That is true,” Laura smiled at Karen and inhaled on her cigarette “so what are your thoughts on dinner?” she asked flicking her cigarette vaguely in the direction of the ashtray. It mostly fell on the table.

“We had Indian last night, so how about Chinese?” asked Karen followed by a thoughtful inhale.

“Yup sounds good, we had KFC on Monday, pizza on Tuesday and Wednesday” said Laura taking a sip of her wine and then drawing on her cigarette, “So Chinese time it is!” She said with her exhale the smoke flowing out as spoke.

“I will have a vegetable chow mein,” Karen chuckled as she stroked her belly again, “as I think I need some vegetables.” They both laughed and inhaled on their cigarettes. “But first I need a wine top too up!” She said with her exhale.


Karen pulled a face, then loudly burped, and then giggled. “Your local Chinese is so much better than the one near mine.” She mused slouched down on the sofa in just her white bra and black thong with her work blouse and skirt messily folded on the armrest.

“It’s not bad!” Laura said taking sip of her wine, “I must admit it’s scary that that they know me by name now.” She said before conducting a snap inhale, “I honestly think they purposely make the portions bigger with extra fat just for me!”

“Tell me about it, I am stuffed,” Karen replied before picking at remaining prawn cracker.

“At least you can’t say you are wasting away with me!” Laura stated before dragging hard on her cigarette.

“No chance with that,” she giggled again. “Look I have had to take my clothes off after eating with you!” Joked Karen before taking a long gulp of wine.

“I find it easier to eat you with your clothes off anyway…” grinned Laura sitting there in just her bra. “That way…I don’t end up wearing it!” She laughed.

“True!” Karen nodded. “But your probably comfier now, your dress was soaking with piss anyway?”

“Shush!” Laura waved her hand dismissively. “You look fucking gorgeous. But as I have said before, elasticated waists or wraparounds are the way forward.” As she picked up her prawn cracker and chewed on it, the crumbs cartwheeling down landing on the top of her breasts.

“I’m so glad Graham allowed us both to have next week off.” Karen mused thoughtfully her finger casually stroking her gusset of her thong. “I don’t think he clocked we were going to be together” she said taking a leisurely long inhale on her cigarette, and as she exhaled, she flicked the ash vaguely in the direction of the ashtray between them.

“Yup,” Laura inhaled, “don’t think me coming in an hour later and asking the same week off as an emergency was that obvious sweetie.” she said with her exhale before taking a large gulp of wine.

“So, what are we going to do with our week off together?” Karen asked before taking a cheek hollowing inhale of her cigarette.

Laura shrugged her shoulders, “Not sure,” She mused thoughtfully and then tipped her wine glass and downed the contents. “First I need a wine refill!” She declared licking her lips whilst triumphantly holding up her empty glass. “But first a kiss.” She then leaned over and then kissed Karen on the lips.

“That was nice.”

“Thanks, I am sure we can think of something to do.” She said as she straightened herself upright and inhaled on the cigarette.

“Oh, thanks sweetie.” Karen said licking her lips of prawn cracker crumbs from Laura, “I’m sure we can think of something exciting.” As she too inhaled deeply on her cigarette and then started to stroke Laura’s legs and worked her fingers up and down Laura’s bare thighs. “This is something that I am thinking about doing.” she smiled and then exhaled her cloud out of the corner of her mouth.

“Oh, that is very nice. But I do need to go for a piss, as my chair is getting a little damp again!” She giggled. “And sadly, it’s not from what you are doing!” Laughed Laura as Karen’s hand stroked her fat thigh.

“You sure?” Karen winked as her fingers moved up her thigh.

“Yes, it’s getting wet! “Laura started to get up, “I don’t really want to ruin the sofa this early in the evening.” She declared as she slowly levering herself out of the sofa and briefly enjoyed the numerus dribbles of pee that were running down her fat inner thigh and tickling her before it dripped on the floor. She stopped moving and focused on tightening her weak Escort Akdere pelvis muscles and once she had stopped the flow, she shook her head at her silliness.

Karen frowned as Laura started staggering towards the stairs “Oh, can I help?”

“Yes, but later…babes.”

Karen frowned in disappointment and stared at the damp stain on the carpet and chuckled to herself.

“I will top up our glasses on my return.” Laura said as she held on to the door frame for support “Then you can maybe get to work?” she smiled and blew Karen a kiss.


