Looking Down at Angel Mercer

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Looking down at Angel Mercer’s incredibly pretty blonde face surrounded by cornsilk straight hair, the blue eyes peering up at him between blonde bangs, the tiny nose and the impossibly luscious mouth, he could hardly breathe for excitement. They were outside his car parked beside the bayou. He was leaning back against the closed door of the car. Angel had gone to her knees, at his feet.

They were both trembling with excitement. Soon, soon now, his big penis would be sending huge thick wads of semen flying into the air above her face. They’d done this so many times. And still it was unbearably exciting.

For him, the thought of her adorable face, deluged in thick, thick scum.

For her, the sight which as she told him over and over, meant everything to her, of the head rearing back as it swelled up and fired his long volleys of cumjuice in her face.

This is the way I want it, Angel murmured. You know this is the way I want it, don’t you.

He nodded.

I want to bring out your magnificent cock, she whispered in the still night air, and beat you off onto my face.

He groaned, staring at her lips. Her big, soft, perfectly formed lips.

She pouted them gently, with almost unbearable delicacy, knowing he was watching them. Watch my sweet soft mouth, darling, she whispered. Watch the shape and the color. Picture it under a great big clinging load of cum.

Oh God, he gasped, oh God, Angel.

It was as close to a religious experience as he believed he would ever know. And it was what she had called it herself, a religious experience, when his semen landed with loud liquid splats on the skin of her gorgeous face.

The way she took the cum, and the way she spoke and gazed at him – it was pure orgasm all the way, an exact counterpart to the fiery ecstasy that filled his cock, his body, and his mind, when he came on her.

I’ve been thinking about it all week, and fingering myself, Angel murmured. I want to beat you off onto my face, like this. Just like this, kneeling in front of you.

She loved to tell him how often she masturbated, thinking of the moment when he would cum on her face, and pleading for it – as she masturbated, and now, when he was about to do it – pleading for him to cum on her face.

It’s what I’ve been thinking about all week too, Angel.

Tell me.

I’ve pictured your pretty face in front of my big penis. I stroke myself until I can’t hold back any more, imagining your nose on my penis, your mouth licking my cockhead, picturing you gazing up at me and telling me how it sends you into ecstasy when I cum on your adorable features. Every time I masturbate, in my mind I’m beating myself off on your pretty face.

Is that how you’d like it, Angel asked innocently, looking up at him. Would you rather beat yourself off onto my face? Or would you rather I beat you off onto my face?

She always liked to asked him, in these words, knowing that the words and the sweet voice she used drove him to the edge of spurting on her.

The sight of the beautiful blonde in her light summer Kartal Escort dress, her perfect face with its pretty features, as she gazed up at him and, as always, asked how he would like to beat off onto her face, or let her beat him off, choked him up and he couldn’t answer.

Let me take it out first, Angel said, gazing in lustful adoration at the raging penis straining against his pants. She knew it was almost hurting him, his cock was so stiff, pushing out the material. Shall I take it out now?

I can’t wait, he muttered. Take it out, you pretty bitch.

Angel made a little squeaking giggle of delight, and slowly unzipped his fly, breathless with excitement.

I’m going to see it now, she muttered, as if to herself. I’m going to smell it now. I’m going to see it again, and smell it again, the biggest, most beautiful penis in the entire world. Watch my face, she whispered. Watch my nose as I smell your aroma. Watch my nose and mouth as I wipe him on me, she sighed, reaching inside to pull down his undershorts.

He couldn’t speak, yearning crazily now to see the sheer size of his own wildly excited penis.

It felt unbearably huge, beyond anything he could remember.

I love to watch you beat off in my face, darling, she said. Is that the way we’ll do it tonight, the first time?

As she spoke, his huge penis with the great broad head sprang out and she gasped with joy and adoration.

Jesus, he thought, staring at his titanic erection, it really is huge.

It’s fucking unbelievably big, he gasped. I’ve never seen it so big, Angel. Have you?

It’s crazy big, baby, she groaned. It’s longer than it’s ever been.

It is, isn’t it, he gasped. It’s the biggest it’s ever been.

What have you done to make it like this, Angel murmured, looking up into his eyes and back at the immense, swaying throbbing cock. It’s the biggest, longest penis in the whole fucking world.

I’ve just been… thinking about cumming on your face, all day. I’m going to cum on your face, Angel. It’s going to happen. Right now. I’m going to cover your pretty face with cum.

Yes, keep saying it, Angel gasped. Say it dirty – the most dirty you can think of.

She was using her girlish voice, the one she knew drove him wild.

Say it, Angel. Say again what you want.

I want you to make it sound disgusting, baby. Slime. All over my face.

It’s going to be dirty, baby, really dirty. Thick hot slime in your nose and mouth. I’m going to totally cover your nose in slime, baby. Cover your nose in hot thick slime, and all over your mouth.

Hot, thick slime! She groaned aloud.

Yes! Yes! He groaned. Rub it on you, on your nose, all around your nose.

Oh God it’s so beautiful, pretty Angel murmured, her blonde hair swinging as she moved back to admire it.

Beat me off, Angel, he groaned. Beat me off in your face, darling.

Yes, love. I’m going to beat you off in my face, and you’re going to shoot your first huge load all over my pretty face, while you watch.

Yes. All over you, Angel.

