Losing Virginity

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Losing VirginitySo, the story starts with my girlfriend(Ruhi) and me(Tushar) were in relationship for the past 2 years. As high school students we did nothing but kissing and we were eager to have new experiences. After our 12th grade exam we went to a trip to Lavasa accompanied by another couple (mutual friends).We had an hour long ride and reached our destination at 2pm. We checked in to the hotel and got ready to do some adventure and water sports, after having a lot of fun we came back to the hotel.It is around 5pm, Ruhi went to take a shower while I was unpacking the bags and I noticed she forgot her towel, the door of the bathroom was open and I went in, she was naked and I was awed by her slim body…she already knew I was inside and when I reached out to give her the towel, she grabbed my hand and pulled me in.T:(Surprised)Babe!! I’m all wet!She took off my clothes, her hands around my neck we both were looking at each other, smiling and enjoying the warm shower. My hands on her lower waist, I pulled her closer lifted her chin with my finger and we kissed. Titling our heads and kissing deeper, feeling her lips and it was so soft and juicy. I turned her around, her back facing me, I moved her long black hair to one side of her head…and started kissing at the back of her neck, while my hands were on her slim waist feeling her silky skin with my fingers gradually moving downwards as I reached her clitKissing more intensely, nibbling side of her side kaçak iddaa and shoulder while rubbing her clit with the tip of my fingers. Biting her neck and back as she makes soft moansR: Ahh!! Tushar it feels so good.T: Yeah!!?R: UmmhmmAs I rubbed her clit, her pussy got wetT: Babe, I feel something wet down there!!R: (Aroused) Mmm! what are you going to do about that??T: Umm, I’m a bit thirsty…maybe lick it off you?R: I won’t mind at all !!She turned around and kissed me, my fingers still rubbing her pussy and she gently stroked my cockI started moving down, kissing her neck area…reaching down to her small but perfect tits, licking between them as I pressed her with my hands and started sucking it, making her nipples hard. Her hand on my hair as I bite her nipples gently, pulling them… going further down kissing her navel, and eventually I kneeled down on my knees and looking up at her eyes.. she was biting her own lips.Spreading her legs, I started licking her clit, up and down and sideways with the tip of my tongue, her fingers stroking my hair softly as I was nibbling her clit with my lips and sucking it hard. Then I started licking her pussy, feeling her pussy walls with my tongue it is so wet and tastes good too.R: (Breathing heavily and moaning) Yes Tushiii!! Ahh! Yes baby right thereI continued licking, inserting my tongue inside her pussy and eating her pussy walls with my lipsR: (Grabbing onto my hair) FUCK!!! Ah! Ah! Yes baby!!!!Her hot kaçak bahis pussy juices inside my mouth and it tastes so sweet…R: I want to kiss you! (She pulled me up and kissed me)Stroking my cock with her small hands making me hard. Standing on her toes, biting my earlobes and neck area…and it was not gentle giving me love bites trying to put her mark on me. Going down on me she ran her fingers across my chest, licking on her way down.She reached down to my cock, looking at my eyes as she stroked it harder, pulling the foreskin of my cock exposing the tip…she looked at it and started teasing me giving short licks on the tipT: Ruhi!! Suck it babe. PleaseR: Oh yeah!!? You want? (Looking directly into my eyes)T: YES!She started sucking my cock her tongue rolling over it, stroking it harder…something which I never felt before!! My hands were on her head, helping her with the sucking. I got extremely hard, my precum dripping from the tip.I pulled her up and we kissed, I pushed her against the wall…and she started rubbing her pussy on my cock, grinding it hard..R: (Desperate) What are you waiting for??I started rubbing my cock on her clit, the tip striking her clit…as we did deep tongue kissing.She was holding my cock in her hands, guiding me to her pussy, I gently inserted the tip inside her…it was tight, going deeper she moaned loud, holding to my arm. I pulled it out and thrusted it back inside. Her pussy was tight, like grabbing my cock with her illegal bahis pussy walls, but her juices acted as lubricant..I lifted her up from her thighs, her hands around my neck and I started fucking her…going deeper and faster with every stroke, she moaned louder.We kept fucking hard losing our virginity to each other, her fingers running through my hair…I was inserting my whole cock inside herR: YESSSS! Fuck me Tushar! AH AH AH (Breathing heavily close to my ear)Fucking her harder, exploring her depths…bouncing her on my cockR: (Moaning and shouting) Babe!! I’m close! Yesss Right there!! Harder!!She grabbed my hair and started biting me hard on my neck and I realised she was having an orgasm…she body was shaking, she wrapped her legs around my waist. I was holding her tight, as she had her first experience to real sex orgasm…She started kissing my neck soft and gently and hugged me tight. We kissed each other.R: Tushar!? You’re still hard!T: Yeah! What are you going to do next??R: (Smirking) Umm, just wait and watch!!She went down and started sucking me and stroking, tightly with her hand.T: Ruhi, I’m gonna cum!!R:(Stroking my cock and licking the tip of my cock) Yesss baby, cum for me!!She pointed her cock towards her tits and stroked it really hardT: (Breathing heavily and moaning) Ah!! Baby I cum for you! AHHHH!And I spewed my cum over her tits. She came up and we kissed, our foreheads touching and we smiled at each other, enjoying the warm water of the shower and hugging each other tight. We washed our body, dried each other…I kissed her forehead and we came out of the shower.Our First Experience was great and something we can never forget.

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