“I reallies think we ought to see what Zoe is up to tomorrow, don’t want her being left out?” Laura slurred after she spat out the toothpaste as she held on to the sink for balance as she washed her teeth, her lit cigarette was poised on the soap indent next to the tap.

“Oh, good point, does she actually know about us being us?” Karen said before bouncing on the on the toilet seat for getting up. Her thong was down around her left ankle.

“Not sure, I would have thought so, as you have been here for the last few weeks!” Laura replied spitting out the toothpaste again and then taking an urgent drag on her cigarette.

“Well, we should text her in the morning?” Karen suggested whilst dangling her cigarette and wiping.

“I guess…”

“We could take some of the clothes you don’t want to the charity shop and meet up for lunch?” She asked as she dropped the cigarette in the toilet and flushed.

“Good thinking!” Laura said exhaling before filling up the lid and gargling the mouthwash, “Will select some in the morning.” she said after spitting still dribbling the white paste down her chin.

Karen came up behind Laura and gave her squeeze and started to kiss her neck. “I much prefer you in no clothes…” as she caressed Laura’s large breasts and then slid her hands down over Laura’s bulging belly to her crotch and said as she slid her fingers in “Oh you are really moist darling.” as Laura nodded, moaned, and wiggled her bottom against Karen as her fingers went to work.

“I’ve been waiting all evening for you to carry on doing that again.” Laura gasped and panted as she picked up her cigarette and inhaled deeply as Karen’s long thin fingers went deep inside her.

“I think I need to get you in to bed!” Karen declared as she turned Laura around as she exhaled, and then kissed Laura passionately on the lips and neck and as Laura whimpered Karen thrusted her fingers up deeper.

“Yes ma’am.”


Laura sat hunched over on the bed in just a green bra and large hip hugging comfortable cotton turquoise blue panties with two full bin sacks balanced on the bed. She was sitting there dangling a cigarette with tears trickling down her face. “What’s a matter sweetie?” asked Karen leaning against the bedroom door frame with a towel around her waist and another as a turban to dry her hair. She had a cigarette in her right hand and nearly empty wine glass in her left.

“I’ve spent the time you were in the bath sorting my wardrobe, these bags are full of size 10-12 stuff, I have spent the last few years dreaming of getting in.”


“Kaz I know I will never, ever get into. I don’t know why I kept them.” She paused to inhale on her cigarette as tears trickled down her cheek. “But now there is now more room in the wardrobe for your stuff!” she grinned and then forced her exhale. She leaned across the bed and grabbed a tissue. She put her cigarette in the ashtray and loudly blew her nose- hard and noisily, throwing the full tissue on the floor with a pile of other used snotty tissues. She picked up her wine glass and had a large gulp, then retrieved the cigarette and double pumped the inhale and flicked the ash on top of the tissues on the floor.

Karen carefully walked over the piles of clothes on the floor and dangled her cigarette whilst putting her right arm around Laura, “Let’s finish our breakfast and you can have a shower or bath, you’re your hair, you will feel better. Then we can both get these bags to the charity shop this morning?” she said trying to comfort her fat friend.

Laura nodded and grabbed another tissue “Sounds good!” she tried to smile, before blowing her nose loudly again.

“The best bit is we can go and buy some more clothes together!” She said trying to be supportive, smoke pouring out of her mouth and nose as she spoke “I’ve had to change my wardrobe over the years too!” She smiled then again inhaled on her cigarette.

Laura nodded and quietly dragged on her cigarette, exhaled, then finished the wine with a gulp, loudly clanged the empty glass on the bed side unit. “I just also feel sad that you are seeing me crying like this.” she said sobbing and then stubbing out the cigarette, she then grabbed another tissue for another loud nose blow.

“Oh Lauz, stop being so silly,” Karen said wiping a tear from Laura’s cheek once she had finished Akdere Escort blowing her nose. “We are both women, I’m sure I will be the emotional one next week!” She said faux laughed trying to lighten the mood. Giving Laura a quick salty tasting kiss on the lips and taking a gulp of her wine, then inhaled deeply on her cigarette squeezing Laura for support.

“Thanks Honey.” Laura said and turned away and blew her nose again.