Does Kartal Escort Bayan it look nice like this, Angel asked coyly, looking up at him? Your huge cock sticking out of your pants, and me still dressed too, in front of you, ready to beat you off onto my face? Thick huge white slimeloads on my face?

Beat me off, Angel. Angel, I’m going to cum before you even touch me.

Just at the sight of me, baby? At the sight of my pretty face waiting for your slime all over it?

She knew it could happen that way. Sometimes she had talked him off, both of them watching the quaking, twitching cockhead while she spoke the dirtiest, more obscene things they could think of, in the sweetest, most girlish voice, talking of taking his great hosing gouts of semen in her nose, talking of pushing his huge cockhead into first one nostril, and taking load after load, and then into the other, to take more loads. Pissing on her face, long and hard and full in her face, in her mouth, a whole day’s worth of piss, in her mouth and up her nose, until the raging sexuality of it made him hard and he would douse her face with hot cum, on her mouth and up her nose.

I’m so close! Angel, darling! So close!

I know, darling, she whispered, gazing up at him.

Beat me off fast now, Angel.

What returned to him at that agonizing, wonderful and excruciating moment as Angel gazed at the swelling blue-ish head of his gigantic cock trying to contain the great eruption from his balls as it rushed up to burst on her face, was the many many times Angel’s sweet pretty face had received the giant thick spurts of his semen – and the way she would always lean into the deluge, fascinated, nuzzling the thick hot spurts themselves with her lips and nose, knowing how much he loved to see them completely masked with his thick cum, cum dripping from her nose and eyelashes so thickly that it hung there until at last she wiped it delicately into her skin.

Jesus, it was really going to happen, again, the thing he’d summoned over and over again in his mind’s eye as he masturbated, often 3 or 4 times a night.

It was going to come true again, right now.

He was really going to fire his thick hot wads of semen into her face.

And what was so amazing was that her eyes told him she wanted it as badly as he did. Her pretty girlish face with its incredibly adorable features… he was going to fire thick white creamy slime all over it!

I know, Angel murmured, as her eyes went from his huge swollen penis, up to his eyes. I know.

He wanted to say, Know what? Tell me? – but nothing came from his throat.

Angel nodded. She could see how choked up he was.

I know what you’re thinking, baby, she whispered in her sweet girlish voice. I know what’s in your mind, darling. You want to hear me say it, don’t you? You want me to say it again and again. I want this, every bit as much as you do. I want it more. I want it so much I’m burning up. I want your thick loads spinning crazily at my face as you cry out and groan and fist your beautiful huge cock as you Escort Kartal beat off on me – yes, on my pretty, pretty, pretty face. I know how pretty it is, baby. I look at it in the mirror. I know how much the word ‘pretty’ means to you. Pretty. Pretty. Cum on my pretty face. When I’m masturbating I whisper those words over and over. Cum on my pretty face. Cum on my pretty face. Knowing I’m going to be saying it over and over again when you’re gazing crazily down at me past your huge straining jerking penis, I’m going to be saying it again and again, over and over without stopping when it’s really there in front of me, your gorgeous giant penis, when it’s there above me and I can smell it, smell its heavenly aroma, and you’re staring like a madman at my face. I know how sexy my face is, with my little turned-up nose and my pretty mouth. I love that it’s so pretty, because it makes you need to spurt all of your hot semen on me, every single time. It’s where I want it, darling. There and nowhere else. On my pretty face and nowhere else. On my pretty nose and nowhere else. On my pretty mouth and nowhere else.

Oh fuck, he cried. Her words were driving him crazy.

Shoot it, she moaned. Shoot it. Shoot it hard, straight at me, thick and hot. Yes. Yes, do it now. I want it. I’ve been thinking about it all week, needing you to cum on me. I’ve been masturbating, over and over –


Yes, baby, yes –

I’m going to cum on you again, he muttered. In an agony of orgasm he groaned it out as the white-hot crazy rush began to seize him.

It’s what we both love, baby, Angel murmured hotly. The look of it on my lips and face.

She pursed her pretty lips into a kiss aimed at his cockhead and glanced up at him.

Okay. Watch now, darling, she whispered. Watch carefully as it spurts on my pretty face.

I can’t wait, baby, he said, reaching for his straining cock, already in orgasm and not yet exploding, but so stiff he knew it would explode any second.

Do it, darling, Angel cried. Do it. Beat off in my face. I want to watch. It’s what I’ve been daydreaming about every day and masturbating about every night –

Yes, he groaned, me too, spurting so many times picturing this –

It was too much for him. He couldn’t wait any longer. He took hold of his straining penis, and furiously frigged the iron-hard rigid stalk below the swelling cockhead – so huge –

Instants went by, unbearably thrilling –

It’s going to happen, he muttered. It’s happening! I’m going to cum on your face –

Oh God, she gasped –

– as the first huge gout of burning hot semen raged up out of his huge broad cockhead, up into the air above her face as she looked up at him to see his expression as the spout of cum rained down on her pretty face.

Beat off on me, beat off on me! She cried as the cum splashed her face over and over, soiling her face, littering it, covering it in thick white cream.

And later, as they sat in the car, cooing and caressing and painting the cum all over her heavenly face with its pretty little features, she lay with her face in his lap as he beat himself off again, groaning and crying out in ecstasy as he watched the second load cover her little begging face, her pretty little begging face liberally streaked and coated with his hot, hot cum.

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