Zoe lit her cigarette and pulled deeply on it put her lighter down on the outside table. “Lauz, just how drunk are you this morning?” Zoe enquired before exhaling and instantly leaving the cigarette in front of her mouth and pulling again deeply on her cigarette, exhaling, and having a gentle cough.

Laura shrugged, “I don’t think I am?” she smiled before tilting her head up exhaling her cloud of smoke up to the sky before focusing again on her glass and taking a sip of her wine. “Managed to buy some clothes from Primark and Newlook this afternoon without embarrassing myself too much?” she said smiling thinking about Karen and herself dancing around the clothes islands in Primark to the cheesy music.

“But you have had a drink or two this morning?” Zoe followed up.

Laura gently nodded, “I may have shared a bottle of wine with Karen this morning.” She said solemnly and truthfully.

“Just you can tell you were rather drunk sweetie…” Zoe paused as she inhaled on her cigarette “…when you got dressed this morning!” said with the exhale

“How?” asked Laura raising her eyebrow before talking a long drink of her wine.

“Look Lauz, your dress is on inside out sweetie.” Zoe chuckled before taking another draw on her cigarette.

“Fuck, is it?” Laura exclaimed looking down to see the inverse of the flower print of her wraparound dress “It won’t have been this morning, I was trying stuff out in Primark, I must have rushed putting the dress on again.” she giggled.

“It doesn’t look too bad, but I am just trying to be helpful.” said Zoe

“You are good to me Zo, I will swap it over when I go for a pee next!” she smiled

“Are you sure you are, you know, ok?” asked Zoe with concern.

Laura nodded, “I am all good Zo, bit of stressful week at work, eating a little too much, smoking far too much and not drinking enough wine.” she replied in between giggles and finished off her wine with a large gulp to make a point.

“I know that feeling.” She wry fully smiled, and inhaled which rasped, “So has Kaz moved in with you Lauz?” Zoe asked with her exhale pointing her cigarette in the direction of Laura before taking a sip of her wine.

“Well not officially,” said Laura squirming as if her seat as if she was desperate to the toilet, so she took a deep drag on her cigarette and exhaled through her nose before contemplating her response, “She has moved some of her clothes in if that counts?” Laura said before finishing her cigarette with a shallow inhale and stubbing it out in the ashtray in front of her.

“What happened to Sean?” Zoe asked, “Thought he was chasing you!” She stated before taking her own cheek hollowing inhale.

“Yeah, but Karen has been really nice and kind to me, and sort of helped me a in the last couple of weeks which has been nice” Laura said whilst opening a new pack and digging her lighter out of her bag.

“Have you smoked a whole pack already this morning?” Zoe asked taking a deep inhale watching Laura open the new pack.

“May have chained a couple before and after breakfast.” Laura said before covering the end of the cigarette with her hands to protect it from the wind and lit it with a double pump inhale.

“Thought I was bad, with my pack and half a day on the weekends” Zoe grinned whilst Laura exhaled her smoke. “I am sorry for the hundred questions, but I haven’t seen you properly for like ages!” said Zoe taking a gulp of her wine “and just wanting to catch up” she smiled.

“It’s ok, I don’t mind” Laura said, “I am aware I am smoking a lot, or at least my lungs are!” She screwed her face up and instantly coughed.

“So, are you, like, proper lesbians? Gunna be at pride marches next week?” Zoe jokily asked.

“Umm don’t think so!” Laura said with an exhale “I’m just enjoying her company in the evenings.” She mused out loud before inhaling again. “But maybe I should buy some rainbow print knickers just in case?” Laura joked and laughed then coughed hard at her own attempt at humour.

“Sorry it’s taken me so long” Karen almost grunted breaking up the interrogation walking quickly as she could, carrying a newly opened bottle of wine, “There was queue was long for the bogs as well as the bar!”

“It’s ok, it’s my turn for the ladies now,” said Zoe, “I will leave you too love birds alone for a second.” She smiled.

“Oi, we are just good friends!” Karen stated grinning, before sitting down and almost instantly lighting her fresh cigarette.

“With lots of benefits, I guess?” Zoe winked as she dumped her cigarette in the ashtray and slowly levering herself out of the chair. “Will be back in a bit.” She said as she turned walked towards the pub and sunlight enabled Laura to unintentionally see Zoe’s ‘monkey face’ print knickers through her almost see-thru back leggings.

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